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Ludo Parchis Pro 31.0
Usoft Studios
How often you wondered if we have a classic Ludo wood board inandroid, the board that we used to play when we were kids . Thegoal is to make the circuit circle to its four pawns and bring themback home before the other playersYou have 3 different boards tochoose from, classic wood board, paper layout and plain white. Theparchis is a timeless design and it gives you a better visualexperience for the game, as it is being etched by a clean andbright sketch marks that gives us nostalgic feelings. The sketchmarks and crystal clear coins will make us feel the same oldclassic ludo or parchis board.The board supports up to 4 players(2, 3 & 4 players in combination with Android), each playerwill take one color, his / her coins and dice will be of samecolor, so you will not have issues in recognizing who's turn, who'scoin / pawn moving etc. You can enter your preferred names for eachplayer and choose the colors. You can now emote (happy, ..) yourcoins to reflect your mood..★★★★★Multiplayer Online &Bluetooth★★★★★REAL TIME DICE THROWING DYNAMICS★★★★★GAME★★★★★PLAYER Vs ANDROID SYSTEM★★★★★GOOGLE PLAY GAMESERVICES★★★★★SETTINGS SIMPLE TO USE★★★★★Name the players★★★★★HELPButtonPlease leave us your valuable feedbacks & rating, willdefinitely update the game with the improvements & fix theissues you report. 
Hill Climb Race 2 1.2
Usoft Studios
Hill climb race 3 is the most addictiveandentertaining physics-based racing game for Android. Ridethroughoutsteep mountains, extreme road trip, and make your scorebigger asyou can. Hit the gass or brake button to balance your carand tryto go as far as possible stage.Game genres: climbing games, bike games, extreme road trip,drivinggames, games with bicycles, offroad games, cycle games hillracegame , bicycle game, cycle game, racer game , stage ,achievement,racing game, hill Bicycle gamesHill climb race 3 now has new terrain. Also can ride on thehouseroofs With little "respect" to the laws of physics,for your enjoyment.What are you waiting for? Try this racer game hill climb race3now!!! is the best driving games better then theoffroadgames.Get more scores and be the best of all gamers in thisclimbinggames.Features:FEATURES:★★★★★ Free racing and adventure game★★★★★ Crazy and Funny Character★★★★★ Jumping and Running adventure / racing game★★★★★ Beautiful bicycle design and High quality graphics★★★★★ Good control★★★★★ Jungle adventures cycle racing★★★★★ High-quality graphics.★★★★★ mobile games, phone games and tablets !★★★★★ endless Challenging Levels Survival in 4 Temple.★★★★★ super worlds unlock free when play to end of thatsuperhero.★★★★★ Different Game Modes .★★★★★ Many items: mushroom , mommy, shield, hidden blocks...★★★★★ Free kids , girls and boys games .★★★★★ super cycle unlock free when play to end of that supertempleworld.★★★★★ There are many obstacles and height object.★★★★★ Control your car to climb hills and mountains withmostrealistic control★★★★★ Beautiful graphics and realistic physics★★★★★ Simple and smooth controls.★★★★★ It's Free to play.Enjoy the game !!!
واتس اب بلس وردي 2.3
Usoft Studios
نقدم لكم التطبيق الأكثر قبولا من الشباب اليوم.تطبيق الواتس اب الوردي الجديد المحدث للمستخدمين الأوفياء للواتساب.التطبيق دو الطابع الأنثوي الوردي الجميل يعطي مظهرا جديدا يعوضالمنظر التقليدي.البرنامج الاكبر قبولا من البنات يجعله في نفس الوقت اكثر قبولا منالأولاد لإنشاء صداقات و علاقات جديدةالتحديث الأخير يحمل الكثير من المفاجئات و التعديلات الغير متوفرة فيالبرنامج التقليدي الازرق .البرنامج يوفر لك التحكم في من سيرى الرسائل الواردة منكالبرنامج يوفر ايضا ميزة التقليل من استهلاك صبيب الانترنيتايضا التطبيق يتوفر على ميزة الاتصال المباشر.ملاحضة : في حالة عدم تفعيل التطبيق يرجى إعادة المحاولة منجديدبحكم ان التطبيق حديث و لا يفعل مباشرة مع الجوالات دت إصداراتأندرويد القديمة لا تنسى المشاركة.- ميزات واتس اب بلس الوردي.★ إمكانية إخفاء الظهور★ خيارات الخصوصية★ إمكانية التمييز بين الرسائل الجماعية والعادية★ إمكانية وضع قفل للواتس اب بكلمة مرور★ إمكانية إرسال فيديو حجمه 30 ميغا بدلا من 16 ميغا★ إمكانية إرسال مقطع صوتي بحجم يصل ل 100 ميغا بدلا من 16 ميغا★ إمكانية إرسال 90 صورة دفعه واحدة بلا من 10★ إمكانية وضع حالة عدد احرفها 250 بدلا من 139 حرف★ إمكانية الضغط على الروابط دون تخزين رقم مرسل الرسالة او صاحبالمجموعة★ عداد إحصائيات للمجموعات★ معاينة الوسائط بدون تحميل★ إمكانية إخفاء الاسم والتاريخ عند نسخ رسالتين او اكثر★ إمكانية نسخ الحالة★ إمكانية تغيير شكل البرنامج , و تغيير ايقونة البرنامجوالاشعارات★ والعديد من الميزات ..Offer you the mostacceptable application of today's young Apply Alwats pink Augustnew updated users loyal to Watts in August.Application de feminine character of the beautiful pink gives a newlook compensates the traditional landscape.The biggest acceptable program of the girls at the same time makesit more palatable than boys to create new relationships andfriendshipsLast updated carries a lot of surprises and modifications areavailable in non-traditional Blue program.The program gives you control who will see incoming messages fromyouThe program also provides a reduction of throughput Internetconsumption featureThe application is also available on direct contact feature.Mlahoudh: If you do not activate your application please tryagainBy virtue of the application and the interview does not do directlywith the Rangers date versions of the old Android unforgettableparticipation.- Watts August Pink Plus features.★ possibility of appearing to hide★ privacy options★ possibility of distinguishing between collective messages andregular★ possibility of a lock for Watts in August password★ possibility of sending video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB★ possibility of sending an audio clip size up to 100 MB instead of16 MB★ 90 the possibility of sending an image at once without 10★ possibility of a case number 250 dependent characters instead of139 characters★ possibility click on the links without storing number sender ofthe message or the owner★ counter statistics for groups★ media preview without loading★ possibility to hide the name and the date when two or morecopies★ possibility of copying case★ possibility of changing the form of the program, and change theprogram icon and notices★ and many more features ..
Bounce Emoji 2 1.1.1
Usoft Studios
bounce emoji 2 is Super Addictive and entertaining bouncing ballgame for Android, this emoji Game is simple you must tap the screento jump game over the obstacle, This game is very fun because youcan use more than 11 Cute emoticons Character, you can also switchemoji color. The goals is Beat your High Score and share to yourfriends. What are you waiting for? Try this bounce classic gamenow!!! is free game.The Mission is collect the Fruits and Free theothers emoticons.Great Features Of Game★ more than 100 Unique Levelthat is not easy to Pass them★ more than 11 Cute emoji Character★Beautiful graphics ★ It's Free to play