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Screen Filter Block Bluelight 1.0.4
Blue light filter app protects your eyesBlue light emitted from thescreen of the phone, is a major cause of loss of eye fatigue oreyesight.Don't buy expensive price of Blue Light prevention film orglasses.Please protect your eyesight by using a blue light blockingfilter Recommed use to Blue light block filter if you can feel thatthe eyes get tired easilyUsing this app, you can effectively reducethe blue light.Blue light emitted from the screen, is a major causeof eyestrain and vision loss.It is effective to use when you feelthe screen is too brightblue light filter for your eye care
Volume Controller - Lock 1.0.0
Volume Lock Control - volume lockerVolume control is a very usefulapp in order to adjust the sound.There is a separate lock functionfor each volume, I will prevent unintended sound will change.SoundControl is able to feel the convenience in the regulation of soundin a simple widget.You can check directly from the top status barwhen using the sound lock function.Adjust Ringer Volume, Media,Alarm, Notification, Voice Call, System VolumeVolume control-Ringtone, Media(Music, video, games and other media), Alarm, VoiceCall, Notifications, systemVolume Lock- can lock each volumestreams.- can lock ringer mode . ( Silent, Vibrate)Sound Mode :Change ringermodes - Normal, Silent, VibrateChange Sound =>Setting - Device ringtone, Device notifications, Device alarmVolumewidget : You can check directly from the Volume control widget-Sound Lock On / Off- Sound level status
Uninstaller - Uninstall App 1.0.1
Uninstaller is a tool to uninstall apps for android phones. It letyou remove multiple apps in one time. Fastest and simplestuninstall tool on android!Remove application easily• Displayapplication name, installation time and size• Search app by name•Show app manage page• View app in Google PlayStore• Launch app• Appshare• Uninstall History - list of delete apps• Sort options - ByName Ascending (a → z) - By Name Descending (z → a) - By SizeAscending - By Size Descending - By Date Ascending - By DateDescending• Long click options - Launch app - Show app manage page- App share - View app in PlayStore
Flashlight Compass 1.0.0
flashlight & compass application is useful for finding the wayin the darkflashlight compass instantly turns your device into abright flashlightflashlight compass supports magnetic and truenorth calculated using network location or GPS coordinates.You cansee the position of the coordinates on the mapFlashlight-Flashlight is the application that the function of the lantern in adark place.- With the fastest startup, it definitely outruns thereal flashlight. - Will use your device's camera flash as atorch.Compass- tool to search azimuth using the built-in magneticsensors.- It supports magnetic and true north calculated usingnetwork location or GPS coordinates.- Your device must have anintegrated compass sensor to function properly.- True north andmagnetic north are supported.Location : GPS coordinates or networklocation - View Location on the map- Copy coordinates of locationto the clipboard - Sharing the coordinates => SMS, Email, SocialnetworkSurprisingly easy and very useful flashlight & compassapplication.
Magnifying Glass 1.0.1
Please present a magnifying glass app for your parentsNow you canuse your android device as the perfect digital magnifier. Use yoursmartphone as a handy magnifying glass!Magnifying Glass- Magnifieris an useful application which allows you to turn your phone into amagnifying glass.Flashlight- Magnifying Glass is the applicationthat the function of the lantern in a dark place.- With the fasteststartup, it definitely outruns the real flashlight. - Will use yourdevice's camera flash as a torch.ScreenshotScreen freezingCamerazoom & Digital zoomRotating camera viewAuto-focusingmagnifyingglass with lightLED light
Security App Lock 1.1.3
Application Protection - App defenderApp Lock protects the securityand privacy of personal dataPlease use the app lock if other peopledo not want is to see my smartphone.App locker will block theexecution of the application of others.Security App Lock is an appprotector which can basically lock your applications such ascontacts, calls, e-mail, sms, photos or any app in your phone ortablet.Protect your apps. Only you can run the app!If you have notset the Lock Time is, when you run again the application was runonce in 2-4 seconds, it does not have the lock screen isdisplayedGallery Lock:Other people will now not see my personalphoto.Lock Apps:In the application of the password when theapplication is run, other people can not run the application.Simplelock setting :It is possible to apply the lock function simply andconveniently for all applications.Smart App ProtectorApp Lock - AppLocker - Application Blocking
Mirror 1.0.0
You can take a picture with a hand mirror applicationsMirror App isuseful for checking your hairstyle and makeupYou can use your frontcamera as a mirror.
Magnifying Glass Flashlight 1.0.2
Simply the best Magnifying glass Flashlight in the Play Store.Useyour smartphone as a magnifying glass, microscope, or close-upcamera.Now you can use your android device as the perfect magnifierand flashlight. Magnifying Glass Flashlight is able to the pinchzoom function and autofocus function by touching the screen Pleasepresent the Magnifying glass Flashlight app for yourparentsMagnifying Glass- Magnifier Flashlight is an usefulapplication which allows you to turn your phone into a magnifyingglass.Flashlight- Magnifying Glass Flashlight is the applicationthat the function of the lantern in a dark place.- With the fasteststartup, it definitely outruns the real flashlight. - Will use yourdevice's camera flash as a torch.Strobe/Blinking Mode supported
Flashlight 1.0.1
Uses the camera LED, flash, screen light as a torch.Flash is theapp that the function of the lantern in a dark place.Flashlight canbe used as a magnifying glassFlashlight is very simpleFeatures:-Super Bright Flashlight - Brightest LED Flashlight instantly ON-Police light - SOS flashlight signal- Screen light - Strobe /Blinking light - Camera Preview and shot- Quick start and operate aflashlight at the same time - camera zoom - in/out => magnifyingglassFlashlight + LED is a simple, free flashlight app with LEDlight and several screen modes. Free plugins like the Strobe /Blinking light make Flashlight one of the best productivity toolsfor your device.-------INTERNET_ACCESS is for AdMob.