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V-SPEED Speed Test
V-SPEED Speed Test is a powerful, advanced tool which helps you tomeasure Internet connection speed on Android. The application isequipped with a modern, intuitive interface. For more experiencedusers, there is also a large number of configuration options. Themain features of this app: • WiFi and mobile signal finding tool, •the ability to select the default server for speed check, • testsdownload speed (downlink) • tests upload speed (uplink) •measurement of data transfer time delays (latency, ping) • twotypical data transfer units (kbps, Mbps), • automatic selection ofspeed check parameters depending on the type of a connection (LTE,3G, WiFi) • basic information about the connection (IP address,Internet service provider and organization, SIM operator or name ofthe WiFi network) • history of results with options to filter andsort the list according to the different criteria, • ability tocustomize speed check parameters to meet your needs (the durationof the test, the number of connections), • detailed informationabout the tests (measured value of download/upload/ping, connectiontype, date, settings), • easily copy your IP address and results tothe clipboard, • vibration handling, • publication of results onsocial networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), •compatibility mode with less powerful and older devices (switchon/off tween animations) • appropriate warnings for testing mobileInternet.
Speed Check Light
Speed ​​Check Light is a lightweight Internet testing tool. Thisapplication helps you to measure the downlink speed (download),uplink speed (upload) and delays in the transmission of packets(latency/ping). The program is equipped with a simple userinterface and a multitude of configuration options. One of themajor advantages of Speed Check Light tool is automatic adjustmentof the testing algorithms to the type of your connection (WiFi or2G/3G mobile networks). This ensures a high accuracy of theresults. Additional features of Speed ​​Check Light application: •the ability to select the default server, • history of results withdetailed information about the tests, • IP address display, •ability to filter and sort your results according to variouscriteria, • two standard units (Mbps and kbps), • the ability tomanually adjust the number of threads and the duration of thedownload/upload/ping test, • system clipboard and social networkshandling (easy to publish the results on Facebook, Twitter orGoogle+), • low demand on system resources.
LED Torch Light - Flashlight
This torch light turns the the bright light on in your phone ortablet. It uses device's LED component if available or whitescreen. The most important features of this flashlight:- The adsremoval for FREE (no payment is required)- This flashlight workseven when screen is off- The most beautiful interface- Strobefunction (3 levels)- S.O.S. signalGet it now and enjoy!
FIREPROBE Speed Test is very accurate tool for analysis of theInternet connection. It offers a scheduler for automatic testplanning, WiFi refresh for quick connection quality improvement andfast cache cleaner for increasing device efficiency. As a verylight application, it saves your device resources. Using FIREPROBESpeed Test you can perform the following tests for WiFi and mobileconnections 2G, 3G, 4G LTE: • ping test – network delays testbetween device and Internet, • jitter test – variation of thenetwork delays, • download test – how fast you can get data fromInternet, • upload test – how fast you can send data to Internet.The advanced quality summary is shown after every test. You can seehow good will work the basic Internet services you are using everyday: • websites browsing, • streaming of low and high qualityvideos e.g. YouTube, • voice calls e.g. Skype, WhatsApp, • onlinegames. FIREPROBE Speed Test gives you also: • automatic or manualreference server selection, • speed unit selection: Mb/s (megabitsper second) or kb/s (kilobits per second), • creating test resultshistory with filter options, • exporting test results in CSV file,• tracking test result location on the interactive map. Using PROFEATURES you can: • scan application cache for unnecessary fileswhich may slow down your device – removing them may increase deviceefficiency and speed, • refresh WiFi connection to increase overallquality, • schedule the automatic connection speed tests in thebackground using options: time interval, maximum test count,maximum data transferred amount and connection type (WiFi, 2G, 3G,4G LTE).
PRO Speed Test
PRO Speed Test dla Androida to dodatkowa aplikacja wramachcertyfikowanego systemu pomiaru jakości usługi dostępudoInternetu. Aplikacja wymaga zalogowania na zarejestrowanekontoużytkownika przez rozpoczęciem pomiaru. Aplikacjaumożliwiawykonanie pomiarów niecertyfikowanych, na które składająsięnastępujące testy dla połączenia WiFi oraz mobilnych 2G, 3G,4GLTE: 1. Test ping – test opóźnień przesyłania danychmiędzyurządzeniem mobilnym a Internetem, 2. Test jitter – testzmiennościopóźnień przesyłania danych, 3. Test download – testprędkościpobierania danych z Internetu, 4. Test upload – testprędkościwysyłania danych do Internetu. Po zakończeniu każdegopomiaruaplikacja zaprezentuje ocenę połączenia w skali 1-5 dlakategorii:1. Przeglądanie stron www, 2. Odtwarzanie video w niskiejiwysokiej jakości (HD) np. YouTube, 3. Rozmowy głosowe np.Skype,WhatsApp, 4. Gry online. Dodatkowo aplikacja umożliwia: 1.Wybórjednostki prędkości: Mb/s (megabity na sekundę) lub kb/s(kilobityna sekundę), 2. Tworzenie historii wyników z opcjamifiltrowania,3. Pobranie listy wyników testów w formie pliku CSV, 4.Prezentacjęlokalizacji wyników testów na interaktywnej mapie. Speed​​Test Profor Android is an additional application as part of acertifiedsystem to measure the quality of Internet access services.Theapplication requires logging on to the user account registeredbythe start of the measurement. The application enablesmeasurementsuncertified, consisting of the following tests for WiFiand mobile2G, 3G, 4G LTE: 1. Ping Test - a test delay transferringdatabetween the mobile device and the Internet, 2. jitter test - atestdata transfer delay variation, 3. Test download - speedtestdownload data from the Internet, 4. Test upload - speed testtosend data to the Internet. After each measurement aplikacjawillpresent an assessment of the connection at a scale of 1-5 forthecategory: 1. Browsing the web, 2. Playing video at low andhighquality (HD), for example. YouTube 3. Voice chat eg.Skype,WhatsApp, 4. Online. Additionally, the application allows:1.Selection of the unit speed Mb / s (megabits per second) or kb /s(kilobits per second). 2. Create the history of the results ofthefiltering options, 3. Get list of test results in the form of aCSVfile 4. The presentation of the location of the test results onaninteractive map.