Between - Private Couples App 5.4.8
Are you currently in a relationship? A special privilegeexclusively for couples, start using Between! Between is acouples-only app where you can communicate more romantically andstore precious memories easily with your loved one. #Coupleconversations with more love! Between is a messenger just for twowhere you can use free emoticons and GIF selfies to chat moreromantically! #Precious memories can be stored easily! You canstore your photos, videos, and notes easily. Everything stays savedin Between even when you change phones! #Schedules and special dayssaved in one place! Check each other’s schedules and special daysin Between! There is even a feature that automatically calculatesthe count down for your shared calendar and special days. Use thewidget feature to check your d-days easily - like when you starteddating or when your next date is happening! #Anytime, anywhere - aconversation just for two! Try Between! College couples, engagedcouples - just any couple, really. By using Between’s PC versionand free call feature, you can always keep the conversation goingwith your loved one! All Between data is encrypted and completelysecure, so you can feel safe about using it! For more information,please use the button below to read our Privacy Policy and Terms ofUse, or visit our website. [Permissions] - CAMERA: Grant access toyour device’s camera to take photos - LOCATION: Grant access toyour device location to show where you are - READ/WRITE EXTERNALSTORAGE : Grant access to external storage to take, store, loadimages - CALL_PHONE : Grant access to phone to make a direct callto partner from Between - RECORD_AUDIO : Grant access to record andsend voice messages to partner - READ_PHONE_STATE : Grant access toread phone number when connecting to partner - READ_CONTACT : Grantaccess to contacts to find partner’s phone number when connectingto partner - GET_ACCOUNTS : Grant access to account data foradvertising purposes
Between Date - Best Date Ideas 2.0.10
[The Country's Date Map - Between Date]30,000 real date spots fromaround the country.Get real reviews and tips from realexperiences!◼ Region - All the popular date spots forcouples.Cafes, eateries, attractions sorted by area!◼ Ranking - Notsure where the hottest locations are?See trends through a real-timeranking of favorite places◼ Mint Shop - Free access to dateattractionsCoupons and tickets for all sorts of dates ◼ SavedLocations - Where should we go next time?Remember these places foryour next date!Website: http://betweendate.comFacebook :
Color Calendar 1.0
Track your feelings and mood everydayColor Calendar helps you record how you are feeling with yourfavorite colors*Key features- Choose a color that matches your feelings- See all of your entries in one place at a weekly, monthly andyearly level- Record notes and view them in a diary format- View stats on your feelings- Make your own calendar with your favorite color theme!
타다 드라이버 (TADA Driver) 1.22.1
[주요 기능] *로그인 및 출근하기 로그인을 위해서는 드라이버 등록과 아이디 발급이 필요합니다. 등록을 원하시면 아래드라이버 지원하기를 참고해주세요. -> *배차 수락받기 출근하기 후모드를 휴식중에서 영업중으로 변환하면 타다 이용 승객의 콜을 받을 수 있습니다. *탑승 승객 평가하기 운행을 완료하면탑승한 승객을 평가할 수 있으며, 평가 결과는 승객에게 전달되지 않습니다. *운행내역 보기 운행 내역을 목록과 상세로나누어 열람이 가능합니다. [유의사항] - GPS 설정을 켜주시고, GPS모드 설정을 "정확도 높음" 상태로설정해주세요. - 알림 설정과 SOUND 설정을 켜주세요 - '다른 앱 위에 그리기' 설정을 허용해주세요 [서비스 접근권한 안내] * 필수 접근 권한 - GPS : 출발지 및 목적지의 위치 및 경로 안내를 위해 GPS 정보 접근 권한이필요합니다. - 전화 : 승객과의 전화연락및 통화 내역 삭제를 위해 전화에 대한 접근 권한이 필요합니다. ---- 개발자연락처 : 서울특별시 성동구 연무장7길 11 (11, Yeonmujang 7-gil, Seongdong-gu,Seoul, Korea) 04782 +827077288262 [main function] * Sign in and goto work Driver registration and ID issuance are required for login.If you want to register, please refer to the below driver support.-> *Accepting dispatch You can get a call from a passenger when youswitch to a business mode during break from the mode after you goto work. * Evaluate boarding passengers Once you have completedyour journey, you will be able to evaluate the passengers youboarded, and the results will not be passed on to your passengers.* View service It is possible to view the operation details by listand details. [Notice] - Turn on the GPS setting and set the GPSmode setting to "High Accuracy". - Turn on the Notification andSOUND settings - Allow 'Draw on top of other apps' setting [ServiceAccess Authorization Guide] * Required access permissions - GPS:Access to GPS information is required for the location and routeguidance of the origin and destination. - Phone: You need to haveaccess to the phone to contact and delete the call with yourpassenger.
TADA 2.20.0
“The must-have ride-hailing app in Seoul” TADA is the new standardof transportation that is comfortable, convenient and safe. Throughour real-time dispatch system and reservation service, we canaccommodate your everyday needs: business, travel, and everythingin between. Get the TADA app today to begin your stress-free rideexperience with just a tap on the screen. ■ AIRPORT TRIPS Planningto visit Seoul? Book TADA AIR. You can travel to and fromIncheon/Gimpo airport at dawn or catch red-eye flights withoutworries. Choose from 3 types of vehicles: sedan, RV, and VIP VAN,according to the number of luggage and travel companions you have.■ SAFETY ALWAYS All TADA drivers are trained with our driver’smanual. Check your assigned vehicle’s license plate number in theapp, and enjoy your ride while our drivers transport you safely toyour destination. After your ride is complete, you can rate it andprovide feedback to help us improve the TADA experience. ■ GET ARIDE IN A MINUTE With our real-time dispatch system, you don’t haveto worry about hailing a ride while you’re in Seoul. Once yourequest a ride with the TADA app, the closest driver is dispatchedimmediately to pick you up at the location you requested. Restassured, you won't need to worry about any ride rejections whenusing TADA. ■ FREE WI-FI ON THE WAY Enjoy our free wi-fi serviceand charging cable when you ride our clean and tidy TADA vehicles.We regularly clean the interior and exterior of our vehicles toprovide you with a pleasant ride experience. ■ CASH-FREE PAYMENTCheck your trip costs upfront and pay easily in the app once yourride is done using the payment method you registered. You canregister more than one payment method and choose what to pay with.[Service Area] .Pickup Location: Seoul, Gwacheon, Incheon (selectedareas), Seongnam, Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport .Destination:Seoul, Anyang, Bucheon, Gimpo (selected areas), Goyang, Gunpo,Guri, Gwacheon, Gwangmyeong, Hanam, Incheon (selected areas),Namyangju (selected areas), Seongnam, Suwon, Uijeongbu, Uiwang,Yongin, Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport *Access to GPS informationis required in order to provide guidance on the pickup location.*Access to make phone calls is required in order to communicatewith the driver over the phone. ■ Website: ■Instagram: @official.tada Quality ride for all — TADA