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Analog clock 3.95
Analog clock. Its not a widget, its a standalone application. Youcan change digits, arrows, faceclock, and also change colors ofall, make it for as you wish. Its comfortably use on tablet ormobile during night. When you switch off second arrow, clocks enterin economy mode. Touch down on screen to enter in menu forsettings. Support landscape and portrait mode. If you want theclock to be called up when you connect the charging to your mobilephone (or tablet), turn on the charging tracking option and exitthe application using the Home button, and then when the chargingis connected, the application appears again on the screen. If youdo not want to enable this option, exit the application using theBack button.
Durak 5.72
Durak russian, passing, throw-in, offline The main feature of thegame durak thrown-in, passing is a enough strong artificialintelligence that will not let you get bored for many parties. Thisalgorithm has already appreciated by many users of the game durak.Some people liked it so much that they compare it to the algorithmwith a live person. Especially you like the ending, when thealgorithm begins to remember what came out trumps in retreat, andwhich is still in his arms, and thus at the end of the game becomeseven more acute. But also should be noted that the algorithm is thegame durak playing without cheating: the player's not spying whencalculating a card, the cards themselves are not manipulated, deckon hand during the game does not change - all to be honest! Alsocarefully made the rules of the game durak, such as for example -the first rebound of 5 cards at the end of the computer does notthrow more cards than it is at the hands of the first-throw-playerafter lights take the first to the deck, in the distribution of 5cards of the same suit is automatically retransmitting, if thecomputer has decided to take it is possible to throw another, andetc. (a more detailed description of the rules can be found inWikipedia). Also, the game durak thrown-in has very good graphicsand smooth animation, made for on the HD screen, FullHD and above.The availability of high quality traced 4 decks of cards with"jackets/shirts" for them. But at the same time, the game looksgood and at a lower resolution screens (and size) due to high cardsused in the game durak. All decks are designed for a game in 36cards and 52 cards (for those who like to play a little longer).Images of decks, "jackets / shirts", and background tables may bemixed in any combination. Management in the game durak does withswipe (swipe / slide). Swipe to the right in the playing areaallows you to fold at all clear, swipe in the direction of theircards (swipe down) allows us to take the card and swipe in thedirection of the enemy - gives him an opportunity to take. Itallows you to play carefully and remember the cards that have comeout in the retreat. More details how to play can be found onyoutube. Features: - computer does not look in players cards andplays without cheating; - player cards can now be placed both belowand above the playing area; - there are maximum 6 players in thegame; - there are 4 photorealistic decks in the game; - there are 5photorealistic background tables in the game; - support offlinemode, without internet (wifi); - save current game and continuelast game; - during phone call - game will be continued after; -large size of cards good looking on smart-phones and tablets; -support English and Russian languages; - support 52-cards deck and36-cards deck; - support HD, FullHD and higher resolution.
Digital Clock 3.30
Make a digital clock out of your tablet or smartphone. It isconvenient to use at night during sleep. Economically it spends thebattery. Many different settings, fonts, etc. When the charging isconnected, the clock can appear on the screen. Now the clock knowshow to speak. Also clock has stopwatch option. The stopwatch isvoiced by voice, it can be used in sports - you just need to wearheadphones and turn on voice acting.
Popular Solitaires 4.10
solitaire spider, klondike, freecell are very popular classicpatience with 4 beautiful decks, cover for this, backgroundstables, and also has smooth nice animations. features: - 3solitaires in 1 game: klondike, spider, freecell - spider solitairecontains 3 suits select (1,2,4 suits) and 2 difficulty, that gives6 difficulty levels in total; - freecell solitaire contains 2difficulty; - klondike solitaire contains 3 difficulty and 2 gametypes (turn 1 and turn 3); - unlimited undo; - support off-linemode, without Internet (wifi); - save current game and continuelast game; - during phone call game will be continued after; -large size of cards good looking on smart-phones and tablets; -there are 4 photo-realistic decks in the game; - there are 5photo-realistic background tables in the game; - in every gameavailable statistics: score, total moves, total time; - supportenglish and russian languages. klondike solitaire is a classicpatience with standard rules: right-top zone is a "home" for Aces(with symbol "A") and the same suit and higher rank (for example:Ace-Two-Three-Four...), free cell with symbol "K" for King and theopposite suit (for example: black-red-black or red-black-red) andlower rank (for example: K-Q-J-ten-nine-eight-...). The Scorecalculate is standard: open card on the table +5 points, from thedeck on the table +5 points, from deck or table to "home" +10points, reloaded deck -20 points, card from "home" to table -15points. LongPress or doubleTap on the table fast moves cards to"home". Also You can see help how to play - button "Help". freecellsolitaire is another popular classic patience with standard rulesand scoring. spider solitaire is another classic popular patiencewith standard rules. The Score calculate is standard: at begin gameits 500 points, move card is -1point, removed deck tableau fromKing to Ace is +100points. how to play see on youtube
Durak mini 5.72
Durak mini throw-in, passing with Epaulets, offline This version ofthe game Durak is a smaller size version of the game 'Durak'. Idealfor smartphones with a screen resolution of 1280x720 and below. Inthis the game removed all the additional graphics, that is - deckcards, tables, 'shirts', pictures in the help. Only 1 deck left, 1shirt, 1 table texture and epaulettes. Thereby the size of theapplication was significantly reduced, and the speed on weaksmartphones also increased. In the rest, all the logic andpossibilities of the game as in the full version. It should benoted that if the samsung galaxy win gt-i8552 'Durak Throw-In' anaverage of 35-40 FPS, then in the mini-version it was possible toraise to 60-65 FPS. With such FPS much nicer to play.
Luxury clock 1.95
Luxury clock. Its not a widget, its a standalone application. Youcan change clock face. Its comfortably use on tablet or mobileduring night. When you switch off second arrow, clocks enter ineconomy mode. Touch down on screen to enter in menu for settings.Support landscape and portrait mode. If you want the clock to becalled up when you connect the charging to your mobile phone (ortablet), turn on the charging tracking option and exit theapplication and then when the charging is connected, theapplication appears again on the screen. Some effects, such as“fire”, may require a strong GPU (graphics processor) and put thebattery out faster. But beauty requires sacrifice. The clock can beset on Android-TV, Smart TV (android) or a set-top box connected toTV. You can run the clock on TV.
Thousand (1000) 1.60
Thousand (1000) - a trick-taking card game for 3 or 4 players. Oneof the most popular Russian card games. The goal of the game is toscore 1000 (1005) points to win. The game implements 27 agreements(rules), including / disabling which you can customize the game foryourself. Such well-known arrangements as the "golden con", "thegame of the dark", "the ace of marriage", "bolts (sticks"), "alientrump cards" and others. A full list of agreements (rules) can befound in the central menu of the game - “Agreements”. A fulldetailed description can be found in the central menu "Help". Incase of inaccuracies, errors or your own wishes, please write toe-mail (preferably with screenshots).