Color Rush - Tubes Switch 3D 1
Leap & Swish the light ball or cube color and explorethecolorful tube feeding & color buckets! Top color switcher3Dgameplay! Speed it up as a color ghost! You need to paymuchattention to control the color cub ball around the controlcircleand hit the same color on the tube tunnel to cross it! It'sokay togo through the normal color tubes 2018 but you'll lose yourcombosand bonus scores. Let's see how further you can go and howmanycolor buckets you can destroy! Share your record to yourfriends!Features: * Free to play, play it anywhere anytime as free3d colorswitcher game! * Suitable for all ages from kids, boys andgirls! *Easy to play but hard to master, you'll find its fun! * Nowtry toget a higher score and share it with your friends!
Power of ranger: Super Dino Legend 2 1.0
rangers ultra men is a top power 3d fighting games 2018!Powerrangerfor kids! With power of 2, Be the best superhero andfight totallyFREE in the morphin league of war, collect all therangesr cards andconquer de universe. train your dinochargersuperheroes in differentstreet fighting techniques in trainingmode, charge so you'll learnto punch or kick as samurai streetfighters man. Fell all the power& adrenaline with hero gamesin your hands, fight in thisinfinity war with a superhero ninjasteel and be a legendary zords,enjoy all the fighting disciplinesand make combos with yourpunches, kicks of karate, and all theknowed of a legendaries kun fumasters. Feel the fear of your rivaland perform deadly streetfighting techniques, mma keys, feel howyou have the power in thishero fight simulator, perform incredibletricks to defeat yourrival. Features of Dino 3D Game: - Incredible3D graphics You'llthink they're real fights! - Different scenariosto fight. -Incredible combos. You'll be the best in this fightinggame! - QuickFight Mode For skilled fighters! - History ModeDiscover the secretsof superheroes and villains! - HD Sound You'llsee what effects!Come on, Download & Enjoy!