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Alien Swarm Shooter 1.4.3
Blast swarms of aliens as they try to attack you. Fight toughbosses along the way. But be aware that the aliens are gettingsmarter as you venture deeper into the space. Features: - 4 levelsof difficulty 'Easy', 'Normal', 'Hard', 'Impossible' - Tilt support- Keyboard / Gamepad support - Android TV support - Cool backgroundmusic - 'God Mode' - when you just want to shoot aliens. Like us onFacebook (https://www.facebook.com/vmsoftbg) Find us on Google+(https://plus.google.com/communities/115848179276727103841)
Darts Calculator 1.3
If you love darts, but do not like tocalculate results, the Darts Calc is the app for you. Theapplication provides many features, including:* Support for various types of games (301,501,601,1001) withsupport for extra rounds if players complete the official roundsequal.* The list of games is updated from the Internet.* Information about the rules of each game* Unlimited number of players* Ability to doubling and tripling the result* Detailed statistics for each player* Hints for finishing the game* Ability to save and load unfinished games* Detailed information for each started game* Rename players and games* On tablets with keyboard attached, hot keys for 'X2' (Ctrl + 2)and 'X3' (Ctrl + 3).* Social network sharing
Match 3 Happy Fruits 1.2.1
Jewels/Happy Fruits is a simple match-3 puzzle game similar toJewels type of games. Your goal is to swap adjacent fruits tocreate combinations of 3 or more fruits of the same color and type,horizontally or vertically. When you match 4 or more fruits,horizontally or vertically the whole game field row or column isremoved. After removing fruits new fruits drop down on the gamefield. Quite often the falling fruits create new valid combinationscausing a chain reaction (or cascade). Features: * 3 game modes:Normal, Timed and Endless * Hints * Infinite number of levels *Saved games. Store your progress and resume playing later on. *Android TV support * Game pad support * "Optimized for your device"graphics * In game stats * In game help Notes on playing on AndroidTV Happy Fruits on Android TV supports both, playing with a gamepad or remote control. Use your remote / game pad navigation keysto select a fruit on the game field. On your remote press theSELECT button over that fruit and then navigate to the next fruityou want to do a swap with, pressing SELECT again. When playingwith a game pad instead of the SELECT button you can use the X, Y,A and B buttons. Double press of the SELECT (X, Y, A, B) buttonwill give you hint if you have enough points. Scoring Each removedfruit gives you 25 points. For example if you remove 3 fruits fromthe game field you will get 3 x 25 or 75 points. Like us onFacebook (https://www.facebook.com/vmsoftbg) Find us on Google+(https://plus.google.com/communities/115848179276727103841)
GSM Signal Monitor & SIM Card Info 📱
Ever wanted to call someone, but your phone has no GSM coverage? Oryou are living / working in a low signal area? 'GSM Signal Monitor'monitors the phone (or tablet with SIM card) signal strength andalerts you when you are out of service ⚠️ or in a low signal zone.No signal / low signal alerts include: voice notifications,vibration, notification on the device screen and playing aringtone. You can personalize how you get notified in the appsettings. 'GSM Signal Monitor' can also notify you when the signalis restored, your mobile data is lost you are in a roaming area.The app also provides information about device SIM cards such asphone number, voice mail number, SIM Card Serial number (ICCID),Subscriber Id (IMSI), mobile operator info and network type. ThisSIM card info can be easily shared by tapping on the share buttonor copied in the device clipboard. ‘GSM Signal Monitor’ logs 📋every signal related event in its notifications log. Thenotification log keeps information when the GSM signal is lost,restored or low. It also logs information when the mobile data islost or roaming is active. You can configure what’s logged insettings. The log can be exported in CSV, PDF and HTML formats. Youcan monitor your signal strength as it changes dynamically from theapp main screen or in the notification area. Features: ✅Notifications when the signal is lost / restored ✅ Notificationswhen you are in a low signal zone (available as in-app purchase) ✅Log events when data connection is lost or device enters roaming ✅Customizable log export in CSV, PDF and HTML formats. (available asin-app purchase) ✅ Detailed SIM card info ✅ 4G (LTE) signalmonitoring ✅ Dual / multi SIM devices support (requires Android 5.1or newer) ✅ Quiet hours (the app can be configured to suppress itsnotification during specified time period) ✅ Real time informationabout the GSM signal strength and quality in decibels (dBm) ✅Starting the app when the device starts ✅ App shortcuts. ✅ Greatnumber of configuration options !GSM Signal Monitor is NOT a signalbooster app! GSM Signal Monitor web page:http://vmsoft-bg.com/our-products/gsm_signal_monitor/ Thank you forchoosing GSM Signal Monitor & SIM Card Info, we hope you likeit! Let us know what you think in the review section or drop us aquick e-mail at support@vmsoft-bg.com You may also: Like us onFacebook (https://www.facebook.com/vmsoftbg) Follow us on Twitter(https://twitter.com/vmsoft_mobile)
Brick Breaker: Happy Blocks World 1.2
Beautiful, well balanced, challenging ball and paddle gamefeaturing 2 game play worlds with total of 150 levels, variouspower ups and power downs. 'Happy Blocks/Brick Breaker' features: *2 game modes - 'Happy World' and 'Classic' with total of 150levels. * 6 different game worlds. * Mini Games * 8 different powerups and power downs ('Mega Ball', 'Ball Split', 'Extend paddle','Shooting', 'Shrink paddle', 'Slow ball', 'Glue', 'Boom') *Horizontal and vertical bombs to help you clear the level quickly *25 different type of collectibles to help you unlock the minigames. * 35 achievements for unlocking * Leaderboards * Levelswhere your objective is to kill flying enemies * Saved games - saveyour progress on one device and continue playing on another *"Optimized for your device" graphics * Keyboard and tilt support. *Cheering music and sounds Notes on playing 'Classic Mode' Classicmode is unlocked after completing the 120 levels in 'Happy World',in this game mode you start from the beginning when you loose allof your lifes. In classic mode new life is gained every 8000points. Playing with keyboard: 'P' key will pause / resume thegame. 'Space bar' will release the ball from the paddle. 'Left'arrow will move the paddle left. 'Right' arrow will move the paddleright. Like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/vmsoftbg) Findus on Google+(https://plus.google.com/communities/115848179276727103841)
Push Ups Counter 1.0
Push Ups is an app that helps you count your push ups and recordsthem in a training log where you can later review your progress dayby day. To start your workout press the 'Start' button. Push upsare recorded by the number of times your nose (or chin) touches thescreen or if your device has 'proximity sensor' the number of timesyour head comes close to the screen. When you complete yourworkout, pressing the 'Stop' button will store the workout data inthe training log. Push Ups features: * Can count push ups with thedevice proximity sensor or touching anywhere on the screen. * Keepsthe device screen on during a workout. * Training log grouped bymonths. * It prevents double counting if for example you leantoward the device proximity sensor and accidentally touch thescreen. * Plays beep sound when a push up is recorded (can bedisabled from the settings screen). We appreciate your feedback andencourage you to help us improve our products. Visit our websitehttp://www.vmsoft-bg.com and don't forget to check out our otherapps in the market. You may also: Like us on Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/vmsoftbg) Find us on Google+(https://plus.google.com/communities/115848179276727103841)