Spider Subway Surfers 1.1
Spider Subway Surfers is the best actiongame!Please help super hero to save the world!One day, the world is in dangerous by so much monsters who climbonthe building to attack people. A hero who can surf on thebuildingand subway and have super power to kill monsters. But hemust findsilk spiders on the space. With the magic silk, he canbecomespiderman who have power to surf on the wall like subwaysuffers.But this power is existed in short time, without power hemust jumpto avoid monsters ...Let's gooo and help him!******* FEATURES ******+ So many levels and scenes+ Cool graphics with amazing sound+ Bonus for winer ...
Bat Subway Surf 1.1
Bat Subway Surf is the newest action game in 2017. This game is anew style about super heroes in subway surf style. You must act asa super hero who must save the world in a dark night.He is not onlycollecting enough items but also avoiding the obstacles on thesubway. Please help him!*****How to play*****+ Swipe up to jumpover + Swipe down to roll+ Swipe left, right to turn left, right+Collect enough coins to buy power
Flip of Spiderman 1.2
Flip of Spiderman is the best action game. When the world isthreaten by monsters who coming from the sky. Out hero must flip onthe building to find and fight with them. When climb on the wall,Spiderman can meet so much monters but without slik spider he can'tfire them. Please help him to find silk tofight!---------------------------+ Awesome UI/UX+ Cool sound+ Manytarget to reach