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VSCAM 3.38
威视达康网络摄像机APP Granville QLDK webcam APP
VeePai v3.1.2
VeePai will bring you entirely new ways of life. Discovery,Recording, Sharing and Interaction at any time anywhere. Featuresinclude a variety of high-definition HD video shooting model, avariety of topics, instant video classification square share,recording and collect, etc. It combined with various types of DV,powerful function Simple design.Touched by every moment of life,just in VeePai.
DveeTech v1.1.1
随时随地的可以“拍摄、分享、互动”。支持多款设备,具备不同功能,能让您体验到不同的乐趣。发现世界发现你,就在DveeTech!Anytime, anywhere can "shoot, share and interact." It supports avariety of devices with different features, allowing you toexperience different fun. Discover the world find you, justDveeTech!
vstc.GENIUS.client 1.1.1
Eye4Smart is a software for VStarcam's smart home WiFi units andsmart home system. You're only one Eye4smart App away from smartlife. 1 Device adding and operations are easily mastered, quicklyrealize the interconnection and communication between smartdevices. 2 The brand new interface provides you a visual feast. 3Fast and easy operations bring you amazing experience. 4 Theone-to-one connection of account&device can improve securityand protect privacy. Super-cool technology style and high costperformance, giving you a high quality of life.
com.eye4.nvr2 1.1.0
1, Allow users view the video through WIFI and GPRS; 2, SupportP2Pnetwork penetration, plug & play; 3, Support IPdirectconnection and DDNS connection; 4, Support single orfour-channelplay, multi device multi channel switch, snapshot andrecording; 5,Support pan tilt up down , zoom in ,zoom out, aperturecontrol ect;6, Support remote playback; 7, Support function ofnetwork remotecontrol; 8, Support local picture and local recordingchecking;. 9,Support favorite list of device and channel;