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Fly to over 160 destinations, booking cheapflights through the revamped Vueling app. Choose the fare that bestsuits you and travel at the lowest price without sacrificing themost exclusive services.
Choose your destination and book cheap flights on your mobile appquickly and easily. Choose the fare that best suits you and makesecure payment by card or PayPal.

* CHECK-IN AND BOARDING PASSESYou can check in up to 4 hours before departure and save theboarding pass on your phone. Once downloaded, you can see itwithout having to connect to the Internet. No more queuing at thecheck-in desk and your trips will be more convenient andeasy!* BRING YOUR FLIGHT FORWARD
Passengers can use this service to bring their flight forward to anearlier flight on the same day. So, if your plans change orsomething unexpected comes up, you can fly home a few hoursearlier. Passengers travelling on Optima and Excellence fares canmake this change free of charge!* MYVUELING
Sign up to myvueling directly via your mobile phone and enjoy allits advantages! You can save your personal details to make futurepurchases easier or create your list of frequent travellers to savetime when booking flights.
* FLIGHT STATUSFollow the status of your flights in real time and see thescheduled times, terminal and boarding gate. Now, information onarrivals, departures and possible incidents regarding your flight,all in the palm of your hand.* MY BOOKINGSAccess and manage your bookings, make changes, add bags, chooseseats and swap or bring forward your flights in minutes. Plus, youcan add the date of your flights directly to your mobile phonecalendar so you won't forget the important things!* EVA, YOUR TRAVEL ASSISTANTThanks to our new assistant, EVA, we'll be with you throughout yourtrip. You'll find all your booking information at the same place,receive useful notifications at the airport and be able to interactwith EVA through our chat.

* WIDGETSSee the status of your next flight or view your boarding passeswithout having to access the app by using the Widget that we'vecreated for your Smartphone.*SMARTWATCHNow, you can also synchronise the Vueling app with your SonySmartWatch 2. That way, you can carry your boarding passes on yourwrist or see all the key information about your flights.Have we missed anything? Let us have your feedback and suggestionsand help us improve so we can continue offering you new servicesand enhance your Vueling experience via our app.