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Dice Roller : 6-sided dice at your fingertips 1.4
Want to play your favorite dice game. But forgot/lost your real6-sided dice?Fret not, this app comes to your rescue.Just followthese 3 easy steps:1 - Select number of dice from drop-down2 - Tapon Roll button3 - See the result either as TOTAL : XX, where XX isthe desired numberorcan add the numbers(math lovers :P) displayedon visual diceFeatures:• At a time, one to five 6-sided dice can berolled• With size of less than 2.5 MB, it is one of the mostlightweight dice app• Simple UI• Absolutely free• Beautiful rollinganimation of dice• Total count displayed on the screen• Can be usedto play games like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Yahtzee, Bunco,Farkle and many more• Can be used to generate random numbers• Canbe used to learn/teach probability• No fancy permissions requiredto use this app• Compatible with latest Android 9 Pie devices
Mathstronaut – SPEED MATHS booster 1.3
A famous person once said “You can't build a great building on aweak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're goingto have a strong superstructure.”Mathstronaut helps to build thatstrong foundation of basic math.It is a free game to enhanceexpertise in addition, subtraction, multiplication anddivision.Game Features:👍 Plain and simple UI.👍 Absolutely free.👍 4Game types - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.👍 4Difficulty Levels - Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard.👍 Tips &Tricks available to improve addition, subtraction, multiplicationand division.👍 Provides multiplication tables from 1 to 30.👍Recommended for developing basic math.Benefits of basic math:⭐Facilitates logical thinking.⭐ It is the building block of manyadvanced concepts like fractions, algebra, physics and computers.⭐Helps us in figuring out how old we are, when someone asks ourage(yes, some of us forget and have to calculate it again).⭐ Usefulto strengthen Speed Maths.Advantages of Speed Maths:⭐ Must haveskill for students preparing for competitive exams.⭐ It keeps ussharp and, on our toes, just good brain training.⭐ Assists us inour daily lives, for example, in tipping and splitting our bills.⭐Helps student in finishing his/her Math exam much before otherstudents.Features(for Geeks):🤓 With apk size of less than 4 MB, itis one of the most lightweight educational game.🤓 Doesn't requireany fancy permissions.🤓 Compatible with latest Andoid P(API level28).Enjoy this educational game and simultaneously upgrade yourbasic Math.PS: You are a mathematical genius if you can score morethan 150 in Very Hard - Addition😎
Hollywood Game : Guess🤔 the movie name 1.3
Hollywood is a simple, fun game of words for all those who likeEnglish movies. The classic paper pen game is now available as a📱mobile app. It is completely free and can be played offline. Whatis the game? The objective of game is to guess a film name in eachlevel. How to play? A level starts with a movie name represented byrows of dashes. Each row represents each word and each dash(_)represents each letter of the movie. The player should tap on aletter which they think is present in the movie name. If theguessed letter is present in the movie, all instances of the letterare revealed at their corresponding position(s). But for eachincorrect letter guessed, the player loses a ⭐ and a letter ofHOLLYWOOD gets struck off. Thus, it is required to guess the filmname before all the letters of Hollywood are struck off. Who canplay? Anyone who has some idea about English movies or knowsEnglish words. As most of the movie names are merely English words,one can easily guess the name even if they don't know the movie buthave a good vocabulary. When can one play this game? Since ithardly takes a minute or two to clear a level(if you know the moviename), one can play this game even if they have got 5 minutes intheir hand. Why should one play this game? As it is a mixture ofword game and entertainment(movies), this game is ideal source ofenjoyment while refreshing one's English vocabulary. Game Features: 🎦 Suitable for all ages 🎦 Simple and fun game 🎦 Absolutely free 🎦Increasing difficulty with progressing levels 🎦 Hints, to helpplayers in difficult levels 🎦 Attractive and colorful design 🎦Perfect time-killer 🎦 Plain and clean UI Features(for Geeks) : 🤓With apk size of less than 3 MB, it is one of the most lightweightword game. 🤓 Doesn't require any fancy permissions. 🤓 Compatiblewith latest Android 9 Pie(API level 28). Pro tip: If you are stillreading, then you deserve a bonus tip - The twelve most commonlyoccurring letters in the English language aree-t-a-o-i-n-s-h-r-d-l-u (from most to least).
Don't 1.0
Don't install the app because it won't provide you yourhealthreport.Don't install the app because it won't tell you yourcorrectBMI.Don't install the app because it won't show you yourrealphoto.
Bulls and Cows : the number game 🔢 1.0
Bulls and cows is an app version of old paper and pencil mindgame.With the help of hints, decode the secret number. In additiontousual 4-digits numbers, the game is available to be played withanynumber of digits from 2 to 9. How to play? Player needs toidentifythe secret number with help of Bulls and Cows(hints).He/she startsby submitting a random number as a guess and thenhe/she gets thecount of bulls and cows of his/her guessed number.What are Bullsand Cows? Bulls are matching digits that are placedin their rightpositions. Cows are matching digits that are placedin differentpositions. Example • Secret number: 9835 i) Player'sguess: 1234 ⇒1 Bull ("3" is the bull) ii) Player's guess: 5678 ⇒Answer: 2 Cows("5" and "8" are cows) iii) Player's guess: 9530 ⇒ 2Bulls and 1Cow ("9" and "3" are bulls, "5" is cow) iv) Player'sguess: 9835 ⇒4 Bulls Features • 0️⃣ cost - absolutely free. • 1️⃣of the mostlightweight number game, with apk size of less than 3MB. • 2️⃣modes - practice and game. • 3️⃣ difficulty levels in eachstage. •5️⃣ rewards in each stage. • 8️⃣ stages - beginning from2-digitsnumbers and ending at 9️⃣ digits numbers.
Memurise – lets your memory rise 1.0
Memurise is a simple word game for all ages. The concept of gameisvery straightforward – remember as many words as you can.Masterthe art of remembering. Easy to Impossible levels take theplayerfor a joyride from level of little memory to a positionofextraordinary memory. Memurise challenges our brain to makementalhealth better. Useful for students who find it difficultinmemorizing academic materials. Regularly playing Memurise canboostour cognitive skills, focus and creativity. It is one of themostlightweight brain games available in Play Store. Simple UImakes iteasy for everybody, even kids, to follow the game. Enjoythismemory booster game and never forget the name of acquaintanceyoumet at last social gathering 😎