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Tap Heroes - Idle Loot Clicker 4.9
★ #1 Paid RPG in Finland ★★ 91/100 - The Smartphone App Review ★★5/5 - Android Apps Review ★★ 5/5 - Tech Touch ★★ 4.5/5 - FanAppic★★ 4/5 - Android Headlines ★※◆ Download now! ◆※*****Tap Heroes is aunique clicker idle game with puppet graphics where you play activeor passive idle. Build your party and go out slaying enemiesactively or let your heroes idle grind for you while you slack.Gather loot to improve and progress through the game.*****Embark onan epic journey through the lands to grow ever stronger, grind,gather loot and slay your enemies.Tap your way through forests,deserts, caves, jungles, swamps and more as you grow ever morepowerful and face tougher opponents and creatures.Defeat bosses totravel to new areas and recruit new heroes to join youradventure.Your mighty warrior can attack enemies at a rapid speedand still stand to shield the group from harm.Your healing magewill use healing magic to heal your wounds.Your skilled rogue willshoot poisonous arrows that damage your enemies over time and slowarrows to hinder their advance.Tap with your godly powers to hurtyour enemies and heal your heroes. Or unleash your wrath on yourenemies with awesome powers while blessing your heroes with helpfulbuffs.Spend the gold and other loot you gather on your journey toupgrade your heroes and gain new abilities to overcome theadventure ahead. Good luck!Features✔ Over 70 different enemies andbosses✔ 10 different worlds to discover✔ A Distinct group of heroeswith different abilities✔ Interesting powers to unleash on yourenemies✔ Mix of RPG and clicker grind elements with tons of skillsto upgrade✔ Either play actively or just idle by watching yourheroes do the job for you✔ Achievements to unlock✔ Ridiculousamounts of loot✔ Possibly infinite gameplay✔ Puppet stage graphicswith cute puppet heroes!※ This Free version includes ads.※ If you'dlike to play the game without ads and with a bonus characterunlocked from the start, please buy the premium version of TapHeroes.Tips:- If you have trouble seeing the information aboutdifferent buttons and items in the game then try to press down withthe finger on the screen, then without lifting the finger, slidethe finger over the buttons you want to display the informationabout.- The unique dragons can be very tough, you might need to goback to a previous area to get stronger before facing them. - Tohave the chance to spawn a chest you need to press on and fight atyour current maximum area.- Later in the game you will unlock theAltar - You can use the altar to upgrade any stats with 1 Geminstead of using gold. Remember that the altar can also be used toinstantly cool down your Godly Powers to be used again. - After youdefeat the first unique dragon you will unlock the auto-forwardfeature. It can be found to the left of your healthbarVisit andfollow on Twitter and Facebook to get free giveaways and info aboutmy new games!Developer Website:
Tap Heroes - Idle Clicker 4.0
VaragtP Studios
★ #1 Paid RPG in Finland ★★ 91/100 - The Smartphone App Review ★★5/5 - Android Apps Review ★★ 5/5 - Tech Touch ★★ 4.5/5 - FanAppic★★ 4/5 - Android Headlines ★※◆ Download now! ◆※*****Tap Heroes is aunique clicker idle game with puppet graphics where you play activeor idle. Build your party, defeat enemies actively or let yourheroes idle grind for you. Gather loot to improve and progressthrough the game.*****Embark on an epic journey through the landsto grow ever stronger, grind, gather loot and defeat yourenemies.Tap your way through forests, deserts, caves, jungles,swamps and more as you grow ever more powerful and face tougheropponents and creatures.Defeat bosses to travel to new areas andrecruit new heroes to join your adventure.Your mighty warrior canattack enemies at a rapid speed and still stand to shield the groupfrom harm.Your healing mage will use healing magic to heal yourwounds.Your skilled rogue will shoot poisonous arrows that damageyour enemies over time and slow arrows to hinder their advance.Tapwith your godly powers to hurt your enemies and heal your heroes.Or unleash your wrath on your enemies with awesome powers whileblessing your heroes with helpful buffs.Spend the gold and otherloot you gather on your journey to upgrade your heroes and gain newabilities to overcome the adventure ahead. Good luck!Features✔ Over70 different enemies and bosses✔ 10 different worlds to discover✔ ADistinct group of heroes with different abilities✔ Interestingpowers to unleash on your enemies✔ Mix of RPG and clicker grindelements with tons of skills to upgrade✔ Either play actively orjust idle by watching your heroes do the job for you✔ Achievementsto unlock✔ Ridiculous amounts of loot✔ Possibly infinite gameplay✔Puppet stage graphics with cute puppet heroes!Tips:- If you havetrouble seeing the information about different buttons and items inthe game then try to press down with the finger on the screen, thenwithout lifting the finger, slide the finger over the buttons youwant to display the information about.- The unique dragons can bevery tough, you might need to go back to a previous area to getstronger before facing them. - To have the chance to spawn a chestyou need to press on and fight at your current maximum area.- Laterin the game you will unlock the Altar - You can use the altar toupgrade any stats with 1 Gem instead of using gold. Remember thatthe altar can also be used to instantly cool down your Godly Powersto be used again. - After you defeat the first unique dragon youwill unlock the auto-forward feature. It can be found to the leftof your healthbarVisit my site and follow me on Twitter andFacebook to get free giveaways and info about my newgames!Developer Website:
Loot Hero RPG-Dark Dragon Hunt 2.9
Prepare yourself to begin your journey through the treacherouslands of Zeonia, a kingdom that is facing the mysterious existencesthat lie beneath an evil underworld. All the realm lands and townsare set ablaze. The flames of this strange dark fire areresurrecting the evil creatures of the world. As you continue toinvestigate with the people, you will find that a Legendary Dragonis haunting the nations, shooting his magic fire to increase hisarmy. A hero is needed to return peace to the Kingdom Realms! Areyou the one who will bring salvation to the people? Fight againstother brave dragon slayers and prove you are the real ferocioussavior! Increase the effectiveness of your weaponry, armor, andaccessories through various enhancements and upgrades that you willneed if you want to defeat all the fierce monsters you willencounter. Don’t let anything stops your quest! Think well yourstrategy to set up a big raid and become legendary!★★★ Become theLegendary Dragon Slayer & Try To Fill Out Your Bestiary on TheBest Role Playing Game Now! ★★★If you are a huge lover of shootinggames, strategy games, war games and all the RPG Games, and you’relooking for the best action in all the RPG games free in the store?You should definitely try our game! Thanks to its lovingly craftedRetro graphics, the ridiculous amounts of Loot and XP, and thepossibly infinite gameplay Loot Hero RPG-Dark Dragon Hunt! willsurely become one of your favorite dragon games. Awaken your heroand break the limit while you try to fend off vicious monstersspread on each corner of the land. To gain more XP and weapons, allthe enemies shall be found and eliminated. Don’t worry if you findharder enemies each time, you can collect XP and Loot from others.Try with better equipment, make a Level Up and Do the mission allover again, all the times you want! Find the hidden potions toincrease the effectiveness of your melee attacks and battleskills.★ Do you dare to begin this adventure and finish your quest?Try to Beat the Boss in Loot Hero RPG-Dark Dragon Hunt! NOW forFREE in Google Play Store!! ★Forget about those unlocked games thatrepresent no challenge at all. Our game offers the possibility tounlock achievements to assure a rush of adrenaline when you play.This is your real chance to become the RPG legend dreamed about:join the secret cult of dragon city and try to loot the world’sbest players! Play with Your Android device and challenge yourselfto become the champion in the best RPG games you will find in thestore. Stop looking for free games to play that only will wasteyour time. Join now to the biggest community of guardians andhunters, Become a Brave Dragon Hunter and start to write your ownlegend in this lively action adventure! ★★★ How brave can you be?Live This Incredible Heart-Stopping Adventure And Execute All TheBeasts With: Loot Hero RPG-Dark Dragon Hunt! Now for FREE★★★Features:- Amazing and Fast Gameplay- Simple Touch Controls andUser-Friendly Interface- Over 20 Different Enemies and Bosses- Noneed to pay to win - Great Sound Effects- Unique Retro DesignUser’s reviews: ★★★★★ “ I’m a huge fan RPG games, and I reallyenjoyed the immersive settings. This game will be at the top of myfavorite apps! ” Walter – Alabama★★★★★ “One of the coolest andaddicting role playing games I found! Not recommended if you don’twant to spend a long time playing without notice.” Alex – NY★★★★★“I love the RPG offline mode and that I don’t have to spend afortune to get the coolest equipment and weapons. I can’t believethat I can have this amazing game in my phone” Helen – France★★★Download Loot Hero RPG-Dark Dragon Hunt! The Ultimate Hunter’sAdventure Quest, for FREE on Google Play Store NOW! ★★★
Pango Slide 1.0
Help the bored Pango´s to have somefunsliding!Match the colors of the Pango´s to the flags and gate ontheslide by tapping on the Pango´s.Exercise your coordination skills as more and more colorsisintroduced and the Pango´s walk more and faster!Clear as many levels as you can and get as many slidesaspossible!
Boby and the Witch 1.0
VaragtP Studios
Boby´s girlfriend have been abducted by theWitch! Rescue her in this fast paced love story!3 Different Worlds18 Levels
Coco Block - Coconuts Evader 1.6
How quick are you in your fingers andmind?Exercise your reflexes and compete on the leaderboard.Protect the hungry monkeys by evading the falling coconuts, but letthem gulp the bananas.-------------How to Play- Tap on the falling coconuts before they hit a monkey.- Don't tap on the bananas, let your monkeys eat them- Bananas give points- Increase your combo for every successful tap, increased combogives higher score for every successful block
Boby and the Witch Free 1.1
Boby´s girlfriend have been abducted by theWitch! Rescue her in this fast paced love story!3 Different Worlds18 Levels
Rocket Cheese - Evader 1.2
You are a rat in a space ship. Fly up tothestars, evade your enemies, collecting cheese-stars andupgradingyour ship!
Run Bird Run! - Leap Evader 1.3
A fast paced evader jumping gameExercise your reflexes and compete on the leaderboardTap to leap and jump over and evade the stones. Tap and holdtojump longer and higher.
Giant Flappy Swine - Evader 1.4
Guide the big fat flying swine throughthecliffs without crashing into them.You don't need to evade anything else. Just hit trees, housesandplanes on the way to score extra points!The controls are a bit different from regular flappy's. Youpressthe screen and Keep Holding to fly up, then Release tofall!
Plantera - Idle Clicker Farm 2.9
Get ready to go green and become a virtual farmer with Plantera,where you will have a virtual garden of your own. All your dreamsof harvesting a beautiful orchard with hundreds of plants and treeshave become a reality. Unlock new plants and bushes with eachlevel, collect fruits and berries, add new animals to your garden,and start tapping and multiplying the fun with each level. Planterais the best farming game for the gardening enthusiast, and can beplayed both active and idle, offering the player a wide variety offlora and fauna. So buckle up and get ready to plant some seeds andharvest your crops as the best idle farmer in the game.BUILD YOUROWN GARDEN & WATCH IT GROW! ✔ Plantera is a side-scrolling semiidle farm management simulator! Cultivate cute animals and cropsfor riches!✔ Become a virtual gardener and farmer and grow multiplevarieties of trees, bushes, and other plants. Harvest them for goldso you can grow more and reach higher levels.✔ Bring differenttypes of animals to your garden and let them roam free. Hens andpigs are just some of the animals you can raise in the game. Theyalso help in collecting more gold by giving you sellable items.✔Employ cute blue creatures called Helpers to help you out in thecollection of resources and raising gold from your garden, evenwhen you’re idle or away and not playing. ✔ Unlock new varieties offlora and fauna as you reach higher levels in the game, and expandyour garden as much as you like. The more real estate you have, themore plants you can grow!✔ Protect your garden from critters likebirds, foxes, bunnies, and even wolves! Keep a guard dog or installa scarecrow to increase gold production even when you're idle oraway and not playing!ACHIEVEMENTS: This gardening game offers youlots of achievements for finishing various goals in the game. Scareaway birds, foxes and other critters as you increase in level as aplanter to unlock the Scarecrow, Fox Hunter, Wolf Hunter and BunnyHunter achievements. Planting lots of trees and expanding yourgarden also grants you achievements like Landscaper and Expander,where you become one of the best planters in the realm. There arealso achievements for collecting gold from your harvest, like theWorth A Million achievement. Once you reach higher levels in thegame, that will also award you with achievements, and with that youwill unlock the Loot Hero, whose appearance also counts inachievements. The game has a lot to offer to keep the playerinterested and tapping on for the next goal.Be ready to delve intoan addictive world where you become a planter and grow a beautifulgarden and grow lovable animals. This is your gardening utopiawhere you can start harvesting your crops right away!Go up in levelto unlock new plants, bushes, trees and animals, become an expertgardener and continue to expand and improve your garden!