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Autism ABA Datasheets: PIR 6
Dedicated to the ABA therapists, this app will makePartial-Interval Recording data collection convenient, easier andautomatic.Version History: First Deployed: 23 Sep 2014THIS UPDATEDVERSION: 30 NOVEMBER 2014, in collaboration with Douglas H.McDonald,PhD, Consortium on Innovative Practices, Behavior andTechnical Consultant, USA.The ABA DATA SHEETS: PIR app consists oftwo screens:Partial Interval Recording Data Screen with a countdowntimer.Partial Interval Recording Results Screen.Partial IntervalRecording Data Screen:* The default recording interval time can beset as per user’s choice or for 5 minutes or 15 minutes . Thedefault interval time is set for 20 seconds.* The Person's Name andinstructor's name is manually entered. Today’s date isautomatically set.* Pressing the Record button starts the countdowntimer and while it is ticking, the recording mode is on. The Recordbutton changes its color to red and it’s text to Cancel. The usercan now press the Yes buttons against the observed behavior in thecurrent interval period. The Yes buttons increment only by 1 perinterval no matter how many times they are pressed in an interval.Pause and Resume buttons are provided.* Once the countdown timerreaches 0, the recording mode is turned off, the Record buttoncolor changes back to green and its text to Record. The interval isset back to default time chosen. Pressing Yes buttons now will haveno effect. However, No buttons , for behaviors not observed duringthe interval can be pressed at any time to keep track of theircumulative count. The No buttons are also set to incrementcumulatively by 1 every time they are pressed.* To draw attentionof the user to the fact that the recording is about to be finished,the color of the minute and second digits of the countdown timer ischanged from green to red, 5 seconds before the countdown timerreaches 0. The minute and seconds digit fonts are bigger and bolderto make it easy for the user to keep track of the timer. There isno flashing or music to distract the students.* A cumulativeinterval count is kept for each new recording.* A reset button isprovided to reset the details entered, if required.* After thecountdown timer reaches 0 and the user is ready, the Results buttoncan be clicked which would display the results screen of therecorded data collection.* The results screen will not be displayedif there has been no recording of data collected.Partial IntervalRecording Results Sheet:* The Person and the instructor details, asalso the recorded date, are carried across to the results screenfrom the recording data screen .The total number of intervals isalso displayed in the results screen. The total No and total Yesbehaviors are also displayed along with the total Yes percentagewhich is automatically calculated based on the number of intervalsrecorded.* There is a choice to save the results as a .CSV file foropening in Excel. All files are saved under the main directoryPIRDATA. User is given a choice to enter the file name which willbe saved with today’s date and time stamp.* From the resultsscreen, the device's return button can be used to return to thedata recording screen to continue with the current recording or aprovision is provided to return to recording data screen with alldata reset for a new recording.
ABA Latency Recording Tool 3.0
This measuring and recording tool is designed to help ABAtherapists, analysts, students or just about anybody who isinvolved in measuring and recording latency.The main aim of thistool is to make your life simpler. Using this tool should free youfrom doing mundane and time consuming chores just to measure andrecord latency. This tool will also provide you with a file in csvformat for further analysis.The operation of this tool is fairlystraightforward.1. You can measure and record up to 10 trials ineach session.2. Each session is auto populated with a uniqueSession Id (time stamp).3. Each file is saved in csv format underthe person's name.4. As trials are conducted, each result isdisplayed and with a running average time.5. User input is reducedto only starting and stopping as predetermined response to a promptis observed.This free app is dedicated to the ABA community and allsuggestions to make this tool better are welcome.This is a FREE appand comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
Autism ABA Datasheets:Duration 3.0
This updated Version: December 2014: in collaboration with DouglasH. McDonald, PhD, Consortium on Innovative Practices, Behavior andTechnical Consultant, USA.Like recording any Autism ABA data,recording Duration data manually is a very tedious, time consumingand complex activity. Instead of spending quality time with theirstudents, the therapists would have to keep an eye constantly onthis data recording.The complex tasks of keeping track of the totalduration, number of episodes, total duration in each behavior andcalculation of duration percentage for each behavior have all beenmade simpler with this Duration Data recording app.ABA DurationData Recording app does 5 basic things:1. The Main timer will keeptrack of the total duration of therapy in minutes and seconds.2.The Behavior timers can be pressed on and off to keep track oftotal duration of the behavior incrementally.3. As each time aBehavior timer is pressed, that event/episode is recordedincrementally. 4. Once the Stop button of the main timer ispressed, all the behavior timers are stopped automatically if theyare running, and the duration percentage calculated and displayedfor the behaviors.5. Data can be saved as an Image or as a CSV fileto be opened in Excel for further analysis;Key control points:1.Start button will not work if the main timer is displaying time.Pressing Reset button will rest all values to Zero and then theStart button can be pressed to start the timer.2. Unless all thevalues are set to zero the main timer will not start recording.3.Pressing any Behaviors button will not start it's timer unless themain Start button has been pressed and the main timer is ticking.4.Stopping the main timer by clicking on End button will stop allrunning behavior timers and duration percentage is calculated anddisplayed for each behavior. 5. Save button will not function whilethe main timer is running.6. Percentage is calculated based onBehavior total duration in SECONDS to total duration in SECONDS.Duration timing for each behavior is independent and all thebehavior timers can be run simultaneously.This app makes thecomplex data collection easier, convenient, simple, less timeconsuming and leave the therapists enough time to concentrate ontheir important role of interacting with kids with Autism.
ABA Intensity Rating Data Sheet
The main intention of this app is to free the observer from usingaclipboard, a pencil and a stopwatch. This app recordsobservationthrough intensity rating scale from 1 to 4, includingthefrequency, time behavior occurred, overall behavior and durationofobservation. Finally the observation is saved as a report incsvformat for further analysis. This is a free app with no ads.Pleaseuse it at your discretion. No warranty.