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City Map 11.0
Be guided in any city in the world!There is nothing superfluous, and everything you need in the `CityMap`.+ Search all your important institutions within a radius of 50kilometers,whether it's an amusement park café, parking or dentist.+ Telephone numbers, addresses and other contact details.+ Desired location on the map of the city.+ Rating places among visitors and customers+ Identify your location and find out what is close to you+ Reviews of people who've been there.+ Your Address Book for contactsavailable to you even without the Internet.Vega will become your favorite guiding starbecause it always reliable!
Happy Affirmations Light 7.0
App for happiness.This is a demo version for app - a short phrase that can lift your mood,strengthen self-confidence. Used to motivate and improve the humandestiny.We provide only a tool.The decision to change your life in your hands.You can take this opportunityor lose it, but remember - your whole fate depends on yourthoughts.We collected for you the most effectiveand time-tested phrases. You can choose affirmations,that app will show for you.+ Beautiful widget.+ Slideshow with music.+ You can add your own affirmations.+ Work with psychosomatic by the tables from Louise Hay.+ Import new affirmations from the site.Phrases are displayed on a beautiful backgroundsand through the intervals specified by you.It is quite easy to write the happy affirmation for yourselfwhen you know how to do itSo, find a quiet place where it is possible to stay alone byyourself and where you can concentrate on writing of texts foraffirmation which for instance will improve your self-assessment,will strengthen health and self-confidence, will help to learn aforeign language or will help to develop the businessman mentalityand the millionaire mentality, or support and cultivate your goodmood during the whole day, or will help to keep a slim figure, tokeep youth, health and many other things.Convert negative attitudes into positiveTake a sheet of a white paper and write down all the negativethoughts on this subject which you have in a column, think in whatsituations and by whom those thoughts were imposed to you and tryto realize how much they spoil your life and that you have theright to decide what to think of yourself and how you want tolive.Having realized it think up and write opposite the negativeinstallations the new positive affirmations, the ones which willheat you and please from within and will form your new attitudetowards themselves, towards other people and to life ingeneral.Your happy affirmation must be pleasant to you even if the newphrase will not be really beautiful and will seem to you simple,but when reading and saying it, you will feel delight, pleasure,heat or calm, that means you on the right way.For example, do you have negative conviction: "I have alwaysbeen mistaken"You can write opposite it: "I do the best what I can, in allwhat I have been involved."And so on all subjects you are interested in your life.When you have made the list of new positive vital affirmations,cross out old negative ones with a marker and cut off the part of asheet of paper where they are written down, so that you had onlyyour happy affirmation and begin to work with them.Make your affirmations short, but capacious in senseso that it would be easy for you to read and take them. Even thephrases of four, five words can be very strong and effective.Start your affirmations with "I" or "my". Because you make thestatement for yourself, it is the most effective if it begins withyou. "I respect myself" much better, than "I need respect formyself".Write your affirmation in the presentWrite as if you already have what you want, right now, but not inthe future. For example, "I easily and surely change bad habits andmodels of mentality for good ones!", - much better than to write "Iwill change bad habits for good ones".Instead of writing "I eliminate my pathetic thoughts", write thestatement "I like the one Who I am is and What I am" or "I am happyto be who I am".Add emotions to your affirmations"I find a support and backbone in depth of my heart" or "I feellightness and delight in all my body".Create affirmations which will work for you.Create the statements which are rather close to your currentsituation, they must be realistic and achievable.
Ювелирные кольца. Россия 12.0
Заветная мечта каждой любимой женщины – этополучить в подарок маленькую коробочку, в которой находитсякрасивое и изящное кольцо. Тонкий и ажурный ободок кольца являетсязнаком единения двух людей, причем не обязательно только в узахбрака.Оно может быть венчальным символом, обещанием верности ипреданности, любви и нежности и даже крепкой дружбы и уважения.Казалось бы, такое маленькое ювелирное изделие, кольцо, а скольконесет в себе смысла.В этом приложении вы увидите большой ассортимент колец. Вы слегкостью подберете себе подходящий вариант и купите кольца повполне достойному соотношению цена и качество.Цена на ювелирные кольца отличается особой демократичностью. Врамках нашего ресурса продажа колец осуществляется с минимальнойнадбавкой. Кроме того, у нас регулярно действуют сезонные ипредпраздничные распродажи, на которых мы предлагаем своим клиентамсниженные цены на большинство изделий линии.В нашем каталоге колец представлены только самые высококачественныетворения профессиональных российских ювелиров. Качестводрагоценного металла, камней и виртуозность исполнениягарантированы.Подарите любимой сказку – волшебные кольца!Cherished dream of everywoman he loved - it receive a gift of a small box, which is abeautiful and elegant ring. Thin and delicate bezel ring is a signof the unity of two people, and not necessarily only in the bondsof marriage.It can be a symbol of the wedding, the promise of fidelity anddevotion, love and tenderness and even a strong friendship andrespect. It would seem that such a small piece of jewelry, a ring,and how many bears meaning.In this application, you will see a large assortment of rings. Youcan easily pick up themselves the appropriate option and buy thering for quite a decent ratio of price and quality.The price of jewelry rings is particularly democratic. As part ofthe sale of our resource rings made with a minimum premium. Inaddition, we regularly operate seasonally and Pre sales on which weoffer our clients discounted rates on most products line.Rings in our catalog lists only the highest quality of professionalcreations of Russian jewelers. The quality of the precious metal,stones and virtuosity of performance are guaranteed.Give your favorite fairy tale - the magic ring!