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Scholar - Scholarship Search 0.1.7
Scholar is a new scholarship search app designed to save you timeand make you money for college!Our advanced search feature allowsyou to search by terms, or use filters to hone down your search.Our database is mostly filled with scholarships everyone can applyfor because we firmly believe in quality over quantity.The bestpart of our Scholarship database is that it's updated in real timeon a daily basis, and it's up to date unlike other scholarshipsites and apps. It's so easy you don't even have to log in or giveus your email address!And there are no large forms, ads, orworthless search results. You don't even need to put anything inthe search form to start seeing scholarships that anyone can applyfor!Get cash and awards for college using the all new ScholarScholarship App.
IQ Coach 1.0.7
IQ Coach is designed to help you practice forascientific IQ test. There are over a hundred sample IQtestquestions featured in our app. And we promise not to everchargefor our IQ Test app.This IQ Test app isn't meant to be a serious test but a fun waytopractice for the real test.