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Slow Cooker Recipes 5.0
Slow Cooker Recipes - Easy Meal IdeasGet yourself a huge range of slow cooker recipes with this greatapp. Come home to find a fantastic meal to eat the moment that youget in from work.There are a wide range of recipes from easy meals to moreadventurous options for those who want to experiment. You will findmeat, veggie and vegan dishes in this app.A note taking function means that you can make sure that you have alist of the ingredients readily to hand when you go to thesupermarket and you can also email yourself the recipes so you canread them on a different device, if you wish.* Get all the slow cooker recipes meal ideas that you want* Veggie, vegan and meat dishes included* Share recipes with family or friendsGet all of the best slow cooker recipes that you could want. Thisapp is free so download now while you can!
Marathon Training Schedule 3.0
Marathon Training Schedule - Half and FullMarathon Running For BeginnersThis app is a great help for anyone setting out to run a full orhalf marathon. It includes a training diary so you can plan yourrunning as well as a Body Mass Index Calculator so you can keepyourself in top condition. You can also make written or audio notesso you can keep track of how your plans are going.* Work out a Marathon Training Schedule* Set yourself goals and tick them off as you achieve them* Keep a note of your progress in your training diary* Listen to music as your train* Easy to use* Includes lots of help and ideas for making the most of yourtraining timeThere is information about healthy eating for runners as wellcorrect hydration, avoiding injuries and stretching tips.You will find help and support for your running no matter whatstage you are presently at. Do you want to be the best runner thatyou can become? Then download Marathon Training Schedule - Half andFull Marathon Running For Beginners now!
Self Hypnosis 2.0
Self Hypnosis - A Practical Guide - Audio andText BookDo you want to find out all about Self Hypnosis? This app is youranswer! It contains a Practical Guide to the subject in both Textand Audio Versions so you can read or listen to it whenever it isconvenient for you.Find out what you need to know about hypnotising, whether it is theanswer that you are looking for, and how to hypnotise yourself. Areyou wondering does hypnotising work? Find out with this app.This app helps you even more by giving you the ability to takewritten or audio notes, should you wish.This is THE app to get about Self - Hypnosis - download it nowwhilst it is free.
How to Draw a Dragon Cartoon 2.0
Learn how to draw a dragon cartoon with thisgreat, free app.* Detailed instructions on how to draw a dragon cartoon.* Help and information about drawing.* Great for beginners and established artists.Use the built-in drawing feature to sketch out your ideas whenlearning how to draw a dragon cartoon. Send your drawings toyourself or anyone else you like.Also has drawing lessons. Content includes:- Learn Drawing- Step by Step Drawing- Learn to Sketch Cartoons, Manga, Comics, Caricatures andAnimals- Beginners Guide To Comic Book Creation- How To Draw A Dragon CartoonContains lots of great tips and help.Download How To Draw A Dragon Cartoon now!
Mediterranean Diet Recipes 2.0
Mediterranean Diet RecipesThis healthy approach to eating has been praised for tasting great.This app brings you lots of help to start enjoying it to thefull.Find Mediterranean Diet Recipes and Food to enjoy and prepare youmeals in advance. The great thing is that you will find plenty ofmeals in this diet that are both healthy and taste great!It includes a range of recipes and a notepad so you can rememberthe ingredients you need for when you go shopping.* Mediterranean Foods List* Lots of great recipes* Easy to navigate and use* Free!Find out why this diet is so popular and how easy it is to follow.Download Mediterranean Diet Recipes and Food now!
Work At Home Jobs 4.0
Work At Home Jobs - Working At a Time To SuitYouLooking for ideas to make a living at home? You are in the rightplace! You will find lots of help and information about homeworking inside this great, free app.Inside the app are a host of wonderful suggestions to help youalong the way. Telemarketing, VA work, web design, bookkeeping, areall covered together with lots more. Maybe you want to start yourown work from home jobs business in technical writing, academic,resume, and ghost writing, making sales copy, newsletters andezines or formatting papers and manuscripts, there are businessplans and reports to help you.A Jobs Directory for the USA, Canada, UK and Australia and NewZealand as well as the EU are included in Work At Home Jobsapp.There are features to help you as you go through the options. Thereis an in-app note-taking function, in-app Voice Notes, a dedicateddiary and even a Goals function so you can set you sights on whatyou wan to achieve.* Avoid rip off schemes* Find out about selling on eBay and amazon as an option* Sort through real careers* Work full or part time* Something to suit everyone’s circumstancesThe advantages are that you will have plenty of job ideas given toyou and you can note them down to think about. You will also beable to find ideas at anytime to suit yourself.The app has been created by Venture Technology Ltd who have createdmany apps that have been given great reviews.Looking for a way to create a recurring income? Download Work AtHome Jobs - Working At a Time To Suit You now!
Starting a Business 2.0
Find lots of help for starting a business.Research your market, develop your plan, find partners andsuppliers, set it all up and then market your business.There is a fantastic amount of help with this free app. It includesa business plan template and the ability make notes. You can setyour yourself goals starting a business and tick them off as youachieve them.There are plenty of small business ideas if you are still wonderingwhich is the best business for you to set up.* Help with finding funding* The ways to set up your business* Sources of help and advice* Built in functions to help you get your business goingThere is even a loan calculator so you can quickly work out whatthe monthly repayments are for your borrowing, should you needit.This a great free app for anyone who wants to discover businessideas and get going - download starting a business app now!
Best Way To Lose Weight 12.0
Best Way To Lose Weight brings you lots ofhelp and information about how to achieve your slimming aims.Best Way To Lose Weight been created by Venture Technology Ltd whohave created hundreds of apps that have been downloaded thousandsof times by people all over the world and received many five starreviews. This means that you are certain that this app has beenwell researched that will serve you well.Chapters include:Lose Weight NaturallyBest Way to Look GoodPowerful Diet StrategiesBest Way To Lose Weight and Look Your BestReally Simple TipsQuickest Weight Lossand more.The app is fully functioning.It’s free - download now.
Slimming 1.0
Slimming is a great new app that brings youlots of help and encouragement with your dieting goals. The appincludes the ability to take notes so that you can set yourselfslimming goals and remember recipes and what foods to plan to buywhen you go to do your food shopping.There is plenty of information to stimulate ideas about how youcan achieve your new look. You can spend as little or much time asyou wish looking reading the app wherever and whenever youwish.For instance, you might want to come up with some ideas for whatto get from the supermarket while you travel to work on the train.Just look through the slimming app and make notes in it for whenyou go to the shops later.Download this app now and look forward to getting in great shapesoon!
Guitar Tutorial
Guitar Tutorial is an app designed to give youlots of help and information about starting on your new musicaljourney. It has been compiled by a guitarist of over 30 year'sexperience. Guitar Tutorial chapters include:Guitar TutorialBeginner Guitar LessonsGuitar Lessons OnlineHow To Play Your InstrumentOnline Guitar Classes - Buy A DVD Online To Use At HomeEasily Learn to Play an Electric AxeLearn to Play Guitar through Guide BooksTools For Learning GuitarWant To Learn How To Play Easily And Effortlessly?Online Guitar Lessons - Tuning & Restringing a Fixed BridgeInstrumentThere is a great deal of help here for you. Download this GuitarTutorial app whilst it is still free!
Fat Burning Workouts 1.0
Fat Burning Workouts brings you some tipsabout healthy weight loss through exercise. It might be of help toyou if you are wondering how to loose weight fast.Chapters include:Cardio Exercises - Low or High Intensity Exercise Burn Body FatFaster?Exercises to Lose Weight QuicklyHow Tough should your Aerobics Workout be?Fat Burning Workouts - The Benefits of Treadmill ExercisesTotal Gym WorkoutsWorkout Ideas to Make Fitness FunYour No Gym WorkoutTurn Your Slow Metabolism into a Fat Burning MachineDownload Fat Burning Workouts now - it's free!
Easy Meal Ideas 2.0
Easy Meal Ideas for busy peopleGet yourself a huge range of easy meal ideas recipes with thisgreat app. You can search for recipes that are simple to make andeven find some that you can make from the ingredients you alreadyhave at home. This gives you some great options and makes the mostof what you have in stock. Saves waste, too!You will find meat, veggie and vegan easy meal ideas in thisapp.The handy, built-in note taking feature means that you can makesure that you have a list of the ingredients readily to hand whenyou go to food shopping.Get all of the best easy meal ideas that you could want. This appis currently completely free so download now while you can!
Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy 2.0
Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy’s Classic Book -available now for free.Complete version of Anna Karenina with no in app purchases, soyou can just download and enjoy.Includes a Notes Function so that you can make notes, should youwish. You can also email these notes to yourself to use on youdesktop or to print out.This is a great opportunity to enjoy or study this classic work- download Anna Karenina now!
Old Love Poems 3.0
Read and listen to a wide variety of old lovepoems with this great app. You can take notes or even write yourown poetry on it, too. Read some classic poetry books and enjoyShakespeare’s complete collection of sonnets both in writing and tolisten to.You can make audio notes about the old love poems for yourself orif you have some poetry writing ideas. There is help on poetrywriting and you can even set yourself poetry writing goals, if youwant.But you can just read and enjoy old love poems, if that is what youwould like.A great deal of research went into preparing his app - download nowand enjoy!
39 Steps - Audio and Text Book 4.0
The 39 Steps is an exciting action-adventurestory which was the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1939 classicfilm The Thirty Nine Steps. This fabulous app allows you to eitherlisten or read the whole 39 Steps book.The Thirty Nine Steps is truly an adventure story because it takesan ordinary person as its hero. It's the classic adventure story ofone man on the run fighting against all the odds. What else can yousay about the original story of The Thirty Nine Steps? It'sgreat.Truly enjoyable.Download The 39 Steps now and enjoy!
Puppet Making and Sock Puppets 1.0
Puppet Making and Sock Puppets is a freeappthat has been carefully researched to bring you informationaboutpuppet making and related subjects. You can find out aboutsockpuppets, puppet making and more. Chapters include:* How to Make a Sock Puppet* Sock Puppets* How to Make Puppets with your Children* How To Make A Very Simple Puppet* Puppet Ideas for Children* Types Of Puppet Stages* Moving The Puppet's Arms And Hands - Two At A Time* Back To The Basics For Beginner PuppeteersPuppet Making and Sock Puppets is currently free.Downloadnow!
High Blood Pressure Symptoms 3.0
High Blood Pressure Symptoms - BP ReadingsExplainedFind out all you need to know to understand this subject and how toimprove your situation with this great, free app. It is easy to usecontains lots of help so that you can get to grips with thiscondition.High Blood Pressure Symptoms - BP Readings Explained app containsspecial in-app features to help you manage your situation:* Dedicated Diary to record your readings* Body Fat Calculator* BMI Calculator* Note taking facility* Goal Setting functionThese great features are added to the information that the appgives you which means that you will not only learn a lot about thissubject but also be able to manage and, hopefully, improve it,too.There are NO in-app purchases. The app comes complete witheverything fully functioning. It has been c created by John atVenture Technology Ltd who has written many apps that have receivedfantastic reviews. This one has been equally well researched andincludes features that should really help you.Understanding a problem is always the first step to learning how toimprove it. You will get the help you need to learn more about thismatter as well as ideas about how you can actually improveit.Using the app is simple. Just download it and it will automaticallyopen on a screen that is easy to follow and tells you what to donext. You can make notes and email them to yourself so that youremember important points. Use the dedicated in-app Calendartogether with the Goal Setting function to design a simple plan foryou to follow and make progress.Start improving your health today - download High Blood PressureSymptoms - BP Reading Explained app now!
How To Lose Belly Fat - Fast! 2.0
How To Lose Belly Fat Fast - Natural FatBurners FoodsFind lots of ideas and help to lose weight and stay in shape withthis great app. It is packed with information and functions to helpyou to looking slim and feeling healthier - fast!The app is really easy to use. It guides you through ideas that youcan start using straight away in order to start to reduce yourstomach flab. You can take text or audio notes so that you canmakes of the ideas that you find attractive.There is a dedicated in-app diary just for your weight lossefforts. You can also use the handy Calorie Counter if you want toknow how many calories you have burnt off. How To Lose Belly FatFast - Natural Fat Burners Foods app is full of tips about losingweight and looking great in a safe, healthy fashion.The app was created by John at Venture Technology Ltd. He hascreated many apps which have become trusted tools for their usersand have received many, great reviews.Just download the app, go to the first tab and start seeing howthis great, free app can help you to lose that belly fat startingtoday!Download How To Lose Belly Fat Fast - Natural Fat Burners Foods appnow!
Healthy Food Recipes 1.0
Healthy Food Recipes app brings you agreatdeal of information to help you to eat great, nourishing foodthattastes fantastic. There's a range of background informationandthen specific weekly meal planners that will make life easyforyou.Chapters include:Good Healthy Food Recipes IntroductionWhy Do I Gain Weight?What Do I Do Now?Healthy Nutrition and Its BenefitsThe Importance of ExerciseLiving the Healthy LifestyleHealthy Breakfast for a WeekHealthy Lunch for a WeekHealthy Dinner for a WeekHealthy Dessert for a WeekHealthy Snacks for a WeekLeave this app on your phone and you will have all oftheingredients with you when you go food shopping. DownloadHealthyFood Recipes whilst it is still free.
Anxiety Self Help 2.0
Anxiety Self HelpAre you suffering from stress and panic attacks? Do you worry andbecome anxious about things? This app is all about helping you toovercome these problems and get rid of such difficulties.It contains lots of help and information to help you to reduceanxiousness beat panic attacks. Find out the different approachesthat you can take in order to cure these problems,The app is very easy to use. Just open it up and look through thetabs. You will find plenty of helpful information about how to getrid of the problems as well as a great selection of relaxing music.The app includes helpful tools such as a To Do List and you canmake text or voice notes so you can remember what you havediscovered.The app even includes a stress calculator so you can begin tounderstand what is behind your stress levels.Anxiety Self Help app has been created by Venture Technology. Theirapps have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times andreceived many 5 star ratings, so you can be confident that this appis well researched and works properlyThe app is fully functioning.Do you want to receive some Anxiety Self Help? Get rid of yourstress and overcome your worries. Download this app whilst it isfree!
Breakfast Menu Ideas 2.0
Breakfast Menu Ideas,Recipes,Menus andSnacksWant a great tasting breakfast that is healthy, too? You are in thewright place!Find lots of great breakfast menu ideas and healthy snacks that youcan keep on your mobile device. You can pick out your favouritesand you will always have the ingredients to hand when you go foodshopping.The app includes a feature that allows you to make notes so youremember which menus and snacks you liked. You can email yourselfthe recipes, too, if you wish. Make sure that you have a greatstart with the most important meal of the day with Breakfast MenuIdeas. Never get bored by your breakfast again and enjoy everymouthful.It also includes a free fully functioning activity caloriecounter.Download Breakfast Menu Ideas,Recipes,Menus and Snacks now!
Wedding Cake Recipes 2.0
Wedding Cake RecipesWhether you want to make your own cake or have one created for you,this app will give you lots of great ideas for the centre piece ofyour special day. You will find out lots of ideas about the recipethat you want used as well as great tips for your cake'sdecoration.The app is simple to use. Just open it up and look at the Home Tab.You will see quality information in bite sized chucks that willgive you plenty of help. Using the built-n functions is easy andthey will help you to achieve more. There are several tools to helpyou create the cake of your dreams.You can, for instance, take notes as you go along. You can easilyemail these to yourself, if you wish. There is the facility torecord voice notes within the app, if you find that easier, too.There is dedicated To-Do List so that you can be organised and evena special calendar so you can plan your cake-making in advance. TheNotes function means that you can easily create a shopping list forthe supermarket and you can quickly email yourself any of therecipes that you want to use.Wedding Cake Recipes has been created by Venture Technology Ltd whohave created hundreds of apps that have been downloaded thousandsof times by people all over the world and received many five starreviews. This means that you are certain that this app has beenwell researched that it will serve you well.The app is fully functioning.This is a great way to create your dream cake! Wedding Cake Recipesis free - download now.
Female BMI Calculator 5.0
Female BMI Calculator is a free app whichanalyses your body mass index in an instant. Very easy touse.Quickly analyse your Body Mass Index any time that you wish. Usethe Female BMI Calculator to set yourself goals, if you wish, andlearn lots about how you can become healthier generally.This Female BMI Calculator is designed to be very simple and quickto use, yet accurate. Helps you stay motivated and know where youare with your health objectives. Enter your weight in feet andinches or centimetres, and your weight in pounds or kilograms. Youcan easily choose either.Includes a Health Calendar and several other features which willhelp you with your health ambitions. This is a professionally madeapp which is available for free. Download now!
Pork Chop Recipes 2.0
Pork Chop Recipes is a great app that will getyou some great results with your pork. There are lots of greatideas from the simple to the extravagant. You choose what you wantto cook.* Ideas for making simple or complex meals* Be inspired to try something new* Lots of your old favourites to try againYou can make notes as ideas come into your head as you go throughthe app and you can easily email these to another device or desktopto look at later, if you wish. You can keep a note of theingredients you need in the Notes Function.A built in Voice Notes feature allows you to quickly note thingsverbally, if you prefer.There is also a selection of specially chosen videos to give youeven more help.Pork Chop Recipes has been carefully and lovingly coded by VentureTechnology Ltd who have created dozens of apps that have beendownloaded thousands of times by people all over the world andreceived many five star reviews. This means that you are certainthat this app has been well researched and that it will serve youwell.The app is fully functioning.Pork Chop Recipes is free - download now!
How To Make Lye Soap 3.0
How To Make Lye Soap - this app brings you allyou cold ever want to know about handmade soap making. Find outabout how to make lye soap as well and discover castile soap,organic soap and much, much more.It includes lots of helpful and well-researched information aboutthis fascinating subject and even includes a free bonus ebook aboutgoing green.There are special functions included to help you with your soapmaking.Designed to be the best possible guide to soap making - this app isyours right now for free - download How To Make Lye Soap youcan!
How To Lose Weight Quickly 15.0
How To Lose Weight Quickly - a FREE APP thatgives you lots of help so that you can achieve your weight lossgoals.It includes lots of healthy recipes and shopping planners so youcan look at the app whilst grocery shopping and pick up ingredientsfor healthy meals easily. You will have lots of healthy eatingideas on your phone to glance at whenever you want to.Chapters include:Diets to Lose Weight FastWays to Burn FatWeight Loss FAQsQuick Weight LossGive this FREE APP a go now - it can help you to finally startlosing weight.
How to Lose Weight in a Week 9.0
How to Lose Weight in a Week brings you a loton information about dieting and fast weight loss. Want to know howto diet in a healthy fashion? Read on...Chapters include:Program How to Lose Weight in a WeekFast Weight Loss Tips and TricksImprove Your Figure Each Week54 TipsTo Help You With A Healthier DietProgram your Weight Loss in as Easy as a WeekNatural Methods for Fast Weight LossQuick and Easy DietingSafe Tips for Seeing Fast Weight LossRapid Weight Loss TechniquesLow Fat Recipes That Help To Lose WeightThere is also a chapter that includes some low fat recipes to helpyou get on your way. Download How to Lose Weight in a Week now -it's free.
Fat Burning Exercises 1.0
Fat Burning Exercises gives yougreatinformation about exercises to lose weight and keep fit.Looking tofind out how to lose stomach fat or for the best fatburnerexercise? Then Fat Burning Exercises app is for you.Contentincludes:Creative Aerobics ExercisesExercises To Lose WeightFat Burning ExercisesExercises You Can Do In Your ChairHome ExercisesHome Gym WorkoutsExercises To Lose WeightMP3 WorkoutsAnaerobic and Aerobic WorkoutsTop Calorie Burning Exercisesand more.This is a great app and it is free! Download FatBurningExercises now.
Interview Questions 1.0
Interview Questions is a FREE app that hasbeenwell researched to give you a great deal of help with yourjobinterview and recruitment process. There's lots here to readandthe chapters include:Job Interview TipsTop Interview QuestionsSample Interview QuestionsInterview Question And Answer HelpQuestions To Ask An InterviewerDeadly Job Hunting MistakesBe Thorough but get to the PointPauses and Silences are OkayWhat do Those Interview Questions Really Mean?and much more.Download Interview Questions app now - it's free.
Auto Loan Calculator 2.0
Auto Loan Calculator AppFind out how much you car loan is likely to cost with this GREATfree app. It includes an Auto Loan Calculator as well as otheruseful calculators, too. All of the functions are fullyworking.* Quickly estimate the monthly cost of your borrowing* Handy, Basic Calculator* Scientific Calculator for advanced calculations* In-App length converter to make sure that you vehicle will fityour garage or driveThere are NO In-App Purchases - everything is included for free.Simply download and start using straightaway.This app has been developed by John at Venture Technology Ltd, whohas developed many applications which receive praiseworthyfeedback.Do you want to know how much your car finance is likely to cost?Download Auto Loan Calculator app now!
Digital Marketing Magazine 2.0
Digital Marketing Guide Magazine - Find outhow to market your online or offline business effectively usingDigital Marketing and Social Media, how to increase your salesthrough your website and much more. This is a superb guide forlocal business owners and online marketers alike. Every issue ispacked full of resources and ideas to help accelerate your businessgrowth:In this issue:How to Turn Your Website into a 24 Hour Sales GeneratingMachineDrive Targeted Traffic To WebsiteSecrets To Making Google Love Your WebsiteFind Out How To Use Social Media For Your Business8 Simple Ways That You Can Increase Your Profits FromInstagramand more.....Digital Marketing Guide Magazine first issue out now - Downloadright away!
How to Make Money Fast 2.0
How to Make Money FastDo you need to make some cash quickly? You are in the right place.This great app is packed full of help to get you an increasingincome quickly.The app has been well researched and has been put together by aself - made entrepreneur. Find out the tricks of the trade and getearning now!This How to Make Money Fast app includes both fast ways of earningcash as well as building on them in order to create a recurringincome in the future.* Lots of help and ideas to get you started* Encouragement to get going* Several strategies to choose from to suit youIt is entirely down to you whether or not you can make money andnobody can give a guarantee but this app certainly is great start.It includes helpful features like being able to make notes as yougo along and having a Goals Function to set yourself targets tomake sure that you get things going.This app is currently free so download How to Make Money Fastnow!
Retinol Cream & AntiAging Tips 2.0
Retinol Cream & Anti Aging tips, help andinformation to help you stay looking younger for longer. ThisRetinol Cream & Anti Aging tips app has been carefullyresearched to bring you lots go help in understanding the variousways that you can keep yourself looking great.Find out what foods to eat or avoid, simple techniques for lookinga feeling great as well as explanations about retinol cream,klotho, anti-wrinkle creams and much more.+ Learn how to beat the effects of ageing.+ See the facts and figures about retinol cream & anti agingtips.+ Food and diet explained.+ Tips and secrets for keeping a more youthful appearance.+ Search the huge nutrient database for more information aboutfoodsIncludes a photo app that you can use to enhance your look quicklyand easily.Take notes as you learn all about looking younger with retinolcream & anti aging tips. Includes up to date beauty news. Thisapp is for men and women alike.Want to learn untagging tips, stay young looking and feeling great?Download now!
Funny Wedding Cake Toppers 5.0
Funny Wedding Cake Toppers is a great appwhich brings you lots of great ideas to help you make brilliantfunny wedding cake toppers. It has lots of recipes of cakes, helpwith fondant icing and decorations.It includes a great deal of well researched and sensible ideas aswell as funny wedding cake toppers.You will learn an awful lot about fondant icing, decorating,recipes of cakes, and much, much more. Download Funny Wedding CakeToppers now!
Normal Blood Pressure 2.0
Normal Blood Pressure Range - How To Deal WithLow or High ReadingsThis great, free, app brings you lots of help and information aboutthis area of concern. It includes in-app note taking as well asin-app voice notes and a free, fully working BMI Calculator whichis great for keeping an eye on your general health. There is adedicated calendar which you can use as a log to keep an check onyour systolic readings.You also get to find out:* What is normal blood pressure for men?* Hypotension and hypertension explained* Diagnosis and symptoms of High Blood PressureThere is help on choosing a finger or wrist monitor and help withunderstanding the causes of the symptoms of these conditions. Thereis an MP3 for you to listen to, free of charge. The app has beencarefully researched to make sure that it includes trustworthysources of information and resources.How To Use:Take the time to read through and listen to the information and geta better understanding of the subject. Make notes with either thein-app Notes or in-app Voice Notes functions so that you canremember the important points. Use the in-app Goals function todecide on your plan of action and use the Calendar to chart yourprogress. You can email your notes to yourself, too.Venture Technology Ltd has created this app. It has a wide range ofexcellent apps available which have received much praise in thepast.Find out how to manage your symptoms with Normal Blood Pressure app- download now!
Acne Scar Treatment 3.0
Acne Scar Treatment is a FREE app to help youlearn all about treating and curing this problem.Many people find themselves suffering from an acne outbreak at somepoint, whether it's due to hormones, diet or stress. Learn allabout acne scar treatment and the various approaches to cure thisskin problem. You can make notes and To-Do lists with this app aswell as use a photo editor if you wish to remove blemishes fromyour photos.Discover about the foods you should eat or avoid, home remedies andnatural treatments that you can try. There are some fantastic tipsin this acne scar treatment app.Chapters include:Advanced Skin Care to Control Outbreaks and ScarsNatural TreatmentsLearn How To Get Rid of Skin ProblemsAkne ReliefExcellent Tips To Help You Finally Lose Those BlemishesTypes & Symptoms - A Brief Users Guide For Parents, Teens AndThe Rest Of Us.Acne Scar Treatment is a great resource to help you learn how tocontrol your skin condition - download now.
How To Become a Writer 6.0
How to Become a Writer has been put togethervery carefully using quality information. If you are interested infinding out more about then you should get this app. Chaptersinclude:How to Become a WriterFrom Writer to AuthorFive Ways to Wake up the Creative Writer in youWriting StoriesFive Reasons to Stay a WriterBe an Independent WriterFreelance Business WriterThe Organized Writer's Six Rules24 Ways to Fail As a Freelance WriterThe Phases of the Writer's Lifeand more.This app has been created by Venture Technology Ltd who havecreated hundreds of apps that have been downloaded over a milliontimes by people all over the world and received many five starreviews. This means that you are certain that this app has beenwell researched that will serve you well.The app is fully functioning.This is a free app so download How to Become a Writer now.
Freelance Writing Jobs 3.0
Freelance Writing Jobs - How To Become AWriterWhether you are looking for writing for profit or pleasure you havefound the right app to help you along your way. This app has manygreat features to help you to earn while you learn the writers’trade.You get lots of help on all sorts of author related subjects.Subjects include where to find work and what sorts of jobs areavailable. There is assistance for people who are interested in allmanner of writing from fiction to technical and travel writing andmore, too.The app has some great features to help you further, too. You canmake written notes on your device or you can make audio notes. Youcan email your written notes to yourself so you can easily backthem up and access them elsewhere for further work, if you wish.There is a dedicated calendar so you can plan out when you aregoing to work and a To Do List for project management.* Quickly learn all about different writing jobs and where to findthem* Get ideas for different niches to work in* Make notes about the skills the app teaches you and jobs you haveseen advertised* Fast access to a range of specialist websites to find workFreelance Writing Jobs - How To Become A Writer has been created byVenture Technology Ltd who have created hundreds of apps that havebeen downloaded thousands of times by people all over the world andreceived many five star reviews. This means that you are certainthat this is a quality app that will serve you well.The app is fully functioning.Want to know more about writing work? Download Freelance WritingJobs - How To Become A Writer now!
How To Make Castille Soap 1.0
How To Make Castile Soap - this great appshowsyou all about handmade soap making. Find out about how tomakecastile soap as well as finding out about organic soap andmuch,much more.It even comes with a range of facilities to assist help youwithyour soap making.It includes lots of helpful and well-researched informationaboutthis fascinating subject and even includes a free bonus ebooktohelp to become more environmentally friendly generally.We have worked hard to create a fabulous resource for you.Bestof all, this app is yours right now for free - download How ToMakeCastile Soap this minute!
Indoor Garden 4.0
Find out all about how to create a greatIndoor Garden and with this fantastic app. It has been thoroughlyresearched to bring you a range of written information about yourindoor garden to help you learn all about this fascinatingsubject.It includes a Notes function so you can jot down ideas as you goalong. Includes lots of information about hydroponic systems,too.Create a wonderful indoor garden - download now.
Plus Size Shirts 2.0
Find the secrets to looking great in Plus SizeShirts! Find ideas and inspiration with lots of tips of finding thebest larger lady clothing for you.- Fashion tips for the larger lady- 10 Tips to make the most of your body shape- Shopping online for larger clothing- Take notes about ideas as you go.- Plus Size Shirts Tips & Tricks- and much, much more.Learn how to dress to kill and dress for success with this greatPlus Size Shirts app.Download now!
Pride and Prejudice 2.0
Pride and Prejudice - the completeoriginalwork of Pride and Prejudice for you to enjoy in both textand audioformats. Features include:* Notes function so you can make a note of anything, suchasPride and Prejudice characters, should you wish* Audio Version* Text Version - comes in a variety of formats so yo canchoosewhichever is easiest to read on your deviceDownload Pride and Prejudice now and enjoy thiswonderfulclassic.
How To Stop Snoring 2.0
How To Stop SnoringLearn how to stop snoring with this brilliant app. There is helpand information about this problem. The app includes severalfunctions to help you get over sleep apnea and relateddifficulties.* Natural snoring remedies* Where to get help* Cure the symptoms and avoid future difficulties* Easy to navigate and useThere is further help about obstructive sleep apnea and using acpap machine as well as much simpler solutions to help you conquerthis problem. There are a range of suggested solutions to tryincluding non-surgical remedies.You are only seconds away from learning how to stop snoring -download now!
Quick Slim
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How To Save Money: Fast! 1.0
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Scriptwriting 1.0
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Wedding Planner Book 2.0
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