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com.mohitdev.minebuild v5.3.3
Vertex Soft
BlockBuild is a game where you can put together a world to yourliking. The only limit is your own creativity! In this sandbox gameyou can explore the world, discovering amazing places andreassembling the cubes that form it however you wish. To remove acube, you only need to press and hold with your finger on top of ituntil it disappears. You need to be close! You can select any cubefrom the inventory screen to lay down on the world. Then, just tapwith your finger in the location you want to place it. For any age,countless hours of fun! You can create and save several worlds andcreate wonderful places. Not only is this app for kids, but it'sfor all ages.
Minebuild to the Deep 1.0
Vertex Soft
In search of treasure, you rush to adventure by digging a wellwithyour pickaxe and a cart, with which you can move to launchyourpickaxe, and so go digging into the deep for the treasure!The more you go down Come down, you'll meet more andmoredifficult to break blocks.You will go also finding two items that will help you, one thatwillincrease the size of the pickaxe and other item that willimproveyour pickaxe to another pickaxe which will dig better.