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SLIM DOWN WITH WEIGHT LOSS RUNNING APP BY VERV The first runningapp on Google Play designed specially for weight loss. Make yourrunning serve your goals! Running app featured in Washington Post,AppleInsider and Huffington Post. 🔥 STRONG FOCUS ON WEIGHT LOSSRunning for Weight Loss is a unique weight loss plan, a mix ofeffective interval running, jogging, walking and sprints. A greattool for achieving different fitness goals and levels: it’s runningfor beginners and those who are intermediate and advanced runners.Includes a running map, an activity tracker and a calorie counter.🗓️ DIFFERENT TRAINING PLANS WALKING FOR WEIGHT LOSS: one of theweight loss plans, aimed at burning calories, improving health.Made up of warm up, walking and cool down. Great for those who haveany health conditions or prefer sedentary lifestyle. START RUNNING:training program designed for those who are new to running. RUNNINGFOR WEIGHT LOSS: a weight loss plan which helps you burn fat andlose weight fast. RUN 5K: a running plan, guided by a couch to 5k.RUN 10k: 10k running plan, guided by a couch to 10k. HALF MARATHON:a half marathon training plan for those who want to get ready for21k running. Your individual couch to half marathon. MARATHON: amarathon training plan for those who want to get ready for 42krunning. Your individual couch to marathon. 🏃🏻 FREE RUN A greatworkout option if you want keep running without sticking to anyworkouts plan but tracking your runs. You will track your run withgps running and an activity tracker. 🍏 MEAL PLANS AND HYDRATIONYou’ll get a meal plan for weight loss with 4-course meals (dietmenu) and step-by-step food recipes + a shopping list for each mealplan. Water tracker serves as your hydro coach and helps you drinkwater throughout the day (water reminder), maintain health andnutrition balance. 🏆 FITNESS MOTIVATION BODY TRANSFORMATION is agreat fitness motivation! Multiple Before-After pictures combinedin a video allow see your visible weight loss. PERSONAL COACH:choose a running coach up to your choice, from nice and caring torough and military. A personal trainer guides you through a runningexercise and helps you keep on track. WORKOUT MUSIC includes 1000+fresh mixes of different genres, from classical to hip-hop. Workoutmusic is your true fitness motivation: it fuels you with energy andmakes your fitness workouts effective. With TIPS you will learn howto lose weight fast and properly, how to burn calories, chooseshoes and apparel, create running route and running plan etc. Thereare also nutrition and diet tips to help you maintain health, getaware of diet plans and meal planner advice. DETAILED WORKOUTSTATS: your pace tracker, calorie counter, distance tracker (km andmile tracker), time tracker. Running workout can be done both on atreadmill and outdoors. SYNCHRONIZATION with Fitbit and Runkeeper.If you upgrade to a Premium Membership, payment will be charged toyour Google Wallet account at confirmation of purchase. Yourmonthly subscription is $9.99 per month, while the yearlysubscription is $49.99 per year. (Price may vary by location.) Yoursubscription renews automatically unless cancelled at least 24hours prior to the end of the current period and cancellation ofthe current active subscription period is not allowed. Auto-renewalmay be turned off in your Google Wallet account after purchase.Weight Loss Running by Verv Privacy Policy: Weight Loss Running byVerv Terms of Use: use of GPS running in the background can dramaticallydecrease battery life. This app is developed for informationalpurposes only. You must always consult your doctor before startingany fitness program. Follow us! Facebook: Twitter: @vervlife Instagram:@vervlife
Weight Loss Fitness by Verv
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Weight Loss Fitness by Verv is the best way to lose weight fast.It’s the fitness app, designed to help you lose weight, get fit andmake your workout routine effective and enjoyable. Get yourpersonal fitness plan of short and easy home workouts, support yourfitness motivation with workout mixes and manage your own workoutschedule. Useful tips will help you learn how to lose weight fastand burn calories. Calorie counter and activity tracker will keepyou informed about your fitness progress. Download this weight lossapp, work out at home, lose weight and slim down in just 6 weeks!The app is Wear OS compatible. Your phone and your smartwatch aresupposed to be paired for this, since Wear OS device won’t runseparately from the app. Handle your training with just one touch -start the app, manage workouts and log your weight right from thewrist. === SMART WORKOUT PLAN === - FITNESS EXERCISES FOR TROUBLEZONES. Apart from doing the cardio and full body workout, focus onyour trouble zone. Ab workouts will help you lose belly fat and getthe six pack abs, leg workouts – toned legs and hips, with the armworkouts you’ll be able to get lean arms. - TRAINING PLAN BASED ONYOUR PERSONAL PARAMETERS AND GOALS: get home workouts which workthe best for you and your weight loss. - REAL-TIME PLAN ADJUSTMENTSaccording to your feedback and fitness progress (powered by Verv'sPersonal Fitness Platform Artificial Intelligence) - MANAGE YOURWORKOUT SCHEDULE and select number of fitness workouts per week.=== SHORT AND EASY GUIDED WORKOUTS === - FITNESS WORKOUT SESSIONSFROM ONLY 6 MIN A DAY: workout at home and save your time. - VIDEOAND AUDIO SUPPORT: get guided by your fitness trainer. - 70+FITNESS EXERCISES for women and men: squats, plank, abdominalcrunch, push ups, burpee etc. Lose weight with a great variety offitness exercises! === FITNESS MOTIVATION === - WORKOUT MUSIC tokeep you energized during the workout. - SMART REMINDERS to keepyou informed about upcoming fitness workouts. - DETAILED WEIGHTLOSS PROGRESS STATS: track your weight and see how you lose it stepby step. - DETAILED TRAINING STATS: check how many calories per dayyou’ve burned and how long you’ve been training, with an activitytracker and a calorie counter. - USEFUL TIPS to inspire you forhealthy living and help you learn how to lose weight and shape yourbody. Weight Loss Fitness by Verv is synchronized with Google Fit,so you can export data about exercises from your app to Google Fit,and import fitness data and weight and body measurements fromGoogle Fit to Weight Loss Fitness by Verv. =====================The download and usage of Weight Loss Fitness by Verv is free ofcharge. The upgrade to Premium provides an access to personalizedfitness workout plan focused on your problem area (legs workout,arms workout, abs workout), workout or fitness music (1000+ coolmixes), fitness plan adjustment based on your feedback, an abilityto manage your workout schedule and the number of workouts per day,and turns the advertisements off. Privacy Policy: Terms andConditions: This app is developed for informational purposes only. Youmust always consult your physician or doctor before starting anyworkout plan. Facebook: Twitter:@Vervlife Instagram: @Vervlife
Meditation & Sounds by Verv 1.4
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Meditation & Sounds by Verv is a mindful meditation app thatoffers a complex approach to mindfulness, goal-based guidedmeditation courses, 5-minutes “911” singles, relaxing music andsoothing sounds and how-to-do essentials. 🎯PERSONALIZED GUIDEDMEDITATION COURSES - based on your goal (productivity, self-esteem,stress relief, anxiety relief, work on relationship, relaxation,weight loss, fighting depression and anxiety, meditation forbeginners or if you want to quit falling asleep at work or dream offalling asleep fast and other programs) - a mindfulness app whichis tuned to your moods and feelings every time you launch themeditation app - this meditation app for deep relaxation isavailable in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese andRussian. ✨COLOR THERAPY - scientifically-based color selection(helps you focus on stress relief as well as anxiety relief) -different colors assist you in setting up a particular state ofmind or relax and sleep well 🎵5-MINUTES SINGLES - one of the bestmeditation apps for quick stress relief in under 5 minutes is agreat anxiety helper - meditate 24/7 upon your availability -support yourself wherever you are with guided meditaitons 🎶RELAXSOUNDS AND CALMING MUSIC FOR MEDITATION - 50+ relaxing sounds andcalming music for meditation (ocean sounds (e.g. ocean waves),relax rain sounds, white noise, nature sounds for sleep andrelaxation, relaxing music for stress relief, soothing sleepsounds, relax sounds to help you sleep better, anti anxietymeditation music and more) - special KIDS SLEEP pack filled withrelax melodies - relaxing music and anti stress sounds packs willsatisfy different needs 💡MEDITATION TIPS - scientific-based adviceon how to meditate, tips on meditation for beginners, tips thathelp you relax and sleep better - unique, succinct and relevantcontent related to meditations - this meditation app is updatedregularly MEDITATION COURSES AVAILABLE: • Anxiety • Creativity •Happiness • Managing Stress • Productivity • Relationship •Self-Love • Sleep • Sport Motivation • Weight Loss Meditation &Sounds by Verv app is FREE to download, however Premiumsubscription makes all the app content available. Privacy policy ofMeditation & Sounds by Verv: and conditions of Meditation & Sounds by Verv: any questions or feedback? Send them to - wereply to all the emails.