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Anime Music 1.06
Anime Music is the app where you can findthebest of manga music that fascinates you listen.If you are a fan of Korean music here you have a great varietyofanime music radios for you.Now you can listen to the internet radio stations totally freerighton your smartphoneSo let the party begin, download this great anime music app withthebest songs and krock!Benefits:♫ Listen to all the anime music you want wherever you are...without limits♫ You can find out about the newest of your favoritemusicinstantly♫ Hundreds of radio stations for maximum enjoyment♫ you can share the App and your music with your friendsandfamilyNOTE: This App does not allow downloading of anime music.So do not wait any longer, download this App right now and letthefun begin.
Reggaeton Music: Free Reggeton 1.08
This is the app you are looking for if youwant to listen to reggaeton music, you can do it every time youwant reggaeton radio.If you like Latin Music you're in the right place, with over 100online radio stations with the best reggaeton songs Online.Here you will find many radio stations that transmit thousands oftop reggeton songs all the time.So what are you waiting for? - Download this amazing app reggaetonartists app to enjoy it to the fullest!NOTE: This app does not allow music download.
80s Music and Songs Radio Hits 1.05
The 80s Music is a great app if you love tolisten radios in a new way with Vintage and Radio Retro!With the best internet radios online for free you can enjoy yourfavorite 80s music right now, this are some of the great radiostations you can listen:This is your oportunity to have your favorite 80s bands and 80ssongs just in one place, See you inside the app!
Hip Hop Music and Rap Radios 1.04
Hip Hop Music n Rap Radios is thebestplacetolisten you loved music like: hip hop mixtapes, all thenewhiphopsongs, old school rap music and a lot more!We have the best internet radio stations for you in thehiphopandrap, and you know: Online radios shows you the tophiphopmusicand songs.So, This is your oportunity to have your favorite hiphopmusicandrap songs just in one place, See you inside theapp!
Free Ringtones for Android™ 1.04
Tired of looking good sounds free phone? ...Here's the answer!We have made a great effort and we have compiled the bestringtones, sounds and ringtones for cell looking to find All in oneplace.Free ringtones for Android™ is the app you want to see now!Every day there are more and more apps that promise to be the best,but you know one thing ... we'll tell you the truth right now? "Isabsent App perfet with perfect sounds "But we could say with certainty that this app you will find manyfree ringtones for Android™.It includes a list of ringtones, cell phone sounds, great tones andmuch more that is constantly updated so you always have in yourcelu the last tones.With this App you will have the latest in Sounds and Ringtones foryour Smartphone.***INSTRUCTIONS:Open the App and a list of ringtones for cell will appear. The goalis to add more and more to increase the fun.-The Listen and then decide if you want to use it, If so, you mustdownload the ringtone and once downloaded, you canuse as you wish:You can use it for sound messages, notifications tones, alarmtones, sounds Whatsapp (wasap).Take this great opportunity, because here you will find many soundsfree phone ...Benefits:♪ Use free ringtones for Android™ when and where you want♪ If you want to share this App you are free to do so♪ We will add new free ringtones for Android™ constantly so you canhave the last ringtones for your phoneSo get this app now and start divertirde without limits withyour great ringtones for your celu!LEGAL INFORMATION:Free Ringtones for Android™ are under Creative Commons and publicdomain.If you have any suggestion or recommendation please contact usthrough maritzaavila2015@gmail.comAndroid is a trademark of Google Inc.
Christmas Music 1.01
Christmas Music is the App you were looking for for yourcelebrations!Are you looking for Christmas songs? ... you're in theright place!If you love family reunions and with your friends andyou need the christmas music you have probably been around theinternet looking for places or Apps to play and listen to yourchristmas songs...However, it is no easy task to find quality Appswhere you can listen to your Christmas music and carols withoutspend a lot of time trying to find something worthwhile.In thisApps you will find a lot of free Christmas song radios as wecollect the best radio stations and put them in one place, so youdo not have to worry about downloading or looking elsewhere we have it all for you.Benefits:- Christmas Music withoutlimits, listen when and where you want with christmas carols andother- Dozens of radio stations to listen to what you want, is more... you can also listen to news if you want- You can share the Appwith your friends and family- You can mark any season as "Favorite"and you can make a list with all your stations of your freeChristmas music.In summary:This is an app with dozens of onlineradio stations where you can listen to all the Christmas songs youwant.If you are a fan of Christmas gatherings, Santa Claus or youwant music to celebrate Christmas definitely this app you shouldhave on your smartphone.So if you can not wait any longer to startlistening to the carols and download music right now this app!NOTE:This app does not allow downloading songs. This App needs internetconnection (Preferably Wifi) so you can listen without limits.
Gospel Music 1.02
Gospel Music turns your cell into a powerfulSpiritual tool and helps you to connect with God permanently!In our daily lives we face problems that sometimes seem impossibleto solve, we often do not see the way out of a situation and tendto let our faith and hope in God fall.In addition, most of the people we talk to do not share our beliefs(they do not listen to the same Gospel Music) and this makeseverything more complicated, since they urge us to deny our faithand forget that we have a God who Helps us and succeeds in the mostdifficult moments.But do not worry, we've been in the same place as you, and that'swhy we've developed this App ... it's been like heaven's answer,this App will help you to bear your burdens and put them onAlmighty God by keeping you connected With the most beautifulGospel Music that surely inspires you to trust God more and putyour life in your hands.Gospel Music helps us stay in touch with our creator, strengthensus, encourages us, gives us new strength to continue.We have put all our experience in developing Apps at your service,to help you and bring you the best radios of Gospel Music to yourcell phone.Here are the benefits that will bring you this wonderful App:* Hundreds of free Spanish-language radio stations in Spanish* Catholic Prayers free and without limits* We have also included radio stations with Christian praises, asthere are many beautiful* You can listen to everything you want, all the music you wantonline* All the sacred music that you love and you are passionateabout* And we have not only put religious music, but also a game so thatyou have fun without stopping while singing your praisesJoin hundreds of people with your same beliefs who are alreadyusing this fabulous tool to connect with God!Download it now and begin the moments of worship and praise!
QR Code Reader and Scanner 1.02
QR Code Reader and Scanner is an easy to useand powerful tool if you want a QR reader.If what you need is a qr code reader you have arrived at the rightplace, we have one of the most powerful and at the same time simpleqr code scanner.The problem out there is that there are so many Apps and you don'tknow which to choose, the worst thing is that they all look so goodand promise you heaven and earth without fulfilling a 10% of that;And we understand you perfectly ... we have also been in yourplace.That's why we have developed "QR Code Reader and Scanner", so thatyou no longer need another qr generator in your life.Hundreds of people are already scanning their codes with ourpowerful tool and are amazed at how simple and practical itis.With this qr code scanner: QR Code Reader and Scanner App you havethe following benefits:* Scan and Read any qr code without complications, it is easy touse and very fast.* In a few simple steps you can scan your qr codes, it is verypractical.* It is powerful and effective at the same time* This App is a portable scanner that you can carry with youanywhere you want* Have fun at the same time, since we have made something unique tothe QR Code Reader and Scanner: add a Game to turn your tasks intoa fun activityBest of all: You can download QR Code Reader and Scanner App forfree ... we guarantee you'll love it!So download it right now, before it's too late!
Romantic Songs 1.02
Are you in love? ... Do you feel that someone likes you, but you donot know how to say it? ...Do you have a couple that you love withall your strength and you want to dedicate lovesongs, but you donot know which song?Or maybe, do you feel a little lonely or lonelybecause you've had a bad time with love?Whatever your situation,romantic songs is not only an App, it is your friend, your partnerin the most important moments, happy and also difficult Of love will never feel sunny @ again, with this App you will alwayshave the romantic music in Spanish that you need at yourside.Hundreds of people have already used our App and have found itso useful and exciting that many use it every day to devoteLovesongs, feel the music that fills the heart, take a little air ifyou have had a bad time with your partner, and more.Benefits:♫ Wehave hundreds of stations with love music, this for you means thatyou will never be without romantic music, at any time, in no time... alone You open the App and there will be thousands of bestromantic songs for you.♫ You can share it with your friends andfamily, be the first @ to know the latest music, which isfashionable and share it with yourFriends and family, you willsurely be the coolest of all to help them discover the best musicof the moment.♫ We update the App constantly: We will add newfeatures so you can have an increasingly customizable App.♫ With agame inside: This is in case you ever feel bored @, we have thoughtof that too, so we have included a Great free romantic game ofsongs just to have fun.♫ Access all the romantic music you want andwherever and whenever you want♫ And much moreDiscover the bestromantic songs for free. This is an app with dozens of online radiostations where you can listen to all the romantic music you wantwith love stereo.If you are a fan or want music to definitely fallin love with this app you should have it on your smartphone tolisten to melodic formula as this is an App with a lot ofmelody.So, if you can not wait any longer to start listening tomusic for lovers download this app right now!NOTE: This app doesnot allow downloading romantic music.This App requires an internetconnection to be able to listen to best romantic songs for free. Ifyou want to give us some opinion about the radio stations to removeor add any of your radio stations, contact us atmaritzaavila2015@gmail.comATTRIBUTIONS:Thanks to Freepik for theIcon Image:
Free Music 1.02
Free Music Finally is here: The new way tolive emotions in your smartphone!Today we present Free Music, the app that will accompany you inyour moments of happiness, but also in your moments of sadness ...whether the situation you are going through you can have it withyou right there, the moment you need it to relax, reassure you ,Cry, laugh or celebrate!We know you're tired of looking for an App that lets you listen toyour favorite music without limits, without monthly costs, themusic you want right on your cell phone for free.Every day hundreds of free music Apps are released however very fewmeet the expectations of music lovers: quality, emotion, easy touse, no complications to listen to your favorite songs.Hundreds of people are already using this App and have found itexciting and easy to use that many use daily to feel the music thatfills the heart, this App has become the faithful companion ofthousands!Benefits:- Never run out of music again! ... we have hundreds of free musicstations ready for you to play.- You will always feel accompanied: music makes us feel better,relaxes us, excites us, makes us laugh and cry at the same time is definitely a companion that we all need.- Easy and super simple to use ... without complications, anyone ofany age can use it without complications.- Listen to music online for free- With the App a new way of living music is guaranteed.SO...! Download the App right now and start to live newemotions!NOTE: This app does not allow to download free music.This App requires an internet connection to be able to listen tomusic online. If you want to give us some opinion about the radiostations to remove or add any of your radio stations, contact us