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Bouncy Ball 1.1.3
Vicky Games
Make the Bouncy Ball Reach as high as you can in this challenginggame.Jump the Ball through spaces, avoid obstacles and score high.Challenge with other players scoring higher than other anc comparewith google leaderboard.
com.pinakingames.puzzlefuzzlefree 1.0.3
Vicky Games
"Puzzle Fuzzle" is a fun and addictive memory game which willimprove your kids memory skills! The game was specially designedfor children. Play by matching animals, Vegetables or fruits. Yourkid will enjoy the game. The Memory game is designed with multipledifficulty levels and colourful pictures. You can select thedifficulty that suits your child ability. Select any two cards,ifthe cards have same image then they will stay open and reduces thetotal images, else they will close and you need to memorise themand start the process again.
Trump VS Hillary - Presidency 2016 1.0.3
Vicky Games
The US Presidental race is on full swing, but do you know who willwin it? Whether it will be Republican candidate Donald Trump, orwill it be Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Relax and justenjoy this game. Our game will results the top candidate based onyour voting(just tap on there faces before they run out oftime).Gameplay:-Tap on the red faced characters before the timeruns out.-Don't tap on the skull characters as it will result ingameover