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Odysseus: long way home Free 1.0.8
Plunge yourself into the world of ancient Greek myths together withthe heroes of Homer’s epic Odyssey. Set out on a 20-year journeystarting from the walls of Troy to Odysseus' home on Ithaca. Visitmysterious islands filled with magical creatures on the way. Somewill beg for help, while others might want to eat you, or even turnyou into a wild beast! Overcome all of the obstacles on the way,and help Odysseus to finally return to his beloved Penelope.
Tri Peaks Emerland Solitaire 1.0.0
Be the hero the world needs!Welcome to Emerland Solitaire, the landof card magic! An incredible journey awaits you, in a beautifulworld filled with dwarfs, elves, mermaids and many other amazingcreatures.Colorful locations, numerous card combos, helpfulcompanions, and many hours of journeying—all of this awaits you inEmerland Solitaire: Endless Journey.Wisk away to a land filled withwonder and danger. As a new adventurer, you must learn about allthe dangers that face you while traversing enchanted forests,majestic bluffs, and more! Play Emerland Solitaire Endless Journeyfor:MYSTICAL CARD PUZZLES!FANTASTIC WILD CARDS!EARN STARS FORSKILL!
Rush for Gold: Alaska 1.0.6
Who says the time of the great gold prospectors has passed?! Youhave an opportunity to be one yourself. Explore locations for goldand other useful resources, protect your workers from wild animalsand robbers, and build the town of your dreams in Alaska!
Emerland Solitaire Journey 1.0.0
Be the hero the world needs!Wisk away to a land filled with wonder and danger. As a newadventurer, you must learn about all the dangers that face youwhile traversing enchanted forests, majestic bluffs, and more!Play Emerland Solitaire Endless Journey for:MYSTICAL CARD PUZZLES!FANTASTIC WILD CARDS!EARN STARS FOR SKILL!
Odysseus: long way home 1.0.5
Victor Nikulin
Odysseus is the most famous traveler of all time. His love for hishome, family and his beautiful wife Penelope will lead you throughthe multi-faceted myths of Ancient Greece. Prepare yourself for theunforgettable adventures that await you, both in the world of theliving and in the kingdom of the dead.
Rush for Gold: California 1.0.0
If you want to relax and have a good time, 'Rush for Gold:California' is exactly what you need! Striking locations, funnycharacters, and exciting gameplay are all waiting for you!
Garden Rescue Christmas 1.0.6
Victor Nikulin
Winter is a hibernation time for insects, but not in our garden! Itwill be hot here again this winter, beetles are launching afull-scale offensive. This time they are aiming at the Christmastrees. All garden dwellers are ready for the defense. You are givena unique chance to head this "Green Resistance". New bonuses and achance to get new trophies are at your disposal, don't miss such anopportunity!
Garden Rescue CE 1.0.13
On Christmas Eve you have a chance to get into the thick of abattle between beetles and plants - the two archenemies. Despitethe cold spell, beetles are rushing to take revenge for theirrecent defeat. Help the plants to stop them!
Offline Mahjong: Magic Islands No WiFi 1.1
The wonderful world of the Magic Islands is in desparate need ofmagic to help restore the waning natural beauty of their ancientcities with a new wild energy. Tons of mythical creatures awaityour help throughout these scattered island. You are their onlyhope to be saved, fix these wonderful magic lands back to theirformer beauty! Mahjong: Magic Islands features classic mahjongsolitaire in a uniquely original visual format. Collectingcomponents for magic spells adds a fun layer to the gameplay, andmeeting cute magical creatures to help out gives the varied levelsof the game more significant depth. * The mysterious worlds of theMagic Islands await discovery. * Journey through the Mahjong MagicIslands solving fun brain teasers. * Meet mysterious and mythicalcreatures, and help them on their way! * Hunt down magicingredients and make magic spells.
Mahjong Magic Islands. Blitz 6.0
Download now and set sail on a magical adventure! London, Rome,Paris and other cities are waiting and ready! Have you ever wantedto see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Big Ben or the Louvre? All youneed is to start playing! Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour tospare, you can always count on mahjong to keep you active. Matchtiles, solve different layouts and travel around the world!Mahjong: Magic Islands — Blitz is an exciting, free game for anyonelooking to break out of their routine and dive into something newand fun. The rules of mahjong are simple and easy to understand forall ages, and the awesome look and wide assortment of tiles perfectfor any age make the game truly unforgetable. You'll never want toput it down! * Start playing mahjong today * Beat levels set indifferent corners of the earth * Get into the groove of a super fungame
Magic Tri Peaks Offline Solitaire Game 45.0
About Magic Tri Peaks Solitaire is the classic one lower one highersolitaire you know and love. It sounds easy: just remove cards fromthe board one higher or lower than the next card in the deck. Butthere's a whole other world behind these simple rules! Theconstantly changing locations and new cards on the board will keepyou on your toes using new strategies. Don't expect to be an expertif you don't play for a couple weeks! The game sends you on ajourney to a magical world and tells the story of an adventureacross an enchanted land. Forests, mountains, seas and snowy peaks:get ready for a wild ride in Magic Tri Peaks Solitaire! What makesour solitaire special: Players can use different boosters on levelsto give the game a special twist. Put any card from the board on aJoker. The Combo booster helps you get a five-card combo at thevery start of a level, and Eye shows you what card is hiding at thetop of the deck. Start a new level and use the Sword to switch outa card from the deck with one you need. The Bow lets you remove anycard from the board, the Fan shuffles cards and brings what youneed to the top, and the Hammer flips over a portion of the hiddencards! Brand new! Our solitaire also features battles againstgolems. Defeat golems and earn coins! Solitaire with unlimitedcards makes the game a blast! Think you're good at Tri PeaksSolitaire layouts? Then start earning stars for beating levels andopen up chests with rewards! Features ♣️️ Hundreds of levels withnew ones added all the time! ♦️ Different locations with funoriginal game mechanics! ♠️ Exciting battles against golems ofdifferent elements! ♥ Just lay out your cards in ascending ordescending order! ♦️ Tons of different rewards and bonuses! ♣️ Afun game to boost your mood! ♥ Play absolutely free on your phoneor tablet! If you need something more than your average solitaire,look no further! Download the amazing Tri Peaks Solitaire now!
Magic Solitaire TriPeaks Cards Adventure no WiFi 48
Welcome to the amazing magical world of solitaire! Here you canmake yourself at home, playing layouts on a tavern table by thefireside, or in the shade of an oak tree by a majestic rushingwaterfall. Your fairy helper will guide you through this magicalworld full of mystery and ancient secrets. Magic World Solitaire isthe classic solitaire you love in an exciting new world. The cardgame's simple rules will help first-timers get the hang of thingsfast, and different challenges in the adventure ahead will keepseasoned players on their toes. But don't worry, your fairy helperwill show you which magical powers to use to get out of even thetoughest pinch. What makes this game so great? - Hundreds of funlayouts - Beautiful and mysterious places in a magic world -Different game challenges - A warm, fun adventure game atmosphereThis beloved card game is perfect for everyone. We hope you enjoyyour time in Magic World Solitaire! Download now on your phone ortablet!
One Finger Zombie Shooter 1.0
One against a horde of zombies - how long you can survive?Greatzombie shooter for free. This game will move you directly fromthescreen of your mobile in the tough world of thepost-apocalypse.Take up arms and engage in a fierce battle with theinfected. Proveto everyone that you are the most accurate shooter.The rules ofthe game are very simple, but how many zombies can youkill? -Unstoppable action! - Crowds of furious zombies! - Crush allofthem