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Media Player Plus Pro 3.1.3
Media Player Plus is created to provide youwith all-in-one experience. Enjoy your favorite TV shows or moviesanywhere you go. Media Player Plus has powerful video playbackcapabilities and minimum settings. It justworks!. Any formats. Anytime. Anywhere.A unique feature of the Media Player Plus is video Trim.You can cut video and share amazing clips with your friends. Forexample, you watch a movie and you want to share an exciting scenewith your friend. Or you just want to cut video and store arecorded clip. The Trim feature is designed for thispurpose! Just set start and finish points and get your trimmedvideo in seconds! Now you can share it with friends via Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, etc.Media Player Plus - watch movies and edit videos! View +Trim!Follow us on Facebook: us on Twitter: to our website: don't hesitate to contact us at
Network Media Player (Demo) 1.2.0
DEMO application based on Mobile VideoPlayback SDK to play network video streams in HLS, MMS, RTMP, RTSP,FLV, MP4 and WebM formats on various Android platforms version 4.0or higher. Video Playback SDK Features : Hardware acceleration - Hardware acceleration to decode HDvideo (H.264). Multi-core decoding - Support of multiple-core decoding. Multi-channel support - Support of simultaneous connections tomultiple video resources. Integration with active apps - Mobile Video Playback SDK isbased on SurfaceView and can be integrated with any activity. H/W post and pre-video processing - h/w de-interlacing andpre-processing using openGL shaders Custom and standard notifications - the network modulenotifies application about connection, disconnection and otherevents. There is possibility to add custom event.SDK can be used in IPTV , IP cam viewer , TV players and otherapplications with video playback.
VXG Cloud Client 1.0 2.33
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THIS CLIENT WORKS ONLY WITH VXG CLOUD VIDEO PLATFORM------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to Use it:✔ Sign Up or Sign In✔ Add your live stream:✔ IP camera (tap '+' and type the camera link, login andpassword)✔ Mobile camera (find VXG Cloud Camera on Google Play)✔ Watch your streams, record them, make short clips and sharethemFeatures of VXG Cloud Client:✔ Works with all popular IP cameras✔ Recording has a flexible scheduler✔ Recorded clips can be downloaded on the devicePlease don't hesitate to contact us if you meet any problem.