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Music Video Maker - TapSlide 2.6.3
TapSlide is created by the same team of VideoShow app. It's anawesome music video maker/slideshow maker/photo video maker withmusic/ movie editing app that can let photos, pictures, clips dancewith the rhythm of the song you choose and create a perfect musicvideo or slideshow with photos from your gallery! You just need topick up photos and music you love, then tap with music tempo! WithTapSlide, you can be the memory-keeper who transforms photos intokeepsakes. Tell any story you want. Share just a few photos from abackyard barbecue, dozens from your trip to unforgettable place.You can easily recorder and share your precious moment, livestories by making music video. Remembering all your anniversaries,festivals, wedding, birthday parties. Amazing Features of TapSlide- Music Video Maker/Slideshow Maker - Tons of free licensed music:You can add songs from your own music library or download any songyou like online, we even provide various catalogues including top10 songs/sporty music/movie soundtrack/latest hits. - Choosediverse collection of your photos. Photos move perfectly with music- Free movie maker, video editor: Monotonous effects such aslightening/halo make your music video seem like a movie. - Hotfilters: This movie maker, movie editing app provides a wholecollection of stunning real-time trendy filters to make your musicvideos unique. We also have beauty camera to provide auto beautifyfunction to give you default beauty effects. - Professional photoeditor, video maker: Highlights for splendid photos. - Add texts onthe photos and images to make a video or slideshow with subtitles.Plenty of text fonts are available. You can also change the colorof subtitle. - Zoom in and out: Let your audiences focus on theregion you want. - Save your works and drafts in studio, easy toretrieve. It’s super fast to export your videos or slideshows. Youcan easily create immersive full-screen music videos Just 4 stepsto make a music video/slideshow 1.Chose photos/images/pictures fromyour gallery or album 2.Chose music and cut the clip you wanna use3.Tap with rhythm to control the photos 4.Save it and share it tosocial networks Our music video maker/slideshow maker go beyondmere memory-keeping to help you tell life stories and celebrate thepeople, events and memories you cherish. Engaging animation addsdepth and dimension, conveying emotion and context and building upto reveal of your special photos. You can make creative music videowith our awesome transition effects. TapSlide - Music VideoMaker/Slideshow Maker is not only a regular video and slideshowmaker, but also a music video maker/slideshow maker that brings youfun like a rhythm game. It’s funny, simple and easy-to-use, sparingno effort in making a perfect music video. We provide users thebest service and product like VideoShow dose, download it now tocherish all your live stories. If you have any suggestion orquestion, please email us:
GifGuru - GIF maker, GIF editor , GIF camera 1.4.0
GifGuru is created by the same team of VideoShow Video Editorappwith over 600 million users. It’s a powerful and free GIFmaker/GIFEditor with text/Video Editor/Video to GIF/AnimationMaker/GifCreator that integrated with GIF creating, GIF editingandsearching functions. Main features 📌 GIF maker from pictures ✓Makea GIF image with your own pictures: you can convert over200pictures/images to one GIF. Combine multiple images to oneGIFeasily and fast. ✓ Set the aspect ratio to auto or squareforInstagram. ✓ Control the speed of GIF to make funnygifs/animegifs/gif images/animated images/ anime gifs/multiimages/animatephoto/gif for whatsapp. ✓ Add texts on gifimages/animate photoswith various styles, colors and fonts. ✓ Addamazing filters:B&W, Polaroid, Sepia, Vignette, brightness,white balance, etc.✓ Add funny stickers: More than 50+ stickerpacks available. 📌 GIFmaker from videos ✓ Convert a video to GIF:use our easy-to-usevideo editing tools. ✓ Cut video, crop video,trim video, collagevideo before create GIF. ✓ This GIFmaker/animation maker/gifcreator/gif editor/cartoon maker/gifconverter, blending filterswith your style for users to make funnygifs/anime gifs/gifimages/animated images. ✓ Export your GIFs fastwith high quality,saves space and battery for your device. 📌 GIFCamera ✓ Exportdirectly in GIF with HD mode. ✓ Search and get theGIFs you like byGiphy instead of DIY. ✓ Save GIFs directly andmanager all GIF fileyou create, view them at anytime. ✓ MakeGIF/animated images withhigh speed, high quality. ✓ Support up to200 images and 50 frames✓ Share your GIF to Facebook, Twitter,Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype ,Line or other social medias. 📌 GIFEditor ✓ Put GIFs from yourgallery/album inside the GIF you’reediting. ✓ Cut, crop, adjust,flip images with custom aspect ratioof GIFs. ✓ Quick edit gif withsimple steps, rotate, resize, trimGIF, compress GIF size. ✓ Speedcontrol: Play forwards or backwards,create fast or slow motion. ✓Fast and stable export in optionalresolutions. ✓ Enhance gifs witheffects, substitles, trendingstickers. ✓ Convert videos/imagesformat such as PNG, JPEG, JPG,MP4, MPEG, FLV, 3GP More interestingand useful functions will bereleased soon. Comments, requests orfeedback are welcomed, leaveyour review or contact Thanksfor your support!
Video Player & Media Player All Format for Free 1.5.5
Video Player All Format for free is a powerful media playerthatsupports subtitles. You can play 4K/HD videos with high qualityandlock the video you wanna hide. It’s also easy to use andhasadvanced hardware acceleration. Video Player All Format for freeisa hd video player that plays your movie and protects yourprivatevideo. ★KEY FEATURES★ ➤Support all video format Video Player&Media Player All Format supports almost all videoformat:3gp、asf、asx、avi、dat、divx、f4v、flv、m3u8、m4v、mkv、mov、mp4、mpg、mts、ogm、rm、rmvb、swf、ts、vob、webm、wmv.➤Autodetects videos from memory Identify all files contain videoson yourdevice and SD Card automatically. Support batch remove/moveandshare video. It’s a well functional mkv player/aviplayer/movievideo player hd. ➤Intelligent display & quicksearch Displaythumbnail/name/duration/size/last edit time of thevideo. Easy tofind any video you need quickly. Hide the videoeasily. ➤Smartcontrol Multi play option: auto-rotation,aspect-ratio,screen-lock. Support night mode, touch to mute andslide to fastforward/rewind video. Protect your eyesight whileplaying videos.Video Player & Media Player All Format for freeis the perfectall-in-one media player for you. Download now andwatch videothrough this mini cinema on your phone!
Video Editor & Maker VideoShow 9.5.6 rc
VideoShow - Video Editor and Movie Maker VideoShow offers excellentvideo editing features. With this movie maker, making video withmusic, animation sticker, cartoon filter and sound effect is easyand fun. Film makers can edit video with scroll texts, FX, effects,GIFs, trendy transitions or live dubbing in personalized way. Makeyour own creative vlog, interesting memes and funny videos. Recordyour precious moments like wedding/birthday/Valentine'sDay/Thanksgiving Day/Christmas Eve/Halloween. Professional VideoEditor & Photo Editor: - It’s a practical video editing app forboth film directors and beginners. You can edit video with simplesteps. - Audio extractor: Extract clear audio from any video,convert video into music. - Ready-Made Templates: All you need todo is choosing tempo and template, then uploading video clips orphotos. A trendy video will be made wth simple steps. - 4K export,save HD video with no quality loss - Use video overlay, displaymultiple videos in one screen. Make double exposure effect. Addemojis or animated filter - Easy-to-use, splice video clipstogether - Fully licensed music - Add voice-over, like a recorder,change your voice into robot, monster... - There's no watermark/noads after updating to vip - Use special lenses to make originalvideo clip All-in-one editor: - Use elaborate themes to createmusic video, slideshow or vlog instantly. - Various backgroundmusic, you can add local songs from your device too. Easy to shootvideo or cut movies. - Variety of text styles and fonts to createartistic subtitles. - Add stunning filters to make your videodifferent. - Blurred background, voice enhancement and speedadjustment features available. - Multiple music can be added,adjust music volume, use music fade in/ fade out option. - Gifexport: make your own funny gifs with pictures from your album,make your video leap. Powerful video editing tools: - You cansplice or merge video, convert video into MP3 file, collage andloop video clips easily. - Zoom in or out. Let your audience focuson the region you want. - Use fast motion/slow motion to adjust thespeed of your video clip. - Video dubbing. Add your own voice orsound effects to make the video cooler. - Doodle on video, drawanything you like on the screen. - Use video reverse to make funnyvideo or original vlog. - Fantastic Materials Center:Themes/filters/stickers/gif images/memes/emojis/fonts/soundeffects/FX and more. Share your life story on social networks: -Square themes and no crop mode are supported. - Compress Video: Youcan reduce the size of your video in this video creator. - VideoTrimmer: Turn the soundtrack of your video into mp3 file. If youwould like to know what people are saying about VideoShow app: Likeus on Facebook: Follow us onInstagram: Subscribe us onYouTube: Follow us on Twitter:
Video Maker Music Video Editor 5.3.7
Filmigo Video Maker of Photos with Music & video editor is apowerful video editing tool to make stylish music video andslideshow. You can splice video clips together and make memeseasily. With simple steps, a spark video combined with hot music,animation stickers, popular themes, special subtitles and cooltransition will be shown. You'll look vivacious and charming in thevideo. Key Features of this video maker/photo editor ProfessionalEditing Tool: Filmigo video trimmer offers powerful tools for youto splice/reverse/rotate/trim/split/duplicate your clips and cutthe movie. You can cut a video in parts, merge images from yourgallery or album, compress video without losing quality like aprofessional video producer. Also, you can zoom in/speed up/speeddown the video to make a super interesting piece of art. TrendyMusic: Video Maker offers fully licensed music to make your videopopular. You can pick all the trendy music you like, add multimusic to make impressive video. Easily extract audio from anyvideo, and make it your own BGM. Besides, you can use voice-overand change your voice into robot, monster... Exquisite Themes:Filmigo video maker has various themes and unique transitions. Itonly takes one tap to create an awesome music video and make youlook vivacious. Filmigo helps you create interesting video to grabattention, gain more followers and likes on social media. CuteStickers: There are various GIFs, emoji, animated stickers. FilmigoMovie Maker makes it easy for users to splice and edit video,slideshow. Artistic Subtitles: There are a variety of text stylesand fonts for you to choose in this intro maker/video cutter. Youcan also add doodles, draw on the screen to make creative videos.In the meantime, our VIP privilege includes 1080p export and uniquefunctions like pixelate and scroll text, there's also no ads and nowatermark. Export: Filmigo video editor provides 720P/1080P HDexport with no quality loss and no duration limit. You can save thevideo or slideshow to your draft or album at any time. Besides,blurred background and voice enhancement features make the videoand slideshow more appealing. Share: Square themes and no crop modeare customized for users. Easily sharing your videos to socialnetwork. You can record your special moments like wedding day,birthday, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas... With this movieeditor/meme generator, creating a video with photos, music, andother elements becomes easy and fun. You can beautify your videoswith subtitles, themes, transitions, stickers, doodles and almostanything you want in a creative and personalized way. If you haveany suggestions or questions for Filmigo, please contact us
Photo Collage Maker, PIP Grid 2.1.4
This is a stable photo editor for you to edit pictures, createphotocollages and make cards. There are various grid layouts,sizes,exclusive stickers and filters for you to choose. You caneven drawon your collages with unique doodle patterns, add spiraleffect andmosaic. Photo Collage Maker Variety of instant gridlayouts andtemplates to choose from. Create a square photo collagein secondswith grid feature. Just select several pictures, collagemaker willremix them into unique photo collage. You can pick thelayout youlike, edit collage with filter, sticker and text.Combine up to 9photos to create pic collage, you can rotatepictures, adjustframes, edit border of collage, change backgroundcolor as you like.Change the Sky Use auto cutout to change thephoto background.Change the sky in a few seconds. Use spiraleffect to make creativeartworks. PIP Collage Maker Special collageframes with differentshape and style make your photosextraordinary. With this PIPfunction, you can make a collage withcreative and funny photoframes like broadcast, newspaper and moviescreen. Creating astunning picture-in-picture effect. We providematerial liketemplates, PIP stickers. You can use collage maker indifferentoccasions like wedding, birthday, valentine’s day. Makeyour ownromantic scrapbook Pixelate You can use mosaic to blurareas you donot want to show. Sticker & Text Personalize yourphoto collagewith cute stickers, emoji and text styles. Edit yourpictures withfunny subtitles. Filter Plenty of amazing filters tomeet differentoccasion. Beautify your photos with stunningeffects. Beautifyselfies, make video with stylish filters. EditingCut or rotate yourimages, frame your images in full 1:1 aspectratio. Easy crop orresize photos. There are a lot of romanticthemes to choose.Graffiti Doodle on your pictures with presetdrawing effects, or doyour own graffiti to make a creative photocollage. Share Easilysharing your photos on social media. CollageMaker is a smooth andflexible image editor for you to collagephoto, make PIP and editpictures. Photo Collage Maker & PhotoEditor is a powerfulcollage app for you to collage photos, addlayouts, frames and DIYcard templates. Record your preciousmoments likewedding/birthday/Valentine's Day/ThanksgivingDay/Christmas.
Video Compressor Mp3 Converter 3.6.4
VidCompact is a free video converter, audio converter, videocompressor and trimmer for android. It supports almost all videoand audio formats: HD video, HTML5 video, WMV, MKV, FLV, AVI, MP4,MOV. We also provide video editing features like merge, trim, cut,reverse, stabilize, slow motion, crop, rotation and more. Thispowerful video converter can convert videos to MP4, compress audioand free up lots of space! Video Converter & Video Compressoris an online audio converter to zip video while keeping quality. Itjust takes one step to convert, compress and save video. We supportalmost all devices. Main Features of VidCompact: - Convert videosto MP4 in simple steps. - Compress video clips of any size withhigh quality. - Crop & cut & trim video right on yourdevice. - Play video clips, rename videos, delete videos easily. -Change audio frequency, speed up or slow down your video. -Compress video to very small size without losing video quality andmaintaining resolution. Video to MP3 Converter: - Clip converter -HD video converter - Online video converter - Audio converter - Mp3Converter Convert Audio : Compress audio easily. Change bit rate,edit selected channel and trim audio without quality loss. Aboutvideo converter: - Converts videos to HD quality MP4 files. -Supports almost all file formats, including HD, AVI, MKV, FLV,RMVB, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, MOV. You can also choose other formats in theformat galleries. - Simple to use, you can choose video resolutioneasily in this pro mov converter for free. - Extract part of avideo by setting the specific start time and end time. Video SpeedChanger: - Support to adjust the video playback speed. - Fastplayback up to 4x. - Slow playback at least 0.25x. - Easily convertthe video into slow motion video or fast motion video, and saveyour creations without lossing video quality. Other great points ofVidCompact - video file converter, compressor & trimmer: - Theinterface is simple, fresh and concise as all the VideoShow apps. -No extra fees to use all the functions. - This clip converter,video to mp3 converter supports more than 30 languages and morethan 200 Android devices. Why VidCompact is a professional videoconverter, video compressor, video trimmer, video cutter and videocropper: - Convert video fast. - Convert, crop, trim and cut videowithout losing video quality. - Compress video to very small size,freeing up a lot of memory space on your device. No duration limit.Download it now to save more space!
VRecorder Lite Screen Recorder 2.0.1
V Recorder Lite is a stable screen recorder/gamerecorder/videorecorder for android. VideoShow Recorder is createdby the sameteam of VideoShow video editor. VideoShow Recorder Liteallows youto record game while playing, capture screen with onetouch andedit video. It's our duty to offer users high qualityvideo andclean screenshot with no rooting and no recording timelimit. Asfor our vip users, you can trim video at ease, choosedifferentthemes, record video with no watermark, no ads. KeyAdvantagesPowerful Recording: - You can easily hide the recordwindow forframeless video while recording or capturing screen,change theaspect ratio to widescreen, vertical or square. - Recordinternalsound, this screen recorder supports recording internalaudio. -It's a stable screen video recorder for you to recordvideo, recordthe tutorials of any app and capture screen video. -It only takesone touch to start recording everything on your phonewith sound,one single tap to pause/resume at any time. - Simpleinterface,easy to record games while playing, record video calls orliveshows, capture screenshots, rec screen and edit images. -Highquality and customized settings: 1440p Resolution,12.0MbpsQuality, 60 FPS, support for HD video, both portrait andlandscapevideo orientation. With this screen recorder with audio,you canchange the video settings at will to meet all your needs andrecordclear video or screenshot. Share your recording clips withfriends:- VideoShow game recorder, video recorder can record yourphonescreen to HD mode or fast mode. Choose the mode you need. -You canalso record audio from the mic automatically which makesitconvenient to create a personalized video. - You can showyouramazing skills to more people by sharing your game recordingonsocial media. - It's a stable screen video recorder for youtorecord the tutorials of any app - Share your story with friendsbysharing films, TV shows or sport events recording. V RecorderLiteVideoShow Recorder is a duty recorder with audio. It'sdedicated tomake stable screen recorder for android. VideoShowscreen recorder,game recorder with audio is a well functional appthat captures allyour precious moments with your smartphone.
VCUT Pro - Music Video Editor 2.4.8
Slideshow maker video editor with songs is a stable onlinevideoediting app for you. After updating to vip account, you canuse allthe features. With this powerful video editor, you caneasilyrecord your life moments in a video or slideshow withawesomeeffects. This movie maker, slideshow maker let you createstylishvideos and vlog at ease. VCUT video editor with songs isuseful forboth professional photographers and non-professionalbeginners. Wealso provide subtitles, effects, filters, themes,stickers,transitions. Main Features of Video Editor 1. MaterialCenter -Special video filters: offer various filters to makeoriginal videoand slideshow. - Popular music: choose trendy musicto make uniquevideo. - Various after effects: you can easily edityour sparkvideo, vlog or slideshow with transition, effects, musicand imagesfrom your gallery. - Text on video editor: write on videoand editfont, color. Add subtitle to video easily in slideshow withmusic.2. Easy steps to make stylish video Choose photos or imagesfromalbum to make video and slideshow. Add your favorite music,usespecial transitions, add text, edit video with filters. 3.Shareyour work on social network Slideshow maker video editor withmusicis a smooth and flexible film studio for you to shoot movies,editvideos and make final cut. In this movie maker app,handycam,creating a video with photos, music, and clips is easy andfun.
Cast to TV – Cast Video/Picture/Music, Chromecast 1.1.6
Cast to TV helps you cast local files like videos, music andimagesfrom phone to TV. Enable you to make presentation, reviewphotos,play music and watch movie on big screen. You can also castwebbrowser to tv. Features: - Easily access your media files onthephone, including photos, music and videos. Cast them on the bigTVscreen. Support IPTV cast. - Control TV remotely with yourphone:adjust volume, pause, forward, rewind video with no delay. -Cast asmall phone screen to big TV screen in high quality. -Screenmirroring for Chromecast: We enable you to stream videos,photosfrom phone to Chromecast. Local media files will be playeddirectlyon your big TV screen. - Cast IPTV, watch videos on TVstably. -Cast music and audio files to TV. - Cast web browser toTV. - Autosearch for available cast devices. - Mirror your phone'sscreenwirelessly to a smart TV in real time. - Identify local fileslikevideo, audio, photo on your device and SD Card automatically. -Addyour local video and audio to the play queue. - Supportvideocasting, music casting and slideshow casting. -Mirroring,screencast with DLNA devices such as Smart TV/IPTV Easyto use: 1.Make sure your phone and cast device are connected to thesameWi-Fi. 2. Click “cast” button to connect the app with TV. 3.Castyour video, music, photo and control it remotely with yourphone.
Screen Recorder, Video Recorder, V Recorder Editor 6.4.1
V Recorder is a stable screen recorder/game recorder/video saverforandroid, also a powerful all-in-one video editor. VideoShowRecorderallows you to record game while playing, capture screenwith onetouch and edit video with filters, effects, music. It'sour duty tooffer users high quality video and clear screenshotwith no rootingand no recording time limit. You can draw on thescreen whilerecording, record phone screenwith internal/external soundeasily. As for our vip users, youcan have even more fluidexperience and record video with nowatermark. **Key Advantages** ➤Powerful Recording: ✓You can easilyhide the recording window forframeless video while recording orcapturing screen, change theaspect ratio to widescreen, verticalor square. ✓Record internalaudio, this screen recorder supportsrecording internal sound.✓Custom floating window: replace thedefault floating button withany feature you like. ✓GIF Recorder:Tap to record gif, convertvideo to gifs. Easy-to-use gif editor,create and edit animatedgifs. ✓Facecam Recorder: enable camera tocapture your reactionswhile recording. ✓Brush: You can doodle onthe screen whilerecording, write or draw anything you like. ✓It'sa stable screenvideo recorder for you to record video, record thetutorials andcapture screen. ✓It only takes one touch to startrecording on yourphone with sound, one single tap to pause/resumeat any time.✓Simple interface, super easy to record games whileplaying, recordvideo calls or live shows, capture screenshots, recscreen and editimages. ✓This video capture provides high qualityand customizedsettings: 1440p Resolution, 12.0Mbps Quality, 60FPS, support for HDvideo, both portrait and landscape videoorientation. With thisscreen recorder with audio, you can changethe video settings atwill to meet your needs and record clear& smooth video. ➤Professional Video Editing: — Trendy filters:we offer popularfilters to make your videos unique. — Cutestickers: with funnystickers and themes,you can make a popularvideo with simple steps.— Thousands of fully licensed music: Youcan download music onlineor add local songs from your device. Youcan also use voice-over,record your own voice, use sound effectssuch as cartooncharacters/robots to make your video popular. —Powerful videoeditor:Cut/merge/trim/split/reverse/duplicate/rotate/collage/compress/cropyourrecording clips at ease. — Speed Control: Use fastmotion/slowmotion to change the speed of video. — Magic Brush:Touch screen todraw, doodle anything you want to make an originalvideo. You caneven blur image, add mosaic to cover areas you do notwant to show.Or convert video to GIF. VideoShow Recorder offers youprofessionalediting tools to make popular videos. ➤Share yourrecording clipswith friends: ✓ VideoShow game recorder can recordyour phonescreen to HD mode or fast mode. ✓You can also recordaudio from themic automatically which makes it convenient to createapersonalized video. ✓It's a stable screen video recorder for youtorecord the tutorials on phone VideoShow Screen recorder withaudioand editor is a well functional app that captures all yourpreciousmoments with your smartphone, capture screenshots and editimages.Download it now and have a great experience! Disclaimer: 1.Thisapplication is not related to YouTube. It is a recordingtool.Please strictly abide by YouTube's platform terms before usingthisapplication to record. 2. We respect the copyright of theowners.Please confirm that you have obtained the owners' permissionorauthorization before using this application for recording. 3.Thisapplication is only for your personal study and research use.Therecording content should not exceed the scope of personal use.
Cutout Photo Editor - QuickArt
QuickArt photo lab is a useful editing tool that provides variousmaterials like cartoon effects, photo grids, PIP templates, popularfilters, cute stickers and unique text. You can erase unwantedobject with remove brush, change sky and photo background with asimple touch. QuickArt photo retouch provides everything you needto edit pictures. You can mirror or rotate your photos, adjust allthe professional paraments. Crop the pictures to any size you need,fit all the social media. This is a professional picture editor,use QuickArt to edit photos or make stylish collages, unleash yourcreativity and edit pictures like a pro! Main Features - Magicaleffects: Spiral effect, cartoon effect, sketch effect, faceeditor... You can also use chalk drawing or starry avatar to createbeautiful artworks. - Powerful features: Double exposure makesfusion, blending images of different light and shadows. Blemishremover helps you remove pimples and wrinkles, beautify yourselfies and give you smooth skin. Add mosaic anywhere you want. -Amazing cartoon effect: Use cartoon filters to turn your photosinto cartoon effects.Explore the superb cartoon filters forpictures to cartoonify photos now! - AI photo lab: Use auto cutoutto change the photo background. Change the sky in a few seconds.Use remove brush to erase all the objects you don’t want. Removeobject with a touch. Fix color cast and rescue backlight photos. -Easy to use: Adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, vignette,warmth and saturation, etc. Rotate, mirror photos easily. Crop picsto standard size or any size you need, fit all the socialplatforms. - Materials center: Hundreds of picture filters, PIPtemplates and photo frames for you to choose. Draw and add textwith artistic fonts. Add cute stickers and color effects to photos.Highlight your pictures with charming photo effects likeglittering, artistic, aesthetic, flashes, glitches, angel wings.QuickArt photo editor Pro is practical editor that helps you editimages with simple steps. Let's download and have fun!
V Camera - Beauty Camera 3.2.0
V Camera is a PIP camera and music video editor. You can shootavideo inside funny photo frames such as broadcast, newspaperandtelevision. Use stunning picture-in-picture effect andanimatedstickers. It’s also a powerful music video maker forandroid. Itoffers professional tools and features like photocollage, motionsticker, long exposure, grid layout, live filters,gorgeous make upeffects, mosaic, retouch and so much more. PIPCamera • Variouscreative photo frames such as fashion magazine andmovie screenmake your PIP photos unique. You can also shoot videoswith theseframes. • Set the shooting time easily • Pinch to zoom,touch tofocus. It supports flash, resolution changing, frontcamera. •Easily adjust aspect ratio to vertical or square. It’s apowerfulselfie camera for you. Beauty Camera • V Camera is a selfiephotoeditor with funny sticker, it provides auto beautify functiontogive you default beauty effects. You can beautify your bodyandface manually. V Camera will help you create beautiful andsweetselfies in one second. • Massive filters availablewhenphotographing or photo editing. This filter camera provides afulllibrary of artistic photo filters to fit different occasion.MusicVideo Maker • Recording music video or slideshow withpopularsongs, you can choose local music from your device or onlinesongs.We provide extensive online catalogue. Use it as thebackgroundmusic before recording your videos or slideshows. •Simple anddynamic interface: Intuitive interface. One swipe toswitch betweenphoto and video. Make your own creative music video.• Preview thepictures and movies you just captured instantly.CustomizedSettings • Video resolution and video quality areoptional, this hdcamera gives you high quality pictures, musicvideos andslideshows. You can also remove the original soundtrack.• Sharepictures and music videos on social medias. Three steps toshoot amusic video 1. Add the built-in music or your local songs 2.Shoota video with the music 3. Save your music video V Cameraprovidesprofessional product and service like VideoShow does.Anysuggestions or questions, please
Face Editor App Face Photo Lab
InSunny is a picture editing software designed for portraits andselfies. This faceapp software has an artificial intelligence‘MagicAdjust’function that can easily beautify photos.InSunny providesall the features to help you make selfies. Use a fantastic set ofAI filters, backgrounds, adjust, effects, atmosphere, frame,dynamic stickers, record short video and other tools to create aseamless and photorealistic facetune edit in InSunny. Make yourphotos as beautiful as they are enchanted. Reface tools - Editingpictures has never been easier with the facetune tools editorfeature that allows you to make each photo clearer. - All you haveto do is take your own photo, brush your hair, and then choosedifferent hair colors. You can modify color with 'Hair Color' apowerful tool for dark and light region of hair. Once your hairmakeover is complete, you can share the results to your friends,Try it now! - Whiten your teeth for a pearly bright smile.Tweak thesize and shape of your eyes. Reface your photos. Remove puffyeyebags and dark circles. - Save fuzzy nighttime portrait shots.Easily snap SLR-quality HD pics even in dark environments! Selfieface app - Selfie camera can help you facetune. - Makeup camera canmodify facial features and create natural beauty. - Easy-to-useselfie photo editor and beauty camera plus; - Enjoy a variety ofdynamic stickers while showing the selfie, you can record a shortvideo and share it with your friends; Change photos background -Change photos background can be difficult, but InSunny is aboutmaking complex things easy. You can easily blur the background toput the focus on your special moment; - Blur photos editor. Anessential blur photo editor with advanced blur photo brush; - Theselfie function will recognize your facetoon and recommend beautyeffect for you; - Combine the background of the photo to blend thepictures with different light and shadows to create creativepictures; Filters - Try portrait filters to get charming look. -Adjust your skin tone with special skin filters. - Try hot filtersfor pictures and trendy photo effects. Photo atmosphere - Highlightyour photo with charming photo effect. Sparkle, art, old,aesthetic, vintage filters, glitter, photo effect…There are so manyinteresting features wait for your discovering. - Photo atmosphereeditor allows you add cool aesthetic glitch effects to your photos.Professional photo editor - Professional-grade adjustments makeevery photo for you. - Crop photo editor. The selfie has never beeneasier, tap to resize and trim with this crop photo editor. -Powerful and easy faceapp tools. - Adjust brightness, contrast,warmth and saturation etc. - If you are not satisfied with thephoto taken by the selfie function, you can replace other facialstickers in the editor at will; - Brand-new frame function, adaptto your photos of various sizes, click the photo to enlarge yourphoto to the entire phone screen; InSunny deserves your try rightaway. InSunny is a fully functional face lab. InSunny provides manyphoto editing functions, allowing you to express yourself with yourown photography. Apply real-time filters and beauty to captureevery moment as your pic of the day. You can directly share thecontent edited by InSunny to your favorite social media accounts.Download now, and have fun!
Retouch Remove Objects Editor
Retouch is a photo eraser remove people app to remove any unwantedobject from picture by auto object remover. It helps you removeobjects from your photos, clean text or logo from images, andretouch your photos. This is not only an excellent photo editor,but also an eraser tool for photos. Key features of photo retouchRemove objects - One of the photo editor which allows you to easilyremove unwanted contents or objects from your photos using just thetip of your finger. Remove unwanted people. Erase unwanted stickeror text, erase caption. Replace background - Cutout imageautomatically with AI auto selection tool and paste it on anotherimage or backgrounds. Select any background that you want fromgallery and change photo background. Paste picture - Copy photosusing our cut out exactly the parts you want. Paste the cut photoson any backgrounds from your gallery. Add yourself into famouslocations or in photos with famous people. Clone picture - Pastemultiple copies of people in photos to create a fun clone effect.Clone yourself on photo easy and fast. Create real photo clone orcreative photo as you wish. Blemish remover - Fix facial blemisheseasily with face blemish remover with photo edit retouchingfeatures. Blemishes Acne, pimples, wrinkles, dark circles, darkspots are very easy to remove, just tap on and see the magic. Editpicture - Crop photo to any size. Apply beautiful effects andfilters to polish your photos. A photo editor & photo lab with100+ filters, fonts and stickers. Exposure, contrast, highlights,shadows, light, saturation, temperature, tint. Fit and border yourphotos for social platform. Quick saving your masterpiece to thealbum and easy sharing to social media. With Retouch, you can justmark any unwanted content or background, then remove it from yourphotos with just one touch! Use this app to remove anything fromphoto in this photo editor. It has all the tools you need andfunctions a photo editor could ever have for photo retouch Let’sstart~ Just upload your photos and let Retouch show it’s magic!Disclaimer: - We respect the copyright of the owners. - Pleaseconfirm that you have obtained the owners' permission orauthorization before using this Application. - This Application isonly for your personal study and research use. Please do not use itfor commercial purposes. - We are not responsible for anyintellectual property infringement caused by your unauthorizedactions.