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LoL Mastery and Chest
Enter any summoner name and its region to check mastery points ofchampions used and chests acquired.Champions can be easily orderedeither by name, mastery level, mastery points or by last championplayed.With the advanced search engine and its intelligent filter,any champion can be found. Furthermore, champions can beshown/hidden regarding chests acquired, not acquired or both. Allthese filters can be deleted, although it is pointless to have anempty list :DRead before installNOTE: This app is not a game perse. It is used to obtain information about your progress in theLeague of Legends game by RIOT GAMES. Therefore, it is notrecommended to download it if you do not play this game.NOTE 2: Youdo not have to enter your password in this app.NOTE 3: RIOT GAMESAPI (the creator of the game) only has support to this servers: BR,EUNE, EUW, JP, KR, LAN, LAS, NA, OC, RU and TR. PH and in generalall GARENA servers are not supported by RIOT GAMES so I can't addit to the app because there is no data about it in RIOT API. Ifsomeday they add all data to the API I will add instantly. I amsorry but I can do nothing until there is a way to get all data ofthis server.