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DA Material Design Nav Drawer 0.2
This is an example of Material Design Navigation Drawer, you cancheck my code in GitHub and use it for your purposes:
LoL Mastery and Chest 3.1.7
Enter any summoner name and its region to check mastery points ofchampions used and chests acquired. Champions can be easily orderedeither by name, mastery level, mastery points or by last championplayed. With the advanced search engine and its intelligent filter,any champion can be found. Furthermore, champions can beshown/hidden regarding chests acquired, not acquired or both. Allthese filters can be deleted, although it is pointless to have anempty list :D Read before install NOTE: This app is not a game perse. It is used to obtain information about your progress in theLeague of Legends game by RIOT GAMES. Therefore, it is notrecommended to download it if you do not play this game. NOTE 2:You do not have to enter your password in this app. NOTE 3: RIOTGAMES API (the creator of the game) only has support to thisservers: BR, EUNE, EUW, JP, KR, LAN, LAS, NA, OC, RU and TR. PH andin general all GARENA servers are not supported by RIOT GAMES so Ican't add it to the app because there is no data about it in RIOTAPI. If someday they add all data to the API I will add instantly.I am sorry but I can do nothing until there is a way to get alldata of this server.
PSOE Guadix 1.0
Gracias a esta aplicación puedes seguir toda la informaciónpolítica y la actividad del PSOE y sus cargos públicos en laComarca de Guadix.Aparte de poder ver fácilmente toda lainformación gracias a un diseño liviano, recibirás notificacionescuando se publiquen nuevas entradas en la página web.Thanks to thisapplication you can follow all the political information andactivity of the PSOE and public offices in the region ofGuadix.Other than to see all the information easily thanks to alightweight design, receive notifications when new entries areposted on the website.