Viessmann Apps

Vitotrol Showcase
Convenient and efficient operation of yourheating system.The Vitotrol Showcase app allows you to try operating aViessmann heating system with a smartphone or a tablet. TheShowcase app enables access to a simulated Viessmann heatingsystem. The Vitotrol app allows you to operate Viessmann heatingsystems with Vitotronic control units. Operation of the app issimple, easy and convenient from anywhere and at any time of theday. The Vitotrol app has a context-sensitive help function.The Vitotrol app will provide access to the following functionsof the Vitotronic heating circuit control unit:• Easy setting of heating program, set room temperature, domestichot water temperature, holiday program and time program.• Clear display of the operating parameters including all relevanttemperatures.• Display of efficiency data including solar yield and hoursrun.
Vitocomfort 1.0.8
Automatisch Energie sparen und gleichzeitigden Komfort sowie die Sicherheit erhöhen.Die Vitocomfort App ermöglicht die Fernbedienung und Visualisierungder Vitocomfort 200 Home Automation Hauszentrale von überall.Neben der Einzelraumtemperaturregelung und optionalerViessmann-Heizungsanbindung und Warmwasserbereitung sind vieleweitere Funktionen enthalten, etwa das Einschalten der Beleuchtunginklusive Leistungsmessung sowie Energieverbrauch oder dieEinstellung individueller Szenenprogramme zurKomfortsteigerung.Über die Vitocomfort App wird auch die Sicherheit im Haus oder derWohnung erhöht. Beispielsweise wird angezeigt, ob Fenster und Türenoffen stehen oder Bewegung im Haus herrscht.- Bedienung Ihres Vitocomfort Home Automation Systems von Zuhauseund von Unterwegs- Visualisierung von Stromverbrauch, Fenster/ Türenoffen/geschlossen, Temperatur, Luftfeuchte undSolarthermieertrag- Einstellen individueller Szenen für z.B. Aufstehen, Fernsehen,Party usw.- Hoher intuitiver Bedienkomfort.-Anbindung kompatibler Wärmeerzeuger zur automatischenVorlauftemperaturoptimierung sowie Heiz- und Warmwasserzeit- undTemperatureinstellungen mit folgenden Vitotronic Regelungenmöglich:-Öl-/Gas-Kleinkessel ab Baujahr 04/1999.-Öl-/Gas-Wandgeräte ab Baujahr 04/2004.Für die Nutzung des Vitocopmfort App Funktionsumfangs ist dasViessmann Home Automation System Vitocomfort 200 mit Anbindung aneinen LAN/WLAN Router notwendig.Automatically save energywhile increasing the comfort and safety.The Vitocomfort app allows remote control and visualization ofVitocomfort 200 Home Automation Home Center from anywhere.In addition to the individual room temperature control and optionalViessmann heating and hot water connection many more features areincluded, such as the use of illumination, including performancemeasurement and energy consumption or the setting of individualscene programs to increase comfort.About the App Vitocomfort the safety in the house or apartment isincreased. For example, indicates whether windows and doors areopen or movement inside the house.- Control your home automation system Vitocomfort's home andMove- Visualization of power consumption, windows / doors open /closed, temperature, humidity and solar thermal yield- Setting of individual scenes for example, Standing Up,Television, Party, etc.- High intuitive ease of use.Connectors but compatible heat generator for automatic optimizationflow temperature and heating and Warmwasserzeit- and temperaturesettings with the following Vitotronic possible:-oil / Gas boiler small built after 04/1999. -oil / Gas wall built after 04/2004.For the use of Vitocopmfort app functionality Viessmann HomeAutomation System Vitocomfort 200 with connection to a LAN / WLANrouter is necessary.
Vitocomfort Plus
Save energy automatically and enjoy greaterlevels of comfort and convenience in your home: The VitocomfortPlus app allows you to control your central heating and domestichot water, light and shade, ventilation and much more –conveniently from your armchair or while you are away from home.The Vitocomfort Plus app is the direct link to your Vitocomfortcentre and offers you convenient access to all necessarycomponents.Your benefit: The latest version of the Vitocomfort app featuresnumerous new functions that bring greater energy efficiency andcomprehensive energy management into your home.Save on heating bills with Smart Heating• Single room control for individual setting of the roomtemperature• Setting DHW times• Scenario programs such as "getting up" or "holiday" withindividual settings for central heating and switching electricalappliances• New: Call for once-only DHW heating• New: Direct switching of underfloor heating system via floorthermostat• New: Cooling in connection with a Viessmann heat pump using thenatural or active cooling function• New: Demand-dependent switching of the ventilation system withheat recovery in conjunction with a Viessmann heat pumpOptimise your power consumption with Smart Energy• Convenient starting and stopping of electrical appliances• Switching lights on and off; variable dimming• Monitoring the energy consumption of individual electricalappliances• Switching roller shutters and blinds• New: Connection to a PV system with precise indication of powergenerated and consumed on site, power exported to the grid andpower drawn from the grid• New: Optimisation of on-site consumption of PV power with heatpumps• New: Energy monitoring with current readings from heat,electricity, gas or water metersRequirementsThe utilisation of all functions requires the ViessmannVitocomfort 200 Smart Home system and connection to a LAN/WLANrouter. Check whether your Vitocomfort 200 is up to date for heating, DHW time and temperatures can be made withVitotronic control units for small oil/gas boilers built in orafter 04/1999 and for wall mounted oil/gas boilers built in orafter 04/2004.
The functions "natural cooling", "active cooling", "centralmechanical ventilation" and "optimisation of on-site PV powerconsumption" with heat pumps require a connection to a Viessmannheat pump with Vitotronic 200 type WO1C from 04/2015 and thecorresponding functionality.New functions• Personalised push notification• New user interface• Substantially higher loading speed• Simplified commissioning and activation of components• Switching of EnOcean actuators for light and shade
ViCare – the best connection between you andyour Viessmann boiler.The ViCare App makes control of your boiler easy and intuitive. Theheating schedule wizard quickly adapts the boiler operation to yourlife style. You can immediately see your potential energy savingson a summary page.With one look you can see that your boiler is working properly. Ifnot, you will see this too and the App will send you anotification. If you desire, the App will automatically contactyour preferred heating professional when there is a need forservice.____________Features overviewHome screen:Green: All OKYellow: Service recommendedRed: Service required with the option to automatically contact yourpreferred heating contractor.Set heating temperatures and time schedules.Track energy savings.Option to override schedules on you mobile device.Simple and quick contact to your preferred heatingprofessional.With one click you can send a preconfigured email to your preferredheating professional containing all important boilerinformation.____________NOTEViCare works with Viessmann Vitotronic 200 controls. Vitoconnect100 interface and WiFi access required. Fore more detailedinformation please contact your preferred Viessmannprofessional.