ViewSonic Corporation Apps

ViewSonic ViewMirroring 1.0.2
ViewMirroring is the "SHORTCUT" toaccessMiracast / Screen Mirroring setting. It helps the user toeasilyconfigure a device which support Miracast / ScreenMirroringfunction. Once the user enable the devices which theywould like toconnect, this APP can cast the content from configuredAndroiddevices to the big display chosen. With ViewSonicViewMirroring,setting up screen mirroring has never been easier."Write NFC Tag" is a function to let user create a newNFCcontent should the original be lost and needs to betoreplaced.To mirror the device screen to display, the followingconditionsmust be met:1. Your devices must support Miracast2. The Android device must run on Android version 4.2 or abovePlease note that some models are incompatible with this APP,orsome phones that are above Android 4.2 but do not supportMiracastor screen mirroring. We will keep optimizing our APP withbeingapplied to every Android devices in the future.
ViewSonic Projector 2.0.2
ViewSonic Projector summarizes the projector’s basic and advancedknow-how to end users, installers, or distributors. It contains abunch of practical information for choosing appropriate projectorsin different scenarios. No matter small meeting room, middleclassroom, or big hall, ViewSonic Projector tells you how far theprojector should be placed according to the room ceiling height,projector’s screen size, aspect ratio, etc. Just input severalfigures, the result will be displayed in the simulation scenarioswith measurement. You can use finger to adjust the distanceinstantly.
ViewSonic Projector vRemote 3.1
A virtual remote control for the projector in your phone. You candownload vRemote, the virtual remote control can instantly volumeup or volume down. The most important is that it can help theprojector be remoted by Google/Alexa voice assistant after thevRemote setup process. By agreeing to download, install and usethis app, the user hereby agrees and consents that the user hasread and has agreed to the terms stated herein and in the FAQpage( respect to the user’s personal info which we will collect,store and/or process via this app and the user’s privacy rights;OTHERWISE, IF THE USER DOES NOT AGREE, THE USER SHOULD NOT CONDUCTANY AFORESAID ACT, SHOULD DISCONTINUE USING THIS APP, AND SHOULDREMOVE AND UNINSTALL THIS APP. This App ONLY for ViewSonic LampFree Smart Projector users. You will need to register an accountafter you download this App.
ViewSonic ViewMedia 1.0.3
*Noted: this app works only with ViewSync 3andWPG-370.With the ViewMedia App, even mobile devices can broadcastimages,music, and movies on the LightStream projector wirelessly.Projector network connectivity saves everybody time by enablingthecontent share from multiple computers, making presentationsandset-ups smoother and more efficient.
ViewSonic AutoProject 1.0.11
Users can broadcast any displayed contentfromAndroid mobile devices on the projectors or big screenswirelessly.And more contents from your clouds can be accessed forplay. Nomatter in-meeting or in-class demonstrations, users cansave timeby enabling AutoProject™ App for every sharing withoutswitchingdifferent Apps. The AutoProject™ App supports Android 5.0or aboveversion.Format support: Any displayed content from Android mobile devicesCompatible product: ViewSync series, ViewStick series
myViewBoard Whiteboard - Your Digital Whiteboard 1.28.7
ViewSonic® myViewBoard™ Whiteboard for Android is an easy-to-useand incredibly secure annotation and digital whiteboarding softwaresolution designed specifically for interactive displays andwhiteboards. Whiteboard provides multiple users a wide array ofannotating pens, painting tools and media file types on unlimitedpages to enable engaging content creation. It works on interactiveflat panels, such as ViewSonic® ViewBoard™, and Android devices tomerge the physical and virtual space with on-site touch and onlineinteractive technologies. Whiteboard runs on any interactivewhiteboard on the market. Whether you are using a ViewSonic®ViewBoard™, Promethean® Board, Smart™ board, Clevertouch® board,Jamboard™, or Ctouch® board, Whiteboard has got you covered. Createa FREE account on and download the Whiteboard forAndroid today! By agreeing to download, install and use this app,the user hereby agrees and consents that the user has read and hasagreed to the terms stated herein and in the Supportpage( with respect to the user’spersonal info which we will collect, store and/or process via thisapp and the user’s privacy rights; OTHERWISE, IF THE USER DOES NOTAGREE, THE USER SHOULD NOT CONDUCT ANY AFORESAID ACT, SHOULDDISCONTINUE USING THIS APP, AND SHOULD REMOVE AND UNINSTALL THISAPP.
myViewBoard Companion 2.22.6
myViewBoard™ Companion app gives users to easily interact withViewSonic® myViewBoard™ software. It allows users to sign in andcontrol myViewBoard™ Whiteboard software remotely such as flippingpages, turning on screen sharing functionality, etc. Also, itallows users to collaborate with myViewBoard™ Whiteboard softwarethrough Throw, PopQuiz and Poll/Quiz features. ViewSonic®myViewBoard™ Whiteboard software is an easy-to-use and incrediblysecure whiteboarding software designed specifically for interactivedisplays and whiteboards. Creating a FREE account and download myViewBoard™ Whiteboard software. Byagreeing to download, install and use this app, the user herebyagrees and consents that the user has read and has agreed to theterms stated herein and in the Supportpage( with respect to the user’spersonal info which we will collect, store and/or process via thisapp and the user’s privacy rights; OTHERWISE, IF THE USER DOES NOTAGREE, THE USER SHOULD NOT CONDUCT ANY AFORESAID ACT, SHOULDDISCONTINUE USING THIS APP, AND SHOULD REMOVE AND UNINSTALL THISAPP.
ViewSonic® vCastSender v2.2.0520
ViewBoard® Cast software is designed for wireless presentations andwireless collaboration – say goodbye to wires for good! Workingwith ViewBoard® Cast software, the vCastSender app, will allow youto not only stream live recordings and annotate but also share yourscreen, photos, videos, annotations, and camera directly ontoViewSonic® ViewBoard® Interactive Flat Panels and other mobiledevices. Let the collaborations begin! Presenters can controldisplayed content from a phone, tablet, or laptop while Android andiOS device users are able to use vCastSender’s specializedannotation toolbar as well as enjoy controlling ViewBoard®remotely. Whether, in class or in a meeting, vCastSender app makesteaching and group discussion quick and easy.
myViewBoard Live 1.8.3
myViewBoard™ Live is designed to create a more interactive andaccessible learning experience for students and to simplifyteaching experience for educators. myViewBoard™ Live lets educatorsstream their lessons to popular streaming platforms, while studentscan view lessons without having to download any additionalsoftware.myViewBoard™ Live takes the best parts of classroomlearning and brings it online for the distance learning age.
myViewBoard Display 1.45.3
myViewBoard™ Display allows users to share their screens wirelesslyto any Android 6 or above supported device. Be it an InteractiveFlat Panels (IFP), Wireless Presentation Displays (WPD), or digitalsign. myViewBoard Display comes preinstalled on selected ViewSonic®hardware, like our ViewBoard™ and WPD series, but can also beinstalled manually on any device such as a Chromebox that runsAndroid 6 or higher. Once myViewBoard™ Display is installed on ahost, users will only need to head to a browser and to start sharing their screens wirelessly –no further software to install, no dongles to keep track of, nopresentation hassles.