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Hidden Escape: Secret Agent Adventure Mystery 1.0.9
Can you keep your mission secret? Can you stop the nuclear missilelaunch before it’s too late? It’s time to deploy your wit, charm,and intelligence to stop the ruthless dictator from starting theGlobal Conflict. Join the secret mission of agent Falcon anddiscover the hidden agenda of Zoshea. Explore your adventurousjourney as a secret agent. Plan your secret mission and find hiddenobjects and escape from one chapter to another chapter. Challengeyourself and explore a different kind of hidden puzzles in adifferent location. Search clues and hidden keys, Unlock doors& crack the unique puzzles to uncover the secret mission ofruthless dictator of Zoshea. Key Highlights: - » A unique andthrilling storyline! » 8 unique chapters to play. » More than 80brainteaser puzzles to solve. » Crack challenging puzzles andriddles! » Stunning graphics that transport you to a dangerousfictional land! » Gather tools and build weapons to face thechallenges! » Channelize your incredible sniper skills! »Experience life as an elite secret spy agent! » Game is availablein English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian,Japanese, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional. Game Story:- Agent Falcon is an up-and-coming secret agent at the SecretIntelligence Service (SIS). He is thrust into a dangerous fieldassignment for the first time to the elusive land of Zoshea. Heuncovers a secret that will shock the world. The Supreme Presidentaka the dictator ruling the land has been secretly developingmissiles that threaten destruction on a global scale! Agent Falconmust jump right into the action in the middle of a political gambitand do everything to stop the ruthless dictator. The clock isticking as Agent Falcon unravels the complex plot. He must crackthe complex codes, search & solve hidden puzzles, discoverunderground hideouts and outwit the army. Elite missions includecovertly make your way inside the dictator’s home to gain moreintel, find the rebel leader and break him out of a highly secureprison. Team up with the stern SIS chief, an idealistic rebelleader and a scientist who means business to stop the catastrophe.What are you waiting for? Download Secret Spy Adventure escape gamefor FREE and assist Agent Falcon in a secret operation. Can youexplore & discover the hidden objects game & complete themission successfully? About Company: - Vincell Studios is an indiemobile gaming studio that houses a team of seriously talentedartists, designers, animators, and developers. Everyone at heart isa hardcore gamer with a goal to create unique and exciting hiddenobjects puzzle escape games that draw in players from every milieuand across age groups. Our passion for adventure and mystery escapegames speak through the compelling story lines, fascinating visualsand extraordinary puzzles that we labor over and create. FOLLOW US:Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: VISIT US: VincellStudios Write to us at in case of anyqueries. We are happy to help! And, don’t forget to download &explore our other hidden objects adventure escape games. Click thebelow link to download our other hidden objects adventure escapemystery game for free. So what are you waiting for? - Download now& start your adventure journey! Hidden Escape: Temple MysteryEscape Room Puzzle:
Hidden Escape: Temple Mystery Escape Room Puzzle 2.1.3
Embark on an adventurous journey with Le and Liam to find theScepter. Are you a crazy fan of adventures, mysteries, and puzzles?Then “The Lost Temple”, the best escape adventure game isdefinitely for you! Explore cryptic hints, unravel the secret of amysterious lost temple, and solve interesting puzzles in astunningly illustrated background! Lost Temple is one of our hiddenobject games that are loaded with mystery adventure and uniquepuzzles. Seek and find clue to solve mini mystery puzzle games.Quench your thirst for adventure, suspense, and thrill. Embark on aperilous journey with Le and Liam to quench your thirst foradventure, mystery, suspense, and thrill. All Liam has is a crudemap and a Cryptex that could be a key to enter the sealed temple.Will Liam be able to find and protect the scepter from falling inwrong hands? Features » Dive in the unique story line and startyour adventurous journey. » Solve engrossing puzzles and findhidden objects! » 6 Unique and exciting levels to play » 65+thrilling puzzles to play » Intuitive mini-games hidden puzzles »120+ Inventories to collect » Spectacular graphics! » Intensebackground music and sounds! » Earn daily rewards » It’s free! Noregistration, no hassles, just download and play. » Game isavailable in 10 languages (English, French, German, Spanish,Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, andChinese Traditional) » Includes Hints & other tips and tricksto help you along the way! Game Story Walk through the dark forestof shadows to discover the lost temple of Sheshnaag, themagnificent 3 headed serpent. According to the myth, Garudapurak, aforesighted demi-god, had stolen the Sheshnaag’s mighty scepterwith limitless powers and had hidden it in a secret location in thepresent day, Indonesia. Liam, an archaeologist along with Leela, anIndian symbolists have discovered the ruins of the lost temple ofSheshnaag, which is rumored to have the scepter. Remember that thetemple isn’t fond of humans, so be careful and go on solving thepuzzles to travel through the cryptic world of the lost temple.Download the Lost Temple Game for free to start your mystery questand walk down the dark paths to find the most sought-after scepter–this is simply an expedition that you cannot miss! --- AboutVincell Studios We are a mobile gaming company with an expert teamof passionate developers who perfectly blend experience withcutting-edge technology to build mind-blowing games according tothe latest gaming trends. VISIT US: Vincell Studios Write to us in case of any queries. We are happy tohelp! And, don’t forget to download our other games. Hidden Escape:Secret Agent Follow us on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: