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Ikaria 1.08
Know the story of Daidalus and his sonIcarus?Of course you do. But little is known about Ikaria, Icarus'bravesister, held captive far beyond an endless mountain range. Doyouwanna be the one who helps her out? Do you want to enjoyanexciting flappy adventure? Are you the best out there to crossthemountains? Then prepare your wings from birds' feathers andwax,just like Icarus, and set out in a dangerous adventure toreturnhome.In this free action "flappy" game your goal is to getIkariasafely across mountains. You will fly under hot sun, but nottoohigh as wax on your wings would melt, flap them to dodge birdsandcross the mountains to safety. And most importantly - you'llhaveto be smarter than Icarus himself!Get the best score in the universe, share it via theleadeboardso that other players can see it.Features:- fast-paced endles flying action gameplay- post your score to online leaderboard- train reflexes and concentration- easy and intuitive controls- share your score and compete with other players, both onFacebookand Twitter- stylish cartoon graphics
Drunken Darts 1.14
Have you ever played darts in a bar, with friends or alone? Ofcourse you have... Do you want to master it, entertain yourself andbecome the champion? Well this is your chance! Drunken darts is agame simulator that combines classic game of throwing darts and ads"real life" experience to it. Each round the game becomes harder asyou get rewarded shots from different bottles from thebar.Features:- simple swipe-to-throw controls- empty all bottleswhile playing darts- each round makes the game more difficult- playeither single or multiplayer game (up to four people)- select fromstandard, 301 or 501 game- share your scores and compete with otherpeople- gradually challenging gameplay, intuitive and easycontrols- realistic darts throwing
Loot Quest 1.18
Travel a mythical land in breathtaking and challenging adventure.Search for loot in the dungeons, craft your equipment to make itsuper strong and fight hordes of monsters that have flooded theworld. EXPLORE THE WORLDThe Nine kingdoms filled with ancientmysteries wait for you to unearth. From deserts through lushforests to ever-frozen mountains and ice, each area containsdifferent treasures, monsters, equipment and artifacts.CRAFTPOWERFUL EQUIPMENTDig deep into dungeons no hero has ever dared toenter. Collect precious resources and use them to craft yourweapons and armor. Upgrade them to fight like the ultimatelegendary warrior!DIG LEGENDARY LOOTCollect loot, open lost chestsand explore forgotten depths in search for the rarest items! Thefurther you get in your quest, the better loot you discover.COLLECTMYSTERIOUS ARTIFACTSSpread all over the world, mysterious artifactsof immense power were never meant to be discovered. Fight bosses toclaim their magic to aid you in the battles. Each artifact hasunique power. Combine them to best fit your battle tactics!PROTECTTHE MYTHICAL WORLDFight vicious monsters in exciting tacticalbattles! Gain experience in fights to level up your character, oruse gold coins to boost him or her alike. SPECIAL ENCOUNTERSYouwill encounter numerous unexpected situations on your journey. Somewill aid you, some might be tricky. Make wise decisions so youdon't rot in the dungeons!EASY CONTROLS, NO INTERNETLoot Quest is atap crawler game with rogue-like features and is very easy to play.It does not require internet connection so that you can playanytime and anywhere!This game is free to play, but contains itemsthat can be purchased for real money. Video ads are offered to theplayer to prolong your hero's life or obtain gold coins. Otherwisethere are no ads that would disturb your adventure!
Dungeon Knights 1.10
Hordes of monsters that want to eat you for breakfast flooded theunderground. Find the coolest heroes and send them to exploreendless dungeons, collect resources, craft new equipment, enhancetheir skills and fight the enemies and their bosses. Withrogue-like elements, cute graphics and extremely easy and intuitivecontrols, Dungeon Knights is the best dungeon crawler you can findon the store! On your journey you will undertake numerous questswith awesome rewards, encounter unexpected places and individuals,and eventually make the king happy again. FEATURES: - Uniqueheroes, with unique abilities and gameplay style. - Evolve yourknights from rookies to masters. - Randomly generated dungeons, newexperience each time. - Crafting heroes' equipment and weapons. -NPCs who deliver quests and special encounters. - Saving yourprogress to the cloud. This game is free to play, and containsin-app purchases. Video ads are offered optionally to help youprogress. Other than that, there are no ads that will disturb youradventure! Follow us on Facebook: @Vindiez Our privacy policy: Hordes of monsters whowant to eat you for breakfast have flooded the underground. Findthe coolest heroes and send them to explore the endless dungeons,collect resources, craft new equipment, enhance their skills andfight the enemies and their bosses. With rogue-like elements, cutegraphics and extremely easy and intuitive controls, Dungeon Knightsis the best dungeon crawler you can find on the store! On yourjourney you will take many quests with awesome rewards, encounterunexpected places and individuals, and eventually make the kinghappy again. FEATURES: - Unique heroes, with unique abilities andgameplay style. - Evolve your knights from rookies to masters. -Randomly generated dungeons, new experience every time. - Craftingheroes' equipment and weapons. - NPCs who deliver quests andspecial encounters. - Saving your progress to the cloud. This gameis free to play, and contains in-app purchases. Video ads areoffered optionally to help you progress. Other than that, there areno ads that will disturb your adventure! Follow us on Facebook:@Vindiez Our privacy policy: