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Ludo Mania 2.7
Ludo Mania is an exciting board game that isbound to keep you hooked! It is a 2-4 player game which you canalso play by yourself if you don’t have company. The followingmodes are supported:- Play against device: just you facing off against yourphone/tablet.- Play against remote players: you either get auto-matched orinvite your friends to play a remote game over the network.- Play with local friends: gather around your phone/tablet withfriends and family to enjoy game night!Ludo Mania is based on the popular board game Ludo and follows thetraditional rules. A lot depends on the roll of the dice but thegame also involves strategy in figuring out which token should bemoved in a given turn. There is also a “Settings” menu which allowsyou to customize the game. Feedback is always welcome on what othercustomisations you would like to see.Ludo Mania is completely free to play but there are optional itemsavailable for purchase which can enhance your game experience byincreasing your chances of winning the game. There are alsoLeaderboards and Achievements to make the game more exciting andcompetitive.Ludo Mania is supported on all devices with screen sizes startingfrom 4 inches.Go ahead, give it a spin!
Grids 1.3
So you think you can add? Grids is anexciting,fun-filled game that exercisessome of those basic math skills. But it is not all serious workandyou canstill enjoy the game without bothering with the math. A greatgamefor playersof all ages, especially useful to get kids excited aboutmath.16 numbered tiles are organized in a grid. Adjacent tiles areswipedtogetherto earn points equal to the sum of the 2 tiles (plussomevariations). Theobjective of the game is to maximize your points and add somesizzleto thathigh score table! Multiple levels are available, with eachleveladding sometwist to the game. Basic levels can be played for free;advancedlevels canbe unlocked with an in-app purchase.This game works great on all screen sizes, whether a 4-inchphoneor a 12-inch tablet.