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Cyber Security App 1.1
Vineeta Garg
Now-a-days Cyber Crimes are like hacking, identity theft etc arebecomming more and more common. To sensitize the people about thesecrimes, we are launching the Cyber Security App. Cyber Security Appis an informational app that helps people understand why cybersecurity is important. It gives in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity and its importance, the various types of cyber crimes andhow to prevent them and what to do if you become a victim of cybercrime. It also has a quiz to test your knowledge! So what are youwaiting for? Download now!
CYBER SHIELD: A Complete Cyber Security Guide 3.0
Vineeta Garg
This app contains threats and activities associatedwithonlineactivities and how to avoid them. It also containsgeneralguidelines for children, parents, women, businessmen andseniorcitizens to remain cyber safe.You can also check yourvulerabilitylevel ie how vulnerable you are to a cyber attack.
Smart India 1.0
Vineeta Garg
In this app you can explore everything about 'Smart India'. Inthisapp there are the duties and responsibilities that are to bedoneas a citizen of the country. Every help and information isgiven inthe app itself. The buttons for closing, moving onto next,etc. arealso given in the app. Hope you will like the app.
C++ Quiz App 1.0.4
Vineeta Garg
The C++ Quiz App is a useful quizzing tool which helps studentstoget a cutting edge preparation before taking the exam. Itisconveniently designed according to the sequence of topicsbeingtaught in computer science at 10 +2 level. It covers all thetopicsviz, Review of C++, OOPs using classes, constructorsanddestructors, Inheritance, Data Structures and Files. We arealsoplanning to add other topics also covered in the syllabus. Italsoprovides a personalized report after each test, thus allowingusersto come to know their strong and weak points. Caution:NegetiveMarking Applicable! About C++ :- C++ is one of the mostwidely usedprogramming languages. It is also a good language tostart learingprogramming. There are numerous books and tutorialsavailable thathelp in learing C++. With the help of C++ Quiz app,programmerswill able to test their knowledge and focus on theirweak points.Special Thanks To:- Mrs. Vineeta Garg Mrs. Neeru MittalRohitTuli(Sudent) Pratham Sadh (Student) Rishabh (Student)AbhayChopra(Video Editor) Devansh Kaushik(Video Editor)LakshayGupta(Video Editor) Please send your complaints and Please Support us by giving 5 starsandwriting a review! Coming Soon:- - High score feature - Sharingyourscores with friends - More topics Tags (Please ignore):Learningprogramming, C++, C++ quiz, programming quiz, codingchallange, C++programming
Informatics Practices App
Vineeta Garg
The Informatics Practices App helps the students of class12threvise their Informatics Practices syllabus easily andquickly,anywhere and anytime. This also helps beginners of Javalearn thelanguage quickly. 1.) This app contains a 'learn' section,fromwhich the students can easily revise all the chapters oftheirsyllabus. 2.) The 'practice' sections enables the users totesttheir knowledge and prepare for exams by attemptingvariousquizzes, which are sorted chapter wise. 3.) The ForumSectionallows users to ask their doubts and interact with others.4.) TheMiscellaneous section contains various resources thatallowstudents to learn in a fun-filled way. It also containspreviousyears board papers,play list of IP videos, and samplepapers etc.
Computer Science: Class XI-XII 2.2
Vineeta Garg
The C++ Programming App helps the students of classes 11th and12threvise their computer science syllabus easily and quickly,anywhereand anytime. This also helps beginners of C++ learn thelanguagequickly. 1.) This app contains a 'learn' section, fromwhich thestudents can easily revise all the chapters of theirsyllabus. 2.)The 'practice' sections enables the users to testtheir knowledgeand prepare for exams by attempting various quizzes,which aresorted chapter wise. 3.) The Forum section helps studentstodiscuss their doubts. 4.) The miscellaneous sectioncontainschapter wise assignments, viva questions and videos. Italsocontains previous years exam papers and Play list of videosinHindi and English. Thus, this app makes it very easy to revisethesyllabus easily.