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Animal Tower Boxing 1.0
People have build grass block building onanimal crossing! Animal are angry by this done from people. Theybecame angry animals and breaking that grass building using boxingsport.Also an angry dragon games because dragon animals also includedinside the angry animal game. Have angry games fun with boxing!Have Muay Thai experience in the game boxeo and boxes?Top boxing game is ready to grab all your interest! Yes, selectyour favourite animal from the list, and play boxing game withit.Two block of grass will be broken after one punch. Take care ofburning sticks and collect fruits.As many fruits you collect, more animals you can unlock. Play veryexciting game at your palm top.
Audio Cutter & Merger Free 1.0
Audio Cutter cut portion of audio or mp3 filesand generates high quality ringtones and sounds.Audio Joiner allows you to merger two separate tones together tomashup the songs.Fun making and very useful music cut and merge tool.Want to edit sound and generate new unique ringtone then cutevery part from song you like, and join them together that willmake a very unique ringtone and sound file for you.Tools are user friends such as anyone can use it and makeringtones in just seconds. Cut and join songs and ringtones &apply them your contact, set as ringtone, alarm tone, notificationsound, and message alert tones.
Stunning Square Brick 1.0
Stunning square is the most addictingsquarebased on a physics theory Relativity of Directions developedbyEinstein, which is based on an equation E=mc2 this crazysquarewill not allow your eyelashes down for a microsecond.One of the most addictive and entertaining physics basedgameever available on stores! And it's totally free!Stunning square is based on a story called Life! Themosthazardous and with full of hassles but passionate for successandnever give up attitude. This will improve your tendencytowardstrouble and to overcome it and be successful bycontinuouspassionate efforts.How to Play:* Press left half of screen to jump Square towards left* For right jump, press at any place on right half ofthescreen* Square should not collide with obstacles* Avoid all obstacles and win the mission of StunningSquarebricks
Move Bricks Dash the Wall 1.0
Play endless move bricks game for free! Youcanunlock more themes by collecting coins and have unlimited fun!Move Bricks is moving the walls in-between the way of yourplayer.You need to swipe left or right to make way for your player.Wallsare moving endlessly with increasing speed. You have toconcentrateon moving walls and swipe properly or your player willblast withthe wall and game is over.So keep your eyes on walls and swipe towards specifieddirectionto move walls away from the way of player and scorehighest. Youcan play with different themes like Sky, Galaxy,Pattern theme,Highway, Water Ship theme, Machine theme, Jungletheme.Coins are used to unlock your favourite theme pack, so donotmiss any coin and play move bricks game endlessly.
Go Step Up 1.0
You like escher stairs? Here is the gameforyou and your children which climbing stairs sky high endlessspace.This is your endless war against time! Yes, time istickingfaster. You have to continuously move your feet and jump up.As youmove upward clock start ticking with accelerating speed.Become fastest climbers on the earth. Easy to play gamewithstunning simple user interface and joyful mind relaxinggameplay.Are you ready for climb racing using infinite stairs? Thenstartrock climbing up using stair and reach the top score. Keepmovingon up and reach highest score and top the leaderboard!Looking for free jumping games for kids, free casual andarcadegames? This is a decision making game at particular momentwhichbutton to tap to climb or turn.One button is used to turn back and climb, and another buttonisused to jump on same direction of player face. This is one ofthemost crazy games available in the app store and play withdifferenttype of cartoons as your climber player!This is your racing game against time! Race against time andwinthe battle!
War Against Aliens : World war 1.0
The Aliens are in search of new planet tolivein and they found the Earth is suitable planet for them!Aliensrushed to the Earth to occupy our beautiful planet.You are one of the brave army man, who leads whole army tofightagainst the powerful aliens. Your army have to fightagainstruthless dangerous alien civilisations. Take a place in thecabinof your spaceship or plane and prepare for incredibleadventuresbetween the Aliens and Army!You collect all your powerful confident commandoes intothemeeting room and inspire them to win the war for ourworldotherwise aliens will steal it from us and humans will gotkilledand they will make never came resister for us. So this isyourresponsibility to save our priceless planet.Our army will fight till last drop of blood! That requireskeenplanning and implementation of your best defence strategy andsendthem back to their planetside. You are the first person ofarmy(leader) so you have to trigger the war. Secure ourborderlands.Shoot aliens using your sharp shooter skills and winthe battle andyou will win medal of honor.Free android game play and suitable for all, youngsters, kidsandelders too. Play the wonderful game of wars and get interest initfor long time.Use most likely weapons for the boss alien and fight like ahero.Our heroes are ready to start the war? Start the Alienshooting gameand have fun for free.You will find 20 different theme packs and 20 differentpoweredweapons to play with. Each advanced weapon havingincreasingshooting power and control. Collect powerups using yourairplaneand that will help you complete the levels.* Great graphics and sound effects* Many interesting missions* Great weapon selection* Good controls* Upgrade your equipment* Interesting powerups* Stunning gun shooting at each level
Unlimited two Rocket Race
Have you ever participated in rocket racingleague? Get back to your rocket racing pinetown and participate inyour favourite rocket racing league!This game is ultimate rocket sky racing for kids. Here come acrosswith your pocket rocket and play your rockets game for free!Launch your in this video game and beat all racing rockets. Takecare of rocket obstacles in between, schedule your rocket move andtravel longest you can!Have fun with pure American racing game for your kid! Make yourkids with space rocket and teach them how to concentrate atmultiple place at a time and not clash rocket with obstacle.Three playing mode experiences.First mode comes with one rocket and its easy to play mode.Second comes with two rockets and have to concentrate at twoplaces.Third is for two players playing for the bet.Play as far as you can, because the game is unlimited race andnever ending. Score highest in the world and secure your topposition!
Investigation 200 Hidden Scene 1.0
Like investigating hidden scene ? There yougofor free hidden object games with 200 unique themes.Make fun with your favourite hidden objects scene andenjoyChristmas Holidays with this Christmas Special free hiddenobjectsgame!
Cute Girl Makeover & dressup 1.0
Play free games for girls totally offline!Oneof the top girls games for makeup, makeover and dressup inonegame!Are you searching free games for girls makeover? Here yoursearchends. Yes this game is complete fashion games for girls.Have funwith this fun games for girl.This game is combination of makeover, hair game, makeup, dressupgames. One of he best cool games for girls. Play with yourbarbiedoll games.You will find dress up game with makeover spa inside game.Havefun with cute girls makeup. Have bunch of girly gamesfeatureinside single game.Give your cute girl a bath with an unique style and makeherbeautiful looking by using various cosmetics. Flower fragrancebathwater and colorful water bath will really make youexciting.Choose from variety of dresses, makeover styles, lipstick,hairstyle, necklace, eye brows and more objects to play with.Not only for girls this also for boys. Boys who Likeplayingbarbie makeover game this is also games for boys!
Equalizer & Music Player Free 1.0
Your audio tracks sound settings are notreallysatisfying?. Using Equalizer app, you can play songs andmodifysound quality at the same time. This equalizer app is easyand userfriendly.It is graphic equalizer used in improving your audioqualityusing various audio processing effects.Set presets and a visualization screen on its interface.Adjustequalizer sound effects based on your required sound qualityandhave great quality of sounds. Select your favourite presetandequalizer will reset its setting based on preset. Variouseffectivepresets available to play sounds with.Select audio file from the list, Adjust equalizer orselectpreset based on you requirements, and play the mp3 audiofiles. Youcan also adjust equaliser and change presets whileplayingsongs.The app itself works like a music player itself. Andvisualisershows real time graphical visualisation of the music fileyou areplaying.Features:- Adjust virtually unlimited number of filters- Low battery consumption- Modular and easy to use graphical user interface- Works like a booster of sound volume and quality- You can optimize bass, stereo, and other audio effects- Useful app for processing music files like MP3 and WAV
Halloween car racing 1.1
Do not drop the Halloween pumpkin!This is the Halloween car racing game on Halloween specialtheme.You have to balance the car and don't drop Halloweenpumpkin!Stunning physics game for real balance experience. Maintainspeedand acceleration to hold pumpkin on car.This is one of the finest games for kids. Play with Halloweencaron special occasion Halloween day and have fun!Play with plenty of car options available. Travel certainnumberof meters and you can unlock new cars. Have fun on thisHalloweenday and play unlimited.Play one of exciting Halloween games for free!
Darts Shooting 1.0.0
Are quick and accurate? is Yes then thisarchery game is great time killer.Ever played with rotating dartboard? This dart game is almostdifferent with all dart board game!Whenever you shoot darts on the dart board ,dart will berotating with dartboard. So you should shoot next dart such that isdoes not collide with rotating dart. Therefore calculate distanceof rotating darts on the board and shoot the next dart.This game is one of best shooter game and its like live game ofdarts. This darts world is totally free. You will get 100 dartshooting levels for free. In every level there exist increasingaddiction level and difficulty level as well. Keep scoring higherlevels and complete levels you can.The game is easy to learn and play but hard to get master!Because you have to throw dart by concentrating on board rotationspeed and particular level's board movement. Keep throwing dartsand complete all levels.As you move further, collect apple coins. After you collects 100apples you will get life points. Using which you can restart gamefrom where your game was over. Best time pass game for kids, boysand girls. For some levels learn how to play darts and finish allawesome levels.
Sky High burger building Mania
Your hungry customers are waiting fororderscompletion! Fulfil orders as faster as you can and earn moretips.Play sky high burger mania on your phone and cop withtherequirement of the customers.Take care and collect ingredients only listed inorders.Otherwise your tip amount will get deducted. And also youcollecttop bun without all required ingradiants listed in order,orderwill be failed and have to start from first order!As you continue completing orders you will get higher orderstofulfil. Make your customers happy by accurate service.Have fun with free burger making virtual chef game andbecomechef by profession! Now you can manage restaurant at you own!It'scomplete virtual restaurant management and accurate burgerdeliverygame.