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Spanish memes
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Funny memes with spanish words. Virals in Spain and latinocountries, you can learn spanish sentences while having fun. +Youcan download images. +You can share on whatsapp, facebook,twitter.. Lasts memes uploaded daily. Spain and latino jokes fromnews, politics, sports and online events.
Flashlight, compass and more 2.0
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Flashlight free, with a widget option to quickly turn on thelightin a single touch on the screen. Also normal flashlightmodeturning on in the app. It is a simple and effectiveflashligh.Advantage: * You can control the light of the flashlightwith thevolume buttons. Up turn on, down turn off. * Add a widgetto yourandroid system and operate the lamp with a single click. *Theflashlight does not turn off to leave the app or lock thescreen,only when we want to turn it off. * Compass * Optional fullcolorscreen * Fast and light app. * Possibility of activatingbutton innotifications Essential application on any phone, use theflash asa spotlight. Works on the latest models. Tested in the newand oldSamsung, Motorola, Moto, BQ, Huawei, Xioami, oppo .. andtabletwith flash. Just ask permission to use the camera to use theflash.
Viral Gif 2.0.2
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Funny gifs , the best gifs of the history of internet andnewtrends. Download Viral Gif to enjoy the best GIFs. *Youcandownload the gif file to your gallery. *Share in socialnetworksfrom the app Viral Gif. Show to your friends on facebook,whatsapp,instagram.. *New updates often. April 2018. Explore theapp and youwill find funny videos of animals with many dogs andcats playingand being scared, also sports like basketball,baseball, gymnasticsor soccer, genius, accidents, kids, falls,celebrations, blows, ...You can see the animated images in thegallery or in full screen.Collection with the best gifs of theinternet and new fun Gifsoften, updating in April of 2018. The bestsequences ofjokes,scams, panks, hidden cameras and accidents. Allthe funnyimages in the app, with the most fun falls, silly goals,accidents,animals doing thanks, and holidays for the summervacation andbeach. All trends, viral, sports memes, football,exams, movies,and everything new in social networks. Try the Viralgif app now.Hundreds of funny gifs to start laughing are waitingfor you.