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After Wave: Arcade shooter 1.7
The deadliest disaster has just begun when the earth was struck byan unknown asteroid. Mega flood hit all mainland. Mutated animalbecame more aggressive and target human. Only hero will encounterthese dangerous monsters to protect everyone. Fight withapproaching monsters that ready to destroy everything in sight.Upgrade your Battleship to be ready to battle against the monstersthat will target you in every direction. Be prepared for the mostchallenging journey that you never could have experienced. If youare a big fan of Space shooter, Shoot 'em up, Galaxy game or anysimulated shooting games, this game will take you through newversion of shooting game experience. Attach monsters with awesomebattleship and the best fellow that will bring you to the mostexciting journey. Choose your best battleship and be ready for themost unforgettable adventure with After Wave Feature: - AwesomeShoot'em up ,from Space shooter game - Full 3D graphic screen withcartoon style - Various battleship styles - Alternative journeypartner Mega Cat up to 7 characters - Upgrade your skill andevolution along the adventure - Get fun experience saving the worldwith Story mode - Fighting in World mode against many monsters -Find hidden treasure along your journey - Various activities toplay through the adventure - Challenge yourself with various typeof monsters and obstacles - Fight with enormous boss of monster -Available rewards for your achievement - Premium rewards andspecial bonus How to play: - Move your battleship to left or right- Kill all monsters - Upgrade battleship and Mega Cat - Increaseskill with Ultimate & Power Gun & Mega cat! Terms ofService By accessing or using a sleepplaying product, you'reagreeing to our Terms of Service(