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VirtualCards-Loyalty Cards & Coupons Wallet 6.0.40
Keep all your loyalty cards in your phone! Get rid of the heavywallet! • Transfer your loyalty cards in your phone by simplyscanning the barcode from the card or manually insert the codedigits • Get new loyalty cards by completing a few fields: Firstname, Last name. Stay updated about the loyalty cards’ offers! •See the latest offers and promotions of the loyalty cards or yourfavourite’s brands near you. • Your favourite stores will besending you notifications with their discounts and rewards. Youchoose from whom you want to receive the messages. Choose thecoupons to save money! • Save a significant amount of money! • Keepyour favourite grocery coupons with a simple click in your phoneand then show their barcode at the cash register. Create yourshopping list! • What products you want to buy? Type in or say thename (using the voice option) of the item you want and the activeoffers of the sellers will be instantly displayed. • Share! Writeyour shopping list in the App. You can cross the products off thelist as you buy them and you’re done! You can also let your partneror friends know about your progress by sharing the list. Share withyour friends your favourite offers • Using the social networks, thee-mail service or text messaging, tell your friends which are yourfavourite loyalty cards and the offers you liked. Make your voiceheard by using the feedback option! • Tell the merchants about yourshopping experience, what you have enjoyed and which parts youhaven’t. • Give feedback straight from the virtual card section toyour favourite merchant. Find all your cards, even if you’ll changeyour phone. • Have you thought you will lose all your cards if youchange your phone? Wrong! • If you create an account, VirtualCardswill remember all your cards. So on your new phone, log intoVirtualCards, connect with your email and password and you’ll findall your cards. Be green! • Show your phone with the virtual cardto the cashier. He’ll scan the barcode and you’ll get the discountinstantly. • No more plastic cards and no more paperwork. Each oneof us can make a change to a healthier planet! ****** We areexcited to hear your opinions! If you have more questions orsuggestions, please send us an email: contact@virtualcardsapp.comOr follow us on Facebook: RO: ENG: ******