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Romantic Adventures of a Teen: Love Story Games 2.2
💏💘 Write your own "teen love story"! 😍Romantic Adventures of aTeen: Love Story Games😍 is a beautiful story of love and friendshipthat leaves no one indifferent! At times dramatic, but never boring- this "virtual love story" game lets you experience a "high schoolcrush" from an entirely different point of view! Step into therealistic world of the best "visual novel game" for teenagers andtake a part in the most exciting "storytelling game" full ofvarious twists and turns! You'll encounter cool characters,impressive graphics and lots of fun playing 😍Romantic Adventures ofa Teen: Love Story Games😍! You are the one to decide how this "teenromance" unravels! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 💏💘 In this thiswonderfully romantic visual story you'll find: 💕 The best"interactive stories" and "role-playing game" on the market! 💕 Themost compelling "high school romance" and "teen crush" interactivegames! 💕 Unique narrative with a bunch of unexpected plot twists! 💕A simple tap-based gameplay with cool "teenage characters" 💕Engaging plot, witty remarks, and great humor! You can: 💕Name themain character and choose the path she takes in this "romanticadventure game"! 💕 Pick amazing outfits to create your personallook and shine bright like a diamond! 💕 Decide what to say in keymoments that change the storyline! 💕 And much, much more! 💕SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch,Français, Italiano, Srpski, Русский, Bahasa Indonesia!💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 💏💘 Wouldn’t it be amazing to playthe main role in a super exciting teenage love story? Well, we'remaking it happen! This unique "high school life simulator games"where YOU choose what comes next enables you to live a "teenagelove affair" and tell your own story the way you like! Who will beyour new bae - a rebel or a quiet, nice guy? It's completely up toyou! Even the seemingly insignificant choices you make can changeeverything! Find your own school crush in one of the best “lovestory games free for girls”! 👭🚶Be a part of the super dramatic"interactive love story" and "romantic dating games"!”👭🚶 💏💘 Do youlike "teen romance books"? Are "teen romance movies" your thing?Try our "visual stories" and "love story games for teenage girls"and enjoy dramatic "romance games" - you won't regret it! Set offon a thrilling journey of finding true love and join our super coolteenage squad in their everyday (mis)adventures! Where the storygoes is entirely your decision! But, be careful - destiny works inmysterious ways! 😉 👫Choose your own romantic adventure!👫 💏💘 Weoffer you he most compelling "romantic games" and "dating games"for teenage girls and couples! 😍Romantic Adventures of a Teen: LoveStory Games😍 is an unprecedented role-playing game for trueromantics where you can find your ideal boyfriend and feelbutterflies in your stomach! Who will you fall in love with: ahandsome newcomer, or the boy next door? Or someone third?Sometimes you find love when you least expect it, you know! Butwatch out, your knight in shiny armor might turn out to be aheartbreaker! 💁The best teenage high school girl love story gamesfor free!💁 💏💘 If you like the "otome games" and visual novels, youwill simply adore our "free love story games for girls”! This isthe very best of dating game apps for teenagers, but also foranyone else who likes playing "RPG games" and enjoys "teen lovestory games"! There are plenty of similar "romance games" outthere, but this one is special! It can be yours in just a fewseconds, completely free of charge! Download ASAP to find out wherethe story will take you, and remember: it's all up to you!
Glamour Nail Art Design Studio 1.0
😻 Try out our new glamour dress up game for girls andcreatebeautiful nail designs. 💅 Glamour Nail Art Design Studio 💅 isamanicure game that allows you to paint your nails with yourownunique nail ideas. Be your own nail designer and combinedifferenttools and nail patterns to create your own art with thisfashiongame. 😻 Every girl likes having beautiful nails. But being abeautyqueen is now easy! Download our 💅 Glamour Nail Art DesignStudio 💅and start making fingernail designs a reality. Choose fromavariety of nail accessories and many nail polish designs.Adddifferent patterns, stickers and rhinestones to your nailsandcreate an artistic masterpiece. This is a nail makeover gameforgirls who would like to express their artistic side! .*・゜・゚Beautyparlour game for girls!!! .*・゜・゚ 🙌 Choose a skin color! 🙌Customizethe nail shape! 🙌 Pick among many amazing nail polishcolors! 🙌 Usedifferent palettes and brushes from our brush set! 🙌Pick the typeof a makeup brush to draw on your nails! 🙌 Addrhinestones andaccessories to make glam nails! 🙌 Take a picture ofyour nail artcreations and share it on social media! 🙌 Enjoy ourbeauty salongame for FREE!・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚😻 The optionsare limitless for you with our nail salon game! It islike havingyour very own manicure set. You can clip and buff yournails to getthe desired shape. Choose a fabulous nail paint designthat you likeand polish your nails. Pick a beauty pattern or apalette to get afashionable design. You can also add all kinds ofnail accessories;stickers, glitter sparkle, prints or evengemstones! Save your nailart ideas and share it with your friends!😻 Our dress up and makeupgame allows you to try out new differenttechniques! Use yourimagination and make french nails, shellacnails, acrylic nails orgel nails. Add a nail stamping and createamazing nail art designlike a professional. You will be the envyof your friends and afashion diva at every party with pretty nailsthat you have designedyourself. 😻 Nail studio girls games willallow you to express yourcreative side! You can now make 3D naildesigns and add your naildecoration ideas. Make you glamour nailsby adding glitter, sparkleeffects or matte nail polish. Once youare finished, add the photosto your gallery and make your personalmanicure photo album.Download this dress up games for girls nowfor free and create newamazing nails!
Unicorn Dress Up Photo Stickers 1.0
Turn yourself into a unicorn with Unicorn Dress Up PhotoStickers!Ever thought about how you might look like a unicorn? Nowyou cananswer that question by making unicorn pictures of yourself!Make aunicorn costume with our dress up game by adding stickers toyourpicture. You can use a face camera and add a unicorn horn withaheadband or even a sparkling crown. There are also manycolorfulhairstyles to choose from, so you can create your very ownrainbowunicorn picture! Try editing your pictures with this kawaiiunicornavatar maker and enjoy picture editing like a pro. This is acutemakeup game for girls! Unicorn Dress Up Photo Stickers offershoursof fun on end! Design a magical unicorn outfit with kawaiiphotostickers and unicorn eyes. If you are a fan of fantasticcreaturesand all things magic, then you will like this photo editorapp. Youcan create hundreds of cute unicorn images with photoeffects andadd text to them. Save your magical creations to yourgallery orshow off on Instagram or Facebook! You just have todownload thisdress up game for girls and start creating your owndesigns.Features: 🎠 Take a picture with your instant camera or useone fromyour gallery! 🎠 Edit your picture with your beauty app! 🎠Addvarious accessories: a crown, a horn or a headband! 🎠 Pickafabulous unicorn hairstyle in a variety of color options!🎠Embellish your selfies with various kawaii stickers! 🎠 Write afunmessage on your unicorn image! 🎠 Save your creation to yourphotogallery or share it with your friends on socialmedia!🎇🎇🎇🎇🌈🌈🌈🌈🎆🎆🌈🌈🌈🌈🎇🎇🎇🎇 Make a ton of "cute unicorn pictures"anddecorate them with "rainbow photo stickers". This is a"makeupphoto editor app" where you can edit pictures and add text.In justa few clicks of a button and swipes on your screen you cancreate aunique "rainbow unicorn makeover". Try one of the best"unicorngames for girls" that will allow you to design "unicornpicturesfor your phone". You will enjoy adding beautiful eyes,magicalhorns and rainbow crowns with this "makeup and dress up gameforgirls". Just take a selfie and make a unique pony avatar! Ifyoulike fantasy games and fairytale creatures, this "unicorn dressupgame" is for you! Download Unicorn Dress Up Photo Stickersandstart making your awesome creations! Just follow theinstructionsthat this "free photo editing app" provides and use allof theoffered options. First, use your selfie camera and take apicture.Second, decorate your photo with the offered accessories:unicorncrown, horn, eyes, kawaii stickers or various rainbowhairstyles.Then, write a text on the picture and add magic photoeffects.Finally, enjoy looking at your stylish picture as you seeyourselfbecoming a unicorn! Most girls like ponies, but a lot ofthemprefer unicorns! "Unicorn Dress Up Photo Stickers" allows youtodress as a unicorn and add makeup at the same time. If you needaway to spend your leisure time then this "best quality photoeditorapp" is the one for you. Spend hours on end just by havingfun andcreating your own super cute creations. The entrance to themagicalkingdom has never been so close and now you can look thepart andbe a member of it. Our "face makeup app photo editor appfor girls"is easy to use and will allow you to edit and change yourpicturesfor free. The stickers used in this app were downloadedfrom here:Designed by Freepik
Fantasy Dress Up Photo Editor 1.0
💫 Enter the world of magic and change your look instantly! Withthisfree photo montage maker and face changer, you cantransformyourself into your favorite fantasy hero or a heroine – asweetfairy or a handsome elf! These cute photo stickers are gonnamakeyour funny pictures stand out on all social networks –downloadFantasy Dress Up Photo Editor for free and see it foryourself! 💫Experience a virtual makeover in a matter of seconds!This fantasycamera offers an abundance of effects for pictures todecorate yourperfect selfies – fairy wings, elven ears, elvenjewelry,hairstyles and all kinds of accessories. So if you are alover offashion games for girls, now is the right time to startyour dressup adventure and soon you'll behold yourself as a realfairytalecharacter! Features: ✨ Free face changer app withfashionaccessories to decorate your pics! ✨ Tons of amazingstickers:fairy wings, elven ears, jewelry, hairstyles, coolornaments! ✨ Usea photo from your gallery or take a picture withyour instantbeauty camera! ✨ Zoom in and out, rotate, adjust! ✨Save the pic ofyour extreme makeover in your photo gallery! ✨ Shareyour cutephoto montage with all your friends on Facebook, TwitterandInstagram 💫 Make tons of elf and fairy images and amaze allyourfriends! Download this fairy dress photo montage app FantasyDressUp Photo Editor and discover a whole new realm ofenchantingcreatures. Now you can be just like them! Embellish yourfairycostume with stunning decorations and accessories – ears,tiaras,necklaces, hair ornaments and plenty of other elf stickers.Thanksto this fairy app you can edit photos and elf yourself inaninstant! 💫 If you are a fan of fashion games, you will beequallydelighted experimenting with fascinating picture effects anddecostickers that are gonna make you look exactly like aninhabitant ofthe elven world. Our fantasy stickers will make youlook like areal elf or a fairy from your favorite bedtime storiesand cartoons– try them out and you will be left speechless! Jumpright intoyour own fairy tale and make your childhood dreams cometrue! 💫 Thebest free app for girls and boys is waiting for you toreveal allof its features and have fun all day long! You can looklike afairy princess or an elf king with just a couple ofcuteaccessories. Take your selfie camera and let your imaginationrunwild! Add beautiful decorations to your pics and makeyourselfunrecognizable!
Graffiti Letters on Photo Maker 1.1
🎈 Become a genuine graffiti artist with our ✍ Graffiti LettersonPhoto Maker ✍! This is a photo studio that allows you towritegraffiti font as text on photos. Since you cannot do it onthestreets, you can spray graffiti on your phone with our photoeditorapp. Take photos of places or people that you like or evenyourselfand add various kinds of captions and graffiti text. Youcan evendraw on photos and include photo effects to make uniquepictures. 🎈Edit pictures with our graffiti maker! ✍ GraffitiLetters on PhotoMaker ✍ allows you to take your own pictures or useexisting onesand add graffiti alphabet on them. You can also drawon picturesand create your own personal graffiti tags or add photostickersand include beautiful wall murals to your photos. Ourpictureeditor has various options and can help you create yourowngraffiti art! 🎨🎨🎨 Graffiti Creator to write on pictures!!! 🎨🎨🎨🌈Write on photos for free with our photo editor! 👉 Take a pictureoruse an old photo to embellish it! 🌈 Graffiti writing invariouscool styles! 👉 Add captions and write a message on yourpicture! 🌈Draw on photos with a brush and make your unique graffitiwall art!👉 Change fonts, text size, colors, and opacity! 🌈 Makegreetingcards and add inspirational messages! 👉 Share your photomontage onsocial media with your friends! 🎈 With our photo texteditor, youhave an opportunity to create all kinds of graffiti art!With avariety of stylish graffiti fonts at your disposal, you canwritetext on pictures or create your own design on an image withadrawing brush. Being a street artist is very easy and you onlyneedto download our graffiti editor and start using it! 🎈 Ourwritingapp is very easy to use! Pick out a picture from yourgallery ortake a new one. Add graffiti letters from the offeredpack. Pickyour own unique style; wildstyle, bubble, abstract or 3D.Add textto photos or include a photo caption for pictures. Writeaninspirational quote or a personal message. You can alsoaddstickers or photo decorations to make an even betterdesign.Finally, save your creations to your photo gallery or shareit withall of your friends on Facebook or Instagram. 🎈 This is oneof thebest picture editing programs on the Google Play Store!Makinggraffiti is very fun, why not make funny pictures using them.Ifyou are artistic, you can make your own design and combine itwiththe existing graffiti alphabet that we offer. Create your ownstyleand be a true street artist with this great photo writing app!
Doodle Text - Photo Editor App 1.0
😍💋 Use our drawing app to write text on photos or selfies andmakefunny images! 😎 Doodle Text - Photo Editor App 😎 is an imageeditorwhere you can draw on pictures or write funny messages.Choose apicture from your gallery and add a text to an image! Takea funpicture with your selfie camera and place photo stickers andcreateyour own doodle art! 😎 Doodle Text - Photo Editor App 😎 is aphotostudio that has various options! Take a picture and placedecostickers, write selfie quotes or make a note on your pic.Theoptions are endless and the only limit is your imagination. Youcanwrite on your pictures or draw on your photos or embellishthemwith some picture stickers! Create funny photos of you andyourfriends! But our photo editor also allows you to writelovemessages on a picture of you and your boyfriend. 🎀🎀🎀 Drawonpicture app for girls!!! 🎀🎀🎀 ✍ Free draw on picture app! ✍ Takeapicture or choose one from your gallery! ✍ Add text to yourphotoand choose the colour and font size! ✍ Pick one of the manybrushshapes and sizes! ✍ Make different types of finger paintingartwith different brushes! ✍ Random colour and differentpatternoptions! ✍ Save your photo montage to your gallery or shareit onsocialmedia!♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•😍💋Download this amazing sketch app on your phone and use it towriteon photos or add text on pictures! Just take a photo withyourinstant selfie camera, think of a funny description, adddecostickers, and get a great piece of sketch art. It will makephotoediting enjoyable and very easy for you. This is probably thebestprogram to write on pictures since it has so many options.Otherphoto editing software may offer similar amount of fun, butonlyour photo editor allows you to take a note and combine itwithphoto effects for amazing results! 😍💋 Our photo editing appwillfreshen up your old pictures and liven up your day. You canevenmake somebody else's day by sending them a doodle picture withaselfie caption on it. There are many ways for you to usethisdrawing app. You can start by adding letters or quotes toyourpictures first, but you can also add all kinds of effectsandstickers to make them unique. 😍💋 Draw on photos app is a greatwayto surprise somebody you like. You can write aninspirationalmessage and add letters with different fonts. This appalso workswell to preserve your favourite memories. But it alsohelps livenup those memories and allows you to decorate them. Onceyou arefinished editing photos, simply save your photo montages toyourgallery and share them with all the people you know onsocialnetworks!
Virtual Hairstyle & Makeup Photo Editor 1.0
Girls, get ready to pamper yourselves with an all-roundbeautytreatment! With this makeup application Virtual Hairstyle&Makeup Photo Editor you can achieve a stunning look and makeyourselfies flawless! Show off your perfection with the best hairandmakeup photo editor. Here you can find everything a girl needstolook like a famous supermodel in every pic. Choose facemakeup,fake piercing jewelry, trendy hairstyles, perfect eyebrows,falseeyelashes and whatever your heart desires! Your virtualmakeoverwill be so realistic that it will set social networks onfire assoon as you share your photo montage! Become an experiencedmakeupartist or a hairdresser! Try different haircuts and decidewhichone to wear for a special occasion. Select eye makeup stylethatsuits you best and highlights your natural beauty – cat eyemakeup,smokey eyes or any other style. Top it off with some of ourawesomepieces of piercing jewelry and your pictures are all readytoconquer the world! 💄 Take a photo with your face camera! 🎀Addfantastic photo stickers and effects! 💄 Choose makeup,hairstyleand piercing stickers from our extensive collection! 🎀 Addtext tophotos and your favorite quotes! 💄 Create an extrememakeover ofyour image with the best free face editor! 🎀 Save yourvirtualbeauty makeover and share it on Instagram, Facebook orTwitter! 💎Fashion games for girls 💎 Hairstyle changer app,piercingsimulator, beauty makeup camera 💎 Simulation games forteenagegirls 💎 Face makeup app 💎 Makeup simulator app 💎 Virtualhair andmakeup 💎 Fake piercing editor Make your pictures uniqueandspecial! This beauty app 3 in 1 Virtual Hairstyle &MakeupPhoto Editor offers you an extraordinary experience ofvirtual facemakeover and all of this is for free! By playing these“dress upgames for girls” you will get to know beauty tricks anddiscoveryour best look. Your “free virtual makeover” will take onlya fewminutes of your time but you will be dazzled by how pretty youcanlook in your selfies with the help of a few picture effects.This“face beauty editor” is an all-encompassing app that offers allyouneed to achieve the desired look in your photos – check itoutright now! Don't be afraid to show off your natural graces!Makeyour photos stand out! Take your selfie camera and start makingtheworks of art! This hairstyle simulator gives you a chance totrydifferent hairstyles for women, various pieces of body jewelryaswell as latest makeup trends. With this awesome “makeupcamera”Virtual Hairstyle & Makeup Photo Editor is all you needtoretouch photos your own way. The best “makeup photo editor”isavailable for free download, so get it right now and letyourvirtual beauty makeover begin! This haircut simulator and fakenosepiercing app are perfect tools for every girl to embellishherselfies and expose her beauty! Forget about any expensivebeautysalon, piercing studio or a hairdresser – perfection is nowjust afew swipes away! These “makeover games” “Virtual Hairstyle&Makeup Photo Editor” are a perfect solution for all the girlswhowant to look perfect in their pictures but are too busy towanderaround expensive beauty salons. Now you can create your lookwithjust a few stickers and effects, and the choice is all yours!
Superhero Costume Stickers: Photo App 1.0
Have you ever wanted to become a superhero? Well, now you can,usingSuperhero Costume Stickers: Photo App! Try out our pictureapp andedit your photos and transform yourself into a hero. Makeasuperhero suit with a face mask and a cape. Top it off withacaption and you are ready to fly away and save the damselindistress. Embellish your photo montage with variouspicturestickers and special effects like in the movies. This is aface appfor boys, but girls can enjoy it also. There are a lot ofheroinesout there who would like to have super powers as well.Everybodywants to become a superhero with superpowers for a day.WithSuperhero Costume Stickers: Photo App you can be a hero everyday!Make a total transformation of your pictures and add variousphotostickers so you can be the protagonist of your own story. Youcandesign all kinds of superhero outfits and uniforms, so youbecomean invincible hero. But, if you want to be a villain, youcanchoose a dark eye mask and make a scary photo. Use our photoeditorand your selfie camera to take a picture. Then add stickersandwrite a heroic caption. Finally, show your superhero charactertoall of your friends on social media. ⚔🛡🏹 Face change app forboysand girls! 🏹🛡⚔ 💪 Take a cool photo with your face camera! 💪Createa photo montage by adding photo frames, stickers, and photoeffectsfor free! 💪 Add all kinds of heroic items; a superhero mask,a capeor an armor with our editing app! 💪 Add text to photos byincludingcaptions in big blocky letters! 💪 Create a uniquesuperhero suitwith our costume changer! 💪 Save your design andshare it onInstagram or Facebook! This is a free “photo editor app”for peoplewho like movies. A “suit maker” which allows you tocompletelytransform your photos. Go from zero to hero in a matterof moments.You can reinvent yourself with a heroic makeover andwith the addedvisual effects everything will look like you are in amovie. This“photo creator” offers you only the "best face masks” tochoosefrom so you can make your ideas possible. A "sticker app"that isalso a "face editor" with a lot of options for you to edityourphotos. It is a great "boys game" that can be used as a "dressupgame for girls" who want to show their exciting side. Youcaneasily become an “invincible hero” with “cool superpowers”.Youdon't have to wish for having "superhero powers" anymore as youcanedit your pictures so they look like you have them. JustdownloadSuperhero Costume Stickers: Photo App and “create yoursuperhero”.A “face makeover” comes easy with our “dress up game”.You can'tfind a better "picture editor” on Google Play Storebecause thisone offers you the best design and costumes. Try it outand weguarantee that you won't regret it. Designing a superheroHalloweencostume is easy. Use “Superhero Costume Stickers: PhotoApp” tocreate your Halloween costume in a matter of minutes. With afewswipes on your screen and with a couple of clicks, you caneasilychange your photo to look like something out of “superherocomics”.With this "camera app", you will be the life of any party.Simplydownload our "superhero maker", follow the steps to “editpictures”and you will end up with a great “superhero costume” thateverybodywill envy. You don't have to have "superhero abilities" tocreatefantastic designs, you only have to have our “face changer”app.The stickers used in this app were downloaded from here:Designedby Freepik
Hair & Beard Salon Photo Editor App 1.0
Do you want to grow a full beard and have a stylish hairstyle?Nowyou can do both using our Hair & Beard Salon Photo EditorApp!Going to a hairdresser can be tedious and stylizing yourbeard,mustache, hairdo even eyebrows can sometimes take a lot oftime.But not if you have a great picture editor app with camerastickersat your disposal. Take a moment and decide which style youwant tomake, modern, fashionable or even a hipster style, and makeavirtual makeover of your pictures. Be your own virtual barberbychoosing among the offered photo stickers and add a fakemustache,a stylish beard, a trendy hairstyle or even some funnyeyebrows!Hair & Beard Salon Photo Editor App is a perfect dressup gamefor men! Why go to a real barber shop to get your hair donewhenyou can do it by yourself. Add mustache stickers to your faceandmake funny photos. Have a virtual haircut by adding picturesoffashionable hair designs. Or simply beard yourself by attachingabeard sticker to your face. You can even add some funnyeyebrows.The choices are awesome and the combinations are endlessas you canmake various kinds of transformations with this 3 in 1makeovergame. Features: 👨 The best of simulator games free ofcharge foryour Android™ devices! 👨 Choose among many photo stickersfrom anarray of styles: short hairstyles, long hairstyles,mediumhairstyles, beard model, mustaches of various types, andeyebrowstencils! 👨 Easy and fun to use an image editing tool andphotostudio! 👨 Edit your selfies like a pro with this image editingapp!👨 Use a photo from your own gallery or take a picture withyourinstant camera! 👨 Zoom in and out, rotate, adjust, add text! 👨Savethe pic of your new creation and your stylish photo in yourphotogallery! 👨 Set your new design as a wallpaper background onyourphone or tablet! 👨 Share your new funny pictures with allyourfriends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Visit a"virtualhairdresser" by downloading our “dress up game for men” forfree!Enter the world of style and fashion with a “face swap app”thatallows you to "edit photos" and gain a unique look. You canhave aface like a celebrity and create your own unique hipsterstyle.Choose among a plethora of “camera stickers” that our“pictureeditor” provides. Attach a fake mustache to your face or alongbeard. Save your fabulous creations to your photo gallery andput asmile on your friends' face by sharing them on social media.Hair& Beard Salon Photo Editor App is the best game for boyswhocare about their style. Try making stylish transformations andtakeyour "image editing" skills to a higher level. Our “hairsalongame” has the best 3 in 1 offer. Combine a cool haircut withagreat “beard style” and “mustache stickers”. Top it off by addingacertain eyebrow design and you are ready to go. Create yourownpersonal look so you can impress other girls and be the talk ofthetown! If you are looking for a great “image editor” that helpsyoutransform your face, then look no further. “Hair & BeardSalonPhoto Editor App” provides you with everything that youneed.“Makeover games” can help you decide on your style before youvisita “beauty salon”. Grow a full beard in a matter of seconds orbeyour own “hair stylist”. Finish everything with a pair ofmustacheand you are ready to go. This is the best “camera app” thatallowsyou to express how you feel and make “photo montages” with“photoeffects” that you want.
Light Effects Fx and Filters for Photos 1.1
✨ Decorate photos your own way and let them be extraordinaryandunique! Learn the secret of bokeh photography and play with"photoeffects" while having the best fun ever! We are proud topresentyou a brand new "photo editor" Light Effects Fx and FiltersforPhotos with a magical collection of "light effects" and"photofilters" to turn your pics into masterpieces in a matterofseconds! Your selfies will sparkle and shine and exude luxuryandglamour! Make your phone all shimmering and glowing! With"LightEffects Fx and Filters for Photos" your "selfie camera"willtrigger your creativity and make you look stunning in yourimages.Add a cute "bokeh effect" and your pic will stand out fromthecrowd. A single detail, shape and color can make miracles happen–see it for yourself! Features: ⋆ Add effects to photos to makeabokeh background! ⋆ Free light effects for your instant camera!⋆Chose an image from the gallery and apply the bokeh filter! ⋆Playwith glitter photo effects, choose different shapes and colors!⋆Picture editing is now easy, free and fast! ⋆ Share yourealistic"photo montage" directly on Facebook, Twitter orInstagram! ✨Embellish your selfies with amazing bokeh light thatwill bringthem to perfection! Forget about photoshop apps! LightEffects Fxand Filters for Photos, the ultimate app for bokehphotography,possesses plenty of options to bring your photo editingskills to ahigher level and create a photo montage that willattract attentionwith its originality. Explore our fantastic photobooth, pay avisit to this photo studio and you will be surprised bywhat itoffers. Add a glitter bokeh background to your picture,spice it upwith fabulous photo filters, insert frames, make acollage! Add asoft focus to your images, make a blurry background,emphasizecertain points of light, insert light leaks! A bokeheffect is theonly thing you need to make a lovely piece of art outof your plainold pictures! Highlight your smile, add mysteriousnessto yourlook, decorate pics with multiple light beams and variousshapeslike hearts, bubbles and stars scattered all over! Thesevisualeffects will give an extreme makeover to your selfies toconquerall social networks! ✨ Be prepared to live your dream! Ifyou thinkthere is something missing in your otherwise perfectimages, youare about to make a discovery! Just one glimmer of bokehlight willwork wonders for your pics! Create a fantastic photomontage thatlooks realistic with patterns of light perfectlyblended with yourimage. Gather all your friends and get the partystarted! With justa few swipes the results you get will leave youspeechless! Sodownload this wonderful app right now, for free, andspread the funand joy! This photo editor and photo booth app is sofull of bokehshapes, colors and patterns that you will find itextremelydifficult to choose only one! Ordinary photoshop issometimescomplicated and it can take away a lot of your free time.But inthis photo studio you will not only save time but you willalsoachieve similar results, so now is the right time to make ityoursfor free and start enjoying photo editing! Black andwhitephotography is out of fashion! Take your instant camera andstartan adventure of your dreams!