Virtual Vision Apps

Macho Boy 1.2.3
Mr.Macho explores the Haunted City. Heiscool,adventurous and most important he is funny. Help himinwinning over the dangerous Zombies and lead him to the Victory.Heis an excellent Sword Fighter and is quite aggressive. EnjoytheMacho Boy. More cool updates are coming soon. Keep in Touch...Game Updates.. of Version 1.2Added new Macho Boy ActionsMacho Boy is more adventurous now.. He rulesIntroducing the Mega Virtual Store.Now you can Buy Assets for the Macho Boy to make himmorepowerful..You can buy coins to upgrade power ups..Use Macho Drinks to save Macho Boy..STAY MACHOO...
Zombie wants to Pray 1.0
This Zombie is not harmful as somehow hehasbeen able to control his mind through deep meditation and Pray.Heuse to have grey green color of saggy sallow skin but throughPrayhe got refreshed blue color and God gave him wings so that hecanfly away in the search of peace to fully recover himself. Now urgod help him to pass him through has zombies don't know how tofly.COOL UPDATES ARE COMING SOON!! KEEP IN TOUCH..