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Deadly Medieval Arena 2.0
The action takes place in medieval times, wheneverything was decided by the sword. You are given the opportunityto live in the city, work to raise the level of training, or in thebattle in the arena. To earn more money, you can bet on fighters tosell the trophies received in battle or skin of dead animals. Keepan eye on the health of the hero, do not forget to eat, sleep, andtreated. Earn more money to buy the best armor and weapons, andfight with the champions of the arena.In stock:Big city,Many scenes,Customization,Weapons,Armor,Food,Inventory,and much more.
Steel And Flesh 1.9
Steel And Flesh - a Mixture of medieval 3Daction and strategy. You find yourself in the middle ages, where 12big clans are fighting among themselves over land. You open a hugeworld with oceans, continents and Islands. Europe swept theuprising in the North, wielded by pirates. You can be an ordinaryrobber fighting with the bandits and attacking the village. Or toswear to any of the clans and participate in large battles withstrong opponents. And of course you always have the opportunity tobe king of his own clan, the new land grabbing and attaching toitself more and more lords.- Global map- Continents and Islands- The 12 clans(Roman Empire, Rus, Ottoman Empire, Golden Horde,Vikings, England, France, Germany, Poland, Empire Song, Pirates,Rebels)- Towns, castles, villages and ports- Sailing- The battle in the third person- The cavalry- Inventory- Customizationand much more.
Special Operations Forces 1.1
Special Operations Forces - 3d action from thefirst person. Includes a single game with bots, and teammultiplayer with other players.Single player gameMultiplayer2 teams.6 skins.Weapons: 7 assault rifles, 2 submachine guns, 2 sniper rifles, 3pistols.2 game modes: Standard and Death Match4 maps.