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US Navy Top Gun Kids 0.9.7
Top Gun Kids lets you train in a 2D simulator blowing up Drones andRockets in a real US Navy jet! Officially Licensed by the US Navy,Vision Strike Ware brings you a simple fun, continuous playshoot-em up with real planes, drones and rockets. Now you can starttraining for the Navy Top Gun School!US Navy Top Gun Kids lets you train in a 2D simulator blowing upDrones and Rockets in a real US Navy jet! Officially Licensed bythe US Navy, Vision Strike Ware brings you a simple fun, continuousplay shoot-em up with real planes, drones and rockets.US NAVY TOP GUN KIDS FEATURESReal US Navy Aircraft, drones and rockets.Drone enemies appear more often, the higher level youachieve.Enemy drones increase in speed and difficulty as you last longerin the simulator.Collect Silver Stars to increase the distance your aircraft canshoot.FREE LIVES when you reach higher scores, collect up to 6aircraft to keep your mission running!Sand Bags can block your shots near the ground.Watch out, enemies will start to shoot back!Can you make it to the Danger Zone?Now with Optional Motion Controls!
USAF Operation:Sentinel 1.1.5
USAF Operation Sentinel is a MassiveMulitplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) being released on allmobile platforms. The first Air Force Game ever where you canexperience being an Airman in the United States Air Force and workyour way up the ranks of command. Help save the planet Earth from athreat beyond any other force. Only one branch of the US Militaryis able to respond to the Extinction Level Event.REALISTIC STORY AND TONS OF MISSIONS!Immerse yourself in the near future where you are part of asequestered USAF Military Base that responds to the destruction ofan asteroid impact! Complete the Missions needed to Save thePlanet. Increase Your Rank by completing Operations. Develop Skillsto add more Arsenal to your Air Base. Grow your Air Base andDevelop Your Wing’s AFSCs! Earn Command Points to challenge inPlayer vs Player. Salvage items on Missions to increase Arsenal!Special Items Locker for specific needs of the story. ChallengeOther Player’s Flight Performance! Purchase Fortune Points forenhanced game play! Get Air Drops when you need a little help withextras. Redo Operations, Missions, and timers to improveperformance. Recruit Your Friends for Team Play!OVER 100 HOURS OF GAMEPLAYTons of Missions in Several Operations that you can playimmediately, with more content being developed daily. Saving theworld is up to you, Airman. Are you up to the challenge? Fly,Fight, and Win!Requirements: Game data is automatically stored online, but aninternet connection is required to playGAME AND STORY NOTES✔ Officially licensed USAF game!✔ Immerse yourself in the near future where you are part of asequestered USAF Military Base that responds to the destruction ofan asteroid impact!✔ Complete the Missions needed to Save the Planet Earth!✔ Unlock missions to unravel the mysteries behind the extinctionlevel event!✔ Similar play style to games like Mafia Wars or iMobsters, onlybetter!✔ Play across platforms! Use the same login on other devices andkeep playing with the same character!GAME FEATURES✔ Timer Events and Countdowns for enhance game play.✔ Increase Your Rank by completing Missions, Operations and FlightChallenges.✔ Grow your Air Base and Develop Your Wing's AFSCs!✔ Develop Skills to add more Arsenal to your Air Base.✔ Procure Units, Equipment and Vehicles from the Tech Hangar.✔ Manage your performance and log history with AirmanDossier.✔ Earn Command Points to challenge others in Player vsPlayer.✔ Salvage items on Missions to increase Arsenal!✔ Special Items Locker for specific needs of the story.✔ Challenge Other Player's Flight Performance!✔ In-Game Fortune Points Purchase for enhanced game play!✔ Get Air Drops when you need a little help with extras.✔ Redo Operations, Missions, and timers to improveperformance.✔ Recruit Your Friends for Team Play and increase your NAF(Numbered Air Wings)!✔ Add Airmen for increased performance!✔ Companion games with inter-game rewards!✔ Hours of game play, with much more to come!✔ No Ads!FOLLOW US ONLINELike us on feedback and support visit our forum at:
Military Coin Flip 0.9
Don't have a coin?This will flip a coin for you.Completely random!Also uses a cool United States Military Coin.
Don't Step on the Landmine! 1.1
You're trapped in enemy territory and youhaveto brave the landmine field to get to safety! Step on thefaintfootprints of the person who escaped and see how far you canmakeit in this clever continuous play game.Whatever you do, DON"T STEP ON THE LANDMINE! Tap eachfootprintto make your way but don't miss a step or it's game overand tap alandmine and BOOM!Learn to play in seconds and challenge your friends to seewhocan get the furthest!Two level of difficulty and the game gets faster andmoredifficult as you go.Brought to you by the top name in Mobile Military Games,VisionStrike Ware. Check out our other releases, like theMMOUSAF:Operation Sentinel or other continuous play gameslikePararescue and Dive! Dive!
ParaRescue - Free Kids Game 2.0
Leaping from their CV-22 Osprey into thericepaddies of Southeast Asia as the red storm is rising in theeast,these Special Operators are retrieving downed pilots andstrandedSpecial Forces working behind enemy lines. Help theseAirmen opentheir chutes and reach the ground safely!Tap the paratroopers to open their chutes. Make sure to avoidthebombs! When you see the medical crate come down, tap it and getafew seconds of safe paratroopers. Tap the falling helmet to getafree life.LEARN TO PLAY IN SECONDS!1. Tap on Paratroopers to open their chutes.2. Avoid the bombs!3. Tapping medical crate opens all chutes for a few seconds.4. Helmet is a free life!5. Stars are worth bonus points!** As you play longer, clouds will float by and obscureyourview!CONTINUOUS GAMEPLAY with PAUSE!Sound on/off controls.Pause while in game.
Don't Tap The White Grenade 0.1.1
Try to tap all the Logo symbols withoutlettingany get passed the bottom of the screen and DON'T TAP theWHITEGRENADES or you will go BOOM!Two difficulty settings, high score and it speeds up asyougo!Three Second Countdown and then it's on!Simple but fun and addictive!
Blackhawk Almost Down 0.3.2
Fly your damaged Blackhawk helicopterthroughthe war torn buildings to try to get to safety in thisclassicarcade style remake. With flappy bird style game play, coolretrographics, animated backgrounds and great sounds you'll beplayingin seconds! Just tap the screen to keep your helicopterflying anddon't crash!
Military Pinup Girls: HS 1.01
We at are allaboutcelebrating the fine tradition of Military Pinup art.MilitaryPinup Girls: Hidden Secrets is a hidden object game perfectfor theserviceman looking to blow off a little steam and kill alittletime. Bedazzle your eyes with the beautiful visages of uptofifteen different Pinup Girls, each loaded with hidden objectstouncover!We'll start you out with your first pinup, the beautifulBetty.Betty served a tour in Iraq and she's brought back the art toproveit!After that, it's up to you, with 13 more pinups to purchase andabonus that comes when you've played them all, what are youwaitingfor, an invitation to our Facebook page? That's at's all it takes!
Osprey - Free Kids Game 1
Fly your CV-22 Osprey Helicopterthroughtreacherous apocalyptic training obstacles in this FlappyBirdstyle mobile arcade game made for kids of all ages!Tap screen to fly - that's it!Play in seconds.Tracks High Score.Now with improved load times, smaller file size andsmootheranimations.
Military Backgrounds & Coupons 1.5
Get exclusive coupons for CustomMilitaryApparel and Gifts from!Military Wallpapers and Military Backgrounds for yourdevice!Officially Licensed designs for the USAF and USCG!Free downloads of Military Games for your Android devices!Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard wallpapers!Original designs by Military Artist Derek FROSTY!
Dive! Dive! 1.1
Take your submarine through the depths oftheocean and Dive! Dive! to live. Enemy torpedoes are coming atyoufrom all sides and you have to dodge the rocks of the oceanfloorand some of them are moving! Have fun playing instantly withthissuper easy to learn flappy-bird style game with loads ofextragraphics and features.Learn how to play in seconds!Just tap the screen!Great for kids and adults alike!Free kids game!