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FlipaClip - Unlocker 1.0.1
**THE UNLOCKER IS CURRENTLY MAINLY FORSUPPORT**Help us out by downloading the Unlocker.We are working hard to add many new features.Current features:- Removes all ads- Unlocks onion settings (set how many frames to show, show beforeand after frames, and adjust the alpha)- Allows you to remove watermarkFlipaClip Description:FlipaClip allows you to effortlessly create, edit, and exportmovies to your favorite social networks! Share your awesomecreative ideas on Facebook, Youtube or anywhere else easily fromFlipaClip!Change the background, preview your creation as you build it,and edit all drawings. It has never been easier to create your ownmovies frame by frame.Using Samsung’s S Pen, create even more detailed and precisedrawings, change the pen styles/colors and easily undo/redochanges.Share your creations with us on facebook! source code used by FlipaClip:FFMpeg:
FlipaClip Beta (Unreleased) 2.0.0-alpha-4
This is the Beta version of FlipaClip.