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Digital GPS Speedometer Odometer Offline HUD View 1.2.6
Speed GPS Speedometer is an advanced pedometer application thatuses the phone's built-in GPS system to displays current speed indigital & analog meter view. Speed test meter keeps track ofyour max and average speed while traveling. You can easily switchbetween units of measurement (mph or km/h) for use in your vehicle(your cycle, your car, on a boat or on an airplane) .You can trackand save your journey with live tracking on map. Moreover you canplace your phone on your car's dashboard and see the speedreflected in the front glass using HUD View (Head Up Display). Thisis a garmin gps free speedometer app ###### FEATURES #######DISPLAY MODE 1. GPS Speed Meter Pro works in both land and portraitmode 2. Switch between KM/H and MPH mode for speed measurement. 3.Showing Average and Maximum Speed of the trip. 4. AnalogSpeedometer view TRACKING HISTORY 1. Keeps track of traveleddistance, average speed and max speed. 2. Store history of trackingdata along with the real time data display. 3. Reset odometerreading or tracking data quickly and easily. MAP VIEW 1. Showcurrent speed and distance in both land and portrait mode. 2. GPSNavigation feature allow you to show your gps status, currentposition on map in real time with Standard, Satellite or Hybridview. INCLINOMETER VIEW 1. Speedo app Allow you to display thelongitudinal and transverse slope of your vehicle HUD VIEW 1. Turnon the HUD mode and lay your phone on prepared spot so you can seethe reflection on your windshield of your vehicle. USAGE * Analogbicycle speedometer is specially design for bicycle riders. * AlsoUse GPS Speedometer in Train, Airplane, Bike, Cycle, Boat and alsofor Runner. * Speedometer app for running * By using gpscoordinates we calculate your speed and this is accuratespeedometer app Tested on many devices * Best gps tracking deviceapp that allow you to find your vehicle speed * Car Heads UpDisplay GPS Odometer App * Vehicle Tracking on Live Maps If youhave any questions or comments, feel free to contact with us
Audio Player : Bass Booster 1.0.3
Audio Player has simple and effective interface, faithfully showingthe visualization of your music played. Music Player has powerfulmusic equalizer, bass booster and great sound virtualizer, Quicksearch all music files, free to get this perfect audio player andmedia player. Background music play allow you to keep playing yoursongs while you use other apps. Bass Booster & Equalizer is notonly based on artists or albums, but also based on the folderstructure.★★★★ Features ★★★★★ Browse and play your music by albums,artists, genre songs, playlists, folders.★ Shuffle function toplays songs in a random order★ Media volume control★ Powerfulequalizer. More than 22+ pre-set music :✔ Hip Hop ✔ Rock ✔ Dance ✔Pop ✔ Latin ✔ Metal ✔ Classical ✔ Flat ✔ Normal★ Custom tone musicstyle and manually adjust the equalizer. ★ Powerful bassamplifier.★ Home screen WIDGETS Player.★ Crete your own play list ★Add to queue feature.★ Custom your Playlist★ Easily play audio fromnotification bar or home WIDGETS If you have any question &suggestion then don’t forget to contact
Arabic Keyboard 1.0.3
Now type your messages,comments,save your contacts,write yourstories and E-mails in Arabic Language using Arabic keyboardapp.You will find superb eye catching themes from ArabicKeyboard.You can set your own photo in keyboard as abackground.★★★★★ Features ★★★★★★With Arabic and Suggestion★ Arabickeypad allow you to write text in Arabic language as well as inEnglish also.★ Can set your photo as background in keyboard.★ Seepreview of keyboard inside app.★ Creates contacts in Arabic★ Chatwith your friends in Arabic★ Use whatsApp, Facebook, Viber and allsocial media in Arabic★ Easily switch From Arabic to English andfrom English to Arabic using this Arabic Keypad.★ Select defaulttheme that more attract and in which alphabets are more visible toyour eyes.★ English keyboards★ Arabic Keyboard★ Numeric keypadHowit work:• After installing the Arabic keyboard click on Enablekeyboard and select Arabic keyboard.• After enabling the Arabickeyboard set the input method to Arabic keyboard.• Select themethat more attract and in which alphabets are more visible to youreyes or chose your own picture as a them and enjoy writing Arabicwith beautiful Arabic Keyboard.
Places Around Me : Find Near Me 1.0.1
Nearby places - search , find and navigate is quickly identifiesyour position and helps you find ATM, Bank, Gas Station,Restaurant, Bar, Café, Hospital, Hotel, Taxi, Movie Theatre, BeautySalon, Wi-Fi spots or virtually anything near you.If you are new ina city or any other place then Nearby Places is best app to searcha near places .It displays places near to user's current locationbased on selected category. You can use this GPS location trackerapp to find the shortest route to the destination places. It givessearch result based on your current GPSlocation.************Features************* Around Me PlacesTracker: Search for a place, address, city or anything that’snearby you.* Fast, easy and accurate* Showing directions on how toreach your destination via Google Maps* Get directions with Mapwith estimated time and distance* View contact details, address,distance and location of each place* Fastest Routes: Gives youmultiple options on how to get to your destination, and viadifferent transport types like walking, public transport, bike, caretc…Note: This App is free and supported by Ads.
Russian Keyboard 2018 1.0.4
Now type your messages,comments,save your contacts,write yourstories and E-mails in Russian Language using Russian keyboardapp.You will find superb eye catching themes from RussianKeyboard.You can set your own photo in keyboard as abackground.★★★★★ Features ★★★★★★With Russian and EnglishSuggestion★ Russian keypad allow you to write text in Russianlanguage as well as in English also.★ Can set your photo asbackground in keyboard.★ See preview of keyboard inside app.★Creates contacts in Russian★ Chat with your friends in Russian★Easily switch From Russian to English and from English to Russianusing this Russian Keypad.★ Select default theme that more attractand in which alphabets are more visible to your eyes.★ Englishkeyboards★ Russian Keyboard★ Numeric keypadHow it work:• Afterinstalling the Russian keyboard click on Enable keyboard and selectRussian keyboard.• After enabling the Russian keyboard set theinput method to Russian keyboard.• Select theme that more attractand in which alphabets are more visible to your eyes or chose yourown picture as a them and enjoy writing Russian with beautifulRussian Keyboard.
GPS Route Finder - Maps and Navigation 1.0.9
GPS Route Finder-GPS Navigation & GPS Route Guide helps to findfastest & shortest route for your .This app helps you to findroute between any two places in a most easy and fast way. Justenter the starting and destination locations and get the desiredroute. Live maps help you understand and navigate live map data.Live maps help to view a locations and receive real time datainformation. ************Features************ Route Finder: Findshortest routes to your destination *** GPS Nearby - Around meplaces *** Identifies your nearest places like 1. ATM 2. Bank 3.Gas Station 4. Hospital 5. School 6. TAMS 7. Airports 8. PostOffice 9. Clubs 10. Mosques 11. Church's 12. Temples 13. Hotel 14.Bar 15. Movie Theater 16. Restaurant 17. Supermarket 18. Theaterand Taxi. *** Driving Route Finder *** Best route planner for yourvehicles. Easiest and fastest route for your destination. Easilyfind the driving route between any two locations. It also tells youestimated time in which you reach to your distinction. *** SpeedTest *** Now it is very easy to verify your vehicle speed whencycling, running, flying, sailing by using GPS Speedometer. Thedisplay can be switched between normal viewing and HUD mode whichmirrors the display for viewing as a reflection in a vehiclewindshield. *** More Feature*** Share your current location withone click. Find Address of any area in map. Supports different mapstypes: Normal, Satellite, Terrain maps. Finding Walking Route. Aaroute finder Gps tracker Satellite view earth – Enjoy the view ofearth from the space Finding Shortest path Restaurants nearby BestGPS Route Guide app for android. Gps Map Restaurants near me Foodnear me Navigation map GPS Route Finder is completely free todownload. Now With using Digital Gps Speedometer feature you canfind your vehicle speed and distance.DigiHUD Speedometer (head updisplay) allow you to display your current speed on your vehiclefront screen. Gps navigation feature allow you to display maptracking with speed. Note: This App is free and supported by Ads.
Screen Recorder - Record, Capture, Edit 1.0.1
Best easy to use JU Screen Recorder, create your first, amazingvideo now. It does NOT require root access. JU Recorder is a freeand high-quality screen recorder for Android that helps you recordsmooth and clear screen videos with audio. You can easily recordpopular mobile game, video calls with family and friends and alsocan record popular programs on live apps. Recording of Mobilescreen has more features such as screen capture, video recorderwith audio recording, video editor and no rooting needed. JURecorder create video without Water Mark. Key Features★ ScreenRecording★ Totally FREE★ NO root needed.★ Record a clean screenWithout a Watermark ★ Countdown timer allow you to prepare beforerecording.★ NO recording time limit★ Record internal and externalAudio★ Use Screen Recording, Capture, and Editing all for FREE! ★Different resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates available (HDVideo, HQ Video)★ HIGH-QUALITY video: 1080p, 12Mbps, 60FPS★ Enablefront camera (facecam).★ Record external sound or AudioSound.★Control screen recording through floating window ornotification bar. If you have any comments or suggestions on JUScreen Recorder, please contact us at
Digital Gps Speedometer odometer offline-HudView 1.0.10
Digital Speedometer is a free GPS based digital head up display(HUD) that shows useful speed. It is very useful if you want toverify your vehicle speed when cycling, running, flying, sailingetc.! The display can be switched between normal viewing and HUDmode which mirrors the display for viewing as a reflection in avehicle windshield. Also displays the longitudinal and transverseslope of the car, in degrees, the magnitude of ascent and descentin percentages. ********Features********************** Doesn'trequire data/cell connection to work Best Speed Test Meter GPS HUDSpeedometer Show Speed in Km , Mph and in Knot Show Accurate SpeedIn Digital Speed Meter GPS Speedometer is for Cars , Bikes,Bicycle,Trucks Average speed Maximum speed GPS Tracker GPS Map CarSpeed Meter GPS Navigation With different color background ***NewFeature **** Gps Speedometer with map Beautiful Analog Speed meterGps Speedometer Odometer Gps Speedometer for bike
Pencil Sketch - Sketch Photo 1.0.3
Pencil Sketch Photo Editor is best app to make your image likepecil sketch. By using this application you can creates moreattractive and beautiful photo. This app will automatically detectthe picture editing content and apply the photo filter accordingly.In the next step it will apply a nice color sketch effect to yourphoto. You can browse a picture or take a photo from your camera.This app has an inbuilt resize and cropping tool to edit the photobefore applying the photo effect. In this app give photo effectlike grey scale, hue, contrast, many color effects and more.Adjusting Opacity of Fire Photo. Features - Awesome Sketches -Pencil Photo Sketch Art - Sketch Art Photo - Photo Sketch - PencilSketch - Fun stickers - Color Splash - Color balance - Colortemperature - Colorful Sketch Photo - Gorgeous photo effects,filters - Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, andsaturation Some of the sketch and cartoon effects, photo editingtools are available offline, so you don't need network connectionin order to use this app. Pencil Sketch photo editor is also apowerful all-in-one photo editor and drawing tool.Best way totransform your photos into works of art and to express yourcreativity with the world. Art Filters Photo editor: cartoonFilters, modern art filters, pencil sketch effects.
Smart Manager 2018 1.0.4
Smart Manager: Battery Saver is a Battery Managing and fastcharging application that is lightweight and allow you to optimizeyour phone and extend the battery life of your mobile.Using SmartManager 2018 you can stop battery draining and energy consumption.It has also a quick charging feature even with your regular phonecharger. Moreover this application view all important info aboutyour device on one screen. FEATURES • Quick Charging Feature•Extends Battery Life• Battery Optimization• Smart Battery DrainingDetection• JUNK CLEANER• Flash Cleaner & Booster App.• Ensurebattery durability• RAM Cleaner• Smart Manager For Android • SafeAndroid Battery Optimizer• Extends Battery Life • Speed Booster•Memory Cleaner • Smart Battery Draining Detection• Provide FreeSpace• Delete Junk Files • Clear your RAM With One Click • OneClick Chache Cleaner • Ram Booster• Phone BoosterIf you have anyquestions or comments, feel free to contact with
QR Code Generator : Bar Code Scanner : QR Scanner 1.0.2
QR & Barcode Scanner is the amazing, free and essential app tocreate & generator QR Code. Barcode scanner has all feature atone place. Using QR Scanner you can scan any product barcodes &QR Code in shops and compare prices with online prices to savemoney. QR Code reader design for Android smartphone and Androidtablet for free. ************Features************ • User friendlylayout to scan and create Barcode and QR Code on one click. • QRCode Scanner. • Barcode Scanner. • Free QR code generator • Barcodereader online • You can also scan QR Code image that was saved inyour mobile gallery by simply choosing that image in Scanningwindow in application • Qr code scanner app allow you to share yourphone contacts, website link, personal detail or email address as aQR code • Custom QR Code, generate QR Code in different size &with different color. • Flashlight option help you while scanningin case of darkness environment • Maintain your scanning historythat will help you to view your scanned result latter Note: ThisApp is free and supported by Ads. If you have any questionsregarding our QR Barcode Scanner, you can contact our QR CodeReader team:
Internet Speed Meter 1.0.1
Internet speed checker Speed Test for Mobile helps to measure theperformance & quality of your Wi-Fi & internet connection.Internet speed booster and optimizer is also verify the downloadspeed & upload speed in a short period of time. Internet SpeedMeter 2018 shows your Internet connections upload & downloadspeed on Status bar and Notification bar. This helps you to monitornetwork connection anytime while using your device. Internet SpeedMeter, speed test & monitor internet also display daily bothMobile and WiFi data usage with current Internet.Internet SpeedMaster is also has Network speed test option by using this you canfind Ping, Download and Upload Speed.Features:• Show real timeinternet speed test update in status bar and notification. • ShowReal time speed of running applications.• Test your internet speedin KB/s & MB/s internet speed lite. • You can also checkdownload, upload speed, signal strength, network name and IPaddress in notification bar.• Wifi Speed Test• Daily and MonthlyBasis Internet Usage Record.• Daily traffic usage in notification.•Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFi network.• Notificationappears only when you are connected to internet.If you have anyquestions or comments, feel free to contact with usonvitalappsstudio@gmail.comYour suggestion will be highlyappreciated
Led Text Display : LED Scroller Display 1.0.3
Amazing LED Scroller display is a customizable Led Banner witharealistic look, so that you live in concert, advertising toberomantic, fuel occasions, PARTY parties, billboards,apologyforgiveness, all come in handy. Amazing way to entertainandempress your friend by amazing and funny word.Best led textmakerGet the attention of all eyes! Enjoy it. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Features🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Customize display font size. Customize text and backgroundcolor.Write whatever you want in LED Lights Text Field for exampleanylanguage, emoji much more Adjust the speed of movement of TextLED.You choose to roll the direction, like left ← → right.Blinkblinking mode, you are the focal point of the audience'smostshining. Different fonts are available. Marquee text are veryhandyto express your love, use Emojis or custom backgrounds tocreateoriginal message. Need ideas when to use a marquee text?Weddings👰🏻🤵🏼 Disco 🕺🏼 Baseball games ⚾️ Driving (mirror effect) 🚗School 🏫Birthday 🎁 Concerts 🎤 Your shop 🏪. If you have anyfeedback, youcan leave review or email us. We will continue toreceive andupdate this app for you. If you have any questions youcan sendMail to us!
Urdu Keyboard 2018 1.0.2
Now type your messages,comments,save your contacts,writeyourstories and E-mails in Urdu Language using Urdu keyboardapp.Youwill find superb eye catching themes from Urdu Keyboardforandroid.You can set your own photo in keyboard as abackground.Features ★With Urdu and Suggestion ★ Urdu keypad allowyou to writetext in Urdu language as well as in English also. ★ Canset yourphoto as background in keyboard. ★ See preview of keyboardinsideapp. ★ Creates contacts in Urdu ★ Chat with your friends inUrdu ★Use whatsApp, Facebook, Viber and all social media in Urdu ★Easilyswitch From Urdu to English and from English to Urdu usingthisUrdu Keypad. ★ Select default theme that more attract and inwhichalphabets are more visible to your eyes. ★ English keyboards ★UrduKeyboard typing ★ Numeric keypad How it work: • Afterinstallingthe Urdu keyboard click on Enable keyboard and selectUrdukeyboard. • After enabling the Urdu keyboard set the inputmethodto Urdu keyboard. • Select theme that more attract and inwhichalphabets are more visible to your eyes or chose your ownpictureas a them and enjoy writing Urdu with beautiful UrduKeyboard
Video To Mp3 Converter - Mp3 Cutter 1.0.1
Video to Audio Converter is best tool app to convert video toAudio.You can simply choose your favorite video from your Mobiletoconvert audio in different audio format. ******* How to use*******1- Open the application then click browse video. 2- Selectthe videoyou want to convert. 3- Press "Convert" button and listenyour audiofile in high quality. ******* Features ******* • Bestvideo editor& Video Cutter app • Convert video to MP3 is quickand so easywith few steps. • Easily Convert Video to audio fromany part of thevideo • Save Created file in sprite folder &can be accesseasily from within app. • Created Mp3 file can shareeasily •Options (Play, Delete, Share, Trim) If you have anyquestion &suggestion then don’t forget to contact