Vitaly Nikonorov Apps

VR Wars 1.1.2
Become a starry knight and go to the center of the battle space!FEATURES   - Virtual Reality Technology   - Manage thelightsaber by a joystick phone INSTRUCTIONS   - Install theapp on 2 your smartphone   - Connect them by wi-fi network  - At one of the devices, press "START AS SABER"   - Thesecond phone, place a VR glasses (cardboard)   - Come on, win!
Filler 1.0
Game Filler - grab all the fields!Goal of the game: to paint its color as much as possible of cells.Players start from opposite corners, the bottom left andtopright, the fields marked with "o" and "x", respectively.The left player has first move.When a color change takes place adjacent to capture yourterritorycells, the color you choose and repainted theentireterritory.It is forbidden to choose the color of busy at the moment youandyour opponent.Play with AI or with your friends.
Переводчик 0.9.0
Онлайн-переводчик, позволяющий посредством технологийкомпанииЯндекс переводить на более чем 90 языков.