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Star Walk 2 Night Sky Guide:Stars & Planets Finder
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You don't need a telescope to see the planetsand stars for real because Star Walk 2 is an impressivelygood looking astronomy app for astronomy stargazing at any time andplace, observing planets, constellations and stars in realtime.Identify stars and planets in the night sky!Star Walk 2 Night Sky Guide:Stars & Planets Finder is aperfect constellations, stars and planets finder and tracker whichcan be used by both adults and children, space amateurs and seriousstargazers to learn astronomy by themselves. It is also a greateducational tool for teachers to use during the natural sciencelessons.Map of the Stars and Planets - Main features:★ This astronomical telescope shows night sky map on your screen inwhatever direction you are pointing the device.* During the day,you can see the Sun and the stars and planets portrayed in atwilight-blue sky in the real time. At night, the stars are visibleagainst a black background. To navigate, you pan your view onscreen by swiping in any direction, zoom out by pinching thescreen, or zoom in by stretching it. Explore the stars!★ Try the augmented reality view of the night sky viewer. Orientyour device toward the sky and this astronomy app activates yourcamera so you can see charted objects appear superimposed on livesky objects.★ Lean a lot about planets of the solar system, comets, asteroids,spacecraft and nebulas, identify constellations and stars in realtime. Search and find any celestial body following a specialpointer on the celestial map of the sky.★ Get a deeper understanding of the constellation`s scale and placein the night sky map. Enjoy observing wonderful 3D models ofconstellations, turn them upside down, read their stories.**★ Touching a clock-face icon at the upper-right corner of thescreen allows you select any date and time and lets you go forwardor backward in time and watch the night sky, stars andconstellations in fast motion.★ Except for celestial bodies, find and study the deep-sky objects,satellites, meteor showers, extensive information about solarsystem, planets and constellations.** Explore the deep sky!★ A slider at the left-hand edge of the screen lets you see the skyat different wavelengths. See objects that are only visible atradio, microwave, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray, or gamma-rayfrequencies.★ The night-mode of the astronomical telescope will make sky andstars gazing at night time more comfortable. Find constellationsand stars on the sky map day and night!If you’ve ever said to yourself “I’d like to learn theconstellations and identify stars in the night sky” or wondered “Isthat a star or a planet?”, Star Walk 2 is the app you’vebeen looking for to learn astronomy, explore space and map of thesky, watch constellations and stars in real time.One of the best astronomy applications. Night sky app & map ofthe stars and planets - planetarium in your device!*The Star Spotter feature won't work for the devices that are notequipped with the gyroscope and compass.Celestial body list to view in this planets and starsapp:Stars: Sirius, Canopus, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Vega, Capella,Rigel, Spica, Castor.Planets: Sun, Mercury,Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,Neptune, Pluto.Moons: Phobos, Deimos, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, Io, Hyperion,Iapetus, Titan, Rhea, Dione.Dwarf planets and asteroids: Ceres, Makemake, Haumea, Sedna, Eris,ErosComets: Hale-Bopp, Borrelly, Halley’s Comet, Ikeya-ZhangTrack meteor showers: Perseids, Lyrids, Aquarids, Geminids, Ursids,etc.Constellations: Andromeda, Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricornus,Cassiopeia, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Scorpius, Ursa Major, etc.Man-made missions & satellites: Curiosity, Luna 17, Apollo 11,Apollo 17, SEASAT, ERBS, ISS.Get this astronomy app - stars and planets finder now!**Available through In-App purchases.
Star Walk - Constellations and Stars:Night Sky Map
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Star Walk - Constellations and Stars:NightSky Map is an app for astronomy stargazing and finding planets,constellations and stars in real time on the night sky map. One ofthe best astronomical apps to identify and view stars day andnight.Learn astronomy and explore the stars with Star Walk -Constellations and Stars:Night Sky Map!Use your device and point in any direction to discover the locationand in-depth information about constellations and stars, planets,satellites and any celestial body. You will never again wonder whatthat bright orange star or that fuzzy little cloud in that tinycorner of the night sky is!✦✦✦NO ADS AND IN-APP PURCHASES✦✦✦Star Walk - Constellations and Stars:Night Sky Map is aperfect educational tool to learn astronomy for students and spaceenthusiasts of all ages. It can be used by teachers of scienceduring the lesson, by students for preparing projects aboutdifferent space phenomena, by parents to introduce their childrento the basics of astronomy and by anyone interested in space,astronomy, stars, planets, constellations and other night skyobjects.Star Walk is your interactive sky guide to the constellation,planet and star sky maps.Stargazer live app - Main features:✦ You’re essentially presented with a sky map of the variousobjects in the night sky when you open up the app. Learnconstellations, planets and stars names, choose any to get anextensive information (general info, gallery, wikipedia articles,astronomy facts).✦ Star & planet location app. Move your device around, and thisastronomy app will calculate the device’s orientation and also yourGPS location, so it will provide you with an accurate presentationof the arrangement of constellations and stars, planets, comets,dwarf planets, spacecraft and any other celestial body in the nightsky map.✦ Astronomical calendar of this stargazing app contains variousastronomical events (meteor shower, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse,full moon, new moon, etc), choose any and get a deeperunderstanding of different celestial phenomena.✦ Use Time Machine to explore the sky map of tomorrow or years ago.To do this tap the clock icon in the top left corner and slide theright edge dial down for the past and up for the future position ofconstellations and stars.✦ Night mode bathes the interface in a red glow in order to makethe sky observation more comfortable for your eyes.✦ This night sky viewer allows you to change the colour of thedisplay to represent various kinds of radiation: gamma, X-Ray,visible spectrum, Infrared, and Radio, etc.✦ With an augmented reality feature you can merge live footage fromyour camera with the app’s presentation of the night sky.✦ Star Walk - Constellations and Stars:Night Sky Map alsogives astronomy facts and daily stats like sunrise and sunset,visible planets, moon phases and much more.NO INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED, so, wherever you are, you canenjoy this star, planet and constellation finder app!Things to view in this astronomy stargazing app:Stars: Sun, Sirius, Canopus, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Vega,Capella, Rigel, Spica, Castor, etc.Planets: Mercury,Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,NeptuneDwarf planets and asteroids: Pluto, Ceres, Makemake, Haumea, Sedna,Eris, ErosComets: Borrelly, Halley, Swift-Tuttle, Churyumov-Gerasimenko,etc.Track meteor showers: Perseids, Lyrids, Aquarids, Geminids, Ursids,etc.Constellations: Andromeda, Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricornus,Cassiopeia, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpius, Ursa Major,etc.Satellites: Hubble, SEASAT, ERBS, ISS, Aqua, Envisat, Suzaku,Daichi, Ajisai, Genesis, etc.Moon phasesLocate and track the ISS
Next Numbers 2 - Reaction & Memory Improving Games 1.1.1
Can you think quicker than others? Do you feel yourreaction/memory/concentration is getting worse? Want to keep yourmind sharp, but don’t know how? Just looking for the coolest timekiller? We know what you need! Next Numbers 2 is a fun brain gametraining concentration, reaction, memory, speed, focus andattention. Use this entertaining numbers game to increase brainsearching skills and quicken your mind. By training with this appfor just a few minutes a day, you will be able to improve yourreaction and memory significantly. See for yourself and be careful…this reaction app is EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE!!! Next Numbers 2 is agreat choice whether you want just to kill time with fun or intendto improve concentration and reaction. This numbers game is goodfor kids, adults, boys, girls and everyone who loves cool things.Reaction app - How to play? To play this concentration game youneed your reaction, brain and a finger... to tap the numbers, ofcourse :) Tap the numbers in order, one by one, as fast as you can.Not as easy as you may think! Time is limited, the difficultyincreases steadily, everything around confuses and misleads you!Don't give up and try to catch bonuses - they assist your gameplay.Game Highlights: - smooth gameplay; - reaction app works offline; -nice sounds; - great design; - 50+ challenging levels (don’t forgetto challenge your friends!); - easy to use. Can’t stop playing - isabout this game. Next Numbers 2 a great concentration app toworkout the mind, keep it sharp and focus. ENJOY!
Solar Walk 2 Free:Encyclopedia of the Solar System 1.6.4
Meet an awesome 3D model of our Solar system to explore space,spacecraft, and planets in real time without visiting planetarium.Solar Walk 2 Free:Encyclopedia of the Solar System is a digitalguide of our Solar system and a great alternative to the old paperatlases for learning about space exploration and the universe welive in. Explore planets and space with encyclopedia of the Solarsystem 🌏 🌕 🚀 With this interactive planetarium 3D you can travel tothe outer space, explore planets in real time, watch satellites,comets and any other celestial body, get acquainted with theoutstanding space missions and spectacular 3D models of spacecraft,study celestial event calendar with various astronomical events,learn interesting astronomy facts. This Solar system app is greatfor both adults and kids 👪 Main features: ✭Planetarium - 3D modelof our Solar system✭ The app is a spectacular 3D model of our Solarsystem showing planets in real time, stars, moons, satellites,asteroids, comets, dwarf planets and other celestial bodies. Allcelestial bodies are represented in their correct positions in realtime. General and detailed information, inner structure and variousastronomy facts are provided in an understandable way. ✭3D modelsof spacecraft & Space exploration✭ Solar Walk 2 Free introducesyou to the history of space exploration and the outstanding spacemissions in the finest details. Only with Solar Walk 2 you will beable to see highly-elaborated, realistic 3D models of spaceships,satellites and interplanetary stations in real action. You will seewhere they started, track the real trajectory of their flight path,watch gravitational maneuvers, view real pictures made during themission. ✭Astronomical calendar of celestial events✭ Use theastronomical calendar that includes various celestial events (solareclipse, lunar eclipse, the moon phases), and other astronomicalevents related to space exploration (the launching of satellites,the first landing on the moon, etc). Observe the universe in realtime or select any date and time and see what happens. You canexplore 3D model of our Solar system of different time periods.✭Visual effects of 3D planetarium✭ Solar system simulator. Stunninggraphics and visuals of our encyclopedia of the Solar system willamaze you with their beauty. The textures of planets and spacecraftare reproduced perfectly for you to experience the aestheticpleasure. Take a look at 3D model of our Solar system like neverbefore. ✭Space simulation 3D✭ Navigation is extremely convenient -you can observe any planet, satellites in space at the desiredangle and visual effects in conjunction with shadows add to thesensation of the cosmic atmosphere. This encyclopedia of the Solarsystem is perfect for both kids and adults who love astronomy orjust want to learn something new. ✭Wonderful panoramic photos ofspace objects✭ Fascinated by the beauty of the Solar system, wantto capture celestial objects or spacecraft in its glory? You canselect any object, make a panoramic photo and share it on Facebook.Share the beauty of our universe with your friends. ✭Astronomy newsand current events in 'What's new' section✭ Be aware of the latestnews from the world of space and astronomy with Solar Walk 2. Theapp's "What's new" section will inform you about the mostoutstanding celestial events in time. You won't miss anything! Theapp contains In-app purchases (Premium Access). Premium Accessallows you to enjoy space missions, satellites, celestial events,asteroids, dwarf planets and comets. The purchase of Premium Accesswon't remove ads from the application. With Solar Walk 2Free:Encyclopedia of the Solar System you will get a visualrepresentation of our Solar system and space exploration! Ourinteractive encyclopedia of the Solar system will satisfy thethirst for knowledge of all astronomy lovers!
Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium 3D: Planets System
An awesome 3D model of our solar system foryou to explore space! Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium app 3Dis a time-sensitive solar system and space simulator showing thereal orbits, order, scale and motion of the Sun, allowing you toexplore all the 8 planets in real time, more than 20 moons, dwarfs,asteroids, comets, 9 Earth satellites, 9 dwarf planets and morethan 50 stars. You can find and explore any celestial body withthis amazing solar system app!***BEST OF 2016***The Lite version of the well-known space simulator is absolutelyfree, ad-supported and very small in size but contains all the mainfeatures and objects (stars, planets and moons, satellites, etc) ofour solar system.NO INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED!Explore space and get a little closer to our wonderful universewith this awesome 3d model of our solar system!Exploration of our solar system has never been so easy andentertaining!🚀Planets and stars app - Main Features:💫 Space simulator: realistic space view with real-time positions,order, size, inner structure of solar system planets and moons,their orbits, stars, comets, satellites and other celestialbodies.💫 Every planet and celestial body has an extensive information:size, mass, orbital velocity, exploratory missions, thickness ofstructural layers, and photo gallery with real photos taken bytelescopes or NASA spacecrafts during the space missions.💫 Orrery Mode on/off - to see the schematic or realistic sizes anddistances between the solar system objects.💫 Anaglyph 3D on/off - if you have anaglyph 3D glasses you canchoose this option to navigate through the solar system and enjoythe beauty of space and solar system planets.💫 Zoom-in to see objects in close up and Zoom-out to see theposition of our solar system in Galaxy.💫 Planets 3D and 3D models of spacecraft in the application arebased on scientific data collected by ESA and NASA spacecrafts andground based telescopes.The best encyclopedia of the solar system!This is a great planetarium 3D, solar system app for the spaceexplorers. It works great for both kids and adults. Kids lovelearning about the planets, and the amazing graphics andinformation provided in this space simulator makes it engaging andcaptivating. Kids will also enjoy "travel" through space to get anup-close view of the planets, moons, and stars. In fact, adults maynot be able to put this app down either!This space simulator is excellent for teachers to use forinstruction, and it is a great resource for students to exploreplanets and space as they learn more about the universe we live in.With Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium app 3D you dont need atelescope to see the planets for real. Find sun, moon, planets andstars location in the planetarium app free.This 3D model of our solar system is a must-have for all spaceenthusiasts! Explore space with Solar Walk Lite!Main Objects to explore with solar system 3D simulator:Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus, Neptune.Moons: Phobos, Deimos, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, Io,Hyperion, Iapetus, Titan, Rhea, Dione, Tethys, Enceladus, Mimas,Oberon, Titania, Umbriel, Ariel, Miranda, Triton, Larissa, Proteus,Nereid, CharonDwarf planets and asteroids: Pluto, Ceres, Makemake, Haumea,Sedna, Eris, ErosComets: Hale-Bopp, Borrelly, Halley’s Comet,Ikeya-ZhangSatellites: SEASAT, ERBS, Hubble Space Telescope,International Space Station (ISS), Aqua, Envisat, Suzaku, Daichi,CORONAS-PhotonStars: Sun, Sirius, Betelgeuse, Rigel Kentaurus.Get this solar system, planets and stars app now free and explorespace with us!
Spacecraft Models 3D and Space Exploration 🚀 1.0.4
Spacecraft Models 3D and Space Exploration🚀 features the mostsignificant missions in the history of space exploration. Humanityput a lot of effort into space research with the help ofspacecraft, and Spacecraft Models 3D and Space Exploration🚀 showsoff the greatest missions of all time. Use this astronomy app toobserve outstanding 3D models of spacecraft in detail fromdifferent angles and learn the mission type, launch time, and date.Zoom out and see its position in the Solar system. If you open theapp on a bigger screen of your TV, you’ll be amazed by realistic 3Dmodels of spacecraft and its details! To learn more about spaceexploration and a specific mission, tap the link at the bottom ofthe screen. This link will put you straight in the Solar Walk 2 app— there, you can read more about the mission, see its’ milestonesin the calendar of events, go back to the launch date, and see itsflight’s trajectory. Please note that this astronomy app includesonly a few​ spacecraft, the list of missions and spacecraft modelsis presented in Solar Walk 2 — Spacecraft 3D & SpaceExploration. We appreciate your feedback! Get this briefencyclopedia of space exploration and become more aware of thegreatest missions in the world's history. Space museum will amazeyou with a collection of outstanding 3D models of spacecraft inyour device absolutely for free!
Astronomy for Kids 🚀 Space Game by Star Walk 2 2.0.9
Don’t miss your fascinating journey through space! Get Space forKids 🚀 Astronomy Game by Star Walk 2 and start exploring the solarsystem, planets and stars, constellations and any other interestingcelestial body. Solar system for kids offers a lot of greatfeatures: PLAY astronomical game and LEARN about our solar systemLISTEN to interesting astronomy facts VISIT planets and stars,comets and any other celestial body WATCH funny educational moviesabout space TEST your knowledge with short quizzes WIN or improveyour result HAVE FUN and learn astronomy! Wonderful astronomy appfor kids includes: ⭐ Encyclopedia of the solar system ⭐Constellations, planets and stars ⭐ Educational movies ⭐ Solarsystem for kids ⭐ Exciting astronomical game ⭐ Self-check tests ⭐Hubble Space Telescope ⭐ And a lot of other interesting things fromthe world of astronomy Let's go!🚀
Solar Walk 2 for Education, Teachers and Students 1.6.3
Vito Technology
Solar Walk 2 for Education, Teachers and Students and is anexcellent educational tool created especially for classroom use byeducators during their natural science or astronomy classes. Showyour students how wonderful the universe we live in is with thisamazing and easy-to-use interactive encyclopedia of the solarsystem. AN ABUNDANCE OF ASTRONOMY INFORMATION NO ADS NO IN-APPPURCHASES NO INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED Main Features: ★ 3D modelof our solar system with all its objects in real-time and correctpositions ★ Plenty of information about planets and moons, stars,comets, asteroids, satellites and any other celestial body ★ Deepspace objects ★ The time machine to track the motion of celestialbodies in time and observe celestial events of different periods ★Interesting astronomy facts ★ Astronomical calendar with variouscelestial events ★ Extended information about space exploration andspace missions ★ Detailed 3D models of spacecraft ★ Stunningvisuals and graphics ★ 360-degree images - panoramic photos of oursolar system Possible Classroom Uses: ➜ Connect the app to aprojector and use it as a backdrop for a video presentation aboutthe solar system. Turn your classroom into an interactiveplanetarium and amaze your students. ➜ Use the app as a whole classteaching tool when learning astronomy and the solar system. ➜ Letchildren use the app as a reference tool. They can use thisencyclopedia of the solar system to create a report about space.Why Solar Walk 2? ✔ You should definitely choose this encyclopediaof the solar system among other astronomy apps to apply in teachingyour students because it offers an abundance of educationalinformation about the universe and our solar system and offers agreat new way of teaching. ✔ The information is detailed andpresented in an entertaining form so that even complex materialwill be clearly understood by everyone. ✔ Students will be takenaback with the beauty of this astronomy application. Wonderfulplanets, stars, asteroids and great 3D models of spacecraft willundoubtedly make them eager to learn astronomy. Make your classesmore productive, interesting and engaging with Solar Walk 2 forEducation, Teachers and Students!
✨Zodiac Signs and 3D Models of Constellations✨ 1.0.2
What zodiac sign were you born under? Interested in astronomy orastrology? Like watching the night sky full of constellations andstars?🔭 With this astronomy app, you will discover the dates of the12 zodiac signs and observe amazing 3D models of constellations,look at them from aside, rotate in different directions, zoom inand out, and check them with the star patterns in the night sky.🌟12 zodiac signs are: ✨ Aries ✨ Taurus ✨ Gemini ✨ Cancer ✨ Leo ✨Virgo ✨ Libra ✨ Scorpio ✨ Sagittarius ✨ Capricorn ✨ Aquarius ✨Pisces Even if you are not an astronomy lover, you will definitelyenjoy contemplating zodiac constellations in this astronomy appbecause they are really breathtaking. Stunning graphics and visualeffects of our 3D models of constellations will blow you away.📱 Seefor yourself! By the way, did you know that... The zodiac, the 12signs listed in a horoscope, is closely tied to how the Earth movesthrough the heavens. The zodiac signs are derived from theconstellations that mark out the path on which the Sun appears totravel over the course of a year. You might think that dates in ahoroscope correspond to when the Sun passes through eachconstellation. However, much of the time, they don’t becauseastrology and astronomy are different systems.📖 Please note thatthis astronomy app includes only 12 constellations; all 88constellations can be found in Star Walk 2 - Night Sky View andStargazing Guide, which is one of the most popular apps forstargazing. If you love exploring the stars and the night skyabove, this is a must-have astronomy app for you.💫 We welcome yourfeedback on our astronomy app! Enjoy!
Satellite Tracker by Star Walk 1.4.2
Find and track satellites in the sky anytime and anywhere with thissatellite app 🛰. Ever wanted to observe the International SpaceStation crossing your sky or find out where the ISS and otherman-made satellites are right now? With Satellite Tracker by StarWalk app you can easily find out where any satellite can be seenfrom different locations in the world and get pass predictions fortheir passes. This app was made specifically for easy andcomfortable real-time satellite tracking. Main features ofSatellite Tracker: ✔️️ A collection of outstanding satellites withcore info about them ✔️️ Simple and easy to use satellite finderand tracker in real time ✔️ Satellite flyby timer for astronomyenthusiasts ✔️ Starlink satellite tracker ✔️ Pass predictions ✔️Hand-picked passes ✔️ Location choice ✔️ Satellites live view inreal time in the sky ✔️ Fly-with-satellite view ✔️ Satellite orbitover the Earth This satellite viewer app includes: InternationalSpace Station (ISS), Starlink Satellites, SpaceX Crew Dragon(Dragon 2), ADEOS II, Ajisai, Akari, ALOS, Aqua, Envisat, ERBS,Genesis I, Genesis II, Hubble Space Telescope, Resurs - DK No.1,Seasat, and other satellites.* Where is the ISS right now? Can itbe seen from Earth? How to find and track Starlink satellites inthe sky? Get the answers with Satellite Tracker app. From thedevelopers of famous astronomical app Star Walk, winner of theApple Design Award 2010, loved by more than 10 million users aroundthe world. How to use this satellite viewer app? Select anysatellite from the list and see its current location in the sky inreal time or track satellite live orbiting the Earth. Don’t missthe satellites as they pass over your location - use flyby timerand see how much time left before the next flyby of ISS or othersatellite. Get precise predictions when a visible satellite will bein the sky above your location. The alert will let you know that infew minutes the ISS or other satellite will start moving across thesky. Open the app and follow the directions where to look. The listof passes lets you set any alert (one or more) for the satellite'spass you’d like to witness. Choose fly-with-satellite view andenjoy the 3D image of the satellite flying over the Earth with thereal speed and location. While flying explore the detailed 3D modelof the satellite. Want to find satellites overhead in the sky inreal time by yourself? Follow the special pointer and see the lightof the flying satellite over your location. With our satellitefinder identifying satellites is really easy. Choose either todetermine your location automatically, set it manually from thelist or enter the coordinates. Your location is marked with a pinon Earth so you can see where you are in relation to the movingsatellite, see for yourself. You will have great fun finding andtracking satellites with our satellite viewer app. This can be alsoa great educational activity for kids. *The ISS is available bydefault. Other satellites are available when subscribed. The appcontains ads which can be removed with a subscription. WithSATELLITES LIVE you get instant ad-free access to trackingsatellites live orbiting over Earth and in the sky, the timer forthe next appearance, and alerts about the nearest flybys.SATELLITES LIVE is a renewable subscription with 1-week FREE trialthat gives you access to content from within the app on an ongoingbasis. At the end of each subscription duration (1 month), thesubscription will automatically renew until you choose to cancel itand your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours prior to theend of the current period. Users can manage their subscriptions inthe Google Play store. Privacy policy: Terms of use: Never miss satellitespassing by in the sky with Satellite Tracker app!
Easy Sculpt - Relaxing and Satisfying 3D Sculpting 1.3.2
If you love creating things with your own hands, interested insculpture, stone, ice or wood carving, soap cutting, pottery,ceramics or other forms of art, or just want to calm, relax andhave fun creating something, then this relaxing anti stress game isfor you. Easy sculpt is a perfect anti stress game to relax andrelieve anxiety after a hard day. It is a new simple and relaxinggame that allows you to become a sculptor in no time and withoutartistic skills. Relax and just tap to create your masterpiecesculpture. Sculpting has never been so easy, fun, relaxing andsatisfying! Let's sculpt it! WHERE TO START? 3D Sculpture makergame Easy Sculpt offers a large collection of sculptures to create.You can choose sculptures from any of these categories: Animals,Humans, Constellations, Masterpieces, etc. HOW TO CREATE ASCULPTURE? Tap the block to knock off portions of stone. Zoom inand out, rotate and carve the sculpture from different sides. Workat a speed that is comfortable for you. There are no limitations intime and the number of taps in this simple game. Relax and enjoyyour time making cute 3D sculptures. Sculpting is easy! Once asculpture is ready, you can share your creation with friends.FEATURES: ◆ Anxiety relief games and antistress game ◆ Satisfyingand relaxing game experience ◆ No time limits ◆ Easy sculpting andcarving simulator ◆ 3D Sculpture maker game for all ages ◆ Easy andfun to use ◆ 100+ amazing 3D sculptures* ◆ Wonderful 3D graphics*Not all sculptures are available by default. The app Easy Sculpt -Relaxing and Satisfying Sculpting offers a subscription. Thesubscription unlocks all sculptures in the app. It is anauto-renewable subscription with a 3-days free trial. At the end ofeach subscription duration (1 month), the subscription willautomatically renew until you choose to cancel it. Users can managetheir subscriptions in their account settings in the Google PlayStore. Privacy policy: Terms of use: Become a true sculptorwith Easy Sculpt! Let’s create right now!
Monster Park AR - Jurassic Dinosaurs in Real World
Mysterious creatures come to life! Monster Park AR bringsenormousdinosaurs and other creepy monsters to the real worldwithaugmented reality. AR effect makes the experience with 4Ddinosaursincredibly powerful and realistic. You can see Jurassicdinosaursand other creatures walking everywhere - in your livingroom,backyard or in the city center. Monster Park AR -JurassicDinosaurs in Real World is a new augmented reality app thatletsyou observe and rule incredibly lifelike dinosaurs andothermonsters with your device’s camera. Charming andmysteriouscreatures immerse you in an augmented reality gamingenvironmentwhere you can: ◆ Take a look at the creatures in realsize ◆ Bringhuge dinosaurs into your real world ◆ Follow dinosaursand othermonsters everywhere and walk together ◆ Touch thosemonsters andsee what will happen ◆ Change the dinosaur skin ◆Listen to theirmalicious growl ◆ Create cool photos and videos towow your friendsJurassic dinosaurs are among us! With Monster ParkAR - JurassicDinosaurs in Real World enormous dinosaurs drop intothe realworld. While interacting with the prehistoric creatures,not onlywill you be able to see them as big as they were in reallife, butalso to direct and control their movements. Tame your 4Ddino, makeit follow you, move the direction you like or fall downfor awhile. How about visiting the parallel universe whereJurassicdinosaurs used to live? Be sure to open a portal, enter it,andexplore the incredible augmented reality world of dinos withitswonderful waterfall and awe-inspiring nature. Design yourowndinosaur by changing its skin. Experiment with your monster,chooseany skin pattern or paint your own. To change the skin ofyourdino, find the desired texture, point the device’s camera on itandtap ‘scan’. Create a collection of unique monsters! Makecoolphotos and videos while walking with augmented realitydinosaurssave them and share with friends. How to rule 4D dinos?You canplace the monster on any flat surface and scale it to be anysize.Simply tap anywhere on the display to direct your ARdinosaurexactly at that point. Hit the monster, hit it again andsee whatwill happen. Key features of augmented reality app: ◆Incrediblerealistic-looking dinosaurs and other terrifying monsters4D(tyrannosaurus rex, pteranodons, triceratops, scolopendra, etal)in the real world.* ◆ Placing a portal to the dinosaurs'paralleluniverse in augmented reality. ◆ Walking with dinosaursandmonsters and controlling their movements (make them moveindifferent directions or fall down). ◆ Different game modesforplaying with AR dinosaurs and creatures. ◆ Funny photos andvideosof monsters to wow your friends or play a trick on them.◆Designing your own dino by changing its skin. ◆ Сhanging thesizeof the monster. ◆ Stunning sound effects. T-Rex is availablebydefault. Other creatures can be purchased, if necessary. *Theappcontains In-App Purchases. More cool features and creaturesarecoming soon! Are you ready to meet the AR dino?
Moon Walk - Apollo 11 Mission
Ever wanted to walk on the Moon as Great Americans did? Stepintothe legendary astronaut's boots and relive the experience oflunarlanding! ⁕Moon Walk⁕ is a new augmented reality app thatplaces youright in the middle of the Apollo 11 mission and gives achance torepeat the journey of the bravest people. Place yourselfon thesurface of the Moon, walk the way Buzz Aldrin and NeilArmstrongwould have, witness lunar craters and landscapes aroundthem, gazeout at the darkening sky and enjoy theout-of-this-worldexperience. Main features: ⁕ The simulation of theApollo 11 moonlanding mission in augmented reality. ⁕ NeilArmstrong’s path onthe lunar surface under real conditions. ⁕Mission overview andmain objects with the core information. ⁕ ARscene with a map ofthe Apollo 11 mission. ⁕ Astronauts’conversations on the Moon. Howto play? • Find a large open area.You will have to move indifferent directions. • Once you set footon the Moon, follow thespecial arrow pointer. • When you reachArmstrong's stop, waituntil the progress bar is filled and keepmoving. • While walkingon the Moon, listen to the recordings of theastronauts’conversations made during the mission. • Be careful,consider thegiven time, do not move too fast or too slow. Try notto deviatefrom the path. • Once the game is finished, you will gettheaugmented reality map of the Apollo 11 mission for free. Thelistof objects includes: ⁕ Flag of the United States ⁕ SWC - SolarWindComposition ⁕ The Apollo Lunar TV Camera ⁕ ALSCC - ApolloLunarSurface Closeup Camera ⁕ Apollo LEM - Lunar Excursion Module ⁕PSEP- Passive Seismic Experiment Package ⁕ LRRR - LaserRangingRetroreflector The path of Neil Armstrong, his directions,objectson the lunar surface, the required time, astronauts’sconversations and all the details in the app are authenticandcompletely imitate NASA's historic Apollo 11 moon mission ofJuly20, 1969. Repeat the glory of the historic lunar landingmissionwith Moon Walk!
Eclipse Guide - Solar & Lunar Eclipses Timer 2021 2.1.0
View solar and lunar eclipses of the past and future! Your completeguide to these astronomical events. Eclipse Guide is acomprehensive app for observing solar and lunar eclipses. Itprovides all the info (eclipse timer / time, calculator, calendar,simulator, push notifications for eclipse, best observer's spots)to experience any sun and moon eclipse. Understanding these solarand lunar events is easier than ever with our eclipse timer app. Doyou know what an eclipse is? When is the next eclipse in 2020? Willit be a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse? Will it be partial,total, annular or penumbral eclipse? What time is the next eclipse?You will never miss solar and lunar eclipses will Eclipse Guideapp. Eclipses of 2020 and other years are available in ourcomprehensive eclipse calendar. Get timely push notifications forthese astronomy events. *From the developers of famous astronomyapp Star Walk, winner of the Apple Design Award 2010, loved by morethan 10 million users around the world* Main features: ECLIPSECALCULATOR & CALENDAR Eclipse Guide offers the list of upcomingsolar and lunar eclipses, sun and moon eclipses of the past. Youcan view, discover and understand any kind of eclipse (total solareclipse, partial solar eclipse, annular solar eclipse, total lunareclipse, partial lunar eclipse, penumbral lunar eclipse). ECLIPSETRACKER & VIEWER View solar and lunar eclipses from yourcurrent location, from any other location, or from the bestlocation for observing these astronomy events. The Eclipse Guideapp provides a list of the best places to view the eclipse. Use oureclipse calculator to find the best observing location for theupcoming . ECLIPSE SIMULATOR The short video with lunar and solareclipse animation will give you a better understanding of whathappens during these astronomy events from the very beginning tothe end. Сheck how much you know solar & lunar eclipses.ECLIPSE MAP Explore eclipse map showing the eclipse pathaccompanied by lunar and solar eclipse timer with local times ofall the phases. Eclipse maps illustrate the gradation of eclipsevisibility and show the best locations where these astronomy eventsare visible. ECLIPSE TIMER With eclipse timer from Eclipse Guideapp you will receive push notifications for these astronomy eventsin time. Share the info about sun and moon eclipses with friends.Advanced features for eclipse explorers:* 🔸️ Audio guide with voicenotifications won’t let you miss the desired solar or lunareclipse. It will accompany your eclipse observation providingcomments on all the stages of the phenomenon. 🔸️ Fullscreen eclipsemaps show the visibility of any eclipse and its path. Use them topick a good location to veiw eclipse. Zoom in and out, check theeclipse visibility for any location. 🔸️️ Star spotter simulates thesky at your observing location. Find out whether the eclipse willbe visible from the selected location. Quickly identify and viewsolar and lunar eclipses in the sky using this eclipse calculator.*Advanced features should be purchased separately (via In-AppPurchase). Remember: Looking directly at the Sun can cause seriouseye damage. Never look at a solar eclipse without proper eyeprotection. For any questions or suggestions on how to improve ourapp for solar and lunar eclipses Getready for the next eclipses with Eclipse Guide!
Ephemeris – Sun and Moon Calendar & Calculator 1.0.2
A must-have app for photographers to get the perfect shot. Planahead, visualize and predict the position of the Sun and the Moon,the Milky Way, sunrise and sunset times, golden hour, blue hour,twilight and other special moments for stunning photos. Ephemeris –Sun and Moon Calendar & Calculator is an essential photoplanner tool for those who are interested in landscape and outdoorphotography, nature photography, milky way and astrophotography.The app contains comprehensive ephemeris for the Sun, the Moon andthe Milky Way. Use the AR live view, 3D compass, time machine, sunand moon calendar, sunrise and sunset time notifications, lunar andsolar calculator, milky way finder and other features to planphotography effectively. Main features include: ● 3D COMPASS:determine the correct Sun position and path as well as the Moon andthe Milky Way positions for any place in the world and for anydate. Switch between basic and advanced compass modes. Easily findout the time of the golden hour, the blue hour, civil twilight,nautical twilight and astronomical twilight to capture the perfectlighting. ● EPHEMERIS: quickly find and check the detailedinformation about the Sun, the Moon and the Milky Way (altitude,azimuth, shadow ratio, sunrise and sunset times, lunar illuminationand phases, moon calendar, etc.) for any date, time and place. ● ARLIVE VIEW: predict and visualize the scene using the live augmentedreality view of the objects and their movements in the sky. Checklive projections of the Sun, the Moon, and the Milky Way to predictthe time they will be at a location in the sky you need for abeautiful photo. ● TIME MACHINE: choose any date and time to viewSun position and path, Moon position, and the Milky Way position atthat moment. This is a crucial photo planner tool for bothprofessional and novice outdoor photographers. ● SUN AND MOONCALCULATOR: calculate the best time and date to capture the Sun,the Moon and the Milky Way at a location in the sky you need orcatch the desired lighting (golden hour, blue hour, twilight). Planahead and get the data for a month, six months or a year. ●REMINDERS: never miss unique scenes with the app’s notifications.The app offers a subscription that unlocks all features. This is anauto-renewable subscription with a 7-day free trial. At the end ofeach subscription duration (1 month), the subscription willautomatically renew until you choose to cancel it. Subscription maybe turned off by going to the user's Account Settings afterpurchase. Privacy policy: Terms of use: Any feedback onEphemeris – Sun and Moon Calendar & Calculator would be highlyappreciated, as it helps us improve the app. Please contact us with any questions, problems, commentsor suggestions.
Star Walk 2 Free: Sky & Stars
Star Walk 2 Free helps identify planets, stars, and clustersfromthe backyard. It is the next generation of best-sellingstargazingguide, that has surpassed 10 million downloads to date,featuresall-new interface design, true-to-life 3D visualizationofconstellations, deep sky objects, and man-made satellites.StarWalk 2 uses the GPS and compass in user’s phone to pinpointtheirlocation and show where all the surrounding celestial bodiesare,even if the view is blocked. It delivers an effortlessjourneythrough thousands of stars, comets, and constellations.App’sfeatures include all-new interface, true-to-life 3Dvisualizationof constellations, deep sky objects, and man-madesatellites.All-new exclusive handcrafted artwork forconstellations, inspiredby minimalist low-poly art and stunning newsound effects create anunforgettable stargazing tool. Importantaddition to the Star Walk2 app was made in cooperation withscientists of BraunschweigUniversity of Technology, who have beenworking on volumetricvisualization of deep space objects. As aresult of thispartnership, Star Walk 2 is the first astronomy guideto introduceplausible three-dimensional models of planetarynebulae. Stargroupings of the 88 officially recognizedconstellations are alsopresented in volume. Users can see them asseparate entities, turnthem around and take a look from the otherside. Complemented byarticles on connected myths and history, thisis the mostcomprehensive collection of information onconstellations. StarWalk 2 is a sequel of the well-known Star Walkapp that wasreleased back in 2008 and has acquired more than 10million usersacross the world on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, andWindowsPhone. It’s been an educational best-seller for over fiveyears andwon multiple awards, including Apple Design Award in 2010.StarWalk lets users easily find and identify thousands ofstars,satellites, and comets in real time. Using built-in digitalcompassand motion tracking, this stargazing guide turns the phoneinto afull-on planetarium.
AR Dino World
This app is designed to work together with a special AR DinoWorldkit. Interact with incredible dinosaurs in augmentedreality,control their movements, learn interesting facts and have alot offun exploring those amazing prehistoric creatures. AR DinoWorld isa new and highly entertaining way to travel back andwitness livingdinosaurs. Welcome to Dinosaur World! You can playwith any of thefive dinos:* ◆ Tyrannosaurus ◆ Brachiosaurus ◆Stegosaurus ◆Triceratops ◆ Velociraptor Main features: ◆ Bringprehistoriccreatures to your world and take control of them. ◆Learn main infoabout dinosaurs (size, weight, diet, habitat, etc.).◆ Place andenter a portal to the amazing world of dinos. ◆ Create acollectionof cool photos and videos with creatures. ◆ Activatethemultiplayer game mode and play with your friends. ◆ Experimentwiththe dinosaur skin - choose any or design your own. ◆ Turn intoapalaeontologist, dig and recreate a dinosaur. *Only one dinosaurisavailable by default. Follow the instructions on how to unlockit.Other dinos can be purchased, if necessary. Dinosaurs come backtolife with AR Dino World!
Math-N-Roll: Tap-Spin-Sum Game. Brain Training
Meet a new great brain training app! Let's see how good you areinsolving logical mathematical puzzles. Math-N-Roll is anawesomemath game to sum up numbers, solve puzzles, train memoryandconcentration. Math lover? This puzzle game is what you need!Mathhater? You simply must try it because this mathematical app isagreat way to improve: - logical skills - out of the box thinking-mental maths - observation and reaction - counting skills Bestmathpractice! Have fun in your free time with thisentertainingmathematical puzzle game and train your brain! Thismathematicalapp is a brain teaser game for adults and kids as well.The app iseducational, as the players need to do math calculationsand thinklogically. Math-N-Roll riddle will build up your mathskills! SumGame - How to play? The objective of this math puzzlegame is tomake up 4 sums of numbers. How? Tap the wheels to spinthem so asto get the numbers displayed at the top of the screen.Use math,arithmetic, logic and problem solving to reach the targetnumbers.Do it as quickly as possible and get the best score. Soundseasy?Difficulty increases steadily with each new game, yet thereisalways a solution! Start with simple puzzles to understandtherules of this math game. Compete with yourself and improveyourresults. The puzzles are endless! Use your mind and thinkingpowerto solve them all! ***No internet connection required***Themathematical puzzle game contains: - Challenging levelsforBeginners and Professionals; - Simple gameplay: once learnedneverforgotten; - Customized play modes of your choice: Sums: •equalsums • different sums • unknown sums Tasks: • single task•multiple tasks Moves & Time: • moves and time are limited•moves are limited • time is limited • infinite time and movesTheunique instrumental music creates the unforgettableatmospherewhile playing. You will not notice becoming addicted tothisaddition-based math game! Math-N-Roll is the best time killer!
Solar Walk 2 Free: Planets
Solar Walk 2 Free is a powerful educational tool at the edgeofgraphic technology that shows wonders of the solar system seenasnever before. Based on real physics and latest photographicdata,Solar Walk 2 comes to life with stunning visual effectsofplanetary atmospheres, solar flares, auroras, and give the space depth and feel that hadn't yet beenpossible on amobile device. The free version of the app opens thedoor to thespectacular solar system at any chosen moment of time inthe pastor the future. In Solar Walk 2 life of the solar systemispresented as a series of events: celestial (solareclipses,conjunctions, etc.) and man-made missions. Users canexperience theprogress of space exploration and see how the planetsmoved at thetime and how they are going to move in the future. Withthe newCalendar users can travel with Voyager 1, see how gravityassistshelped Cassini get to the outer edges of the solar system,andexplore Hubble as if you were right next to it. 60 spectacular3Dmodels of important space missions and satellites are availableinhigh detail and travel according to their actual coordinates.Thenew Solar Walk 2 has visualizations of important celestialevents.Users can view any solar eclipse from space as a shadowcrossingthe Earth and see exactly what regions it covers at whattimes foreach and every eclipse of the covered range. Solar WalkAppHighlights: * Spectacular 3D model of the solar system andtheMilky Way Galaxy - you can zoom out and find out exactly howitlooks and where we are in it * High Resolution Planets - zoomandrotate all planets and satellites to see every crater on theMoonor clouds on Venus - Tap (i) to read info about any object*Satellites and missions - detailed 3D models of themostinteresting man-made satellites, with info, history, and images*Time Machine - how else can you show the laws of nature if notinmotion Language Support: * US English, Russian, ChineseSimple(HANS), German, Italian, Japanese, French, Spanish, KoreanandChinese Traditional