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The VitusVet App is a life and sanity saving tool for pet owners.In addition to having all of your pet’s medical records availablein an emergency, the app helps you take the best care possible ofyour pets. Track major events and daily items such as medicationreminders, walk times, current brand of pet food...even requestfamily vet and specialist appointments. All members of your familyand your extended pet care team will have login access to uploadinformation and locate records through the VitusVet app. Justinvite them to your pet’s care team and start today! MEDICALRECORDS Complete records at your fingertips. Automaticallyavailable when your vet is part of the VitusVet network. OR Uploadthem yourself using the app. Share vaccination records withkennel/groomer. FAMILY & FRIENDS Share access with familymembers, friends, pet sitters, anyone! Share everything that isimportant to know about your pet. Add notes with photos to keeptrack of your pets’ food…no matter who is shopping that week.REMINDERS Easily create medication reminders and receive dosagealerts. Set daily/weekly/monthly reminders for grooming, pet diet,vaccinations and more!
VitusConnect 2.0.5
--For Veterinarians Only-- VitusConnect is the only veterinary appto provide secure text and picture messaging for veterinarians tocommunicate pet health status with dog & cat owners!VitusConnect furthers VitusVet’s mission to improve communicationbetween veterinary clinics and clients, and provide pet owners withgreater engagement in their pet’s health care. Better communication= better veterinary care! Download now, and get started with thefuture of veterinary care! For Veterinarians: Safely & securelysend clients picture and text messages. Reduce calls to the frontdesk asking for updates on a pet’s status. Engage pet owners, buildgoodwill, and show owners just how much you care about their dogsand cats! For Pet Owners: Receive text & picture messageupdates from your veterinarian, right on your phone. Hearimmediately when your pet has completed a procedure, is ready forpickup, or is just doing fine. Avoid the need to call, and avoidwaiting on hold. Features: Allow multiple staff members to access asingle account from their phones, without giving away personalnumbers. One-touch call button to start phone conversations. Exporttexts to save your communication record. More features on the way!Try the main VitusVet app for veterinary record sharing,appointment scheduling, medication reminders and more! Bettercommunication = Better veterinary care!