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Idle Fish Inc - Aquarium Games
Hey! Build an aquarium empire and become a rich idle tycoon! Startwith a small aquarium in San Francisco, then open more franchisesall over the world and improve them to earn more and more profits!Use your hook fish to win more fishes in this aquarium managersimulator! Have fun playing idle tycoon! Improve your aquarium withyour earnings and your cash! In this addictive clicker game youwill travel around the world expanding your aquarium empire! Thisis the most insane idle game! If you want to be the idle tycoon& richest manager, you should buy more and more fish! Buy themin the store, collect more than 10 fish per country, you’ll see howyour earnings will rocket! Besides these fish, you can get someupgrades for your aquarium empire! You can have x2 times yourcurrent earnings while you’re away, x2 in your aquarium incomes,your fish tanks upgrades costs 5% less, your aquarium get incomes10% faster or even x2 fame when you open a new franchise! Fill yourfish tanks to earn more income! Become the best idle tycoon andcreate an aquarium empire! You can earn more money doing the dailyquests. Complete them improving your fish tanks in this idletycoon. Moreover, you’ll also be rewarded if you complete thedifferent achievements for every aquarium. If you like idle andtycoon mixing with clicker games, you’ll love it! Idle Fish IncTycoon is really easy to play! You just have to run your businessand expand your aquarium empire in order to create more and moreprofits! Improve your fish tanks until you reach the mostprofitable one! Discover new fish, earn cash as fast as you can andbecome rich! Features of Idle Fish Inc Tycoon: - This is a Casualand aquarium manager simulator - idle tycoon. Besides it is reallyeasy to play! Earn money with your aquarium, and improve your fishtanks to get more profits! It’s really easy! - Amazing graphicsIdle Fish Inc has a stunning graphic design! We try our best todesign the most interesting idle tycoon! - Improve your fish tanksto expand aquarium empire! Buy fish and improve the tanks fish toearn more money! Then with your earnings aquarium, open newfranchises and create an empire! Become the richest in the wholeworld playing idle tycoon. - Use boosters to earn more earnings! Ifyou want to become rich in this idle tycoon you should boost yourearnings! Get your speed improvements in the store and buy morefish to become an idle tycoon rich! Feel free to send a message toindiesupport@generagames telling us your feedback about this game!
Merge Witch TD - Free Fun Merge Games 2021 1.0.1
Part merge, part tower defense game. Ready for the best freemergegames 2021? Merge Witch TD is a fun merge game that combinesmagiccreatures with TD games. Fast-paced fun casual merge game.Unlocknew maps and build the best tower defenses. Supports freeofflineplay Features: Drag and merge witches and wizards of thesame levelto make them more powerful. Intuitive game controlsMerging gameshave never been so funny Defend your village fromenemies andbecome a top merge games player Complete differentchallenges toobtain rewards like: x2 attack speed or incomes. Usethe magicwheel when you run out of coins to upgrade your witchesandwizards. Become the merge master! There are dozens ofdifferentwitches to be matched, merged and combined. How fast canyou get tothe last one? Magical creatures are awaiting! Improveyour army ofwitches TD and collect coins. Please note: Merge WitchTD is a freeto play game but it contains items that can bepurchased with realmoney. Your opinion matters, and we'relistening! Use the Contactbutton in settings while you are in thegame or email us
KingCraft - Free match 3 games for adults
Over 5 million of candy lovers are already playing KingCraft -Fruitcandy island, our sweet puzzle game! Slide rows & columnstomatch 3 fruits, jelly, gems or candies to clear every stage.Conquerevery island and every land to harvest vegetables,chocolate andeven gems! Will you become the king of your owncastle? Enjoy thebest candy game - Join the sweet candy mania forFREE! Smash sugar,blast fruit, match 3 gummies, slide chocolateand swap gems to win!FEATURES THE BEST MATCH 3 Swap & match 3yummy candies tocomplete every relaxing level. Conquer every landand harvestfruits, vegetables, chocolate, sugar or gems! TENS OFFREE LEVELSPlay in different islands and collect as many candy asyou can!Match fruits, gems and sugar and get the highest score ineverylevel! GAME FOR ALL THE FAMILY KingCraft - Fruit candy islandis aneasy to play sweet match 3 puzzle game! No matter your ageorexperience, you will enjoy those wonderful candy games&levels! CREATE YOUR FARM AND HARVEST Vegetables, fruits,chocolate,gems, diamonds… Produce different blocks and candies andwin goldcoins selling them! COOL GRAPHICS AND SOUNDS Candies aremore realthan ever! Explore every island and create a colorfulgarden fullof vegetables and candies to match! SWEET BOOSTERS TOHELP YOUSolve every puzzle using boosters! They will help you tomatchevery block, chocolate or jelly. Blast every piece in thissweetcandy game! RELAXING MATCH 3 PUZZLE GAME KingCraft - Fruitcandyisland is a stress relief game! No time limits, great powerups andrelaxing levels. Are you ready to join the candy mania? PLAYWITHFRIENDS! Can you beat your friends’ high score? Combine candiesandcomplete every level in just a few movements to get a greatrecord!Are you ready to join this candy fever? Try the bestmatching candygames! Download KingCraft - Fruit candy island forFREE and blastfruit, smash sugar, crush chocolate and make powerfulcombos! Yummycandies are waiting for you. You will enjoy KingCraftif you lovestress relief match 3 puzzle games, sweet & yummygummies andcandies! Start smashing sugar and blasting fruits toconquer everyisland and create your own garden & harvest!
Soccer Star 2021 Top Leagues: Play the SOCCER game 2.7.0
Welcome to the best Soccer game of major league soccer. We havecreated a specialized soccer game for our American fans. Our freesoccer game is the most anticipated soccer game of the year 2021.We give you the opportunity to play against the best soccer playersfrom around the world, you will be able to win the best soccermatches and championships. In addition, if you manage to be thebest player in the world or become a great player in a soccer teamof the major league, your national soccer team will call you to gowith them to the next World Cup. Our soccer game has been designedto feel like a real soccer player, a soccer player who is playingwith his loved team in the most important competitions like WorldCup We have all the soccer teams of the major league soccer, youcan play with your favorite team, or alternate teams when sendingyou a transfer request. You can play with soccer teams such as:angeles galaxy, dc united, toronto fc, seattle sounders, orlandocity, whitecaps among others. Besides being able to share clotheswith great soccer players like giovanni dos santos, beckham,zlatan, rooney and others. And when you play major league soccer,you have the possibility to play other national championships suchas the soccerCup, soccer cup or the European football championshipwhere you will fight against the best soccer teams in the world andin America such as: whitecaps, toronto fc, angeles galaxy, orlandocity and others. Free soccer games are becoming more real and withbetter graphics that make you believe that you are really playing asoccer game That's why our free soccer game is known for its greatlevels of quality and graphics. Enjoy our soccer game that offersyou an incomparable experience. Characteristics of our soccer game:-Play against thousands of soccer teams of major soccer league -Wegive you the chance to play in the best soccer leagues in the worldsuch as MLS -Compete in the grass with great players of the worldlike giovanni dos santos, beckham, rooney or zlatan -Pass all thelevels of our game and become the hero of mls -Play with thenational soccer team and go to the football world cup. -Win thechampionship with your favorite soccer team - Become the bestscorer in the major league soccer -Win all the soccer matches withyour soccer team Remember to play with all your strength and allyour spirit, giving everything and always being the best soccerplayer of your soccer team fighting against the best soccer teamsin the world like Orlando city, whitecaps, dc united…, and becomethe winner along with your soccer team of major league soccer Theheroes of soccer always score goals, never leave their teammatesbehind, and always score the final goal. Be the hero of your soccerteam in major league soccer! Do not wait any longer we are betterthan other soccer games, download our free soccer game of the majorleague soccer, we promise you will feel an unusual feeling when youscore a goal with our soccer game and become a recognized soccerplayer around the world and this way you will win the golden ballwhile playing in one of the best football teams in the world. It’sthe moment of making history in the soccer world, be the nextgolden ball!
Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games 1.21.22
Download Official Cover Fire, is one of the best shooting gamesyou’ll ever play on a mobile, now for free and offline. Best actionshooter game, easy controls, realistic 3D graphics and fun offlinemissions. Get your best shooting gun and take to action! Playoffline in a challenging single-player campaign, survive incompetitive sniper shooting battle online and don't stop shootingin cool war events, such as Zombies Survival or Black Ops. GameFeatures • Shooting Online and Offline on mobile 12 New Chapters ina thrilling story mode. Battle in army missions, sniper 3d ops,drive vehicles or fun shooting from helicopters with a heavy gun. •New Shooting Game and best Sniper 3d shooting game Unlock uniquearmy weapons and shoot cool guns. Customize and upgrade your bestguns skills to increase arsenal damage in the war zone. Killingwith iconic gun, powerful sniper weapons and modern shotguns.Remember your duty: grenades are your best companion in the war! •Easy controls. Low mobile requirements Controls are customisable,so it's no matter if you are a veteran assassin shooter or an armyrookie in this free shooting game. • Online Sniper TournamentsCompete and fight against other players or friends around the worldwith your best times ranked in online leaderboards. Call to actionand win the war! Your duty is to be best shooter • New OfflineVirus Zombies Event Play free zombie event! Survive with a gunagainst zombies and save the survivors. Aim, Shoot and kill hordesof Zombies!! Updated Shooter Duty: infiltrate in a terrorist baseand kill all enemies. Shoot to kill and survive in the best sniper3d shooting game! The best shooting games experience in thebattlefield. Call your best shooter and combat on the war. Callyour friends and Download now for free the best offline shootinggames on mobile ! It's fun and free game!
Zombie Hunter Sniper: Last Apocalypse Shooter 3.0.33
Feel the action and survive this apocalypse horror in one of thebest free zombie sniper shooting games. Enjoy this survival bybeing a zombie hunter and killing them in a challenging firstperson shooter (FPS) with 3D graphics. Zombies walk among us! Youare one of the few survivors of a pandemic infection. The zombieapocalypse began after a scientist dropped a vial of virus in asecret laboratory. Despite military lockdown, in a few hours thezombie infection outbreak reached the outside and now the livingdead are rising, hunting humans to feed themselves. As an elitemarksman sniper you have experience in shooting range and you weretrained in military strategy for chaos, action and survival wargames. This could be your last day on Earth so escaping yourshelter and turning into a Zombie Hunter is your only hope forsurvival in this zombie apocalypse. FPS survival gameplay: In thisFPS game you need to choose the best sniper rifle, load bullets,pull the trigger to open fire and hunt down all the zombies in yourway. Defend helpless victims in this zombies apocalypse by shootingundeads before they transform too! Stock up your sniper armory andbe the best zombie hunter, choose and upgrade weapons from sniperrifles to crossbows, bazookas, shotguns, assault rifles, revolversor machine guns. Play with your favorite weapons in this FPS zombieapocalypse survival game. Hunt and kill all kinds of zombies: weakcrawling undead or strong super zombies that will test your sniperskills of observation, dexterity and marksmanship in thisapocalypse shooting mission. Search from hidden spots, find zombiesand kill the target before it’s too late! Features: · Kill zombiesbefore time ends. · Upgrade your sniper rifle. · Shoot loot boxeswith power ups. · Several missions of apocalypse survival action. ·Survive in open apocalypse battlegrounds. · Different guns andweapons. · FPS (1st person shooter) survival game play. · Playoffline or online. Enjoy a zombie apocalypse classic shooter game.FPS action, horror and survival mixed up in a sniper shooting gamethat will boost your adrenaline by being a zombie hunter. Surviveto this zombie apocalypse. Reload your sniper rifle, practice yourhunter skills and start shooting for survival. KILL ALL THE ZOMBIESIN YOUR WAY! Scenarios: Can you be the best Zombie Hunter in thisApocalypse? Improve your sniper / hunter skills in a FPS mode,fight in open places and different levels in this apocalypsesurvival to find out the horror story from Day Zero to 180. · Urbancity: Jacksonville · Camping: Caravan of the Dead · Theme Park:Amusement zombie · Coast: Dead Port and Snow: Arctic Z. Surviveevery time shooting the best sniper rifle and prove your FPSshooter skills. Become a true zombie hunter and kill them all!Enjoy shooting zombies anywhere! One of the best FPS games.Download free Zombie Hunter game to play different missions in openbattlegrounds. Zombie Hunter is an online or offline FPS game, youcan even play it safe far from the apocalypse or a fallout in anunderground bunker! Let the zombie apocalypse shooting begin!
Talking Gummy Free Bear Games for kids 3.7.0
Download Talking Gummy - Funny bear free games for kids, one of thebest casual games for kids you’ll find on the store. Play casual infamily this game and enjoy the features Gummy bear brings you. Allthe fans of this bear are in luck because they can get the officialcasual game: TALKING GUMMY! Fun bear free games for kids &family. INTERACT WITH TALKING GUMMY BEAR Talk to him and gummyrepeats all you say. If you look for bear games, Talking Gummy bearis the game you are looking for Talking Gummy - Funny bear freegames for kids is a casual game designed for boys and girls tospend a hilarious time in family. All the kids enjoy playing thisgame with their friends. Every kid wants to have their own pet andthis virtual pet will be all they want to have to play with. Boysand girls loves gummy bear and now they can play with theirfavorite candy bear. Gummy bear repeats what you say! Touch thescreen to see Gummy Bear’s funny reactions and learn to play thetuba with your new casual virtual pet! FEATURES & HOW TO PLAYTHIS TALKING GAME • TAP and watch his hilarious reactions made forkids’ happiness! • PLAY the tuba with the famous Talking GummyBear! • TAKE a photo with Gummy Bear and SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS! •ENJOY casual mini-games with your favorite virtual pet. • MAKE yourfavourite songs your RINGTONES. • PICTURES with Gummy on sillyposes that will make you laugh • MAKE him DANCE and choose hisdance • PLAY the mini game and rescue the candy bears falling down!Talking Gummy - Funny bear free games for kids belongs to MyTalking Toys Family Casual Apps designed for kids to play in familyand with friends. My Talking Toys family are composed by: Rebeccathe Monster Girl, Rapper, YooHoo, Gingerbread, Teddy Bear, ClayKids, Garfield Cat, Pinocchio, Princess, Pirate, Tibbie, Arnold theElf & Cowboy. Enjoy this Talking Family Friends and have funwith our casual characters made for all kids. Boys and girls willplay in family and with friends. Talking Gummy - Funny bear freegames for kids is a casual game for all the family and includesadvertising. This casual game also includes links that directcustomers to My Talking Toys other apps and playing casual games.
Soccer Royale: Clash Football 1.8.8
Make your grandma proud and beat your friends playing the crazieststrategy football royale game! Prepare yourself for the bestfootball royale! Become a soccer star and defeat real-worldopponents in 1v1 clash games. Soccer Royale is a free strategyfootball game, compete alongside your clan in online clash games vsplayers from all over the world. Unlock new clash heroes for yourteam, select your favorite cards and become the champions of thefootball clash! Be Social Join a club. Chat with your friends ingame and become the best team worldwide. You can exchange cardstoo. Play vs Friends Challenge your friends to pvp football matchesand show them who’s the G.O.A.T Upgrade your Characters Level upyour players to achieve new abilities and progress throughdivisions and stadiums to unlock epic characters. Select yourLine-up Make a selection of your favorite characters that fits yourstrategy to help you progress faster on career mode and achievegreat rewards! FEATURES - Play against friends in multiplayerfootball matches - Gather unique characters and upgrade them tomake them more powerful - Strike and score incredible goals - Playin competitive soccer leagues and promote to the next division. -Online Multiplayer pvp football - Join or create a club, chat withthe others and rise in the ranks. Please note: Soccer RoyaleFootball Stars is a free to play game but some items can bepurchased for real money. A network connection is required.
Happy Town Farm Games - Farming & City Building 1.5.6
Welcome to Happy Town Farm, one of the best city buildingandfarming which stands out as a well-designed, aestheticallypleasingfarming town simulator with a wealth of options andsteadyprogression. Plant your crops, feed the animals, cook tastyrecipesand trade goods with neighbours. Become the best farmer!Happy TownFarm games does have a casual feel to it but challengingin thetime management elements like buildings or resources andindesigning your town. The more you play, the more youlikeharvesting and building, moreover gradually you can boostyourskills to master the game! Harvest tasty crops every day infarmgames! Use your harvest skills to craft hundreds ofdifferenttreats. Try to discover all the recipes you need to cookyourfavourite food and then sell your goods to the townsfolkandfriendly neighbors. It's a great opportunity for farmingbusiness!Pick harvest, fruits, vegetables and animals every day.Hey, do notforget to sell your agricultural products in the town.Best farmgames for free! Check out these amazing features -NURTUREanimalslike chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, cats and dogs -CULTIVATEfreshcrops like soybean, corn or wheat -COMPLETE tasks and orderstoearn some money -EXPLORE new areas like the river or themine-COLLECT different goods and keep them in the barn -BUILD,expandand customise your dream farm games -COOK and bake deliciousfoodlike pies, bread or scrambled eggs -TRADE goods with neighbourstoimprove the land -DESIGN and decorate the farm with trees,brushesand ornaments -POPULAR and funny farm games with charming3Dgraphics -PLAY for free online with family and friends Feedyouranimals on your farm games. After a while, go and pick uptheharvest, you’ll cook tasty food with all of you’ve got. Visityourfriend’s farms, complete tasks, earn money sellingdifferentresources to them. Don't forget to Improve your barn andsilo ifyou need more space to store your goods. This game iscompletelyfree to download and free to play. However, some items inthe gamecan be purchased with real money. Feed your animals, pickup theharvest, visit friend’s farms, complete tasks, earn money,improveyour barn and silo, expand your garden, decorate the villageandenjoy the best simulation farm games
Run Forrest Run - Endless running game! 1.8.5
Welcome to Run Forrest Run, the official game of Forrest Gump!Enjoyendless running in this amazing adventure. Have fun on therun,dashing and beating every level with Forrest Gump in thisgreatrunner! Run as Forrest Gump through the levels, collectingcoins anddashing in the jungle, enjoy playing as the star of anaward-winningParamount Pictures film! In this endless runner, jumpand collectcoins also fly with the hang glider! Dodge cars,trucks, trains,traffic and avoid obstacles on the runway. Run fastto catch bubbagump prawns in this endless runner for kids! Rununlimited in thejungle of Vietnam. Dash fast, rush to overcomelevels, unlock newscenarios and characters. Try running as fast aspossible in thisendless running adventure without wifi (offlinegame). Whilerunning, get boosters & power ups to run unlimitedtime in allthe scenarios and have a lot of fun. A wild race iswaiting: run,jump and dodge! rush and dash through a fusion ofarcade and action,enjoy some of the best casual fun for kids andbest running gamesthere are. Endless runner features: - Easy toplay, dash, run, jumpand collect coins while running: Swipe up tojump, have fun andescape from obstacles. Press down to slide underhurdles. Dash leftor right to turn your runner. Fly with a hangglider and collect thecoins in the air in this endless runningadventure. - Free runningwith levels & fun missions rewards:Run to complete missions andlevels. Unlock characters and funscenarios in Alabama, whilerunning Route 66, play on a FootballStadium or rush through thejungle of Vietnam. Enjoy this dashingendless runner for kids, andone of the best offline gamingexperiences! -Synchronize withFacebook & Google Play -Competewith friends, beat them to reachthe running ranking. -Enter inendless runner competitive mode andwin these free games for kids,to become the top runner. -Be thebest in the world ranking. -Offline games: Play online or offline(no wifi) in the runninggames. - Upgrade & customize yourcharacter to improve run andfun jump skills. This is an endlessrunning game and jumping game,so have fun! You won't stop running,jumping and dodging! Get allfun scenarios for girls, boys & allfamily. Start the wild racenow, run and enjoy the best endlessrunning game!
Gummy Bear Rush Run - Endless Running Games 2021 1.7.0
Explore the World and Space with the famous Talking Gummy Bear!Runand keep running to collect gold, diamonds and special itemsandfinish the fun run with the longest running distance to get ahighscore on each level! Dash and play now the newest freerunninggames for kids. Gummy Bear can jump, move to the sides,rush, bendor roll over to avoid bumping into cars on each dangerouslevel,runthrough street lights,dash over buses, trucks, trains,fences and alot of fun obstacles that will try to stop you fromrunning throughthe level! How long can you run? begin the challengeand help yourrunning friends!. RUNNING SCENARIOS Dozens ofdifferent levels inan endless runner with the new Gummy Bear game!- Urban: Discovernew parks, avenues and neighbourhoods runningthrough the fun cityof Jake. - Crystal: Run on a mysterious faraway level with bigalien crystals and purple sky. - Night: No timeto sleep! Can youdash through the obstacles in the city and run atnight? - Magma:The floor is lava! Have fun but be careful and don’tget too closeto the fire, keep running! - Water: Travel around theharbors ofthe level and run along the docks or learn how to swimwith thetalking gummy bear! - Ice - It’s cold outside! Jump, rushand dashthrough the level to collect all the gold. Run and avoidfalling inthe ice pits. BOOSTERS Collect these items to help youkeep in thenewest of runnin games! - Magnet: Collect gold fromdifferent rowswithout shifting the level. The coins will fly to youas you run! -Shield: Don’t worry about hitting fun obstacles inyour run withthis protective boost. - Low Gravity: Ever wanted torun and jumparound like if you were on the moon? Now you can, butbe carefulwith how high you jump in this running game! - X2 Score:Multiplyyour level score with this fun booster and run faster tothe nextlevel! Search for the jetpack and Hoverboard Surfing!Colorful andvivid HD graphics! THE BEST ENDLESS RUNNING FUN IS INGUMMY BEARRUNNING! Gummy Bear Runner is a GummyBear InternationalInc.Official Licensed Product.
Fancy Cafe - Match 3 Renovation & Design 3.0
Welcome to the Fancy Cafe - Restaurant Game. Renovation&Design. Solve match-3 levels and help Kate renovate hertrendyCafe. Join millions of narrative match-3 players around theworld.FEATURES - Do Home Design and decorate your dream cafesolvingmatch-3 puzzles to achieve tokens to complete tasks. -Choosebetween 3 options of furniture and select the best lookingfor yourcafe decoration games - Follow the story! Kate and herfriends willface amazing challenges while they try to build anamazingrestaurant - Complete hundreds of match-3 levels to unlocknewzones and expand - Learn new recipes - A unique storylineandcharming characters Fancy Cafe - Restaurant Game. Renovation&Design is a mix of interior design games and cafe gamespuzzlegames. The story take place in a charming city where Katedecidesto become the proud owner of a new Cafe. She will need thehelp offamily and friends to do create the best scapes possible andyoursto complete match-3 puzzles to progress on her story of candycafemanor games. Challenge your skills on restaurant games tocreateyour cafe. You’ll have 3 options to renovate coffeeshopdecoration. Select the one that suits your style the most! Ifyouare tired of those house fixing games, Fancy Match Cafe offersyoua challenging and fun story to live, becoming the manager ofyourvery own coffee shop and creating sweet scapes for yourclients. MyFancy Cafe - Restaurant Game is made for thoserestaurant gamesplayers that love puzzle matching challenges SimpleMechanics Match3: swap and match 3 or more identical pieces toprogress on thecafe story Use the tokens achieved to decorate yourcafe manorSolve levels with different difficulty and improve yourrecipes.Your clients will love that! Progress on the story solvingpuzzlechallenges. Are you curious to know more about Kate’s story?Usesweet fruity boosters to help you on those difficultlevelsMatching items has never been more fun! Among all thematch-3games, Fancy Cafe has a special place with tens of puzzles,uniquestoryline and great friendly characters! Find best ideas forroomsand landscapes and make your restaurant space feel like adreamhome! Discover hidden areas and choose among hundreds ofnewfurnitures for your decoration project! Sit down, relax andenjoythis puzzle game enriched with a beautiful and exciting story!Whatare you waiting for to improve on interior design gamesandrenovation games? Fancy Cafe will be updated with morematchingtons puzzles to solve! Already played and enjoyed the game?Staytuned for updates and drop us a review! If you’re a fan ofpuzzlegames, house and kitchen design games, Fancy Cafe is just thegamefor you! Download now and start building your dream coffeeshop!Please note: Fancy Cafe - Restaurant Game. Renovation &Designis a free to play game but some items can be purchased forrealmoney. If you wish to disable this feature, please turn offin-apppurchases in your device’s settings Your opinion matters, andwe'rehere if you need help! Use the Contact button in settingswhile youare in the game or email us at:
Aqua Galaxy Attack Shooter
Defend the seas from the galaxy attackers! Select acharacter,improve its skills and fight against evil bosses in aclassicvertical shooter game. Shoot em up in this non-stop actionarcade!Welcome to Aqua Galaxy Attack Shooter, a Top rated spaceshootergame where you have to clean the seas of powerful enemies.Play asone of the cetacean allies and fight through differentactionscenarios: complete the wave, select between threespecialabilities and become stronger for the rest of levels. Howmany canyou beat in this stylized game? Check out these features!SAVE THEISLANDS Play in different worlds and clean the seas. Eachislandhas several levels full of invaders, and you will have tocompletethem to face the final boss and unlock the next one. CHOOSEYOURABILITY After finishing a wave, you’ll have to select apowerfulability for your cetacean. Improve your attack power,health,speed, or equip special attacks as in the popular shoot emupgames. OPEN LEGENDARY CHESTS Play this space shooting game andgetfree keys to open epic chests full of rewards: coins, gems,rareequipment and many surprises in this action arcade shooter.EQUIPARMOR AND ATTACK POWER Improve your attack speed, power,defense,max hp, dodge and special powers. Also, team up with alliesthatwill fight with you against the galaxy invaders. UPGRADEALLTALENTS Play different stages, kill enemies and get coins topowerup talents that grant permanent skills and powers. Vitality,magnetto obtain coins easily, radar for rewards… SELECT YOUR HERODefeatthe alien invaders and obtain coins to unlock more cetaceanswithdifferent abilities and stats. Enjoy the best arcade shootinggamefor free with many heroes. Shoot em up to complete all stages!SeaInvaders is a classic arcade spaceship shooting game but undertheseas. If you like vertical shooters, you will love this funofflinegame for free. Defend the planet and enjoy this spaceshooter game.
Death Idle Tycoon Clicker Game
Hey tycoon! Build a food empire and become a rich idle tycoon!Start with a small business in the dead kingdom, then open morefranchises all over the underworld and improve them to earn moreand more profit stand earnings! Use your business techniques inthis clicker games! Improve your franchises with your earnings andyour cash! In this addictive clicker games you will travel aroundthe underworld expanding your food empire! If you want to be theidle tycoons & richest manager, your clients should buy more!Manage the store and improve your food trucks, you’ll see how yourearnings will rocket in our clicker games! Besides these, you canget some upgrades for your tycoon empire! You can have x2 timesyour current earnings while you’re away, x2 in your idle incomes,your business upgrades costs 5% less, your food stands get incomes10% faster or even x2 fame when you open a new franchise! Learn newrecipes to earn more idle earnings and become an idle tycoon andmanage your empire in clicker games! You can earn more money doingthe daily quests, complete them in this idle tycoon games.Moreover, you’ll also be rewarded if you complete the differentachievements for every stand. If you like idle tycoon games mixingwith clicker games, you’ll love it! Death Tycoons Inc is reallyeasy to play! You just have to run your business and manage yourempire in order to create more and more profits in this game! Learnmore recipes until you reach the most profitable stand! Discovernew cards, earn cash as fast as you can and become a rich tycoon!Features of Death Idle Tycoon Inc: - This is a mix of a clicker andidle tycoon games. Besides it is really easy to play! Earn moneywith your business, and learn more recipes to get more profits! -Amazing graphics: Death Idle Tycoon games has a stunning graphicdesign! - Learn more recipes to expand your tycoon empire andmanage your business! Get new cards and recipes to earn more cash!Then with your idle earnings, open new franchises in idle tycoongames! Become the richest in the whole underworld playing clickergames. - Use boosters to earn more earnings! If you want to becomerich in this idle tycoon games you should boost your earnings! Getyour speed improvements in the store and buy recipes! Feel free tosend a message to telling us your feedbackabout this!
Merge Robots - Click & Idle Tycoon Games 1.6.5
Build a robot empire and become a rich idle tycoon! Start withafactory, then open more all over the world and improve them toearnmore and more profits! Use your robots and to win more rewardsinthis merge simulator! Have fun playing idle tycoon! Improveyourfactory with your earnings and your cash! In this addictiveclickergame you will travel around the world expanding your Robotempire!This is the most insane merge plane robots game! Buy, matchandmanage your robots and make those earnings fly! Will you be abletomatch them all? NEW MERGE ROBOTS! Enjoy merge plane andracingrobots game, you’ll evolve up to 40 (more to come) Earndailyrewards to help you advance faster in the game Improvedwheelprizes! If you want to be the idle tycoon & richestmanager,you should buy more and more robots! Buy them in the store,collectrobots, you’ll see how your earnings will rocket! Besidesthis, youcan get some upgrades for your empire! You can have x2times yourcurrent earnings while you’re away, x2 in your incomes,your robotsupgrades costs 5% less, your factory get incomes 10%faster or evenx2 fame when you open a new one! Fill your robotsfactory to earnmore income! Become the best idle tycoon and createan empire! Youcan earn more money doing the daily quests. Completethem byimproving your robots in this idle tycoon. Moreover, you’llalso berewarded if you complete the different achievements forevery mergethat you do. If you like idle and tycoon mixing withmerge games,you’ll love it! Merge plane and racing robots arereally easy toplay! You just have to run your business and expandyour robotempire faster than a plane in order to create more andmoreprofits! Improve your factory until you reach the mostprofitableone! Discover new ones, earn cash as fast as you can andbecomerich! Features: - This is a Casual and robot merge plane game-idle tycoon. Besides it is really easy to play! Earn moneywithyour factory, and improve your robots to get more profits!It’sreally easy! - Amazing graphics Stunning graphic design! We tryourbest to design the most interesting merge & idle tycoon!-Improve your robots to expand the empire! Buy robots andimprovethem to earn more money! Then with your earnings, opennewfactories and create an empire! Become the richest in thewholeworld playing idle tycoon. - Use boosters to earn moreearnings!Drag a robot into another of the same number to achieve abetterone! Put your machines on track to earn money and discoverdozensof bots to match and to evolve. Get awesome rewards from theprizewheel and earn idle coins even while you aren’t playingthismerging game. If you want to become rich in this idle tycoonyoushould boost your earnings! Get your speed improvements inthestore and become a rich idle tycoon! Optimized for Tablets. Maybeplayed without an Internet connection. Feel free to send amessageto indiesupport@generagames telling us your feedback aboutthisgame!
Guns at Dawn: Shooter PvP Game 1.17.2
Guns at Dawn: Shooter Arena is the best action shooter multiplayerfor mobiles. Can you survive in deadly all-out gun battles and bethe last gunslinger standing? Grab your weapon and don't miss theshot. Make each bullet count! Key Features • Skill based PvP DuelBattles Play online and master the art of shooting pistols anddodging bullets. Unleash lethal skills to gun down your enemy insplit seconds. • Intuitive Controls It’s so simple than you learnquickly tactics to kill your opponent and rank up in yourleaderboard. The skill-cap is high enough to be extremelychallenging and be the best in this PvP shooting game •Customizable Characters and accesories 8+ gunslingers with specialskills: The Outlaw, The Native American, the Bounty Hunter, TheGraverobber or the Marshall. Create a unique hero by using acombination of hundreds of accessories and find the perfect look. •Cool weapons 10+ iconic weapons: Walker, Navy, or the PeaceMaker.Choose the specific gun-fighting skills you want to develop andacquire new shooting abilities to become the best shooter • HighQuality 3D Battlegrounds Fight across 5+ console qualitymultiplayer maps with objects to hide and destructible environmentsand obstacles • Worldwide competitions and modes Rise in theleaderboards Leagues and weekly Rival Ranks to battle to the top incompetitive ranked mode. Compete against thousands of shootersworldwide in realtime 1v1 matches. Note: An internet connection isrequired to play online this game. the gameplay uses realtimeonline matches with player across the globe. Discord:
Talking Hello Kitty - Virtual pet game for kids 1.3.2
From the studio that brought you My Talking Gummy Bear game comesanew talking videogame for kids, My Talking Hello Kitty! Checkoutthis cool game, where the famous character Hello Kitty invitesyouinto her house and plays games with you! Talking Hello Kittyisyour new best friend: Have tons of fun with this Lovely kittyandget one of the best casual games for kids! She hears you speakandtalks to you, kids and family will enjoy magical surprises inthisfree casual game! Designed for kids to play in family andwithfriends. PLAY ON THIS AMAZING OFFLINE CASUAL GAME! PLAYINGANDTALKING: Kids can Help Hello Kitty bake when she’s hungry, helpherwash the dishes, take her to sleep when she’s tired, play inthegarden with her or plant some flowers! You can watch them growallwhile talking to the famous Hello Kitty! MINI GAMES: Playminigames with talking Hello kitty, including playing with aball,tending your flowers, washing dishes and Talking Hello Kitty‘sFavorite mini game for kids, baking! EXPLORING talking HelloKitty‘s house: Hello kitty can go from room to room discoveringexcitinggames and new activities. Players can Help Talking HelloKitty andhave amazing fun and talk with her. SURPRISE BOX: TalkingHelloKitty has a surprise box, and there are several surprise toystodiscover and play games! Each one is unique and amazing.Discoverwith her what amazing toy you will get each time in thisgreatcasual game for kids. DECORATE HER HOUSE: You can alsodecorateHello Kitty ‘s house in this casual game, you can have lotsof fundecorating, changing wallpaper, rugs, lamps, and some ofHelloKitty ‘s belongings! DRESS HER UP: Another great thing aboutthisgreat simulation game is that you can play dress up withtalkingHello Kitty, make her pretty and change her looks whilehaving fun!FEATURES INCLUDE: • TAP and talk to hear Hello Kitty’svoice! •PLAY with her surprise chest and find out which amazing toyyouwill get! • TAKE a photo with Hello Kitty and SHARE WITHYOURFRIENDS! • ENJOY casual mini-games with your favorite virtualpet.• FUN with Hello Kitty in her house doing what she loves. •DRESSher up and choose her clothes. • PLAY any game with heranddiscover all the fun surprises!
Idle Delivery Tycoon - Merge Restaurant Simulator
Want a new challenge in idle games? You've come to the rightplace,enjoy this new and original merge adventure as you run anidlerestaurant empire. One of the most original simulationgames,download Idle Delivery Tycoon now! Become a Tycoon Managerandbuild your Restaurant Empire The instruction of thisbusinesssimulator are simple: 🌭 Merge food for your cookingrecipes, yourstaff and the delivery bikes to upgrade the velocityand profits. 🌭Establish the best manager for each section. 🌭Upgrade yourrestaurant to become a millionaire in this idle game.In this fastfood simulator empire you need to have the mostdelicious food,great staff and the fastest delivery. Become a richtycoon withyour managing business skills. Build a deliveryrestaurant empirein this new merge idle simulator! Manage thisunique idle tycoonrestaurant 🍔 Select and optimize a master chef tobe the best foodmanager 🍔 Choose a staff manager and merge yourstaff to have thebest team 🍔 Manage your finances and become thebest boss Open newrestaurants with new cooking dishes, deliver themas fast as youcan, remember that you can always come back to yourold restaurantsand enjoy this business simulator adventure with allyourfranchises. Merge food to optimize, forget the endlesstappingTired of the classic clicker / tapping idle tycoon games?You arein the right place! Download now Idle Delivery Tycoon toenjoy thisnew and fun adventure, there is no other idle game likethis one.We combine the merge mechanic to make more entertainingthisbusiness simulator game. Merge to optimize, merge to win, mergetobecome rich!! Restaurant games are fun, but this deliverytycoonwill become your favorite. Unlock new delivery restaurantsThisdelivery simulator game is unique, merge to maximize yourdeliverybusiness, earn more money and invest your cash in thedifferentstations of your restaurant to become a tycoon! Level up!upgradeyour restaurant and open new franchises with new dishes,easy andsimple. This is not a classic clicker game, this is a newmergeidle tycoon adventure, an original delivery restaurantsimulator. 🍟Merge your empire tycoon. 🍟 Become a millionairemanager in thisidle delivery simulator. 🍟 Upgrade your restaurantand be the bestin this cooking idle game. This fast food deliveryrestaurant gameis not a clicker game, is an original merge idletycoon capitalistadventure. Build your fast food empire and becomea tycoon With ourdelivery restaurant game, you can merge to createnew dishes andbecome an idle empire tycoon owner. Merge and managethe best youcan this fast food delivery restaurant. Download IdleDeliveryRestaurant Tycoon now The only game where you can build anempiremerging fast food in this capitalist simulator adventure.