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Malayalam Movie Reviews 1.0
Malayalam Movie Reviews does exactly what thename says, it quickly provides reviews (and more) of the latestmovies showing in theaters as well as upcoming movies.Each moviepage shows start cast, movie rating, plot, brief review,etc. If youare looking forward to watch a movie andneed to find a good movie among them then check out ourapplication.Our application has been designed to help you makewiser movie watching decisions as well as delivering the bestexperience Anytime and Anywhere!!■ It has the best Reviews and Ratings.■ No Signup or Registration Needed.■ Best Interface With Latest Android Design.■ Less Data Usage.■ Instant Search Results.■ It has everything you need to know about movies.If you like this application please take some time to review thisapplication.Need your comments and reviews for future updates.
Thumbnail Changer [ROOT] 2.1
►Requirement♦ Rooted Device►DescriptionThumbnail Changer. allows you to choose a fake image for avideo/imageWhen you will send your video/images via whatapp they will receivean video/image, with a fake thumbnail you selected.When your friends sees the downloading image (FAKE Thumbnail) andwait for the download to complete,FAKE image will change.. intoyour REAL image/video!You can use Thumbnail Changer in original and creative ways:To hear your friends asking: “How did you do that?”To send really original love or wishes messages!To send a sexy picture that will turn into ...To send a photo that your friends are waiting for a long timeand it will turn into something that they hate!To send “special" messages: in the first photo choose a photowith a text, and in the other one let the images talk for you!To do special tricks!► Usage♦ Install application♦ open it♦ grant root permission♦ You can see the thumbnail of the last received file.(Video orAudio. Now it supports both)♦ Click on the bottom part and choose an image (google photos maynot work. I use QuickPic)♦ click share and the thumbnail is changed♦ Exit the application► If you want to change the the thumbnail of a new video.♦ open the application and on the menu click "Open ownnumber"♦ in the dialog box, type your phone number and click OK♦ this will allow you to send an image/video to yourself♦ After sending the video to your self, open the thumbnail changerapplication and you can see your video/images thumbnail♦ then follow the usual procedure given above.Note: -----------To see the change, you may required to swipeclose whatapp from recent app list and open it again.Even if youdidn't close it,if you send the modified video/image, it willwork.-----------Note : -----------Google Image Picker will not work while pickingthe image from the Thumbnail Changer App.Use any other Gallery Appavailable (like QuickPic)---------------►Need Help, post on XDA?♦
Battery Floater Lite 1.0
Battery Floater is a widget likeapplicationused to show the current level of battery usingcustomized imagesand fonts which can be changes according touser.the images arestored in the sdcard so users can add moreimages and fonts.User can define the size of the font.The important featureisthat it stays on the top of all applications.It supports PinchZoomalso so that user can set it according to his/her needs.Thetextvisibility can be set also the color of the text.theapplicationsupports image rotation,image transparency.user can dragand dropthe battery anywhere in the screen.## NO ADS ##Some features Are Disabled in the Lite VersionChoose Image Folder - Click for selecting the folderwhichcontains the images for the battery Widget.First open youSDCardand copy the folder containing the images from you PC tothe"BatteryFloater" folder.It supports minimum 5images(20%,40%,60%,80%,100%) and a maximum of 100 images (1 foreachlevel). The file name of the images have to be the value ofthebattery level.folder Path : /mnt/sdcard/BatteryFloater/folder nameWidth and Height - change the value to increase/decreasethewidget size.(pinch Zoom also available).Choose Font - Click for selecting the font to be shown asbatterypercentage.copy the required fonts from the PC to thefolder and youcan choose this file from can put anynumber of .ttffiles here.folder Path : /mnt/sdcard/BatteryFloater/Fonts/Show Black Background - Click for showing blackbackground.thisoption is provided to adjust the width and heightaccurately.set itaccordingly it will be easy to zoom and adjust thelayout.Show Text - check this if you want to display battery valueinthe center of the 65Show Percentage - check this if you want to displaypercentagesymbol in the texteg:- 65%Vertical text - check if you want to display thetextverticallyeg:-6 65 5%Choose Text Color - click here to choosethecolor,transparency,and other options of the text(batterylevel)Font Size - change the value to increase/decrease the fontsizeof the textDigit Image Size - change the value to increase/decreasetheDigit Image size.Image Opacity - change the slider to increase/decreasethetransparency of the imageImage Rotation - change the slider to rotate the image inanangle.360 degree supported.----------------------------------------------------------No Internet Permission Required.-----------------------------------------------------------Feel free to contact me for any information.Give Feedback after trying this Application so that Icanimprove.If you can Please Buy the Full version to support me.