Vocera Communications Apps

Vocera Secure Texting
Vocera Secure Texting provides a secure, easy to use, alternativeto SMS that leverages the Vocera platform to enable HIPAA-compliantsecure texting and voice communication between physicians and careteams. It uses Vocera’s synchronized clinical directory, powerfulcall routing, and workflow capabilities to enable physicians tosecurely communicate with the extended care team, empoweringhospitals to manage and improve overall patient experience and helpreduce costs. Key features: • Enables secure, traceable, HIPAAcompliant texting between Vocera Secure Texting and VoceraCollaboration Suite users. • Provides access to a hospitalcontrolled directory of clinical users. • Enables seamlesscommunication to Vocera wearable Badges including call by name andcall by role capabilities. • Provides ability to set communicationpreferences and availability. Vocera System Requirements • VoceraSystem software 4.4.3 or higher • Vocera Messaging software 5.2 orhigher for communication with Vocera Collaboration Suite • VoceraSecure Texting 2.1 Sync Connector Service • Vocera SIP TelephonyGateway
Vocera Alarm Management improves the ability to prioritize andrespond to critical alarms in real-time by providing contextualevidence such as waveforms and vital signs to the caregiver onsmartphones and tablets. The highly configurable rules andescalation engine is designed to improve clinical workflow acrossunits by intelligent filtering and escalation. It integratesseamlessly with all industry leading patient monitoring systems,and includes reporting and audit capabilities. It also improvespatient safety and care team satisfaction by empowering the careteam to act more efficiently, and make more informed decisions thatdrive positive patient outcomes. In concert with the Vocera AlarmAnalytics solution this provides a platform for evidence basedcontinuous process improvement.
Vocera Collaboration Suite
Vocera Collaboration Suite is the industry’s leadingenterprise-class, HIPAA compliance enabling voice and securetexting smartphone application that allows you to call by name,group, or broadcast, and integrates with more than 140 clinicalsystems. Providing real-time situational awareness and actionablepatient data to inform clinical decisions, care team members caneasily communicate and collaborate, improving the experience of thepatient and caregiver. This solution creates a seamless userexperience, combining the unique calling, texting, alerting andcontent distribution capabilities of Vocera into one, secure andeasy-to-use mobile application. Instantly connecting care teamsinside or outside the healthcare facility improves staffproductivity, patient safety and the overall care experience.Vocera offers a choice of end-user devices to ensure the continuousflow of critical communication. For those clinicians who rely onsmart devices, Vocera Collaboration Suite offers the convenience ofvoice technology with the security to text critical data, and thefunctionality to integrate with key clinical alerts and alarmssystems. Key Features: Vocera Collaboration Suite • Support forshared and personal devices to match BYOD policies • Functionalityinside or outside the facility over Wi-Fi® or cellular networks •Provides secure and auditable delivery and response reporting foralerts and texts • Allows care team members to reach the rightperson or group at the right time via Active Directoryauthentication • See and interact with Vocera contacts acrossmultiple sites and manage personal favorites lists of users,groups, and global address book entries • Presence and availabilityindicators • Management of critical alarms and messages deliverythrough on-call scheduling • Deliver content such as videos, audiofiles, documents, spreadsheets, and images securely to devices toensure critical information is at everyone’s fingertips •Permission based access to patient data and care teams withoptional access to waveforms and vital signs through integration •Eases user transition between the smartphone application and theVocera Badge when hands-free communication is needed Vocera SystemRequirements • Vocera Messaging license • Vocera System software5.2.2 (compatible with Vocera 4.4.3 and higher) • Vocera SecureMessaging software 5.2.2 (compatible with Secure Messaging 4.9.4and higher) • Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway • Vocera Client Gateway• A Vocera user profile Your Vocera Administrator can enforce apassword policy for devices running the Vocera Collaboration Suiteapplication. In order to support this functionality this app usesthe Device Administrator permission.