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VOI Hunter 1.110.2
Earn money while you sleep as a Voi Hunter. Just find a scooter,scan it to collect, charge it overnight, and drop it back!
Voi – e-scooters for hire 3.83.0
Rent an e-scooter with a simple tap on your phone, and get toanywhere in the city within minutes. Voi provides a new level ofmobility to urban dwellers who want to move around freely andconveniently without compromising the environment. So swap themetro, bus or car for an electric Voi scooter and zip around thecity in style, while leaving no carbon footprint. The perfect wayto explore a new city, or simply experience your own hometown froma different perspective. Get the free app, create an account, andget rolling! HOW IT WORKS: 1. Open the app to find a nearby Voiscooter. 2. Unlock it by scanning the QR code on the handlebar. 3.Enjoy the ride and get to your destination in no time. 4. Park thescooter, and end your ride in the app. PRICING Pay per ride or geta Voi Pass and enjoy unlimited 45-minute rides for either 24 hours,30 days or even longer. Exact prices vary between cities and may besubject to change. See current prices in your area by signing in tothe Voi app. ROAD SAFETY BEGINS WITH YOU Be sure to know the rulesof the road before getting on a scooter. Stay off pavements andstick to the bike lanes or close to the side curb. Never ride underthe influence of drugs or alcohol, and always wear a helmet to keepyour head safe. Oh, and no twin-riding – one person at a time perscooter. Go to RideLikeVoila.com to learn more about safe ridingand earn free rides! AROUND THE CORNER, ACROSS THE CONTINENT Voioffers green, quick and convenient rides in more than 50 citiesaround Europe. Go to voi.com/locations to see if Voi is currentlyavailable in your city.
VOI Repair 1.58.0
Voi Repair Management System, an internal tool for the VoiRepairteams.