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Fury Assassin Sniper Shooter 1.0
Aim and Shoot! Commando Deadly City Sniperisthe most exciting and #1 first person shooing game. You aremasterassassin, play your part in dangerous shooting, exploreentireenemies and eliminate high-profile targets. Front-line EliteSniperKiller is an action-packed game, that will blow you away! Getreadyto take precise aim and perform deadly strikes forhumanitysurvival with this immersive and impressive Army TriggerBestSniper game. In this elite sniper shooting game you aretrainedarmy commando and your task is eliminating rivals acrossyourcountry, use your marksman skills and deadly tactics toeliminateentire terrorist as city street level. dramatic combatstoryshooting adventure game offers you thrilling shootingexperience,go for perform shocking brawl attacks and finish yourwork tobecome the last hope of humankind.Enemies are build their bases in your country and spread acrossyourcountry and cities, so; are you ready to shooting and forstrikeexperience? Brute rivals destruct the peaceful and happylife ofyour cities people and they want to turn to your country incombatzone. This is time for hot shooting, don’t hesitate! Loadyourlethal sniper rifle and choose appropriate sniper positionforshoot, invade and assassinate whole terrorist. As a sharpsnipershooter survive sudden ambushes and pull the trigger of yourrifleto shoot high-profile targets. Get immerse, hold your breathandcontrol your nerve, use your accurate and aggressive killingskillsto hit on target. Upgrade your weapons and turn them intotheultimate arsenal with fire rate, recoil and reload speedtocomplete all challenging levels of this incredible actionshootinggame. Do not let single enemy out of your sight, kill themall withyour elite shooting skills and fatal and deadly sniperrifle tobecome one of the best world contract shooter.Get ready for challenging game with multiple breathtaking levelsandvariety of sniper rifles. To complete game missions useyourspecialized hot shooting skills and kill entire enemies inrequiredtime and finish their terror. Focus on your target and tryto getevery terrorist head-shot to preserve your ammo and quickshootbefore that they will shoot you. It actions packed shootinggamewill provide you different battle locations with 3d visualgraphicsand realistic shooting sound effects. It battlefieldgameenvironment, sharp control and brutal enemy animation will giveyouseveral hours of game play. Absolutely download free on playstoreand enjoy FPS action packed game.How to play: Start the game Select level from the map Tap shoot button to shoot enemy Tap Reload for Reload gun Tap scope for close in scope Tap Switch button to change gun Tap sit for sit or downGame Features: Realistic city war environment and stunning graphics Breathtaking rag-doll effects Extreme sharp and smooth control of sniper rifles Lots of modern lethal sniper guns Fully action packed hot shooting experience Tons of thrilling levels for your enjoyment Optimize for all android devices and tabs Amazing FPS game-play
Prado City Drive Stunt Parking 1.0
Ready for some ultra tough parking challengeonramp? let's become professional driver. for the first time everwepresent the mixture of city car parking and stunts Prado carparkingfor the die-hard lover of stunt and parking games. in thisfusiongame, play the extreme driving adventure on multi-storybuildingsand stunt ramps by climbing up and climbing down to parkat desirechallenging parking spot. Modern Valley Cruiser Parkingis anamazingly well designed free parking game with extremehybridstunting arena. in this SUV parking simulator you will checkyourability and get the real escalade 4x4 SUV experience.an incredible journey of parking begins start when you just sitondriving seat and driving your luxury Prado to park in big cityramptrack at beautiful town location. so choose your stuntPradovehicle and get into the driving seat and start ignition tostartyour parking challenging journey with this passionatesimulation.but before ignition check your reloaded Prado enginetorque, mirrorangles and the brake. After clearance press gasbutton to moveforward and enjoy your amusement drives andfast-paced parkingsimulation with intense challenges.it complicated parking simulator has tons of stunt parking levelsincity roads environment with difficult challenges. this SmartCarDrive Parking has multiple challenging stages to test youparkingskills on city stunt ramp tracks. as a professional cardriver andParker show your riding skills and use the driving andparkingskills to complete its tough levels. every mission hasdifferentdifficulties so be a Dr car Parker and balance your jeepspeed tomaster in each interesting tough level. Prado car parkingislooking easy to play but it is complicated when drivingandparking. it Super Highway Car City Parking simulator lets youtrywhat it takes to become a real parking master and learn you howtodrive in parking area and avoiding the hurdles tocompletelevels.it is time for driving and parking so prove yourself asrealstuntman and drive your cruiser jeep through the amazingdeadlyramps in city. your main goal is drive carefully on sharpandtwisted turns on ramp and park your luxury Prado car ondesignatedparking spot in given time to complete your level.perform massivejumps and avoid to collide with ramp barrier orcones. get excitedwith fun-filled modern Prado stunt parkingchallenge. download nowthe extremely stunt parking game withhigh-quality graphics andbeautiful parking environment. show offyour expert energeticparking skills as a world king Parker andenjoy lots of fun.How to Play:Press accelerator to increase speed of Prado jeepTap brake paddle to stop the Prado carPress left/right button to steer your luxury cruiserShift the gear to forward or backward your jeepChange camera angles by pressing camera buttonGame Cool Features:Exhilarating city parking locationTons of Exciting and challenging levelsVisual HD Graphics and melodious sound effectsLots of realistic Prado jeepsDifferent steering controlsReal SUV 4x4 physics based vehiclesMultiple camera angles for different viewsVery easy and smooth controlFree download and easy to play
Beach Lifeguard Boat Rescue 1.0
Have you ever dreamed to be a beach lifeguard rescue boat driver?if yes; then it is best opportunity for you, unleash your inneralertness and courage to become an emergency water boat rescuerdriver only with playing this latest Beach Lifeguard Boat Rescuesimulator. Water power boat racer stunt and rescue is super-fastand most popular 3D. motorboat racer game. For all who love fastwater boat and Jet Ski riding games. Extreme boat top water racingsimulator is speed boat driving full addictive and fun to playgame. the boat driver could find many huge giant ships all he wantsto do is to save his motor boat powerboats and use boat simulatorfor having more adventuring time. Here the boat driver has to takegood control of speed boat while boat racing, Race your jet skiboat plane powerboat in the ultimate test and crush your rescuelifeguard boat racing now! You are rescue water driving car 3D. Andyou are provided with different emergency ambulance rescue citydrive missions. You are the best life grand water car rescue. Thiscity is in flood and rescue real city car drive simulation and youhave to safely airplane city emergency rescue. Beach water Boatracing stunt in the water like water surfer jet ski is an amazingemergency rescue game.unlike normal water boat racing games, ittime killer rescue game gives you a chance to make yourselflifeguard rescuer aided with various collection of jet ski andrescue boats. This powerboat racer and rescue offers anexhilarating mix of wild stunts and intense challenge. As you racedthrough turns at breakneck speeds on lakes and rivers, This USwater boat beach lifeguard rescue simulator is all about feelingfor humanity and friendship. the drowned people, shark attacks andincidents like these keep happening on the sea coast and on beachin daily life. as a lifeguard at beach it is your duty to savepeoples and help them to bring safe zones. get on your fast waterboat and rescue patients who are in emergency and call for help.and use binoculars to see people who are in emergency. ride yourrescue boat to reach at your victims and bring them to safety. as arescuer you have several important jobs like rescue swimmers,boaters and other victims who are in emergencies. so for completingyour mission if you hear some voice for help then you need to helpthem on any cost, use boat or swim but help them as soon aspossible.it rescuer simulator provides you multiple challenginglevels where you have critical challenges of saving people. enjoyin the open sky, an exciting drive of water boat. Prove yourself aperfect jet master in this water power boat racer games. waterpower boat racer will give you the real experience of controlling awater motorbike race. boat racing is and us rescue water boatlifeguard is 100% real time motorboat racing simulator games. yourpower jet ski speed will not be disappointed you while you ridingon it. your jet ski speed is like air speed because, rescuer jetski needs fast speed in emergency. your lifeguard skills,challenges and jet ski upgrades will promote as soon as youcomplete first level and move to the second level. for each level,you have given a limited time to save people! so, you will have tohurry, if you late you will fail in your task. this is onlyopportunity for you to work for a rescue of peoples on differentbeachesHow to Play:Tap the right to move rightTap the left to moveleftTap the up arrow button to speed upTap the down forspeedFeatures:Drive jet ski or swim for helpHot summer, jet ski,and swimming objectivesPowerful water Boat for Best stunEasy andintuitive controlsboat driving at each level★ If you have anycomplaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead : ★andryxsoft@gmail.com★ For our upcoming games please visit and likeour - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell us what you think or check outtips: andryxsoft@gmail.com★ Privacy Policy:https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
New Apple Shooter Game 1.0
New Apple Shooter GameThe sequel to the acclaimed and most popular apple shooting gameisherewant to have fun of shooting apples? Love apple shooter games?thenwelcome you into the latest apple shooter game on play store.withthis apple shooting game you will hitting the apples withslingshotand knocking down the apples.hunting down the apple is a thrilling game but shooting theappleswith catapult is makes the game even more special. enjoyendlessshooting fun and perfect your targeting skills with thissuperiorapple shooting game. The aim of the game is hitting theapples withslingshot stones and achieve target scores to completeyour funfilled levels. so, start apple shooting today and feel likeyou areactually in sports game. This apple hunter game-play is sameaslike archery shooting games.immerse yourself in diverse environment filled with lots ofspecialfun! watch out for real challenge, hitting the simple redapple isjust the beginning. buy new impressive catapult and stonesto takehunting to the next level. This Slingshot Apple Shooter Funallowsyou to play a large variety of levels with different featuresandamazing shooting challenges.multiple background scenery of environment, hi-res texturesandrealistic jungle apple shooting atmosphere all combine makethisone of the most lavish apple shooter games on yourandroiddevice!Come and try your best to be the shooting master!How to Play:• Start real enjoyable game• Shoot the Apples with slingshot• Shoot carefully, stones are limited• Avoid to shoot parrots or cut apple• Achieve target and complete your tasksApple Shooter Cool Features:• Amazing addicting sound and music• Two different, Training and challenge game mode• Tons of addictive and extremely competitive levels• Campaign through many levels• eye catching 3d graphics put you right in theamusingenvironment• Outstanding and Vivid animation effects with beautiful colorthemebackground• Smooth, easy & user-friendly controls to play• Variety of catapults and stones• Limited stones to hit the apples & unlimited funtoenjoy• Multiple apple shooting locations, forest, Iceland &archeryshooting field etc.
Real Classic Car Drive Parking 1.3
if you really love to play parking games; then get ready for realparking adventure like you’ve never seen before! let start yourparking career and drive luxury car on hurdles parking tracks andon multi Storey parking garage. city stunt car parking game is anamazing and hard car parking simulator game that requires highestprecision. if you really lover of hard parking games then the mostdifficult parking simulation is best challenging game for you. inthis complex parking game, you will find some difficult situationsthat requires master parking skills in steering, acceleration andavoiding obstacles to parked vehicles in parking places.World,sBest Car Parking Game With New Features and Best Taste!!Welcome toplay the new era crazy car parking game with getting real adventureof parking area. the challenging parking and driving simulationwith modern features and stunning luxurious cars impact will amazeyou. this addictive modern parking game gives you amazing physicsbased vehicles and beautiful environment for a real parking anddriving journey. you have played many action and fast paced racinggames, but the latest and most comprehensive car Parker simulatorwill take a challenge of parking car in tough area. Here yougetting a chance to polish your driving skills, so enjoy latest andunique car parking adventure now. Ultimate car super parking 3dgame will give you chance to becoming improve your parking skills.Driving a car on roads is an easy job but parking car at parkingspace is tough. Here you getting a chance to polish your drivingskills, so enjoy latest and unique car parking adventure now. Drivecar in parking lot and park it at specific parking spot to become areal parking driver.Lots of road barriers, cones and hurdles willmake you expert in parking and driving. New unique parkingsimulator game-play allows you endlessly realize tough challengingexperience. Feel the rush and try to be the best survival Parker inthis challenging environment. Get behind the wheel of steering andstart the car engine to start your career and showing your ridingand parking skills. It simulator will allows you to check yourskills how good you are in parking skills. Drive through hurdlesand road barriers environment is tough so drive carefully and parkcar at exact parking spot in specific time to complete task. If youcollide or smash with any cones, barrier or you reach late atparking spot you will fail in your mission. Complete level as areal Parker and get three stars in every mission to unlock nextlevels and enjoy lots of parking stages.This modern car driveparking 3d is a perfectly designed game for those fans who love toplay thrilled parking and driving game with exhilarating HDgraphics and incredible challenging levels. Dazzling gleam parkinggame contains uncontrollable environment with lots of obstacles andoutstanding graphics to entertain yourself. This time killer gamehas amazing varieties of modes and unlimited fun for lovers ofparking games.Download now on your android devices from google playstore and start your journey now with real parking challenges.Howto Play:Press Play Button to Start the GameAccelerate to Speed UpYour CarPress Brake Button to Stop Luxury CarPress Left/RightButton to Steer CarAvoid to Hit Any Obstacles or ConesUse CameraButton to Change Camera ViewsGame Features:Exhilarating 3dEnvironmentMelodious Sound EffectsUltimate HD GraphicsVeryRealistic Friendly ControlImproving Your Driving and ParkingSkillsMultiple Camera AnglesCompletely Free and Offline PlayNote:Ifyou have any issue with the game, feel free to write to us and weassure you we will resolve them in next update.
New Bottle Shooter Game 1.0
Grab the gun, take a deep breath, aimthetarget and shoot the bottles, it is time forrealshooting!!!Love shooting games? Then here is most popular uniquebottleshooting game for range shooter practice for all agesshooter. TheExpert bottle shooter is a realistic 3d shootingsimulation gamewith stunning details and addictive game-play. It isbest bottlerange shooting practice game so, welcome to your basicand advancedarmy shooting training and let’s start shoot bottleswith gunbottle shooter game.Aim and Shoot! Get ready shooters to start playing thisbottleshooting game and test your shooting skills withcountlesschallenging missions. Welcome in an amazing action-packedbottleshooting craze to play and start your own shooting. This isreallyaddictive and ultimate shooting adventure game in mostrealisticenvironment so I’m sure you are not going to stop this.the arcadebottle shooting amazing characteristic will surelyinspireyou.In this high-class sniper shooting game, your role is as arealmaster shooter and you will shoot bottles with huge variety ofgunsand pistols to test and improve your accuracy outstandingskills tomoving target and break the beautiful bottles. Grab yourpistol,test your shooting skills and don’t let the bottle leave.Become areal bottle hunt master and shoot target bottles tocompletemissions. If you like fun and addictive shooting games –new bottleshoot is for you with challenging multi-stage levels,every levelis harder, than the last.This is the newest bottle range shooter action game, where youdon’thave a squad and you need to do it all alone so, shoot thebottlesand get high score in wonderful strike missions. Everymissionconsists of multiple difficult task and needs precisionremarkableabilities to completing these challenging tasks. If youare reallygood army sniper shooter then you will surely shoot themidpoint ofbottles and get extra points and three stars. Your mainaim of thegame is assassination your bullets at the goal and blasteverybottle in given specific time to complete your mission.Those who love hunting games, first person shooter game andbottleshooter expert games, come and try your best shootingexperiencewith amazing deadly guns in fabulous shooting environmentwithexcellent graphics & stunning life recorded shootingsoundeffects. Let’s show how to hunt, don’t miss the chance toplayingthis addictive action shooting game.Download this bottle shooting game on your android device ortabletfor free and don’t forget to RATE US.How to play:• Start bottle shooting game• Aim at the bottle precisely• Be accurate while targeting• Move gun left/right with swipe finger on screen• Shoot all bottles in time with specific bulletsBottle Shooting Game Features:• Real shooting at training shooting environment• Large variety of levels with different challenge• Realistic shooting and blasting bottle sounds• Friendly user interface• Very smooth gun shooting control• Simple and additive game-play• Thrilling action packed shooting game• Free to download and install
Motorbike Highway Traffic Rider 1.0
Are you brave enough to take crazyrealstunts challenge on grand city roads? Ready for next generationofextreme sports bike stunts? Let’s see if you can survive inmostexciting obstacles based stunt atmosphere!This city street bike stunt game is all about living life ontheedge and its wild and amazing fantasy stunt will blow yourmind.Now you behind the wheel of sports bike, rev the engine andGetready to ride your sports bike to defeat streets and skythroughcrazy paths in turbo bike racing. Much more detailedstuntenvironment, famous of drifting, massive ramps and endlessracingis the game you have been waiting for.Highway traffic bike racing game will give you chance toimproveyour drag racing skills. With this amazing bike stunt gameyougetting chance to polish your bike riding skills, so enjoyuniqueheavy bike racing challenge and extreme stunts adventure now.topspeed bike racing simulator game-play allows you endlesslyhardchallenging experience.Ride motorbike in the endless highway over taking thetraffic,perform high jumps on city streets, knock down and smashall typeof obstacles to win the challenge with your trail stuntbike. Feelrush and race against a train, beat the other vehicles ortrafficthrough the stunt city road at lightning fast speed withperformingcool tricks. Strat playing the fun now, try newchallenging racinglevels against the rival bikes and challengeyourself to get threestars from all awesome levels.dash and try to be the best survival rider in stunt basedramps.play two amazing modes, go for level mode and Reach at yourfinishpoint in exact time with performing insane massive jumpsandfantasy insane stunts on road to complete your tough stuntlevels.And the second endless survival mode, ride your motorbike asfar asyou can. Take extreme huge jump to cross the train, trucksand busand avoid to collide with all of them or traffic rush. Ifyoucrash, hit and smash with any of vehicle you will failed inyourmission and need to play again. It amazing racing simulatorwillallows you to check your stunt racing skills how good you areinhighway traffic racing challenge.This real city bike racing game is a fast-paced andperfectlydesigned game for those lovers who love to play excitedrush ridingand stunt racing game with thrilling HD graphics andincrediblechallenging tasks. Superb stunt bike racing game containswildenvironment with lots of obstacles and outstanding graphicstoentertain yourself. This time killer game has amazing varietiesofmodes and unlimited fun for lovers of highway stuntracinggames.How to Play:Press Play Button to Start the GameAccelerate to Speed Up Your sports bikePress Brake Button to Stop trail bikePress Jump button to take huge jumpFor boost press nitro buttonAvoid to Hit Any Obstacles or vehicleUse Camera Button to Change Camera ViewsHighway Traffic bike Racer Game Features:Explore 3d racing EnvironmentReal sports bike engine SoundStunning HD GraphicsVery smooth Friendly Control and interfaceSeveral high-speed heavy bikesModern physics based bikesMultiple Camera AnglesCompletely Free and Offline Play
Ludo Super Playing: The Amazing Game 1.0
Ludo Super Playing is one of the best boardandsimulation game ever. Ludo the classic and amazing Parcheesicall itanything. This is a timeless board game for all ages acrossallages. Ludo is a huge game in many countries, but you have neverseena Ludo game like this one. It takes the Ludo game to a newlevel.Rolling dice using real PhysX, bouncing of the sides. Ludois astrategy board game for 2 to 4 players and is being widelyplayed inAsian, and European countries. It is also called asParchisi, andLaadhuu. Ludo is a very big game for time spendinfParty is a game.This board game also goes by many other names suchas Pachisi,Parchís, Chińczyk, Fia med knuff, Covece ne ljuti se,and manyothers. enjoy this game with amazing quality andmultipleanimations.If you are free and want to spend quality time then this Ludogameis here for you. We all have played this in our childhood. fyoulike Ludo, you should definitely try this one. So here weareoffering you once again your childhood. So that you can livethatmoment again. Ludo game brings you exactly the same feeling aswhenyou used to play on a physical Ludo. You can play againstAndroidor play with a friend and playing alone. If you don't haveanypartner with you to play Ludo, in that case also you can playLudothe best game. The main feature of this game is that therearerules which are played all over the world. The game rules aresogeneric that every region of the world will agree with thatruleslike by gaining six it will give another turn,The goal is simple, each player has to race their four tokensfromstart to finish (home) according to rolls of a single die ordice.The players can be blue, green, yellow, or red. Select theplayers,names, color and start playing! Tap the dice to throw it,and takeall your figures to the finish houses first! This gamedesign byhigh quality with amazing sound effects and beautifulmusic. Aplayer must throw a 6 to move a piece from the startingcircle ontothe first square on the track. If a piece lands on apiece of adifferent color, the piece jumped upon is returned to itsstartingcircle. is game being endless run fast and use your bestthinkingfor your dice race and complete fast level againstyouropponent.Your suggestions are also very important to us. Please get backtous: andryxsoft@gmail.com
Car Rider: Highway Racing Fun In Car 1
Car Rider: Highway Racing In Car 3D is thebestracing drifting & extreme stunts game of 2017. Be ready tobe areal traffic moto car riding in the city highway this best carautofast speed simulator to perform crazy stunts and car jump oncarstrucks, bus and Prado. car xtreme racing and asphalted nitroboostedspeed free is easy to pick up but hard to master which willkeep youin the zone for hours. Extreme Driving and car parking thenew andcrazy simulator is the best car simulator of this is hardcar thegrand city furious season of parking and drifting stunts,thanks toits advanced real physics engine. You drive your car inthe trickytracks and dangerous frontier way view through theendless trafficand realistic environment. Trial traffic xtremehighway cars stuntis the best freestyle car game with a realisticfeel. Grab yourawesome car and prove you are a true city trafficride and drifter.Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. Noneed to brake becauseof traffic or racing other rival. Ride intothe city streets androad at the speed of lightening the ridingfree! Realistic stuntramps and stuntsHighway car fast speed the master of racer is a fast-pacedracinggame. control your auto sports parking car with incrediblespeedduring traffic rush time! Ultra-Smooth and balancingcontrol.Multiple Realistic physics based stunt luxury car. Feel thethrillof authentic racing action in ultra-moto today! If you wantto be afast and intense monster car driver, then you have to jointhisgame, Unique, rough and challenging stunts different cameraangelswith beautiful 3D graphics and environment. Overtaking fromgaps.Rush to the victory. The road master driving will giveanunbelievable car game experience!Get ready to feel the Traffic Endless Racing Rider super fun.Theseride game are all about adrenaline of racing. Using nitroboost tocross the speed limit and drifting around the grand city.Thefaster you drive the more scores you get. These types ofridergames require racing and drifting skills. When you hittheaccelerator, brake and slide the steering wheel then youshouldfeel very smooth control experience. This drive car simulatorgameis the most thrilling for racing lovers. Your goal is whendrivingover 100 kmh, overtake traffic cars, bus and jeeps closelyto getbonus scores and cash. Ride your car with right angle andstuntacross the obstacle to reach the destination point. Drivinginopposite direction in two-way gives extra score and cash. Justtiltyour phone to steer your car to the left or right. Acceleratethegas (right) button to speed up and push the brakes (left) buttontoslow down. The faster you drive the higher you score.overtake traffic cars closely to get bonus scores and cash.Rideyour car with right angle and stunt across the obstacle toreachthe destination point. Driving in opposite direction intwo-waygives extra score and cash. Just tilt your phone to steeryour fastracing car to the left or right. Accelerate the gas(right) buttonto speed up and push the brakes (left) button to slowdown. Thefaster you drive the higher you score.GAMEPLAY- Tilt or Touch to steer- Touch gas button to accelerate- Touch brake button to slow down- Overtake traffic vehicles- Perform wheelies for maximum rewardFeatures- Lots of sports and luxuries cars- Real life traffic First person camera view- Moving and static obstacles- Endless fun- Beautiful 3D graphics High quality sound impacts.- Ultra Smooth and intelligent controlEnjoy feeling amazing racing in car city traffic the drifting!Whatare you waiting for? Download now!
Bike Riders Traffic Moto Racing 3D 1.0
Bike Riders Traffic Moto Racing 3D is thebestmotorcycle racing drifting & extreme stunts game of 2017.Beready to be a real traffic moto gp bike riding in the cityhighwaythis best motorcycle simulator to perform crazy stunts andbikejump on cars trucks, bus and Prado. Bike racing mayhem free iseasyto pick up but hard to master which will keep you in the zoneforhours. Racing in moto bike is the best mobile racing game youhavebeen looking for. You drive your bike in the tricky anddangerousfrontier way view through the endless traffic andrealisticenvironment. Trial traffic xtreme highway stunt is thebestfreestyle motorcycle game with a realistic feel. Grab yourawesomemotorcycle and prove you are a true city traffic rider. Rideintothe city streets and road at the speed of lightening theridingfree! Realistic stunt ramps and stuntsHighway bike fast speed the master of racer is a fast-pacedracinggame. control your moto with incredible speed during trafficrushtime! Ultra-Smooth and balancing control. MultipleRealisticphysics based stunt bikes. Feel the thrill of authenticracingaction in ultra-moto today! If you want to be a fast andintensemotorcycle driver, then you have to join this game, Unique,roughand challenging stunts different camera angels with beautiful3Dgraphics and environment. Overtaking from gaps. Rush tothevictory. Be the top motorcycle rider. The road master drivingwillgive an unbelievable motorbike game experience!Get ready to feel the Traffic Endless Racing Rider super fun.Theseride game are all about adrenaline of racing. Using nitroboost tocross the speed limit and drifting around the grand city.Thefaster you drive the more scores you get. These types ofridergames require racing and drifting skills. When you hittheaccelerator, brake and slide the steering wheel then youshouldfeel very smooth control experience. This drive car simulatorgameis the most thrilling for racing lovers. Your goal is whendrivingover 100 kmh, overtake traffic cars closely to get bonusscores andcash. Ride your bike with right angle and stunt acrossthe obstacleto reach the destination point. Driving in oppositedirection intwo-way gives extra score and cash. Just tilt yourphone to steeryour motorcycle to the left or right. Accelerate thegas (right)button to speed up and push the brakes (left) button toslow down.The faster you drive the higher you score.traffic motorcycle game is a new extreme bike drift anddrivingsimulation game for you. This unique bike fast racing gameis thebest game, so get ready to feel the super fun. These ridegame areall about adrenaline of racing. Using nitro boost to crossthespeed limit and drifting around the grand city. The fasteryoudrive the more scores you get. These types of rider gamesrequireracing and drifting skills. When you hit the accelerator,brake andslide the steering wheel then you should feel very smoothcontrolexperience. This drive car simulator game is the mostthrilling forracing lovers. Your goal is when driving over 100 kmh,overtaketraffic cars closely to get bonus scores and cash. Rideyour bikewith right angle and stunt across the obstacle to reachthedestination point. Driving in opposite direction in two-waygivesextra score and cash. Just tilt your phone to steer yourmotorcycleto the left or right. Accelerate the gas (right) buttonto speed upand push the brakes (left) button to slow down. Thefaster youdrive the higher you score.GAMEPLAY- Tilt or Touch to steer- Touch gas button to accelerate- Touch brake button to slow down- Overtake traffic vehicles- Perform wheelies for maximum rewardFeatures- Lots of bikes- Real life traffic First person camera view- Moving and static obstacles- Endless fun- Beautiful 3D graphics High quality sound impacts.- Ultra Smooth and intelligent controlEnjoy feeling amazing bike city traffic the drifting! What areyouwaiting for? Download now!
Water Swimming Race 1.0
🏊‍♀️ 🏊‍♂️ Welcome to the world #1 realistic and most hilariouswater sports game. If you ever dreamed about a swimmer champion oryou going to win the world big swimming contest, then this swimmingsimulator is perfectly designed for you. Download now this latestswimming race game and be the part of this biggest worldtournament. Get ready for magnificent rush, do your best indifferent athlete events and have fun with playing this swimmingpool race in 3d.🏊‍♀️ (goldmedal) Cliff-diving tournament the bestgame simulator, do your best to get your way to the WorldChampionship. Wide range of stunts and tricks to perform - backdive and racing, half twist, straight and other. You should choosethe best swimming stroke that is best suited to your body to propelin water. Feel like a real professional athlete! Choose thecountry, choose a sportsman – and start amazing summer sportsadventure! You can play as a real swimmer.🏊‍♀️ 🏊‍♂️ Use differentstyles of swimming like breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly stroke,front crawl and free style swimming. Each stroke defined adifferent swim style or crawl. Level you’re swimming skills up andyou’ll find yourself at the top of the tournament list! Reachfantastic speeds during your swimming pool race and leave al yourcontestants far behind! Control your swimming by tapping the screenand tap quickly to accelerate, change the direction or to slow!🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️ Beautiful swimming pool environment all swim styles forpractice and race. Colorful rings ground and high-quality graphicswith beautiful sound effects. Enjoy the game and your water swimrace with fantastic victory of world championship. But don’t bescared of failing – try again until your champion sportsman gets tothe top! Develop your swimmer and equipment, and become theultimate swimming racer as you progress through your athletecareer. Defeat other athletes and climb the ranks to become theultimate Swimming World Champion! Collect all gold medals andbecome the world’s champion with swimming pool racing and simulatorof ride and become a best swimmer.🏊‍♀️ Swimming pool race keyFeatures:🏊‍♀️ Interesting contest and real challenge🏊‍♀️ Beautifulswimming environment🏊‍♀️ Huge range of characters to swim🏊‍♀️Different swim styles to practice and race🏊‍♀️ Addictivegame-play🏊‍♀️ Very simple and easy controlPlease contact us at thee-mail to add any suggestion or new idea to get the program toobtain the highest level you like it.★ If you have anycomplaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead : ★andryxsoft@gmail.com★ For our upcoming games please visit and likeour - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell us what you think or check outtips: andryxsoft@gmail.com★ Privacy Policy:https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Monster Truck Racers Offroad Driver 1.0
Welcome to the Monster TruckRace!if your kids and young toddlers love monster truck games, thenthiskids monster truck game is for them and they will surely lovethisgame! monster trucks racing simulator is specially designedforyoung children and toddlers between ages 2 to 10 yearsold.Get ready to roll with kids’ monster truck!Gear up for roaring your monster trucks and ready for raceagainstthe other kids’ monster trucks, they are waiting for you atthetruck challenge starting line. take your driving skills to thenextlevel, crush the cars on your way and blast your way tovictory.ride truck on extreme speed and perform insane stunts withusingplenty of precision driving and forward-thinking abilities.selectyour super charged truck, strap up for a relentless racinganddrive truck on great speed to climb the highest hills.Beef Up Your Fun!your objective is to complete the racing course as fast as youcan,and crush the cars, blast your way to beef up your fun. so, putthepedal to the metal and blast your way to complete missions inthiskid’s fun-filled 2d driving game. simple controls to drive andbigbuttons make it use easy for kids including the horn, music,jump,accelerate and brake will double your fun along the course.themonster trucks never flip so ensure that to always reach atthefinish line as fast as you can.Mini monster truck Games!This Up Hills Monster Truck Racing game has multiple mini gamesforkids like cards swap, popping bubbles, coloring pages andjigsawetc. you can play mini games with this time killer monstergame.The jigsaw magic is puzzle game that requires assemblageofinterlocking monster truck pieces. Coloring page is small gameforchildren with full of monster trucks. With this gamechildren’scoloring where kids can color in. bubble popping isfavorite gameof your babies and toddlers. It is extremely super fungame! Touchand pop, that’s it! The last one mini game is card swap.This gameis really simple and fun-filled. Just swap the cards andmake sureto swap same cards at one time to complete game.Experience the most realistic environment, soundsandgraphics!This unique monster truck racing game is set in amazing hillsclimbenvironment with lots of awesome themes and monstertrucksincluding bat monster truck. It’s amazing environmentgraphics andother mini games will make your time really enjoyable.You canchange music during game play by just one clicks on musicbutton.Beep horn, jumping your monster truck and music track withlots offun sounds surely entertain your small child andyoungtoddlers.Jumping monster car Fun Game Features:Dazzling gleam environment and themes12 kids monster trucks to choose from including the batmonstertruckTons of fun-filled levelsDifferent kids’ music sound loving tracks4 easy mini games such as popping bubbles, swap cards,coloringpages and jigsawSmall cute kids monster trucks with jumping and hornExperience Awesome graphicsEnjoy the fun race on or offline on your android devices
Superhero City Cycle Racing 2017 1.0
Superhero City Cycle Racing: Bicycle Ridingisthe best bicycle riding and drifting simulator game ever.RealBicycle racer drive simulator is a must have game for allmotorcycle the fun of mayhem riders! one of the best newgenerationbicycle racing games. Let’s take you on another journeyin bicyclerider race games that gives you the enjoyment of riding arealbicycle racing and Moto drag simulator. This time Ride Bicycleasyour favorite Superhero and perform amazing bike stunts in thisBMXBicycle Hero game. Cycle city racing the fast speedOlympicchampionship is one of the finest new age bicycle racinggames.Game will take you on to another journey in superheroesbicyclerider race games that gives you the entertainment of ridingarealistic bicycle racing. You keep paddling fast for surmounttherace. This fantastic cycle riding is made for all fans ofbicyclegames. This sky-high game offers BMX freestyle stunts thatincluderamp jumps, air stunt, skater racing, drift and spectacularBMXtricks on euro city. Traffic cycle rider takes the endlesshighwayracing genre to a whole new level by adding a fullcareermodeyou can love the different movies character like monsterincrediblehero and spider the great hero so let’s with thesecharacters andcelebrating first time in the cycle racingcompetition. ride yourcycle select your favorite hero and racingagainst the world’s bestrivals of bicycle rider racers. exploreexciting city roads whereintense new opponents wait to challengeyour bicycle riding skills.compete against real spider or monsterhero and enjoy all thedisciplines of city street racing and an epiclittle cycle battle.choose your favorite cycle and fast performamazing riding stuntsto conquer the city streets and end your rivalwith give theultimate blow. In this monster superhero city battleera,experience the buzz in monster hero games or city hero gameslikenever before. The most popular superhero cycle racing in theworldare finally here! Drift your bicycle in the city traffic withfastspeed, conquer street and sky in cycle over speed racing withmixof high-octane driving and multiple mode racing. In this game,youcan test your bicycle riding skills. You keep paddling fastforsurmount the race. This fantastic cycle riding is made for allfansof bicycle games. Realistic bicycle physics and challenginggameplay. begin your quest to defeat the demon monsters and provethatyou can defeat the villains of the shadows in a spectacularstuntbicycle freestyle racing challenge.Performs the world’s biggest championship of cycle rally racingandhighest jumps in the in long root highway while enjoyingtherealistic cycle physics. Avoid various obstacles and do notCrash,perform cycle tricks in city. Super heroes on bikes are supercool.This superhero bicycle racing is all about the driving ofasuper-fast bike on the curvy tracks in the sky andextremehigh-speed racers racing. City bicycle stunt racing is thebiggestmobile racing and driving game of all time. Be an extremesuperbicycle rider of the city to enjoy the thrill of super-fastsridingon vast city roads. This is the time to make yourself aremarkablemonster hero in this strange hero future battle. Withthis highwayracing game, you will get chance to polish your ridingskills withdisplaying insane stunts. It amazing superhero bicyclestunt gamehas multiple spider, monster bicycle collection with realsportsmonster cycle engine sounds. The racing track is just likereal& course to success is dusty. Keep the paddle buttonpressed tomaintain speed and tilt your mobile to change directionand dostunts. The speedometer is there to show the riding speed. Ifyouneed to pay attention elsewhere, just presses the Game Pausebuttonand Resume later. Multiple challenging levels withamazingcontrols. complete all levels and become a best rider.The faster you drive the more scores you get
Sky Train Drive: Modern Simulator 1.0
The modern era sky train simulator ishere!Hold tight your seat belts, take a ride on the most thrillingandexciting sky bullet train with lots of passengers. Get set foranimpossible elevated sky train driving experience, be a realtraindriver and show your incredible stunts on midair sky trackswithfast moving bullet train. Being the train operator and enjoyyoursky bullet train ride of 2017 in modern world. Change cameraviewas per your choice and enjoy unique train driving experiencelikenever before!Once you are in, the bullet sky train control is all yours,socontrol your train with your driving skills to pick anddroppassengers form one station to another station. Let go offthebrakes and speed up to drive your train in the modern eraworldthrough the arduous railway tracks and serve yourpassengersamazing riding experience with this remarkable trainsimulator. Thebest sky train simulator on play store with the newconcept ofdriving train on sky tracks and new rails on sky. Showyour realtrain driving skills and become best train driver in theworld.Drive train on extreme sky tracks, avoid to collide withobstaclesin your way and drop passengers safely to excitinglocations.The latest railroad simulator game is totally thrilling withadvanceconcept of driving train on extreme sky tracks and physicsof eurosubway sky train with difficult obstacles on your way.Dodgeoncoming trains and do not cross your bullet train speedlimit. Playthe role of real train driver and drive the euro bullettrainthrough unique way of sky tracks with smooth movement ofcontrols.Enjoy the ride through sky dangerous track and viaductavoidingobstruction from station to station and earn XP to levelup and bethe skillful bullet sky train driver. Get into thehighlysophisticated train and fulfill your dream of being a modernskytrain driver.There are no railroad crossing, no changes of the right wayjustpick the speed and apply advance brakes on station to stopthetrain. Control the train through different terminals andfulfillyour transport duty to reach at your destination anddroppassengers safely. The perfect sky train game for real traingameslovers. Join the modern world of crazy sky train driving,performrisky train driving stunts over skyscrapers and become realbullettrain engine driver. Ride train above the city withamazinglandscapes to challenge your train driving skills andexperiencethe exciting train driving adventures.Change the camera angles as per your choice or comfort andenjoyyour sky journey with eye catching HD graphics. This amazingskybullet train boast a self-sufficient city sky environment,sitinside the train and operate just like in the real world andenjoyperfect fun both adults and kids who really love old trainsormodern sky train games.Key Features:• Realistic train driving experience• High challenging passengers transport levels• Real life recorded bullet train sound effects• Stunning 3d graphics and realistic city sky environment• Exquisite game interface• Use different camera angles• Very simple and smooth control to improve driving• Highly challenging and dangerous sky railway tracks• Download for free
Ramp Car Flip Free 1.0
RAMP CAR FLIP MULTIPLE VEHICLESFasten your seat belt and accelerate the engine. This cargamepresents the most challenging stunts! Extreme iron car flip100cars in a row is very hard and challenging game. Have youeverdreamed to perform some insane muscle car stunts? If yes, thenbeready to live your dream of perform stunts fast speed and theveryfurious crashing auto game is here this the totally differentgamefrom others car stunt car racing riding, or truck, bikesgames.Because this is the very fast action game for you. take yourhelmetand ready for race to crash and smash all the zombies andgangstercars in the rival’s row. It’s a highway of danger and riskoutthere! Get set for loads of thrill and action! Drivethroughtreacherous hills and risky paths. Go in the street sideroad stuntjust drive state and fast speed like 150kmh for thecompletinglevels.GENIUS AND XTREME RACING CAR STUNT STORMDo you like crashing games or real stunt car racing games andwantedto become the world's most dangerous car crusher? now hereis yourchance to perform extreme car stunt challenge. Are youbravingenough to take the fatal car crashing challenge and havinganenthusiasm for drag racing games? jump into the world ofaccuracycar collision simulation, race your deadly auto car towardyourtarget vehicles and hit and bang all rival luxury vehicles.let'ssee your muscle car can survive till to destroy last car inthisdeath crashing arena! Beware to fall down from side of trackbecauseit’s wasting your time. Drive these legendary stunt cars onthisimpossible track and car crash like deadly cars stunts andproveyourself a real stunt hero. This Reckless car vehiclessmashingGame. Become a crazy driver stuntman and drive a carthrough theobstacles and other automobiles. This the car racestorm game forthe user who love perform something different in theaction andsimulation category. Different Action game from otherscars racing,stunts, traffic and parking gamesOUTSTANDING HOTLESS AND DIFFERENT IDEA GAME FOR YOUAre you ready to dare devil drive? be the daring driver! driveandmaneuver through the city highway where old vehicles are parkfordestroying. dodge the treacherous and do some extreme stuntsforsmash to dominate the tasks. the wild and crazy stuntdrivingaccordingly to destroying vehicles will blow your mind.Dash, smashand crash all vehicles on your way to enjoy mostthrilling and fullof adventure driving. Drag race across theworld’s top citiesbehind the wheel of your favorite race machine!Don’t thing aboutany accident & avoid all police cops destroythe gangster carsand bikes. accelerate through the all opponentvehicles to knockdown and smash all type of automobiles. Fastenyour seat belt todash and race through the highly destructive roadsat lightningspeed and display very realistic slow-motion carcrashing cinematicanimations. look for danger which is on your wayand start playingthe dead tracks right now and challenge yourselfto survive in allmissionsCHALLINGING MISSIONS CAR & BIKE CRASHDrive super-fast racing fatal car to burn the road with hot andfastracing wheels and the sound of monster car when engine is atfullthrottle and feel the smell of fumes in this thrilling musclecarsauto demolition game. Flip multiple vehicle in row has tonsofexciting levels, every level is thrilling and challenging.carsdemolition game levels give exposure to several game playthatmakes it more interesting game. the first you have face thebikesline this the bike stunt level and then you have entered thenextand face some cycles, trucks, jeeps, buses, rickshaw &otherdriving vehicles. Be a fearless driver and bring out yourextremedriving skills to perform breathtaking crashing onvariousstimulating levels. There is no need to brake due to trafficjustrace between blazing fires and reach to the finish point bydestroyall enemy vehicles on your way
Impossible Bus Tracks Driving Simulator -Bus Games 3.0
Impossible Tracks Bus Drive Welcomes you in Best Bus Driving 3DSimulation where you can prove you are the best bus driver! Onclimbing huge heights of dangerous sky tracks don’t drive like aspeedy bus. Initiate your driving passion in this impossible bussimulator track games and utilize special skills in adventurousheavy wheel jumbo bus games. You have to start the engine of bigwheeler bus and continue journey on impossible stunt bus and traveltracks professionally with determination and will power. Multiplelevel based this impossible track game will challenge your steeringcontrol and brakes. In steering games, get on board, drive throughthe sky tracks and complete all tasks. Bus games made for thosepeople who love to play steering games & tracks games. MasterYour Bus Simulator Skills on Best Challenging Levels in Bus gamesJoin the Millions of players who like Bus Games and become asteering games expert. You have to control the speed andacceleration of the big bus on sharp turns and save the bus fromsudden mishaps. Take care the obstacle and hurdles which you willface on the impossible tracks and reach the destination in specifictime. This bus simulator stunt driver provides you a chance tobecome a master driver of impossible bus. Every body love to drivecar now this time drive the bus on sky tracks and enjoy the bussteering games. Drive big simulator in bus games. Finish quick& win the bus track by using track driving skills in bus games.Tap on Remove ads and avail ads free version of bus games.Impossible driving bus with dangerous and sharp Turns in busgames!! The crazy, thrilling and amazing coach bus driving gamesalways require your stamina to control with 8 to 12 wheels on spot.While driving up on new bus racing tracks you need to avoidimpossible fall. Get behind the wheel of a huge bus with bigsteering in hand to perform some stuns in the high sky containerramps your duty as a legend bus driver. Take yourself into theworld of bus games thrill and drive with your steering gamesexperience! ready to drive Impossible Tracks Bus Drive in thisamazing tracks games!!! While controlling impossible bus drivingtake care of obstacles. In the start of bus games, you have tolearn the tasks and start journey towards terminal point gradually.So, focus on your tasks and missions to overcome the challengeswith perfection and eliminate fear in yourself with professionaldriving. Compatible interface and smooth control are favorable forall age users and you have to build yourself. Realistic bus drivingphysics in bus games. Impossible tracks bus simulator - DrivingGames Features: - Amazing HD Graphics. - Realistic Bus Physics. -Challenging missions. - Mid air bus driving and sky tracks. -Attractive background music. - Smooth control & differentcamera views. If you have any complaint/suggestion, please leave usa mail on andryxsoft@gmail.com
Cycle Racing Amazing Rider 🚴 💃 1.0
🚴 💃Real Bicycle racer drive simulator is amusthave game for all motor cycle the fun of mayhem riders! one ofthebest new generation bicycle racing games. This time RideBicycle issuper performing amazing cycle stunts in this BMXcategory game.Cycle city racing the fast speed Olympicchampionship is one of thefinest new age bicycle racing games.Satisfy your passion for cycleracing with the blend of adventurouscycle racing game. Extremecycle racing is the one of the bestaddictive new age cycle games.Game will take you on to anotherjourney in superheroes bicyclerider race games that gives you theentertainment of riding arealistic bicycle racing. You keeppaddling fast for surmount therace. Bicycle racing is sports cycleracing game, which testing yourcycling skills. In this racingsimulator you will ride your mountaincycle on city roads againstyour opponents. Win 🚴 💃all thechallenges as a professional racerin this race and show the worldyou are master in cycling race.This sky-high game offers BMXfreestyle stunts that include rampjumps, air stunt, skater racing,drift. Traffic cycle rider takesthe endless highway racing genre toa whole new level by adding afull career mode.🚴 💃 Let’s take exciting and action-packed riding, that givesyoureal life riding sensation. Ride on cycle navigatesthroughbeautiful city roads; and fast paddle not for only fitness,Bicycleracing is one of the earliest form of road racing and havemostnumbers of competitors, events and spectators. This bicycleracingroadway simulator gives you extreme off-road bicycle drivingandluxury bicycle driving experience. The best mobile bike game,cyclesuper riding mayhem tricky and impossible mountain off roadstuntand city racing! In this one of the latest bicycle race games,onceagain we have added some twist in bicycle riding by introducingtheconcept of multiple motivating missions in this fast bicycleracinggame. In bicycle rider race game your become a legend of theracingtrack and prepare for the bicycle racing missions. As abestbicycle racer, you can select one of the best heavy bicycles,whichcan use for race. Compete in timed races or freestyle trickeventson different cities and different trails inspired by realworldlocations. for win 🚴 cycle race against professionals.🚴 💃This is very thrilling and challenging game. You have tofollowthe arrow symbols for the right way and cross the finishlane. hisrace has no fuel and gas restriction but the countdown ismajorpart of the game means time is not on your side, so ride yourcycleas fast as possible and reach at destination to win the race.Rideby following the arrows to head to reach at destination. Win 🚴💃all extreme races of this cycle game and complete allmissions.This extremely convincing bicycle rider game is packedwithdifferent kinds of levels. In racing game speed is not only waytowin 💃. You need to focus on your riding and avoid to fallingdownand crash with others things. If your collider with anythingyourtime will goes up and it is cause of your game over. completefirstlevels and unlocks next challenges. The next levels aremorechallenging and tough. Show some stunts to ride the sports raceinthe latest combination of bicycle racing games.🚴 💃 HOW TO PLAY🚴 Avoid collisions by tilting right/left🚴 Tap the accelerate button to speed up🚴 Tap the Peddle the bicycle to speed up🚴 Touch Apply breaks to decrees speed🚴 Pick up boosts to speed up the bicycle🚴 💃Features🚴 wonderful and challenging levels🚴 High quality amazing 3D graphics🚴 Realistic physics based motorbike stunts🚴 Boost your bicycle rider skillsIf you have any complaint/suggestion, please leave us a mailinstead:andryxsoft@gmail.comFor our upcoming games please visit and like our - VolcanoGamingStudioTell us what you think or check out tips:andryxsoft@gmail.comPrivacy Policy: https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Flying Car Simulator Fun 3D 1.0
Car Drive Fliying Sim 3DOne of the best flying car simulator game.Ever dreamed to be a pilot and CONQUER the skies with Avion flight?get ready yourself to go higher with City Airplane Pilot Flight andmuscle reckless sports car flying flight; because the latest carplane simulator offers you the most sophisticated flight simulatorthat includes multiple plane and detailed city car landing highwayairports. fly high in an airplane? Look no further and get straightinto the fun that is the flying car! Your wait is over and now getstraight into the action that is the flying race car simulator! Flyanywhere in massive open world city environment, dodge and weavebetween skyscrapers and flying traffic. Get behind the steeringwheel of a highly modified racing car. Perform amazing aerial flipsand tricks, drift, crash, boost, and slide all around the citystreets or off-road. enjoy fully featured flight simulator withmost realistic flying experience in the palm of your hand. AircraftFlying Simulator is highly advanced simulation developed forandroid users.Modern car drive pilot flying one of the bestgamethat flying auto fast car simulator offers the mostcomprehensive experience of controlling and flying a commercial jetplane. no need any fast racing and high speed just drive the car inthe city roadway collect all the points for your high score. Flycar driver is an awesome simulator game, become the pilot and flyyour commercial jet to the destination. Guide and steer your carplane through all of the way points to ensure you head to thecorrect destination, go through all of the way points and land atyour destination airport within the time limit to earn yourselfmore pilot stripes. avoid crash and accident park the car safely inthe parking area. Forget dumb repetitive games. In car flightparking driver, your duty includes racing against time, control afire in the middle of the mountains, and land safely on a cityairport. this is very different game from others car parking carstunts, impossible bus driving, Pilot Flight Car Flying: , and bikeracing because this the full action packed of car racing, carstunts, car driving, and drifting. judge yourself in the high skycar driving game and show your car driving and flying skills.Takeyour seat in the cockpit view and start the engine of realisticaircraft to start your flight journey through the various stunninglocations. Explore the world with immensely high detailed planes inhigh quality never seen before. This car flying simulator providesyou different conditions as well as clear sky, tropical rain,thunderstorms. Accelerate your crazy motor car with your phone'saccelerator on a busy highway. This futuristic flying car is anultimate modern car driving and parking game of motor car racing.your main goal is fly your car plane jet from one airport toanother city airport destination. Fly aero plane as professionalpilot and steer your car through all of the checkpoints to ensureyour flight is flying to the correct destination. When reach atdesignated airport slow down the cars prepare for landing at yourmarked parking destination zone. land safely and then drive the carfrom airport to city. Be careful avoid to crash your plane withbuses and other parked planes along the runway.When yousuccessfully complete the landing in given time without anycollision you complete your level.Flying car games best cardrivingReal life racing car modified for flight capabilityRealisticand dynamic car and flying physicsPut your driving and flightcontrols to the testBest Car Driving Games: with besttasteFuturistic flying car modelsVolcano Gaming Studio★ If you haveany complaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead : ★andryxsoft@gmail.com★ For our upcoming games please visit and likeour - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell us what you think or check outtips: andryxsoft@gmail.com★ Privacy Policy:https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Cooking Burger Chef - Kitchen Game 1.0
Burger Making in Kitchen Let’s open your own burger shop, tie yourapron and make some hot and crispy burgers to test your cookingmania time management skills. Cook delicious fast foods from allover the world with this FREE fast-paced time management game. Youwill be able to practice your skills in kitchen cooking, frying,serving and dealing with the rush of hungry customers.Use more thanhundred ingredients to cook several fast foot orders for some rushcustomers. Play as a crazy chef inside your burger shop, try allthe possible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers, pizza ovens torice cooker and popcorn makers. Use cooking techniques and sharpenyour cooking skills to cook some delicious fast food items likeburgers, steaks, French fries, fresh juices and much more to a rushof diners.Take orders from your customers and make a recipeEnjoythe addictive time management game and deliver orders on time,don’t be late your customer order or your customer might angry andgo away without taking their ordered food. Be the master kitchenchef to prepare fast food orders for serving hungry customers ontime or else they might get angry. A lot of Customers are arrivingat crazy cooking kitchen and they are hungry, you have to checktheir demands and deliver right tasty fast food orders. May dinersorder delicious burgers, French fries, crispy chickens, juices,pizza, coffee, hamburgers, salads and much more, so gather up allthe items and fulfill the taste of your hungry customers. Time isnot only going to sharp your cooking skills, it is time to takeyour cooking to whole new level, cook your way to be the super chefwith fast-paced time management game.Burger Making in the KitchenGame PlayPlay Cooking the fun of Fever tasty Burger and show howyou manage time, how fast you can server food to customers. This isunique opportunity to acclaim yourself as the cooking master. Yummychallenge of dealing customers on your burger shop, serve rush ofhungry nature customers on time and enjoy the real cooking gamefever adventure. Running pizza, burger shops and restaurant is notan easy task especially when the diners rush in with hungry naturelooking for tasty fast foods. Raise your level of speed andaccuracy with each challenging level because each coming level getstough with time.Never miss the best Cooking Burger Chef: KitchenGame, if you want a significant entertainment. enjoy Easy andaddictive cooking adventure to become a top chef in theworld!Cooking Burger Chef Fun Kitchen Key Featuresdifferent fooditems! Multiple levels to completeupgrades for your kitchenappliances and interiorMany ingredients to choose from, just likein a real burger shop: bread, cheese, crispy burgers, chickenpatties, lettuce, onions, pickles, and much more.Addictive timemanagement game playMany side dishes like ice creams, french friesand muffinslots of dishes to cook using severalingredientsdifferent kitchen and burger shop locationsrun your ownshop and server customersfast paced and time management cookinggameYour suggestions & feedback are Really matters for us tokeep working on new • Volcano Gaming Studio★ If you have anycomplaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead : ★andryxsoft@gmail.com★ For our upcoming games please visit and likeour - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell us what you think or check outtips: andryxsoft@gmail.com★ Privacy Policy:https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Impossible Tracks BMX Cycle Rider Stunts 🚴 1.0
🚴 After Impossible Bus Tracks DrivingSimulatorand Cycle Racing Amazing Rider Volcano gaming studiopresent thebrand new impossible BMX tracks cycle superhero ridergame for thesimulator category fans. impossible tracks cycleracing stunt gamesthat dangerous driving on impossible roadway!!If yes, it's time tobecome the superhero bicycle stunts tocomplete challenging missionson sky high tracks that are made withramp in limitless space. Thissky-high game offers BMX freestylestunts that include ramp jumps,air stunt, skater stunts and trickson impossible paths. stunt onthe tricky tracks in the sky riderand perform some extra ordinaryextreme bicycle stunts. get realfeel of impossible off-road racinggame adventure. This is a newsports cycle stunt game of master realcycle to realize the bicyclethrill on narrow and sharp impossiblepaths. Ride a bicycle as asuperhero to perform fearless stunts oncity sky impossible tracks.no need any speed and race. just followthe highway tracks usebrake and pedal for driving this superherocycle.🚴 Polish your cycle driving skills and get ready for theimpossibletracks superhero bicycle stunts in the sky wooden tracks.fearlessand flawless BMX bike games here you can experience realbicyclingon impossible tracks by performing extreme stunts. Unleashtheinner bicycle stunt rider by riding freestyle BMX withvariousheroes. use your stamina and cover your fitness. ready forlongjump in the sky because this is the deadly cycle racing game.Thisimpossible cycle stunt game offers various cycling tricks,mid-airramps, tricky bike stunt and quad stunts in the stunt zoneofimpossible highway wood roads. safe yourself in the sportscyclechampionship of stunt. you love crazy bicycle stunts ondangeroustracks in sky high!! Be an extreme crazy rider inImpossiblebicycle tracks stunts and show off epic high jumpingstunt in themiddle of the sky. Avoid crash and falling down whileridingbicycle on impossible path in this impossible track bicycletrialstunts. no rivals and no competition but hard to drive intheimpossible tracks. become motorcycle bike driver in thisgame,accept the challenge for your gaming skills.🚴 This is very challenging game you have to follow the arrowsymbolsfor the right way and cross the finish lane. This musclemotor bikeand cycle game is full of adventure. Pedal your BMX tosky limitsfor extreme bike stunts experience. Heart touching viewsof spacetracks and universe from top. This super impossible skytrack isremarkable experience to capabilities on extreme heightsand longtricky paths. impossible tracks bicycle needs you to havefullfocus, perfect cycling balance and control as smalldistraction willfall you down. Avoid obstacles placed onimpossible tracks and ridecarefully without getting crash. This isnew type of off-roadbicycle game where you ride cycle onimpossible wooden and containertracks. Bring out the death riderstunt man spirit out of you andenjoy this epic sensation ride ofcycle riding action game on whereyou will get and ultimate chanceto show some deadly stunts. Flipyour bicycle to change direction,maintain perfect balance overnarrow trails, make super high jumpson ramps and reach end pointwhile completing challenging missions.Bicycle Superhero StuntImpossible Tracks based on very track likerolling drums, ultimateramps and huge jumps, you have completemission withtolerance.🚴 Extreme cycle stunts and realistic riding🚴 controls like tilt and buttons🚴 Perform bicycle stunts as superhero🚴 cycle riding and off-road race🚴 Inspiring experience of sky roads driving🚴 Mid-air stunts and sky-high driving tracksIf you have any complaint/suggestion, please leave us a mailinstead:andryxsoft@gmail.comFor our upcoming games please visit and like our - VolcanoGamingStudioTell us what you think or check out tips:andryxsoft@gmail.comPrivacy Policy: https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Traffic Car Racer Fun 3D 🚗 1.0
🚗 traffic car racer fun is the best racing drifting & stuntsgame of 2017. Be ready to be a real traffic motor car riding in thecity highway this best car automobile fast speed simulator toperform crazy stunts. Have fun dodging cars and trucks while youspeed up to the limit. Race against the opposite directions cartrucks bikes and buses in an outstanding drag racing and try toearn the respect of your fellow drivers. Car rider highway racingin car is one of the best extreme stunt master games. Have fundodging cars and trucks while you speed up to the limit. Race inthe city traffic highway has lots of new feats that take the gameto a whole new level. Take your car and race against everyone indifferent game modes. Become a crazy car racer and drive throughtraffic at fast high speeds. Extreme Driving and car parking is thebest drifting stunts car simulator game, grab your awesome car andprove you are a true city traffic ride and drifter.Trial trafficextreme highway cars stunt is the best freestyle car game with arealistic feel.🚗 Highway traffic car rider games will give youchance to improve your drag racing skills. Try to be one of thefastest drivers in the car racing games. Drive your car throughhighway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your cars. extreme driving andbecome a legend driver hero in this Drift car in traffic racerhighway rider. Drift your super-fast sports car in this pacedinfinite racing game. This ultimate endless highway racer will givethrilling and insane experience. need to brake because of trafficor racing other rival. Ride into the city streets and road at thespeed of lightening the riding free! Realistic impossible car stuntramps and extreme riding flying in the city scenario. Pick yourfavorite car and join the ultimate challenge! Likely the otherracing in car games, while in the city traffic driving to getbetter points, you either need to speed up or pass other trafficcars closely. The game started, through the endless busy road andthe highway, be careful! roads and highways are filled withhigh-speed cars. our drive your car in cockpit view through theendless racing. These types of rider games require racing anddrifting skills. overtake traffic, earn coins and buy new cars. topspeed car racing simulator game-play allows you endlessly hardchallenging experience.🚗 Get ready to feel the Traffic EndlessRacing Rider super fun. This is a very passionate racing game,where you can drift in the city, destroyed traffic. The faster youdrive the more scores you get. When you hit the accelerator, brakeand slide the steering wheel then you should feel very smoothcontrol experience. Your goal is when driving over 100 kmh,overtake traffic cars, bus and jeeps closely to get bonus scoresand cash. Push the acceleration and test your skills. Becomeformula race professional driver on the standard road, ride yourcar with right angle and stunt across the obstacle to reach thedestination point. Using nitro boost to cross the speed limit anddrifting around the city. Driving in opposite direction in two-waygives extra score and cash. pass real cars in extreme racing onhighways, avoid traffic in racer experience on real highway roads,Don’t follow or hit the police cops’ cars and try to some crazy cardriving in the different cities weather trough highwayroads.GAMEPLAY:,🚗 Tilt or Touch to steer🚗 Touch gas button toaccelerate🚗 Touch brake button to slow downFeatures:,🚗 multiplecars to purchase.🚗 Different game modes.🚗 Accurate physics.🚗Simulator-like controls🚗 Endless car racing🚗 Detailed environments:Village, Desert, City,🚗 Rich types of traffic including trucks,buses and SUVs.If you have any complaint/suggestion, please leaveus a mail instead :andryxsoft@gmail.comFor our upcoming gamesplease visit and like our - Volcano Gaming StudioTell us what youthink or check out tips: andryxsoft@gmail.comPrivacy Policy:https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Hair Salon Doll Princess Dress up Makeup 1.0
Girls hair salon and makeup dress game isthebest casual friends and family game for the android user. youcanlove to try the makeup, hair coloring cutting and some beautyskintips for your personality. Keep your hair and skin healthyandradiant with our new skincare game. Long hair princess makeup isaprincess makeup game for all the casual simulator game users!Theprincess is going to get married party, let’s apply makeup forher!Choose beautiful dress, do spa for her. You will become theshinystar in the party! Lipstick and lip gloss! Choose color orshinecolors depending on your mood. Whiten your teeth instantly.Let’sgo to the Queen’s dressing room which is a beautifulwonderland forgirls! Let’s do a relaxing spa, put delicate makeupon, pick upsome beautiful clothes, and select a pair of gorgeousshoes.Princess Makeup Hair Salon Cutting is the specially designfor thegirls who face the skin and hair broken problemLet’s try some different change your hair style and makeupbeautyfor the birthday party. All kinds of skincare product forgirl toenjoy a spa. Dozens of fashionable makeups, ball gowns,shoes andaccessories. You can cut, curl, color and style theprincess castlemagic long hair any way you want in golden hairprincess speciallyfor colleges and universities. Lots offashionable clothes, likeshirts and high heels. Take a photopicture and selfie after donethe makeup and hairstyle salon! wehave some awesomely beauty hairsalon and makeup ideas for you totry for tonight parties! nailpolish, mehndi, hair salon, haircutting, hair coloring, hairshining, and some others dresses andhigh heels feature for you.play this game and improve yourpersonality and become princessbaby doll.TIPS FOR PLAYING THE GAMEGo to the hair stylist for the best hair cut you can everhavedress up your princess with amazing dresses as well,Make sure your hairstyle matches your dress up and yourmakeupWalk down the aisle with a smile in your heart as youlookamazingThe big day has arrived, and you need a fantastic bridalandprincess hairstylemakeup, apply: contact lenses, mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow,eyebrowStart by choosing your favorite royal princessTake different courses for spa, make up, hair salon, dress upYour stylist is going to work magic with your hairFEATURE OF PRINCESS DOLL SALONChoose the skin color for princessTry out hairstyles until you find that perfect oneWash hair, do a facial spa for princessGlam up for the dreaming wedding with the beloved princeTons of makeup tools, choose different tools freelyYour princess will be awestruck with your glorious lookVarious color sprays and accessories to decorate the princessA beautiful long hair princess to play.◇ If you have any complaint/suggestion, please leave us amailinstead-andryxsoft@gmail.com◇ For our upcoming games please visit and like our - VolcanoGamingStudio◇ Tell us what you think or check outtips:andryxsoft@gmail.com◇ Privacy Policy: https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Limo Taxi Car Driving Fun Simulator 🚙 1.0
🚗 Highway Traffic Limousine Car Racer!!endlessarcade racing and limousine car driving games 🚗 100%real-timesimulator game on android store. if you love to drivingthelimousine car in your parties and wedding so this is a bestchancefor you to show your skills on the city roads to drive bigluxurylimousine car. on this game you have learn limousine cardrivingparking, drifting and riding skills. you can play someothers carracing and car parking game but this is so different andinterestinggame. ultimate limo car parking is offer to park thelimousine carin the valley. Get to drive the most luxury limousineyou've everdriven. All city people will turn their heads once youdrive by! Bea real high roller cruising the most luxury limousinepeople fromthe big city have ever seen. Limo Bridal Simulator is afree gamespecially designed for android devices. All people fromthe big citywill look once you drive by in your luxury limousine.limo drivingand parking games have never been this much fun. Pick& dropfast extreme limo taxi service for bridal and fans.Drive yourlimousine taxi in the city street to pick up or drop offthepassengers at the given target. Are you playing this newamazing andadventurous 3D exciting limousine car simulator gamefor you.🚗 it is an top limousine car games show your limo parkingskills.Feel the top flexibility as compared to the other limodrifting andparking or racing games. This game is about luxurywedding limoservices of bride and groom. Luxury Limousine drivinggets moreexciting when you navigate on curvy hillside roads. Pickup anddrop off customers from the unlikeliest and mostdangerouslocations! Limousine is a luxurious and safe taxi serviceforbride. Imagine your special marriage day and hire the limo taxiforyour bride and feel her special. This off-road and cityimpossiblepath is made with ramps to do limo stunts and high jumpsforendless driving adventure. Limousine driving games have neverbeenthis much fun! limousine driving on dangerous roads is fullofthrill and fun. Playing these limousines driving games you donotonly get to drive a limousine for a living but you also meetallkind of different celebrities on a daily basis! Avoidimpossiblefall otherwise your luxury party limo will fall down fromextremeheights. best limo driving simulator game play while playingtheselimousines driving games.🚗 In taxi limo driving mania your job is to transportpassengersaround an attractive and realistic city. Start to pick upsome citypassengers in your luxury limousine and take them towardstheirdestination. Just follow the arrows on the city road. In thisLimocar city driving simulator game your mission is pick upthepassenger from one place and drop the passengers to the otherplaceand complete your task. Playing this limo driving simulatoryouneed to do some city parking and city driving. You must drivefastand follow the right direction, try to follow the trafficrules.Luxury Vehicles with real stunt cars on impossible paths.awesomeluxury limousine to drive in while playing these limousinecarparking games. realistic limousine parking and drivingcontrols.complete all levels and become a best limousine carparking driverin this game.How to Play:🚗 Tap Play Button to Start the Game🚗 Tap Left/ Right button to steer your car🚗 Tap accelerator button to Speed Up🚗 Tap brake button to stop speed of carFeatures:🚗 Limousine are bigger cars and require superior skills🚗 Pick and Drop Royal People of Big City🚗 best limo driving simulator gameplay🚗 Pick and drop services to the passengers🚗 Improving Your Driving and Parking SkillsIf you have any complaint/suggestion, please leave us amailinstead: andryxsoft@gmail.comFor our upcoming games please visit and like our - VolcanoGamingStudioTell us what you think or check out tips:andryxsoft@gmail.comPrivacy Policy: https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Baby Care Cute Childcare Fun 1.0
Newborn Baby Twins Kids Care GamesCrazy Baby Care Feeding &Dress Up!! The Best Mummy’s Game Ever in Play StoreBaby Care - CuteChildcare is the best game for all over the world in the casualcategory. and this game specially designed for the mothers whopregnant and wait for the first newborn baby in the house. baby isthe blessing of god and all family members need to care about thebaby. This game offers kids a great chance to play and learn aboutchildcare. A child is a blessing for every parent and every time ababy is coming into this world is waiting with great emotion. Thehappiness that one parent feels when he can keep his baby in hisarms is wonderful, this sensation is unique and makes us enjoylife. Baby kids are playing in the interactive playroom and waitingfor your attention. You can help with caring for the baby in normallife. Delight those cute children with diverse care activities inmultiple lovely scenes, like a funny bathing, foamy teeth-brushing,changing the nappy, trendy dressing, tasty food, beauty sleep andjoyful play. Babies want you at the same time. This game is allabout sweet baby girl health care and baby care center.Bathing Timeof Baby!!Baby Daycare Kiddie Care Farm is the most stylish game ofCaring for Kids!! Before bath time, choose a few toys to make thebaby jump for joy. Change a diaper immediately and wipe the snotwith a handkerchief. Pamper your baby with indulgent bathing. Thenwash the baby with some soap and shampoo and wipe him softly with atowel. Let's have fun popping soap bubbles. Wipe her clean with asponge. Make the bubbles pop and play with her bath toys. Get outthe shampoo and soap, your baby is dirty. Rinse her off with waterwhen she’s all clean. Apply some cream on the rashes and brush theunwashed teeth before bedtime.Baby Need Food!!Learn how to changethe babies face crying. on this game you learn all the activitiesabout children and his health. Your baby is hungry! Prepare abottle and feed your baby her cereal and veggies. The bottle shakesuntil it’s mixed and ready to be used. Different types of food,powdered milk, cereals with yoghurt and berries, or slice somefresh fruit that is full of vitamins. Prepare crunchy cereals withcreamy milk or cook some fruit tea. Make a sweet toast with achocolate spread, butter. When she’s happy, she will smile, but ifshe’s hungry or doesn’t like her food, watch out - she will cry.Remember to clean your baby’s mouth with a napkin!Dress up andShoes Littles baby!!This time to change the baby dress up andshoes. First, it’s time to dress up your baby in style. You canchoose from a variety of cute outfits for boys and girls. dozens ofhairstyles, outfits, onesies, dresses, silly pacifiers, colorfulpanties, soft coveralls, warm socks and comfortable shoes. andtoys! Now she’s ready. Dress up little babies and play this amazingbaby care game about cute children’s.Play Ground andActivities!!This is a game about baby care so this time baby needto playing some Outdoor activities. Learn how to grow flowers orsort apples and enjoy while saving the birds. and mothers need tospent some time in the garden for your baby.Bed Time for SleepingBaby!!After we played with the baby, he would sit quietly in hisbed. Baby is tired and sleepy after so much playing. Give him hisfavorite toy and dummy to get a good night's sleep. All tucked inand ready for bed, after all the fun she had, your baby is gettingsleepy. Cover the baby with a funky bedspread. Now, everything isfine and enjoy this baby care game.If you have anycomplaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead:andryxsoft@gmail.comFor our upcoming games please visit and likeour - Volcano Gaming StudioTell us what you think or check outtips: andryxsoft@gmail.comPrivacy Policy:https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/Privacy Policy:https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Ambulance Rescue Fun 3D 1.0
Are you interested in playing Ambulance Rescue Simulator Game. ifyes, then your ambulance and drive to rescue people in anemergency. Drive the ambulance for emergency rescue in the cityhighway. you are playing some extreme car parking racing, bikesstunts, bus driving but this is the interesting and popular game ofambulance driving and parking simulator. Prove yourself in the citytraffic race against clock speed for better techniques and save thepatient live in the city hospital. Play as a rescue ambulancedriver and run into injured patients in need on curvy city roads.Accident always occurs in our daily life, the earlier ambulancedoctor arrives, the more lives we could save. The grand city isthrill and accident and you have to safely drive the injured to thenearest hospital. There has been a massive accident and you’re theon-duty ambulance driver! Get the injured to the doctor. Turn onthe sirens and try to become an ambulance driver in one of theamazing ambulance driving games. Lots of Challenging RescueMissions to Test Your Driving Skills.real life situations /challenges before you reach the doctors. difficult parkingsituations to park the ambulance near the big city hospital. Feelyourself a real ambulance parking driver. ambulance rescuesimulation is an amazing car driving games. Shift the patient intoyour amazing ambulance simulator with the help of your team anddrive to the crazy doctor emergency rescue hospital. drive as fastas you can to transport injured patients to nearest hospital. Drivecarefully on curvy off road and get the patients to doctor as fastas possible. Hurdles and heavy traffic like cars, buses, and othertraffic vehicles on your way so drive carefully. Give first aid tothe person who can survive, inject them and transfer the other tohospital which is your responsibility. Life is at stake in yourbest city ambulance. Be real ambulance rescue superhero driver andbecome the best city ambulance, driver! Drive the amazing ambulancesimulator on the traffic packed roads. Ambulance rescue full ofactions that you need to take on emergency calls for takingpatients from emergency spot to hospital in minimum time. Ambulancedriver job on mega city roads is dangerous so be careful! redriving simulation games fun and challenging? Ambulance CarSimulator puts you in the driver’s seat. The clock is ticking! Getthe best Ambulance Rescue Simulation on mobile now.Experience thesmooth game play of this free extreme ambulance driving simulatorgames. We will provide you rescue van services on different cityroads; where accidents will be happened. as you have to avoidtraffic on your way to the hospital as ambulance rescue simulatordriver. Your duty is to pick up the seriously injured person inemergency from accidental spots and for medical treatment take themto the nearest hospital. your role as a real on-duty ambulancedriver to rescue injured citizens on multiple places. Multiplerescue missions in emergency situations to save lives and you mustbe in a situation of emergency all the time. You have to park therescue ambulance at parking place for quick rescue service. savethe city patient lives and become a best hero in this game.complete all challenging and impossible ambulance van car drivingsimulator. no need any fast racing speed go in the way and parkingyour ambulance safely in the hospital stand and complete yourambulance rescue duty.How to Play:Tilt or Touch to steerTouch gasbutton to accelerateTouch brake button to slow downFeatures:Tons ofhardcore challenging levelsGreat dynamic game playrace against theclock,Improving Your Driving and Parking SkillsI★ If you have anycomplaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead : ★andryxsoft@gmail.com★ For our upcoming games please visit and likeour - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell us what you think or check outtips: andryxsoft@gmail.com★ Privacy Policy:https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Bus and Truck Parking Fun 2018 🚌 1.0
🚌 After impossible bus track drivingsimulatorand modern car - drive parking volcano gaming studiopresent themixer of bus and truck parking game gift for the 2018androidusers. drive the jumbo bus and cargo truck on the cityhighway asyou want. extreme bus parking and truck driving simulatorwith bestfeatures and animations. This game simulates variousparking skilllike bus parking driving or truck parking. real busparking 3D -coach simulator is the best impossible city parking andtouristdriving game. addictive game play with amazinghigh-qualitygraphics. It is a challenge for you to park a coach andcargo truckin parking street space. you are play some classic carparking andPrado parking game but this more than hard parking gamefrom theothers parking games. In this game, you can get an overallview ofthe truck and bus position in a 3D. the game that canfacilitateyou in parking big vehicles, practicing to park withoutevenhitting other obstacles, which might be trucks or othervehicles inreal world scenario. This bus parking 3d is an addictiverealisticbus and truck driving simulator game. show your bestparking anddriving skills.🚌 welcome to play the new era crazy bus and parking gamewithgetting real adventure of parking area. the challenging parkinganddriving simulation with modern features and stunningluxuriousbuses and trucks impact will amaze you. this addictivemodernparking game gives you amazing physics based vehicles andbeautifulenvironment for a real parking and driving journey. youhave playedmany action and fast paced racing games, but the latestand mostcomprehensive bus and truck Parking the best simulator willtake achallenge of parking cargo truck in tough area. In thiscoachparking game, you will develop and improve your parking skillswiththis unique parking simulation; because parking busrequireprecision driving skills. It hard drive parking game isspecialdesigned for tough parking challenges lover. extreme andultimatesmart city bus parking crazy fun enjoy the game animationsandpassenger tourist transporting adventure. city street bus andtruckparking are a vehicles simulator with realistic controls andgreatdynamic game play. Here you getting a chance to polish yourdrivingskills, so enjoy latest and unique car parking adventurenow.🚌 Ultimate truck and bus parking 3d game will give you chancetobecoming improve your parking skills. Driving a truck on roadsisan easy job but parking cargo truck at parking space is tough.Thegoal of this transporter trailer parking 3d game play is tolearnthe players to drive long wheeler vehicles. you haveplayedprobably many car, Prado and luxury automobile driving andparkinggame but this truck transport parking game is differentfromothers. Here you getting a chance to polish your drivingskills, soenjoy latest and unique bus parking adventure now. Drivebus andtruck in parking lot and park it at specific parking spot tobecomea real parking driver. this off-road bus parking game is verythingyou are seeking for. When you crash a car, truck, bus orabuilding, the level restarts in this bus game. Your job isdrivingthe modern bus through the obstacle base ramp or road toreach atfinish point. use your all driving and parking skills toreach yourbus on right place without any Collision and damaging inlimitedtime. Be the best master bus and truck parking driver tocompletetasks in time.How to Play🚌 Tap Left/ Right button to steer🚌 Tap brake button to stop speed🚌 Swipe to change camera angleFeatures🚌 Ultimate exquisite HD graphics🚌 Tons of hardcore challenging levels🚌 Improving Your Driving and Parking SkillsIf you have any complaint/suggestion, please leave us a mailinstead:andryxsoft@gmail.comFor our upcoming games please visit and like our - VolcanoGamingStudioTell us what you think or check out tips:andryxsoft@gmail.comPrivacy Policy: https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Animal Truck Transporting Adventure 2018 1.0
Animal truck transporting and off-road truck driving adventure isthe real 100% best truck simulator game for the android users
Extreme Drivers of Cargo Truck 2018 1.0
🚚 Truck Cargo Driving SpecialTransporting!!One of the Best Truck games for you.After bus and truck parking volcano gaming studio presenttheoff-road and city truck driving game for 2018 android users.anamazing game for cargo truck transport games lovers. let,s comeandplay this cargo transporting and hard truck driving. It is best3Dtruck game fun with different environments and weather enjoytheperfect driving of trailer cargo truck driving. go for the woodandtruck car transporting duty come back in your time completeyourchallenge. Test your driving skills and become a perfectcargotruck driver. Are you ready for truck driving experience!let’sstart drive of an extremely powerful truck cargo driving dutytofeel the thrill of off-road driving and city with drivingcargoadventure fa bolus game for you. If you can play truck andcargotransporting games then this game will help you to become abestdriver of amazing trucks.🚚 This is one of the best offroad truck transport game whichyouhave playing truck driving, go for your duty and drive yourtruckin the multiple roads. transport some woods, boxes and sportsinthe city. each level is hard then other so drive be carefulandcomplete your task in the giving time. show your best skillsandcomplete all levels of this game. different roads and citytrackscolorfull graphics with dynamic gameplay.How to Play:🚚 Tap Left or Right button to move🚚 Drive transporter truck to the farm🚚 Tap accelerator button to increase speed🚚 Park your truck at given spotIf you have any complaint/suggestion, please leave us a mailinstead: volcanocont@gmail.comFor our upcoming games please visit and like our - VolcanoGamingStudioTell us what you think or check out tips:andryxsoft@gmail.comPrivacy Policy: https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Traffic Bike Racer Fun 3D 🏍️ 1.0
🏍️ traffic bike racer fun 3d is the bestracingdrifting & stunts game of 2017. Be ready to be a realtrafficroads amazing motorcycle riding in the city highway. thisis thebest motorbike fast speed simulator to perform crazy stunts.Havefun dodging bike and trucks while you speed up to the limit.Raceagainst the opposite directions against cars, trucks, jeep andbusesin an outstanding drag racing and try to earn the respect ofyourfellow drivers. bike rider amazing highway racing is one oftheeasiest extreme stunt master games. Have fun dodging cars andtruckswhile you speed up to the limit. Race in the city trafficroadwayhas lots of new feats that take the game to a whole newlevel. Takeyour bike and race against everyone in different gamemodes. Becomea crazy bike racer and ride through traffic at fasthigh speeds.Extreme bike stunts and fast racing is the best stuntsbike funsimulator game, grab your awesome bike and prove you are atrue citytraffic ride and drifter. new bike racing in the modernscenario isthe best freestyle bike game with a realisticfeel.🏍️ Get ready to feel the traffic endless bike super fun. This isavery passionate bike racing game, where you can drift in thecity,destroyed traffic. The faster you drive the more scores youget.When you hit the accelerator, brake and slide the steeringwheelthen you should feel very smooth control experience. Your goaliswhen driving over 100kmh, overtake traffic cars, bus andjeepsclosely to get bonus scores and cash. special in app offersandbest bike garage in this game. Push the acceleration and testyourskills. Become a fa-bolus bike racer on the standard roadandmodern city environments, ride your bike with right angle andstuntacross the obstacle to reach the destination point. Usingnitroboost to cross the speed limit and drifting around thecity.Driving in opposite direction in two-way gives extra scoreandcash. avoid traffic in racing time and experience a muchbetterracing game, on this game different game modes andmultipleenvironments with detailed weather scenarios.GAMEPLAY:,🏍️ Tilt or Touch to steer🏍️ Touch gas button to accelerate🏍️ Touch brake button to slow downFeatures:,🏍️ multiple bike to purchase🏍️ Different game modes🏍️ Accurate physics🏍️ Simulator-like controls🏍️ Endless bike racing🏍️ Detailed environments: Village, Desert, City🏍️ Rich types of traffic including trucks, buses and SUVsIf you have any complaint/suggestion, please leave us a mailinstead:andryxsoft@gmail.comFor our upcoming games please visit and like our - VolcanoGamingStudioTell us what you think or check out tips:andryxsoft@gmail.comPrivacy Policy: https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Special Hero Endless Runner 1.0
Stuntman Hero Extreme RunEndless Fun Runner is one of the best rungame for new android users of 2018. fun with the amazing hero runin the hot volcano adventure, snow and classic old temple.different environments and cool animations. One touch game playsuitable for all including all users. amazing running game forsimulator category. This hero endless amazing run is the bestadventure game for this season. It has the best fun run game withgreat enhance graphics and colorful scenario. run along thecraziest scenarios in the fire and snow adventures. collect thegolden coins and booster for performing well. Run and jump all theobstacles. Special Hero Stuntman Run AdventureAwesome runner gameand endless fun run with greatest adventure. need to focus and facethe extreme run challenge which you to jump and face some differentcreatures in your way. your one mistake can end your level. fun ofamazing endless run adventure through the volcanoes and snow. Run,slide, jump, roll and dodge past any rockets and obstacles thatcome in your way! Collect coins and run for your life as thetremendous running fast hero Avoid hitting any type of stone andfire in your subway like a highway running scenario. Use powerfulupgrades increase your speed, unlock new levels and grow yourcapacity! Different scenarios to run in. volcano, snow, subway, andwater beach! push your speed and jump and slide to past obstacles.run for the victory choose your favorite character and complete alllevels in your style.If you have any complaint/suggestion, pleaseleave us a mail instead :volcanocont@gmail.comFor our upcominggames please visit and like our - Volcano Gaming StudioTell us whatyou think or check out tips: volcanocont@gmail.comPrivacy Policy:https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Bus Driving Super Simulator 1.0
Luxury Driving City Bus Transport Tourist After Impossible bustracks driving simulator and bus and truck parking Volcano gamingstudio present the brand new bus drive parking game for thesimulator category fans. Bus driving fun simulator is one of thebest amazing bus driving in the city and bus transporting gameever. drive the big jumbo bus in the city highway no traffic andneed any fuel. just pick the passengers from city stop and dropthere desire destination. Challenging hill and gas station busdriving game for experienced of all types of vehicles. go for thebus parking and driving bus carefully in the mid of city roads.Different locations like city, countryside, mountain, desert andsnow Custom weather conditions so enjoy this tourist bus game.Become a crazy city bus driver by bus parking game drive public forbus transporting in the amazing city. Become an off road tour coachbus driver and handle off road tourist bus driving from to hillstation in different cities highways. time to chase your targetchallenging roads and mission with gas station, bus driving and buswash, game for experienced bus duty driver. Experience a gorgeousFeel of steering Animated people entering exiting the bus. LuxuryBus Driving Simulator City Transport This modern coach bus provideyou the fun of greatest bus driving experience. drive bus in thelong highway very special bus parking and driving game for you.latest simulation game that will offer you the chance to become areal bus parking driver! transport the passenger from one place toother destination and show your best bus transport skills.realistic passenger and road maps, incredible vehicles, wonderfultraffic and highway bus scenario. will make you feel like driving agreatest coach! Bus driving is an exciting, simulator packed autocoach bus driving simulator game. Each level of bus is morechallenging and more exciting than the previous one! Yourpassengers are waiting for you! Use your driving expertise to drivebig bus on street roads to pick passengers and drop them to theirdestination in bus sim. Now wear uniform and sit on the bigsteering wheel to drive your passenger bus on uphill station topick or drop passenger in bus driving. Smooth and realistic carhandling Drive passengers around the city. complete all levels ofbus driving and become a best bus driver in this game.Bus DrivingPublic Transporter 3D Features:,New Physics system, for a veryrealistic game playVery easy and intuitive controlBus parking -like park your busFeel happiness while bus driving simulator2018City passengers through this bus driving gameBecome coach bussimulator driver 3dBus Driver - Drive passengers around thecityDrive city bus for the public transportation 3d★ If you haveany complaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead : ★andryxsoft@gmail.com★ For our upcoming games please visit and likeour - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell us what you think or check outtips: andryxsoft@gmail.com★ Privacy Policy:https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Transform Racing Cars: Quad Bike, Aircraft & Boats 1.0
🚗 🏍️ ✈️ Now enter into the world of robot transform racing car andenjoy driving car in city and off-road tracks by performing stuntson impossible tracks and jump in sky and fly airplane and fall onsea water and float over water with boat at same time in thisTransform Car, Bike, Airplane & Boat Race game. but here is adifferent and unique car stunts games in which you will enjoy themost funny, thrilling and adventurous car stunts in the air.Driving car on the most curvy tracks in mountain will be a verymuch difficult for a new driver. More the 8 transforming racingtracks from crazy vortex to aerial stunts, from city bike ride toimpossible track car race it bring all in one city transform racegame. impossible car stunt games with extra tricky tracks a newworld of deadly impossible new motorcycle bike game. Modern stuntenvironment, awesome car smashing machines and high jumps on trickyramps; accelerate through deadly sky highway tracks no traffic andno need any fuel. The wild and crazy car stunts smash all types ofobstacles. This freestyle impossible car stunts and addictive game.In this robot amazing transform racing car will convert to airplaneand airplane transform into sea boat and boat transform into bikewith ultimate fun. One of the best flying car simulator game. Onthe airplane part you have ever dreamed to be a pilot and CONQUERthe skies with Avion flight? get ready yourself to go higher withCity Airplane Pilot Flight and muscle reckless sports car flyingflight; because the latest car plane simulator offers you the mostsophisticated flight simulator that includes multiple plane anddetailed city car landing highway airports.🚗 🏍️ ✈️ Are you ready toshow car stunts skills and want to taste of city car drivingadventure to become a master modern auto car stunt? Live life onthe edge and amaze everyone with your stunting skills whileexecuting of some dangerous stunts. Drive in speed on city roadsand jump over crazy stuns and pass through check points andtransform into flying jet and fly over impossible tracks and hitcross the transform check point and transform into stunt bike andstunt over water to transform in jet sky boat. In impossible trackstransform racing multiple check points on the way while you driveon road or on impossible tracks or float on water or flaying insky. In Robot transform racing car vehicles to can transform anytime you wish by hitting check points. When ever you hit crosscheck point transform will auto don. You don’t need to perform anyaction to transfer into other vehicle. robot transform racing carinteresting game for all type of user for those who want to drivingcar or ride on bike or wish to flay airplane and float over waterwith jet sky. Transform racing bike graphically well designed withmulti modes and in multi control vehicles will simulate you drivingskill. This is multi control game in which action and simulationcombined at a same time.🚗 🏍️ ✈️ How to play Robot Transform RacingCar 2018?In robot transform racing car game in multi control infirst step select your favorite vehicle to drive or fly and thencustomize its control and body color. After selecting and customizecontrol choose you task to complete. Robot Transform Racing Carmulti task game when ever your complete task you will get points tounlock more tasks and vehicles.Feature:🚗🏍️ Multi vehicle totransform🚗🏍️ Multi control at same time🚗🏍️ Nice animations andsound effects🚗🏍️ Fly airplane, sail boat, race car and ride ATVmotorbike🚗🏍️ Addictive and user-friendly control🚗🏍️ transform racewith lots of multi transformation🚗🏍️ More than 6 multitransformation race★ If you have any complaint/suggestion, pleaseleave us a mail instead : ★ andryxsoft@gmail.com★ For our upcominggames please visit and like our - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell uswhat you think or check out tips: andryxsoft@gmail.com★ PrivacyPolicy: https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Parking Simulator Driving 3D 1.0
Play the World No.1 and Best Parking Game with tremendous controlsoft driving and detailed animations. welcome to car parking andcar driving the new era of special car parking game with gettingreal taste of parking area games. solid features and very wellentertaining scenarios. the challenging parking and drivingsimulation with stunning luxurious cars and others big vehiclesimpact will amaze you. this is one of the best multi-level parkinglike car parking, bus and truck parking fun simulator of 2018. Onthis game you have drive your favorite vehicles any type of cars,bike trucks, buses and multiple others amazing vehicles for drivingand parking. polish your parking skills. mixer of bus and truckparking game gift for the 2018 android users. drive the jumbo busand cargo truck on the city highway as you want. extreme carparking and truck driving with best features and animations. Thisgame simulates various parking skill like cars, bus parking drivingor truck parking. This amazing parking simulator is the bestimpossible city parking and tourist driving game. the latest andmost comprehensive car Parker simulator will take a challenge ofparking car in tough area. Here you getting a chance to polish yourdriving skills, so enjoy latest and unique car parking games.TheSpecial Car Parking Game of 2018special vehicles parking game willgive you chance to becoming best driver in the entire tough cityenvironments. lots of rush and horn will change your mind set ofdriving so drive be careful. Driving a car is an easy but parkingcar at difficult parking spot is very tough. Drive car in parkinglot and park it at specific parking spot to become a real parkingdriver. This Classic car parking is an enjoyable and hard carparking simulation game in a real classic environment. This is amasterpiece car parking game like you’ve never seen before! Learnhow to drive in the hard street and realistic parking street. ThisCar Drive Parking is specially design for those lovers who love toplay car driving and parking games. Lots of road barriers, conesand hurdles will make you expert in parking and driving. New uniqueparking simulator game-play allows you endlessly realize toughchallenging experience. Feel the rush and try to be the bestsurvival Parker in this challenging environment. Drive throughhurdles and road barriers environment is tough so drive carefullyand park car at exact parking spot in specific time to completetask. If you collide or smash with any cones, barrier or you reachlate at parking spot you will fail in your mission. Complete levelas a car parking; smart drive 2018 and collect some points in everymission to unlock new best cars.Real Multi-level Parking AdventureArenaThis Multi-level parking game is a perfectly designed game forthose fans who love to play thrilled parking and driving game withexhilarating HD graphics and incredible challenging levels.Dazzling parking game contains uncontrollable environment with lotsof obstacles and outstanding graphics to entertain yourself. Thisgame has amazing varieties of modes and unlimited fun for lovers ofparking games. Park car and park other vehicles like jeep parking,truck parking, bus parking at indicating parking spot without anyCollision to complete your mission. Realistic movement, exquisitegraphics and terrific physics of parking cars makes your parkingexperience most efficient. This parking game will teach you variousdrive skills with different kind of cars trucks and othersvehicles. This is the best car parking game for the multi-levelparking lovers enjoy the fun of parking and complete all intrestinglevels.Volcano Gaming Studio★ If you have any complaint/suggestion,please leave us a mail instead : ★ andryxsoft@gmail.com★ For ourupcoming games please visit and like our - Volcano Gaming Studio★Tell us what you think or check out tips: andryxsoft@gmail.com★Privacy Policy: https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Bike Stunt Racing Master 3D 2
Motorcycle Stunt 100% real bike stunt game show your bestskills.After Bike Stunt Tricky Racing Rider Free Volcano gamingstudio present the brand-new Bike Stunt Racing Master 3D on beachtricky tracks environments game for the simulator category fans. Tobecome a master of the best performer stunts. Have you ever dreamedto perform some insane extreme bike stunt in the impossible tracks?If yes, then be ready to fast speed bike riding with crazyobstacles and crazy jumps on impossible track will drive you crazy.this the totally different game from others car stunt and bikeracing games. most thrilling and beach bike stunts on the greatwater sea adventure. become a best stuntman in this motorcycleracing bike stunts game. ride your bike on the impossible tracksthat’s way this is the new impossible bike stunts racing game.avoid all obstacles and go for the victory. Race, jump and crashyour way through the amazing wood tracks as you master the skillsand the physics of motocross in this high-speed racing adventure.This freestyle Little bike stunts is very addictive game. Inimpossible sky tracks bike stunt is enjoy most thrilling adventuresof impossible moto bike drive in middle of the sky and earth onimpossible real dangerous tracks.Bike Stunts Tricky Racing Rider 3DGame playThis Bike Stunt game is going to keep your moto riderracing for hours. Ride your bike in the endless highway ramps roadsovertaking the time no traffic and try not to crash. Use yourmotorcycle driving tricks and complete dangerous challenges andmake all achievements of this Water Impossible Bike Stunt RacingAdventure game. This bike stunt is very addictive game with amazinggraphics and water beach real type environments. In beach BikeStunts Impossible Racing are most thrilling adventures ofimpossible bike stunt. Tune your bike and accelerate your way tovictory, try to find the right balance between power and grip whilestaying in your class. Bike stunts game based on very tough tracklike rolling ramps, moving rods, narrow path, Water Bike Stunt isall about bike balance driving, skill and control as you guide yourrider across the ramps, jumps, barrels and obstacles. This trialbike stunt ramp is the best game of bike racing. exceptional tracksand of course powerful motorbikes are waiting just for you. enjoythe ride and show your skills of stuntsThis is an Extreme StuntMotorcycle racing fun with exotic locations like beach water andsky water long tracks to extend your chances of stunt, it’s timetry exquisite trails to try all the thrills that you always wantedto enjoy. Amazing tracks cool sharp jump to avoid the obstacle.Ride through different checkpoints before you arrive at yourdestination. this motorcycle racing stunt is all about bike ridingbalance and, skill control as you guide your rider across theramps, jumps, barrels and obstacles. special in purchasing offersand amazing game environments with best quality ofgraphics.Realistic open beach environmentExplore breathtaking racetracks Massive height of impossible insane tracksChallenging bikestunt and motorcycle racing missionsAlmost real-life bike racingstunt experience★ If you have any complaint/suggestion, pleaseleave us a mail instead : ★ andryxsoft@gmail.com★ For our upcominggames please visit and like our - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell uswhat you think or check out tips: andryxsoft@gmail.com★ PrivacyPolicy: https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Water Stuntman Run 3D 1.0
After Special Hero Endless Runner and Water Swimming Race Volcanogaming studio present the Legendary Water Stuntman Run Wipeout 3Don tricky tracks game for the simulator category fans. Be the bestpark water runner and clear all the challenges in the amazing waterrun theme park adventure. Don’t be afraid of open waters and acceptthe master challenges of water wipers, do water stunts and crossimpossible obstacles to become the wipe out challenge hero.wrecking balls and bouncing punches in legendary impossiblestuntman running game! Be quick and run fast because your littlemistake will lead you to lose the mission of incredible stuntmanrun challenge. The Most interesting and very fantastic trickystuntman hero run wipe out style reality stunt racing game. youjust need to slide, jump and swipe. Incredible ramps with difficulthurdles and obstacles to cross. Amazing acrobatic stunts along withdeadly jumping action.Water Stuntman Runner Challengeimpossiblestuntman running on the beach water track is the best adventurewater park wipeout game with amazing stunts and realistic physics.Feel the excitement and adventure in amazing wipe out slides,twists andn turns, bouncing balls, slippery slides and paths,punches, rolling circles. Accept the water run challenges andmaster all the hurdles like bouncing punches and wrecking balls.Play the wonderful stunt man games on water pool and get the realgameplay the wonderful stunt man games on water pool and get thenceof stunts on water track in Water Park. Cross all hurdles andobstacles to reach the finish arena of a realistic water slide ofstuntman runner. You will face many hurdles like moving balls,rotating rings and moving platform. water run stunt game willsurely make you addicted and you will spend hours of time playingthis cool adventure. this amazing water park is loaded with lots ofvarious slides, flumes, water chutes and hydro slides. Join theadventurous fun in the mid of open waters and flip through themid-air oscillating rings to cross the big gaps between theincredible water paths. multiple missions become a hero to completethe stunts and face the all type of challenges.Run fast in your wayshow your athletic skills ready for the craziest stunt. run becareful in the impossible tracks stuntman water running game. Yourtask is to reach on finish point by avoiding all these hurdles andby performing stunts like legendary special hero endless runner.when you move up you will feel the real thrill and difficulty ofthe stunt run dash game. Accuracy is much important to play stuntman games on water pool because your little mistake may causedamage you or you will fail.Balance yourself carefully on movingbalancing platforms and be aware of boxing punches otherwise youwill be smashed badly. multiple interesting game levels and upgradeoption to choose your favorite hero. complete all challengingmissions and become a water stuntman master.● Exciting racing andstunt mission● Responsive, intuitive and realistic Game play●Extensive selection of stunt heroes● Realistic 3D graphics and coolsound effects● Amazing water park and stunt area of waterNote:Ifyou have any issue with the game, feel free to write to us and weassure you we will resolve them in next update.We are very thankfulfor making Volcano Gaming Studio such a major Simulation Gamepublisher. We’ve tried to provide the new ideas game with the newfeatures and best gameplay. We already have a lot of new featuresplanned ourselves for the game updates, suggest your own ideas inthe comments and our page. the updates of the games will availablevery soon.Volcano Gaming Studio★ If you have anycomplaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead : ★andryxsoft@gmail.com★ For our upcoming games please visit and likeour - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell us what you think or check outtips: andryxsoft@gmail.com★ Privacy Policy:https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/
Train Driving Super Simulator 1.0
Train driving super simulator is the best passenger transportingandtrain games in the 2018 simulator categories. Enjoy themultiplepickup train stations to drop your passengers at correctdesignatedstations and experience the high trains speed. drive therailwaytrain driving game and improve your skills as a bestdriver. Withtechnological revolution, this is the new traindriving concept offast track city and desert train driveenvironments has completelyovertaken the old slow-moving trains.Be the best train-driver andoperate huge trains with multiplecoaches and enjoy the mostexciting features in this simulatorgame. rive the largestcollection of trains with the fastesttracks. So, it's now time toenjoy the most beautiful features andmultiple location. Have youever dreamed to be an engine driver andhad a whole train this isthe legendry train railway game? This isthe only driving simulatorthat fully embraces incredibly smooth 3dengine physics and effects.Once you are in the game, the railexpress is all yours to control.Try to get control of the trainsin this crazy underground ride asit has impossible tracks full ofadventure. Original Express TrainDriving Let’s go ride passengerin Indian railway Train. Enjoy theamazing environments of theworlds and prove yourself as a traindriver in this game.Enjoy themost exciting train features in thegame Become a best Indian oldclassy train driver and operate hugetrains with multiple coaches.You will require a lot of playing timeto fully understand theirfunctions while handling the speed of thetrain. It is not a simplesimulator as the interesting tracks willcome as a surprise formost. It’s a very simple game play in whichyou just have to pickthe passengers on time and drop them off tothe requireddestination. Drive and operate the train, pick-up anddrop thepassengers, earn money control the trains thoroughly. pickup anddrop, challenging rail tracks, signals crossing, controllingspeedand many more to experience. Blow the horn, drive carefullyandavoid train accidents or your game will be over! You willbeentirely dependent on the signals and track changingswitches.-------------------------1. A simple yet interactive traingamewith dynamic operating system of trains all over the world.2.Indian Train Passenger transporting system is perfect fun fortrainenthusiasts, train lovers to play train games. 3. Multipleweathersand dozens of colorful environments4. Stop the train ateach metrotrain service station and transport passengers! 5.Detailedpassengers animations and pickup situation with the greatstationsare designed to capture the feel of being real railwaystation.6.High level and best quality train driving will let youbecome thebest master train driver!This train game allows you toshow thetrain simulation games skills and we are presents themultiplechallenging missions wherein you will be given a target.Only onclearing the target you will be able to move to the nextlevel inthis train game. Enjoy the amazing gameplay with newgenerationanimations and rich type of features.Note:If you have anyissuewith the game, feel free to write to us and we assure you wewillresolve them in next update.We are very thankful for makingVolcanoGaming Studio such a major Simulation Game publisher. We’vetriedto provide the new ideas game with the new features andbestgameplay. We already have a lot of new features plannedourselvesfor the game updates, suggest your own ideas in thecomments andour page. the updates of the games will available verysoon.VolcanoGaming Studio★ If you have any complaint/suggestion,please leaveus a mail instead : ★ andryxsoft@gmail.com★ For ourupcoming gamesplease visit and like our - Volcano Gaming Studio★Tell us what youthink or check out tips: andryxsoft@gmail.com★Privacy Policy:https://volcanostdblog.wordpress.com/