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Super Penguins Rescue World 1.2
123 here comes the penguin frenzy!Welcome to the club! This time noice no cold but only flying penguins parachuting in panic mode fromthe sky!8-bit Super Hero Uber Penguin! Wicked Mr. Super Marco ThePinguin against the evil Hungry Shark "STEVEN". Escaped from IceAge Yeti to save the arctic airborne penguins and this time it is arace against the giant fish on the move towards dumb skydivingpenguins trying to a penguin diner for his hungry stomach.You arethe king of penguins so save those cute penguins and prevent themfrom being a penguin diner for the Shark!Download this Best UberArcade Action Video Game for your android phone and tablets!Band ofPenguins have been abducted by Alien Invaders with UFOs and thealiens are trying to change them to evil penguins. They found a wayto escape from Space Ships and all of them are skydiving at will byParachuting. HOW TO PLAYThe gameplay is fairly easy.Just tap eitherright or left part of your device tablet/phone to move your penguincharacter in boat and rescue the parachuting penguins. The hungryshark "STEVEN" is lurking below you and watching every moment toeat the penguins in the sea waiting for your help. So make sure yourescye those penguins in time.You have a mine which you can leaveto boom the Shark. Simply touch the mine icon to leave the mine forShark to eat and he will explode but than come back after a certaintime.Wait for your mine icon to fill when it is filled up it willblink a couple of times so you can leave another mine. Collect thedesired number of penguins to beat the level. Reviews:" I can’tpraise this game enough, it’s an astounding title with stunninggraphics and a ton of variety. It’s a nice game, a very cool oneand which brings in a lot of value. I recommend it to anyone thatwants an extraordinary time with sharks and penguins." Appgamesnet9/10Super Penguin Rescue Features● 18 Unique Stages with Juicy andSweet Graphics.● Each Stage Has Vivid and Colorful Style.●Increased Diffifculty Level with each Stage.● OMG so Easy and FunGame Play with easy to master controls just like learning abc.●Challenging and More Pro Levels in further stages.● Extra Featuresin the Further Levels.● Cartoon Style Characters make the game playfunny and addictive.● Each Level are designed so the game play isnot like an endless runner, Run and Gun Game or platform Game.● Thegame starts at a beach and continues at various places like superegypt world , super candy world, super zombie world , super coffeeworld and gets challenging and addictive!● Addictive Endless Fun!Ifyou face any issue or a bug in the game please don't add negativereview but please contact me at volcank@gmail.com and I will bemore than happy to help you.Highly exciting game. Be careful"Steven" THE SHARK will eat the penguins. So be quick to use yoursuper sonic senses and save all the penguins!Use The Mine toExplode "Steven". Don't worry, he will eat anything even your coinsso be careful!!!This one hungry shark will give you a hard timesaving those falling penguins.Game play is 8 bit retro style likeold computer gaming Amiga, commodore and sinclair.This is one ninjapenguin (well... thinks he is with his black uniform) came to savethe penguins.The best run and fun game in the store. It is a RaceAgainst The Shark! Who will be the winner!Collect your PenguinBuddies Before They are all eaten up!Beware and avoid the fallingbombs They will Boom you Up when touched!PARENTS PLEASE NOTE! Thereis "In App Purchases" in This Game which lets you purchase "In GameCurrency".Please follow us @twitterhttps://twitter.com/touchnfunnPlease follow us @facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/touchandfunn?ref=hl
Ninja Kid vs Zombies 1.7
Welcome to the super world of zombies and monsters of HalloweenLand. Zombies have found a way from another dimension and runningaround everywhere. They have their monster friends but so haveZombie Assassin Ninja Kid. Runner Kung Fu Master Ninja Girl andAngry Sword Master Hungry Samurai.So Run, Slash, cut, use yourNinja Stars ( Shuriken ) and Shinobi Magic to destroy the livingdead demons which has become out of control.The Ninja Warrior Kidshave no match when they use their special Shinobi magic* *(Shinobiwas another name used for Ninjas in Feudal Japan) Ninja Kid: -->Ninja Spirit Fury Light MagicKung Fu Master Ninja Girl: -->Firewall Tsunami MagicSword Master Hungry Samurai: --> LightningBolt MagicGAME FEATURES-Total of 3 different worlds with 12challenging leves. Total level count is 36.-Worlds inside the gameare; Zombie world, Ice World and Egypt World.-The further levelsget more challenging and addictive.-The game is a combination ofretro platformer game and hack and slash style game with extrafeatures.-You can use Ninja star (shuriken) and Ninja Magic asextra power to defeat enemies more easily.-2 extra unlockablecharacters with different Ninja Magic Powers. So make sure to checkall of them.-3 different 80s style retro background music each for3 different worlds.-Colorful and Simple level design.-Differenttypes of enemies zombies, Stone man, Yeti and many mind blowingpuzzles and full of traps.-Make sure to keep your sanity duringgame play.Warning: Although the game is free it offers in apppurchases inside the game.How to Play:Simple Platform action. Jumpon Zombies to kill them or alternatively you can hack and slashthem with your sword. Just touch the swordbutton on screen.You canalso throw your ninja stars to kill the enemies. Some enemies needmore than one hit to be destroyed.If you are in trouble touch theLightning button and use your ninja magic to destroy everything onscreen.When you cut the boxes they will give fruits so make sure tocollect them for extra score.That's it! Enjoy this challengingretro platformer game with many addictive levels.Follow usonhttps://www.facebook.com/touchandfunnhttps://www.facebook.com/touchandfunn
Altered Soccer League Free 0.1.5
FREE for a Limited Time Only!If you face any issue or a bug in thegame please don't add negative review but please contact me atvolcank@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to help you.*Altered Soccer Breaks all the rules for soccer game.* Become a partof the Premier League Soccer.* Arsenal, fifa, World Cup! Call ItWhat ever you want! Just Enjoy The Game!* Just Kick Off The BallAnd Beat The Levels.* Return back to the old days of computergaming like commodore, amiga, atari, and arcade machines.* AirHockey Like Gameplay Really Makes It Addictive.* This is not onlyFootball This is Evolution.* ultimate experience of worldcuppremier.* virtual experience of both air hockey and soccer combinedwith cute 8bit characters.* retro feel when playing the game.*soccer fantasy with nice touch controls.* play with yourdreamteam.* action packed game with some nice twitsts.* just likeplaying old arcade games, and old computers like commodore,sinclari spectrum, amiga and other constoles.* soccer emulator withlots of fun and strategy.* in further levels it is not socceranymore but a battle agains the army.* use your senses and act likea ninja and be fast.* Beat All The Levels and Be The Winner.* EachLevel has different difficulty levels with different features.*Score The Most Goals and Beat The Computer.* Surprises in furtherlevels.* Extra power ups and many many more.* Experience The GreatSoccer Championship.* You need to be Sensible with your touch tosurvive!This football game is really challenging. Try the Levels 4and up and see the real fun!The Championship World Cup is Here.
Whack A Jumpy Ninja Warrior 1.0.9
Welcome to the super world of Ninja Whack! Enjoy This Juicy Whack ANinja Game. Just Tap On Screen To Beat Ninjas.Best Whack A MoleGame! Better Than Whacking your boss or ex lover.Intuitive and FastGameplay which needs good reflexes.If too hard try to play gamewith a friend with extra touch.Addictive gameplay with tasty fastaction packed and exciting Ninja Action.Mighty Thor is back withstunning Whack a Mole Style Hammering Action.Funny Ninja Charactersand exciting Gameplay with Kung Fu Action With Thor's Hammer.FunPlatform for all the family.It is a world of Clashing Hammers ofStupid Ninja Warriors.Thes jumping platformer ninjas will drive youmad while you try to whack them out.FEATURES: - INTUITIVE ONE TOUCHGAMEPLAY: With an intense one tap controls you can pick up yourmallet on the go and take out stupid angry and colorful ninjasanywhere you are. Delicious Gameplay with criminally easy and funcontrols. - QUICK STUPID NINJAS: Thanks to the intense gameplayyour reactions will be challenged by the cute colorful ninjas.-VIBRANT CARTOON STYLE GRAPHICS: Strike, hit and smash the tinycartoon ninjass in an excellent vibrant environment. - MUSIC TOSMASH TO: Enjoy the funny music and excellent sound effects whilehitting their heads. - CUTE AND FAST: Take out the angry ninjas assoon as you see them as they will dodge and avoid the shadow of youhammer. - COMPETE WITH FRIENDS: Take down as many as you can in theMega Carnival style gameplay. For God's Sake Stop This NinjaMadness!!-OLD ARCADE GAME STYLE - Play this simple yet addictivegame which reminds 8 bit old arcade saloons and video game machineslike atari, commodore and amiga.
Caveman Runner - Stone Age 1.0.0
Welcome to the Jurassic Age Of Dinosaurs where there are no rules.In this endless runner platformer game as caveman run and destroyas many Dinosaurs as you can. Collect Coins and become the bestcaveman runner in Stone Age Town.Simple game play. Just jump andthrow your weapon to hunt Dinosaurs and bring home the bacon foryour wife because she is hungry and starving for some food. This isno chicken hunt is about wild life to run and hunt for yourlife.Dash along the Stone Age Road as the fastest sprinter andDodge or Smash The Angry Dinosaurs.Throw Away your Caveman Club towhack a dino and use Stone age Jumping Power to cross the crossystoneage platforms and Go up up skyward! Challange Your Friends bybeating their Best Score To Be the Best Caveman Runner inTown.Addictive Gameplay with Endless Loot Collecting CoinMania!Beware The Purple Mushrooms they can be helpful or workagainst you!Try to Stay Alive as Long As You Can to Reach TheHighest Score!Become the best Caveman Ninja Runner in town in thisamazing game using your reflexes.HOW TO PLAYSimply Hit Up ArrowButton To Jump and The Weapon Button At Right Corner Of the ScreenTo Throw Weapons at Dinos.FEATURESGOOGLE PLAY GAME SERVICES:Achievements & leaderboards9 Challenging Achievements to Unlockduring gameplay.Be The Best Smasher in town and reach the highscorein Leaderboards between your friends or world.-As a caveman destroyand Smash The Enemies with Your Jump Power To Survive in thisSmashing and Juicy Madness.-Exciting and Addictive Fats PacedAction Gameplay just like old school arcade classics.-Will take youback to your nostalgic days playing 2d 8bit action platformer gamesin Amiga and Commodore.- VIBRANT CARTOON STYLE GRAPHICS: Strike,hit and throw your weapons at the habitants of the stone age.-MUSIC TO SMASH TO: Enjoy the Fun Music During Game Play.- COMPETEWITH FRIENDS: Take down as many enemies as you can and BecomeNumber 1 At Leaderboard!
Platform Jackson - Jumpy Jump 1.0.7
Best Addicting platformer Game.StoryYou are "Platform Jackson" aplumber wanna be without a moustache, the stunning and divineplatform jumper of all time now gone to sleep and dreaming platformworld."Platform Jackson" gone mad in his dream and just can't stopbut jump and bounce around so you need to control him and help himland on his feet correctly. Make him wake up in this easy to learnbut hard to master platform world. GAME FEATURES* Classic actionplatformer game with easy touch controls.* Super world of PlatformJackson with fast pace game play.* Addictive and juicy game play.*Endless platform runner with panic mode jumping action.* Flat andsimple easy going beautiful graphic design with cute character.*Leaderboards and achievements.* Fun for all ages with fingertapping action!* Easy To play with one hand touch intuitivecontrols. Play it in public transports, subway, buses etc easilywith one hand.* Compete against your friends and be the highesthumper of all the super platform worlds.* Unleash your platformerskills in this great challenging adventure.Enjoy The Game!If youlive any issues with the game please do not write bad reviews butsend your comments to the developer email. The issues will be fixedquickly.
Blackjack 21 Classic Twentyone 0.0.2
Free to play Twenty one game with Black Jack.Realistic Gameplaywith Las Vegas Casino Sounds and Atmoshphere with Slot Machine andother sounds.Raise your bet and Deal with the highest Bet To Be TheWinner In this Best Casino Game.Free to play authnentic Blackjacktwentyone simulator just like playing at a Casinoenvironment.Develop strategy and play your cards well against youroponent to be the ultimate lucky winner.BlackJack 21 Classic iscompatible with Android Phones and Tablets.Super Black Jack SagaFeatures;✔ Free to Play Continuous gameplay.✔ Clean and StylishGraphic Design.✔ Addictive and Challenging 21 Black Jack Game.✔Easy Touch Controls with intuitive Gameplay.Enjoy This Simple BlackJack 21 Game and If you counter any issues please send an emailinstead of writing bad reviews.
Halloween Slot Machine Free 0.0.7
Real Life Las Vegas Style Best Slot Experience with HalloweenTwist.You won the lottery! The best Slots Game Online is here onyour appstore!Feel the thrill and excitement of Halloween Slotswith mini bonus games and additional features.Game Features:*Exciting Gameplay with lots of features.* Fruit Machine WithHalloween Theme!* Totally Free Game With Bonus Level and More.*Level Up As you play and rank higher!* Vibrant and stunningGraphics with Creepy Halloween Music is just what you are lookingfor in a Casino game with Halloween Theme!* Altough the game needsinternet connection time to time you can still easily play iteverywhere without internet connection in a public transport e.g.subway* More challenging gameplay with lots of fun as you levelup.* Live the joy of winning with Slots Game just like Real Life.*Daily Reward of 10.000 Coins!!!How to Play:* Just Hit spin buttonon the right to spin.*The more lines you increase you have morechance to win. Click Pay table to see the winningcombinations.*Also if you increase the Bet Per Lines your betincreases giving you more gold coins when you win.*Altough there isan Remove Ads function in the game it doesn't take away Earn CoinsOption with video ads it only takes away the full screen ads.* whenyou have 3 bonus tombstones on the screen it is bonus time! Simplyclick any of the 3 tombs to get your rewards. Amount of bonusreward depends on your line and Bet Per Lines numbers.Warning:Altough this is a free game you can still purchase digital currencyinside the game.Creepy Dungeon Keeper Ghost with evil laugh is youronly friend in this addictive casino simulator game.Addictive SlotMachine Inside The Cemetery Of The Walking Dead will keep youplaying for long hours.This is Las Vegas time at a cemetery withfull moon rising.Forget Keno, forget poker or blackjack This isCreepy Slots Time at its best. This game is created for winnersonly.Heart of spades, Jack of Diamonds, Aces Wild, Zombies Joker...well not so complicated, just hit spin and let the gold coins rainon your screen.Download and Play "Halloween Slot Machine Free"today and become the winner of all time.Contact us at:volcank@gmail.com
Jumpy Shark - 8bit Free Game 0.2.9
*You are the Jumpy Shark Under The Shark World!. Mightiest fish ofUnderwater! Action Packed Game Play.*A Simple Avoid The Enemies andCollect Coins Game. Game's Performance is highly improved in thisnew version!If you face any issue or a bug in the game please don'tadd negative review but please contact me at volcank@gmail.com andI will be more than happy to help you.* This is one bro super sonicshark!* super game experience!* attack the small fish and get yourrevenge and rule the sea worls.* super aqua world adventure with abite twist!* jump the shark and get the coins. * it is not revengeit is treasure hunting. * no underwater army can go against thejumpy shark.* top up with your jumpy style.* like the old days ofarcade games.*Avoid the mines before they boom on you and explode.*Use strategy and avoid the obstacles wisely.* 8bit game style witha panic mode always on giving that retro feel.* Use the sharksenses and be the underwater shark ninja !* Not a Platformer butmore addictive.* Avoid the enemies - hungry enemy shark , octopus,submarines and mines!* Collect The Gold Coins And The Mega Coinswith "Jumpy Shark" Icon.* Collect Diamonds For High Score!* CollectFire Bubbles and run and gun the Enemies for 8 seconds only. Thisshark fires, hell yeah! Put aside your hungry stomach and kill theenemies with fire bubbles!* 3 Difficulty Levels EASY, NORMAL andHARD. * Beat The High Score and Be the mighties Shark in planet!*Just Like The Old Days of Arcade and Computer Gaming!* Very SimpleShark Game! Use your hungry jaws to munch all the small fish.*Thegameplay is really manic and gets addictive.*it is a superunderwater platform world.Volkan Kutlubay All RightsReservedvolcank@gmail.comhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Jumpy-Shark/1493966454191340?ref=hl---------------------------------------------------------------------------------http://www.freeapptube.com/jumpy-shark-jump-as-flappy-bird.htmlJumpyShark is an action packed endless game play underwater and you arethe Jumpy Shark! The core of it is to avoid the enemies and collectcoins to get high scores.There are three indexes include levels,scores, and lives. The most important index is lives, game over ifyou out of lives. The red bar on the left of screen meanslives.Basic requestTap the screen to avoid the Jumpy Shark fall toground. Tap the screen continuously will make Jumpy Shark up.Avoidor kill enemiesEnemies include any bigger animals, like HungryShark, Octopus, Submarines, even mines! Meet enemies will decreaselives. But Fire Bubbles can kill enemies for 8 second. Put asideyour hungry stomach and kill the enemies with fire bubbles!HighscoresCollect the gold coins, the mega coins and diamonds can gethigh scores!Keep livesEat the small fish to keep and increase yourlives. Game will begin with level 1 when you out of lives.That’sthe all secret to play Jumpy Shark, extra skills or tips are notnecessary! Is it extremely simple?I suppose in order to attractiveplayers, developer set 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard.Challenge your high score and be the mighties Shark. Jump Shark isa good choice if you don’t want to challenge brain and like spendyour leisure time. I think it is more suitable for girls.
Ninja Kid vs Zombies - Special 1.0.7
Ninja Kid vs Zombies now comes with wonderful boosted tasty Updatein this new Special Edition. The performance of the game is highlyboosted with more richer and vibrant graphics.Samurai and NinjaGirl Characters are all unlocked and selectable.Daily Coins Rewardsso you can get your Shurikens and Ninja Magic without worryingabout collecting coins.Just play this phenomenal game and completethe 36 challenging levels with your favoriteCharacters.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------80sStyle Retro Platformer game with a ninja warrior kid and hisfriends.Welcome to the super world of zombies and monsters ofHalloween Land. Zombies have found a way from another dimension andrunning around everywhere. They have their monster friends but sohave Zombie Assassin Ninja Kid. Runner Kung Fu Master Ninja Girland Angry Sword Master Hungry Samurai.So Run, Slash, cut, use yourNinja Stars ( Shuriken ) and Shinobi Magic to destroy the livingdead demons which has become out of control.The Ninja Warrior Kidshave no match when they use their special Shinobi magic* *(Shinobiwas another name used for Ninjas in Feudal Japan) Ninja Kid: -->Ninja Spirit Fury Light MagicKung Fu Master Ninja Girl: -->Firewall Tsunami MagicSword Master Hungry Samurai: --> LightningBolt MagicGAME FEATURES-Total of 3 different worlds with 12challenging leves. Total level count is 36.-Worlds inside the gameare; Zombie world, Ice World and Egypt World.-The further levelsget more challenging and addictive.-The game is a combination ofretro platformer game and hack and slash style game with extrafeatures.-You can use Ninja star (shuriken) and Ninja Magic asextra power to defeat enemies more easily.-2 extra unlockablecharacters with different Ninja Magic Powers. So make sure to checkall of them.-3 different 80s style retro background music each for3 different worlds.-Colorful and Simple level design.-Differenttypes of enemies zombies, Stone man, Yeti and many mind blowingpuzzles and full of traps.-Make sure to keep your sanity duringgame play.How to Play:Simple Platform action. Jump on Zombies tokill them or alternatively you can hack and slash them with yoursword. Just touch the swordbutton on screen.You can also throw yourninja stars to kill the enemies. Some enemies need more than onehit to be destroyed.If you are in trouble touch the Lightningbutton and use your ninja magic to destroy everything onscreen.When you slash and chop the boxes they will give fruits somake sure to collect them for extra score.That's it! Enjoy thischallenging and wonderful world of retro platformer game with manyaddictive levels.Follow usonhttps://www.facebook.com/touchandfunnhttps://www.facebook.com/touchandfunn
Halloween Blocks Puzzle Saga 0.0.7
Halloween is coming and sure you want the best Free Puzzle Game OnThe Market for your Halloween Night.You will have scares and fullhorror not by the Evil Death Angel inside the game walking andlurking at the graveyard but by the challenging puzzles in furtherlevels. Total of 25 Additive, Growing, Challenging and AddictiveBlock app with addicting puzzles. How far can you go? Might not bea match 3 game but more fun with more Crush and frenzy Levels ofblock!Halloween Blocks Saga is inspired by Tangram and otherblocker games mixed with art of zombie games themes with manylevels in a creepy Cemetery set up. Match the correct blocks intheir places and complete the levels. Time is limited so make sureyou be quick with your mind and solve the puzzles.Gameplay is easyand fun with intuitive touch controls.Warning Game is highlyaddictive and a good alternative to other puzzle games like match3, tangram or blocks puzzle.WOW! It is a super puzzle dead world ofwitches, wizards, death angels, mages, evil demons,zombies and thegreat old ones so beware danger is everywhere in this blok madnessland run by many weird halloween monsters!So This halloween makesure you have your device ready for the best halloween puzzleblocks game saga in the market.Living dead zombies needs your helpto be set free and invade the world.FEATURES: - INTUITIVE ONE TOUCHGAMEPLAY: With easy touch controls you can move and replace andbuild the blocks in their positions easily. - TIME ATTACK:Fightagainst the time and build your blocks fast. The game has a limitedtime of 3 minutes but you can always have extra time buy using yourcoins that you collect at the end of each level.- VIBRANT STYLEGRAPHICS: Even the game has a darkish and gothic coloring, feelmost of the objects have been painted with vivid and colorfulgraphics trying to pop out of your screen. It is a fun ride for thewhole family.- GREAT HALLOWEEN THEME: Enjoy the game with greatboth Gothic and fun Halloween tune with funny sound effects.-CHALLENGING LEVELS:The game starts out easy but as you progresslevels grow more challenging and addictive. So beat the challenginglevels and discover new worlds.You need to set up a strategy toconquer all the puzzles inside the game and build your puzzlekingdom or you will go mad about it.- COMPETE WITH FRIENDS: Try tofinish the levels as quick as you can before your friends finish.Who will be the winner! Show that Zombie Living Dead Creatureendlessly running in your game kingdom.Follow usonhttps://www.facebook.com/touchandfunnhttps://www.facebook.com/touchandfunn
Retro 8bit Dungeon Fighter 1.0.8
Kung Fu Groove is On in this endless 8 bit fighting game.The BadDudes and Robot Ninja Warriors Have invaded the Dungeons of theInner Earth under city subway to find the precious and magicaltreasures. It is up to you to stop them with your Dragon Kicks andKungFu Power. Enjoy this old arcade style urban fighting game withretro look of the 80s and 90s.Just Go Up In This Dungeon Mayheminside the ancient buried temple and Beat The Foes collect theirloot in this ground breaking Martial Arts brawlergame.FEATURES:Stunning Endless Fighting Game played with easy swipecontrols. Your phone is the arcade machine. No on screenbuttons.Challenging and Increasing Difficulty level with newenemies as the Game Progresses.Enjoyable and Exciting Fighting GamePlay to release your daily stress with kicking the enemies.80sstyle retro electronic music to get in the mood during juicygameplay. Double The Retro Featue!Has the feel of the 80s and 90slike the old arcade machines and home computers like amiga andcommodore.GOOGLE PLAY GAME SERVICES: Achievements &leaderboards12 achievements to Unlock during gameplay.CompeteAgainst your friends or the rest of the world and become thefurious winner in the Leaderboard.- INTUITIVE ONE TOUCH GAMEPLAY:With an intense swipe and touch controls you can control yourfighter easily with one hand actions. Delicious Gameplay withcriminally easy and fun controls. - VARIOUS ENEMIES: Thanks to theintense gameplay your reactions will be challenged by the differentenemies with different AI systems.- VIBRANT CARTOON STYLE GRAPHICS:Strike, hit and kick the fighter bad enemies and robot ninjawarriors with your Dragon Kick and use your budha Power in anexcellent vibrant environment.- MUSIC TO SMASH TO: Enjoy the 80sstyle Retro music.- COMPETE WITH FRIENDS: Take down as many enemiesas you can in this Brawler Game.HOT TO PLAY:Swipe Right or Left ToChange The Direction of the Fighter.Swipe Up To Jump or Swipe UpTwo time for Double Jump.Swipe Down to Drop Down to BottomPlatforms.Tap anywhere on your phone's or tablet's screen to kickthe enemies.Tap anywhere on screen while jumping for flying kick.
Super Whack An Alien Mole World 0.0.1
Best Whack A Mole Game in The Market!Free Download and Play SimpleGame Platform! Warning! Highly Addictive and should not beoverdosed!You have whacked your boss, your ex, your teacher, yourneighbor and.....even frogs! Now it is time to whack the AlienInvaders from Mars. These aliens come in all sizes and differentvibrant colors; red, blue, purple, green, yellow you name it! Wantany Guacamole? Do not think so because they are quite nasty andnoisy creatures with creepy and despicable nature!Get your malletand hammer on, smash, hit and pop those cute plush sweet eatingalien Martian clans with vibrant colors. Whack on their headsbefore they dodge and escape from your magic touch. Yes they canescape easily with their fluffy plush bodies from being crushed byyou. And be careful, their insane and horrible sounds can almostdrive you crazy! don't let them laughing at you all the time justbecause it is in their annoying nature. Nope! Sorry you can notpick up and adopt an alien mole they will just turn into monstersafter feeding them. This is not written in their book, so no Yummytime for them!If you like Whack a Mole, then you will enjoy theouter space fluffy version of the game. Cute alien mole invadershave landed on earth digging and burrowing into holes and made ourplanet their haven, the only way to take out them once and for allis by taping, smashing and bashing on their heads with a firmobject like a big hammer or a mallet because their body isenduring. But watch out as they are insanely fast and can dodge andavoid your take down attempts. How far can you make it or How manyalien mole invader can you smash with your mallet? Boost yourtouchy fingers and pop and blow them up with your Hammer!FEATURES:- INTUITIVE ONE TOUCH GAMEPLAY: With an intense one tap controlsyou can pick up your mallet on the go and take out alien molesanywhere you are. Delicious Gameplay with criminally easy and funcontrols. - QUICK ALIEN MOLES: Thanks to the intense gameplay yourreactions will be challenged by the cute fluffy aliens. - VIBRANTCARTOON STYLE GRAPHICS: Strike, hit and smash the tiny cartoonmoles in an excellent vibrant environment. - MUSIC TO SMASH TO:Enjoy the funny music and excellent sound effects while hittingtheir plush heads. - CUTE AND FAST: Take out the invaders as soonas you see them as they will dodge and avoid the shadow of youhammer. - COMPETE WITH FRIENDS: Take down as many as you can in theMega Carnival style gameplay. For God's Sake Stop This AlienInvasion! *Get your sweetest revenge on the greedy aliens! This isone hell of a ride!*The more you whack the aliens the more and muchfaster they pop up which makes the game sweeter and challengingboosting up the panic factor.*Unwrap the true faces of cute andcreepy martians by whacking and cracking them like cookies!*Canturn out a great party game by challenging your friends. So makesure you stay alive all the time to be the winner!We welcome all ofyour comments and suggestions at volcank@gmail.comFollow us onTwitter: @volcank Facebook: @volcankPlease leave a review if youlike our app. Thanks!
Candy Blast Madness 1.0.0
Great and Challenging Candy Match and Connect Game!Game Features*Stunning and Juicy Graphics with Vivid and Colorful Candies.* Totalof 5 themes with 4 unlockable more tasty Candy Themes.* You justneed to level up to unlock other levels with Deliciously TastyPopping Candies.* Addictive Puzzle Game with Pro Levels which youwill never let go!* OMG Great fun for All Children and Adults ofAll Ages.* Easy and Fun Game Play with intuitive touch controls.Tasty Candy Themes:1-Candy Madness2-Juicy Pop Clash3-ChocolateDrops4-Yummy Candy Blast5-Frosty Liquid JamHow To Play!Match andConnect 3 or more candies to blast them and level up. When ever youneed extra help use Red or Blue Magical Buble Gum Potion To DestroyThe Candies At Once!Gain Credits as you level up to get morehelpful Magic Candy Potions.Play against your buddies and use yourspecial ninja techniques to get to the highest level in this CandyClash.Connect as many candies as you can at one time to gain extratime and credits during gameplay.Please follow us @twitterhttps://twitter.com/touchnfunnPlease follow us @facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/touchandfunn?ref=hl
Hopper Steve - platformer games in adventure world 4.5
Classic retro platform runner game with challenging levels. Justflip, jump and run from enemies, collect coins and super powers. Somany surprises waiting you in this terrific adventure. Just run,dash, clash, dodge and charge in this supersonic platform andrunner game.The gameplay is retro old school platform game in thestyle of classic 8 bit retro games.How to play!Game play is veryeasy which is done by tapping on screen and nothing else! Just tapjump and avoid the obstacles. Note: Panda character has triple jumppower so don't forget to unlock it ;) Characters in the game.Steve- Super runner jumpy Sports Person Using supersonic shoes torun.Ninja Sam - A shinobi dark as a shadow and light as afeather.Panda John - A Mini Panda Bear with Multiple Jumping andFlipping power.Game Features-Classic platform game with 8bitfeel.-2 different Challenges with a total of 32 challengingcheckpoints to reach.-Intuitive single one touch easy gameplay.-Easy Game Mechanics - Just Tap to Jump and completelevels.-Open up new characters with coins.-Just jump, hop, bouncelike a ball in this Weird World of Potato.-Challenging and hardlevels with checkpoints.-3 different characters toplay.Rankings.-Many Surprises in harder levels.-Addictive GamePlay!-Game Services - Leaderboards.Follow Hopper Steve facebookpage.https://www.facebook.com/stevethehopper/
Hero Jump Quest -Magic Kingdom 1.9
Welcome to the super world of Fantasy Addictive Jumping Action withWizards, Warriors and Strange Creatures. You are Harry The Knighttrying to defend your Kingdom and your Magic Kingdom is beingraided with Strange Creatures from Halloween Land so it is up toyou Save Your Village. Many characters to unlock in this MagicWorld of Knights, Dwarfs, Elfs, Magicians, Giants, Trolls, GreatWarriors of Might and Barbarians! This is a Jumpy Characters Worldso Be quick to tap and jump over obstacles. Just Flip The HeroesOne After Another!Game FeaturesIntuitive Game play with easy singletouch character Control.Smooth and Floating Game Area!Total of 20Figurines!Game Services with LeaderboardsAddictive Gameplay withAddictive Game Design and 19 unlockable characters.Coin CollectMadness with addictive infinite hopping action.Race your Score withother players around the world and be the greatest hopper.InfinitePlatformer Game With Lots of Action.Free To Play with pure simpleone tap action !Dodge and Jump The Logs, trees, rocks and GiantDwarf and Goblins !This game was created with buildbox.So do youhave what it takes to survive in this uber mini endless jumper.
Fidget Spinner - Stres Çarkı . Fidget Cube no more 4.0
Fidget Spinner in your hands. Relax and get rid of the daily stresswith this great app. There is no fidget cube no more but there isfidget spinner game. Great for children of all ages with thisrealistic Fidget Spinner Simulator.FeaturesA total of 21 fidgetspinners of your choice.Cool Clubbing Style Colour effects greatfor showing off.Try it at a club or party and get the attention ofpeople.Cool music and sound effects to play to. You can turn themusic of if you like.Fun time to play with your kids. Just open upthe app, select your spinner and play with your kid. Great timespender to see who is spinworthy! The app helps the kids to developtheir focus in their daily life.Play on the go at public transportlike buses, subways etc. Make sure you put on the earphones.Theapps is also good to quite nail biting,smoking,leg shaking and allkinds of disorders.Enjoy this great fidget spinner wheel app on thego and become the coolest cat in the planet.
Fidget Spinner Wheel Neon Glow - not a fidget cube 2.6
Fidget Spinner Glow In The Dark!!! Special edition of one and onlyFidget Spinner Wheel Toy app at the market. This time FidgetSpinners come with a glorious glowing effect with various colors.There are 17 colors to play to.Play with this real to life FidgetSpinner app and glow in the dark with coolest colors in fidgetuniverse.Main Features:Easy to play with intuitive touch and swipecontrols.Simply swipe up, down, left or right to spin yourfavourite fidget spinner wheel.Cool soundtrack to spin yourfavourite fidget spinner.Great app to play with your kids and spendspin worthy time with them. Fidget spinner also helps kids todevelop their focus in daily life.You can play it anywhere you wantincluding public transports like subway, buses etc.The app helps toquit nail biting,smoking.Enjoy this great fidget spinner wheel appon the go and become the coolest cat in the planet.
Stack Emoji - Jump Up Stickers 2.1
Stack Emoji is all about jumping on boxes and stack them one byone. Simply touch the bars to score points. Reach as high as youcan.Collect coins during game and unlock new emojis.Game is fun andeasy to learn with one tap control. Tap on screen to jump or doubletap to double jump. The longer your hold your finger the higher youjump.10 unlock able emoji characters.Simple and colourful graphicswith challenging gameplay.Game Services included so you canchallenge your friends or other players in the world.Enjoy thesimple jumping game and go up up up!
Fidget Spinner Wheel Toy - The Arcade Game 3.5
There is no fidget cube game but there is fidget spinner arcadegame. This time the game is updated with ultimate challenge "TheFloor is Lava" mode. The game is much harder. Beat the highestscore if you can if not see you again in another fidget spinnerapp!The ultimate Fidget Spinner Game is finally in your hands. Youhad the spinner spinning like crazy and now control the spinnership with your fingers with simple intuitive touch controls.Avoidthe obstacles beat the levels in the Fidget Spinner World. Theweirdness is here with lots of objects came to life to stop youreaching your goal. Play the funkiest game on earth with 4different funky music.FeaturesArcade and Story Version. In Arcadeversion play with endless possibilities and reach the high score.Instory mode simply beat the levels and complete the game in thisfidget spinner mayhem world.Intuitive touch controls and very easyto learn gameplay. Simply drag your finger to control the fidgetspinner.Game Services. Now in arcade version you can beat yourfriends' and all other fidget spinner heroes in this planet. Reachthe highest score in the fidget spinner universe.20 fidget spinnersto unlock with different colors and materials.Simply enjoy thisgreat Fidget Spinner The Arcade Game in your device.
Dame tu casita - Fidget Spinner Toy and Dance 1.6
Fidget Spinner in your hands with animated Emojis and differentbackground.Relax and get rid of the daily stress with this greatapp. So see you again some other time stress take care ofyourself!See the emojis reacting at you as you spin the gloriouskinds of fidget spinners.Great for children of all ages with thisrealistic Fidget Spinner Simulator.FeaturesA total of 42 fidgetspinners of your choice.9 animated emoji characters.Smiley,Laughout loud, Lol tears, geek,eye wink,kisses,sleepy,head node, tongueout.Cool Flat,easy and colourful retro graphic style.Good forpeople who have ADHD "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"Tryit at a club or party and get the attention of people.Cool musicand sound effects to play to. You can turn the music of if youlike.Fun time to play with your kids. Just open up the app, selectyour spinner and play with your kid.Great time spender to see whois spinworthy! The app helps the kids to develop their focus intheir daily life.Play at a public transport like buses, subwaysetc. Make sure you put on the earphones.The apps is good to quitenail biting,smoking,leg shaking and all kinds of disorders.Enjoythis great fidget spinner wheel app on the go and become thecoolest cat in the planet.
Fidget Spinner Neon Disco Glow The floor is lava 1.6
Ultimate Fidget Spinner Toy simulator is here. This time withglorious glowing light and a funky music with lava floor discodancing. Just spin the fidgets of your choice and relax.There is nofidget cube but there is fidget spinner game.Features14 FidgetSpinners with different colors and lights.Reduces Stress andrelaxes you.This is as close at it gets to a real fidgetspinner.Funky disco music to play to. Make sure to use earphonesfor a better fidget spinner experience.Intuitive touch controls andeasy to learn gameplay.Much better and relaxing than a fidgetcube.Glowing colors which looks cool at a dark environment like aclub or a bar. Very attracting visuals.Play with one hand at apublic transport like buses or subways.Fun time to play with yourkids. Just open up the app, select your spinner and play with yourkid.Great time spender to see who is spinworthy! The app helps thekids to develop their focus in their daily life.The apps is good toquite nail biting,smoking,leg shaking and all kinds ofdisorders.Enjoy this great fidget spinner wheel app on the go andbecome the coolest cat in the planet.
Toothpick Crossbow Shooter Forget Fidget Spinner 1.4
Shoot the fruits with this Tiny Toothpick Crossbow Game and releasethe daily stress. Toothpick Crossbow is an addictive arcade gamewhere you need to shoot the moving fruits, collect coins and unlocknew crossbows. Do not forget to check out the Crossbow with AngelWings. They have style!The game is all about timing so make sureyou tap just at the right moment. Game FeaturesIntuitive one touchgame play - Simply tap to shoot!Game Services - Challenge yourfriends, shoot the highest score and beat the leaderboard with yourresults! 13 Crossbow styles to unlock!2 different modes - Easy Modeand unlockable Hard Mode!
Fidget Spinner Anime Force Kawaii - Stres Çarkı 2.5
Ultimate Anime Fidget Spinner Game is here.The is fun for all family. Select your favourite character thenselect your favourite fidget spinner and you are good to go.Glitter all the way with thee Fidget Spinners. Kawaii force ishere! Enjoy the Japanese Anime feel while spinning your bestspinners in town.With simple intuitive gameplay just swipe the screen to spin thefidget spinner. Use the glitter magic buttons below and see howManga Girl uses her magic to gain you extra coins!Game Features9 unlockable Cute Kawaii girls with different themes.BlondieKimono LadyHalloween CutenessHoney Bunny GirlValentineSt. Patrick MagicSanta Clause HappinessRainbow CharmHappy New Year Celebration Girl42 Fidget Spinners to unlock.Intuitive one tap gameplay.Play with any hand, left or right just spin the fidgetspinner.Cool funky soundtrack and manga sound effects!Fun time to play with your kids. Just open up the app, select yourspinner and play with your kid.Great time spender to see who is spinworthy!The app helps the kids to develop their focus in their dailylife.The apps is good to quite nail biting,smoking,leg shaking and allkinds of disorders.So what are you waiting for select your popular Fidget Spinner andKawaii Girl and show who is Spinworthy!
Ninja Kid Knife Flip Challenge - Dash and Slash 1.9
The voodoo is on and zombies are back. Ninja Kid vs Zombies onemore time with sword flipping action. Help Ninja Kid and hisfriends; Ninja Girl and Samurai by slashing and slicing zombies andsending them to hell.Witch of The voodoo jungle made her magic andrevoked the living dead to take revenge from the Ninja Kid. As thedrums rumble zombies come to life. But wait! The witch made hermagic and froze Ninja Kid and his friends. So it is all up to youwith your magic touch to swipe, flip your flippy sword and rescueNinja Kid, Ninja Girl and Samurai using your strong reflexes !There are 40 challenging levels to beat and 20 different swordtypes to unlock with your collected treasure during the game. Beatthe levels if you can! Game Features:40 Levels20 Sword stylesincluding ninja, samurai and all kinds of phantasy swords from allaround the world.Intuitive gameplay: Just swipe up to flip yoursword to chop enemies and touch left or right of your screen tochange the direction of your sword.Many surprises at each levelwaiting for your so have your reflexes ready! If you encounter anissue with the game please either contact us we will try to fix theproblem ASAP! Other than enjoy your ultimate sword flip challengegame and beat the levels!
Ninja Kid vs Zombies Special - Fidget Spinner 1.1
Ultimate Fidget Spinner Toy simulator is here with Ninja Kid andhis friends comes to the appstore with famous fidget spinner flick.There 9 world to play and unlock to with different Ninja KidCharacters.Ninja Kid, Samurai and Ninja Girl, zombies and CuteShinobi Anime Girl !!! They are all ready for you to unlock!80sStyle Retro Platformer game with a ninja warrior kid and hisfriends now come to the fidget spinner universe with many spinnersto unlock.Total of 42 Fidget Spinners to unlock with various colorsand materials. The fidget spinners are regular, glossy, glassmaterial and many surprises!Once again in this happy halloween landzombies have found way from another dimension and now they aretrying to rule our happy world. The zombies are everywhere but itis up to you to unlock them.Collect coins while spinning thespinners and unlock your favourite Ninja Kid character to play to.Make sure you use the special power of Shinobi Manga Girl foramusement and magic! She is there to surprise you! GAME FEATURES:-Total of 9 different worlds and 42 colorful fidget spinners.- Cool80s music track to play to.- Intuitive gameplay! Swipe up, right,left, down of your choice to spin the hand spinner.- Reduces Stressand relaxes you.- This is as close at it gets to a real fidgetspinner.- Much better and relaxing than a fidget cube.- Play withone hand at a public transport like buses or subways.- Fun time toplay with your kids. Just open up the app, select your spinner andplay with your kid.- Great time spender to see who is spinworthy! -The app helps the kids to develop their focus in their daily life.-The apps is good to quite nail biting,smoking,leg shaking and allkinds of disorders.So enjoy this great Fidget Spinner Game andrelief your daily stress!
Dunk The Hoops - Best Free Basketball Arcade Game 1.9
Play the most exciting basketball game at the App Store. Withsimple one tap gameplay bounce around and try to slam dunk as manyhoops as you can. Features•Addictive and relaxing gameplay. Youwon't want to leave the game even watching a movie.•Simple and easyto learn one tap gameplay. Just tap the screen to bounce and simplytarget the centre of the hoop to dunk and make a score!•GameServices (Leaderboard) - Compete with your friends and otherplayers all around the world by reaching the highest score. Howhigh can you score?•Total of 28 basketballs to unlock also withemoji characters to make your day.•Fun basketball game for all thefamily members to have great time at home!•One handed game playwhich means you can play the game anywhere like public transport oreven while eating your lunch.
Cool Cat - Paws Of Furry - Best Cat Dash Game 2.5
The Coolest Cat in town has been abducted by green dancing aliensand now it is up to you to help The Cool Cat to find a way backhome by escaping from the Alien Spaceship. This spaceship is a traphouse on its own with many surprises waiting ahead with robots,aliens, drones and laser traps. This is a Robot War Zone and you,the cool cat in space town need to beat all of them just jumpingand activating some of the lasers to destroy the enemies. Hint:Check the levers. Simply jump up, run around and rise as high asyou can to find the exit from the alien spaceship. Game Features:•Simple One Tap Game play. •Play the game anywhere like in publictransports or even watching a tv. •2 Game Modes 1-Arcade 2-Story(40 challenging levels) •8 different costumes •Game Center(Leaderboard) - Compete with your friends and get the highest scoreby jumping and rising to the highest Space Tower. •Intuitivegameplay which will force your reflexes •Best snack game ever withmany surprises and variable levels which will take your boredom anddaily stress away.
Hoop Shot Basketball - Just Dunk The Ball 1.1
Just sit back, put on your earphones and relax while playing thehippest basketball game in town. Simply dunk the ball through thehoops and enjoy basketball fever.Easy to learn but hard to masterdunk game! Simply go right and slam dunk the hoops and make a swishfor a double score and make the highest score.With easy going leveldesign this stackable basketball game will have your bestrelaxation time after work while watching tv or listening to yourmusic.Game Features-One tap gameplay which makes it playable easilyon public transports like subways or busses.-Game Centre -Leaderboard-Total of 7 more different color themes to unlock! Justunlock your favourite game theme and play with it.-20 differentbasketball colors to unlock with your favourite teamcolors.-Endless level design with many surprises and traps toovercome.-Pure Swish satisfaction right through the hoops eachtime.Simply enjoy this great basketball game and score the highestshots in basketball world.
AR Ninja Kid vs Zombies Game of Augmented Reality 1.0.3
Ninja Kid from Ninja Kid vs Zombies is back escaped from ghostsandzombies. Finally a ninja kid in your phone which you cansummonwith the latest Augmented Reality technology. Place it onyourtable, floor with toys or even out at cafe next to your coffeecupwhere ever you want and remote control your ninja withyourfavourite color. The app is not marker based which means justonetap on anywhere is enough. Control and move him around and makehimmakes his amazing Ninja moves which are kicking, acrobaticsandpower punch. Change the color of the uniform and see him cometolife.Game Features-Latest Amazing AR with vuforia (AugmentedTechnology)-Markerless AR which means you can place youninjaanywhere in your world. No need for a printed outreferenceimage.-2 different scenes included. A ready made forestscene or ARor AR mode which you can summon your ninja where everyou want. Soeven if your device doesn't support latest AR(Augmented Reality)technology you can still enjoy your ninja kid inthe forestscene.-5 different uniform colors to choose to.-Virtualjoypadbuttons to move him where ever you want and make amazing kungfumoves in real world.
Money Clicker and Counter - Idle Tap Dollars Game 1.1.4
Counting money has never been this fun. Simple tap to play game andearn money on the go. Upgrade and increase your tapping Bill amountto earn more money. Buy sports car and rise to fame. Warning: 1-You don't earn real money when you count money in this game butearn it as virtual currency as you count! Please do not mistakenthe images with real money. 2-No real money in app purchase isimplemented inside the game to purchase anything except Remove Adsas in app purchase. All the currencies are virtual currencies. 3-Please do not play this game while walking on the street cause itis highly addictive and cause injuries. Game Features - Intuitive 1tap game play - Can be played anywhere busses, subways etc. -Somuch addictive you won't let it go. -Idle addictive clicker game.-10 sports car to unlock with the money earned. -Cool Funky R&BFunk Music
Keke Love Challenge Dance Fun - Shiggy Challenge 1.2.0
The most fun dancing game at App Store. Simply drag yourcharacterKeke to move around and avoid bombs and earn points tobeat thelevels. Don't forget to collect the love hearts! There are50levels! Can you beat them all?There are 6 extra dancing movesforyou to show off while you avoid the bombs. So show everyone whoisthe best around! Game Features-Easy to Learn Intuitive game play-Simply drag your character around to avoid the bombs.- 6 CoolDanceMoves to Dance to-Cool Funky Hip Hop Music playing during thegame!
Jumpy Shark 2 - Flappy Naughty Shark Is Back! 1.1.1
Baby shark is kidnapped and it is up to the Jumpy flappy sharktofind out her. Game Features - Intuitive gameplay - just tap toflap-Addictive and Challenging -Vibrant and Colorful graphics toplayto -Funny and naughty looking cartoon shark character.
Green Alien Zombie Dance Challenge Ar - Augmented 1.0.0
AR Green zombie dancing game is here. Latest augmented technologyisused. Simply tap on the screen to deploy the zombie on thetarget.There are two game modes. 1-Single Zombie - Watch yourzombie makecool dancing moves. 2-Horde mode - In this mode you candeploy morethan once zombie in your envorienment. Game Features-Realisticscary zombie -Targetless augmented reality technologywhich meansyou can deploy your green dancing zombie anywhere inyour world.-Total of 6 hip hop dancing moves. Watch him spinaround. -Total of6 props you can attach on your zombie. Axe,knife, witch hat,halloween, pumpkin, skull and Santa hat. -You canalso control yourzombie and move him around in your world using onscreen virtualcontrols.
Try Not To Laugh Challenge With A Cool Cat 1.1.0
Are you ready for a laugh clash with bombs? The coolest space catisback this time he is fighting against raining bombs at Space!Simplytap left or right to avoid bombs and progress throughchallenginglevels. just try not to laugh at laughing bombs. GameFeatures-Intuitive gameplay -Explore total of 52 challenginglevels and tryto beat them. -9 extra funny unlockable characters-Science FictionBackgrounds with Space Theme -Exciting andchallenging gameplay-Cool and Funky music to play to -Google playGame Services-Challenge your friends and beat their scores.
Aluminum Foil Ball Challenge - Alüminyum Folyo Top 1.1.6
Aluminium foil ball challenge is here. Start as regular crumbledaluminium paper ball and lead your destiny to shiny and colourfulmetallic balls. Just jump, avoid and dodge from enemies and dropdown to break the walls away. Game Features: -Challenging andaddictive endless mode -24 Ball Characters to play to -Intuitivetouch controls -Easy to learn and hard to master Simply enjoy thisminimalist aluminium foil ball game.
Vertigo - Binaural Beats 1.0.1
Beware! The game might take you over after some time of gameplay!Inan altered reality parallel universe you as the glowing dotnamed"vertigo" try to escape the impossible maze with traps!HighlyAddictive One Touch Control Simple Action Game. Just Gothrough theobstacles and reach the distance of 999 and completethe challenge.Collect the Shiny Golden Dots to use them unlockcharacters andstages with different colours! Game Features: -Touch Screen to moveyou character around with ease. - Total of 12different themes tounlock inside the game. - Total of 11characters to unlock and playto! - Beautifully composed relaxingmusic with steady beat that willtake your mind somewhere elsewhile playing the game. - Easy tolearn but difficult to master ! -Intuitive one touch controls !-Endless Gameplay with manysurprises but with an end to reach to!-Adjusted difficulty so thegame is not frantic at the beginning.