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Circle drop 1.0
Circle drop, You can control two circle but you cannot predict thefuture! Circle drop is a new challenging yet very simple game. Ifyou like challenging games and would like to test your reflexesthis game is for you!
Tank survival 1.0.1
Bouncyloop 1.0
It's summer time! Enjoy this beach theme game! Bouncyloop willleave you hanging for more. It is an easy concept game basicallyyou simply have to put the ball through the loop it starts easy butit gets super fast ! Enjoy !
Tap the pot 1.0
Grab as much coin as you can ! If you likebeatthe clock challenges then Tap the pot is for you ! You are atheftwho broke into a bank, you have 2 minutes to grab as many potofgold as you can. Enjoy !
Blade escape 1.0.2
In Blade escape, you are a ninja on the run! your quest is tosurvive in this world full of blades! Blade escape will keep youcaptivated for hours with its unique gameplay and graphics. Are youup for the challenge ?
Spacenode 1.0
Spacenode is a small puzzle games with 15 levels which will pushyour brain to it's limit! Invade planets by putting them throughyour spaceships beam and see how many levels you can conquer!
Auto Raco 1.2
Auto Raco offers the best body shop services in the area of Laval.List of services: -Body & Paint Maintenance -Collision Repair-Paint Scratch Repair -Dent Repair / Paintless Dent RemovalFurthermore, this app will keep you updated with the shopactivities with it's gallery. It also have a request section whereyou are able to send an email to the shop specialist.
Garderie Educative Minimi 1..1
The mobile app of Garderie educative minimi offers the bestinformation concerning the kindergarten with a unique and secureparent login to read and see daily reviews and pictures of theirkids.
Montreal Souterrain 1.1
Toute l’information indispensable sur la villesouterraine de Montréal en un seul lieu. Que vous soyez un touristeou un résident de la ville, chacun trouvera son bonheur avec cetteapplication mobile. Commencez par télécharger la carte dusouterrain facile à utiliser. Cette nouvelle carte vous aidera àtrouver votre chemin et vous y rendre facilement. Trouvez tous lesrestaurants, boutiques, événements, promotions, services et mêmeemplois de la ville souterraine en quelques clics seulement.Cette application mobile est gratuite et facile à utiliser :- Planifiez vos vacances ou escapades- Réservez un hôtel connecté à la ville souterraine- Parcourez les magasins des centres commerciaux du centre-ville deMontréal- Découvrez les restaurants, les cafés, et les bars- Explorez les places à visiter et les choses à faire- Trouvez des événements dans le souterrain ou proche dumétro- Profitez des meilleures promotions- Trouvez des services utiles : accès internet gratuit,stationnement intérieur, casiers- Obtenez des offres d’emploi dans le souterrain et plus.La ville souterraine de Montréal couvre la plupart ducentre-ville. Elle est connectée au 12 stations de métro et auxcentres commerciaux et bureaux d’affaires suivants :Les Cours Mont-RoyalCarrefour Industrielle AlliancePlace Montréal TrustCentre Eaton MontréalPromenades CathédraleHudson Bay MontréalPlace Ville MariePlace BonaventureLe 1000 de La GauchetièrePlace du CanadaCentre BellGare WindsorGare CentraleTour Bell / Tour BNCPlace VictoriaWorld Trade Center MontréalCentre Commerce Mondial de MontréalPalais des Congrès de MontréalComplexe Guy FavreauComplexe DesjardinsPlace des ArtsRestez connecté pour plus de fonctionnalités surprenantes!All the essentialinformation about the underground city of Montreal in one place.Whether you are a tourist or a resident of the city, something foreveryone with this mobile application. First download mapunderground easy to use. This new map will help you find your wayand get there easily. Find all the restaurants, shops, events,promotions, services and even jobs in the underground city in justa few clicks.This mobile application is free and easy to use:- Plan your vacation or getaway- Book a hotel connected to the underground city- Browse the shops malls of downtown Montreal- Discover restaurants, cafes, and bars- Explore the places to visit and things to do- Find events in the underground or near the metro- Enjoy the best promotions- Find useful services: Free internet access, indoor parking,lockers- Get jobs in the underground and more.The underground city of Montreal covers most of downtown. It isconnected to 12 subway stations and the following shopping centersand business offices:Les Cours Mont-RoyalCarrefour Industrielle AlliancePlace Montreal TrustMontreal Eaton Centrepromenades CathédraleHudson Bay MontrealPlace Ville MariePlace Bonaventure1000 de La GauchetièreCanada PlaceBell CentreWindsor stationCentral StationBell Tower / Tower BNCVictoria PlaceWorld Trade Center MontrealWorld Trade Centre MontrealMontreal Convention CentreGuy Favreau ComplexComplexe DesjardinsPlace des ArtsStay tuned for more amazing features!
Shadow gravity 1.0
It's you against the gravity! You are a shadow ball fighting forsurvival in this massive long free fall. Along the way you willfind obstacles and challenges which will make your survival verydifficult.
Montreal Underground 1.1
All essential information onMontreal'sunderground city in one place. Tourist or resident, theapp allowsfind something for everyone. Start by downloading theuser-friendlyunderground city map. It will help you find your wayin no time andenjoy the walk. Find all underground cityrestaurants, boutiques,events, promotions, services and even jobsin just few taps.The mobile app is free and easy to use:- Plan your vacation or a weekend getaway- Book a hotel connected to the underground city- Browse boutiques and stores by shopping mall in downtownofMontreal- Discover restaurants, coffee shops and bars- Explore places to visit and things to do- Find the events in the underground city or reachablebymetro- Catch the best promotions and deals- Find useful services: free wifi, indoor parking, lockers- Get the job offers in the underground city and more.Montreal's underground city covers most of thedowntown,connected to 12 metro stations and includes the followingshoppingmalls and commercial or business tours:Les Cours Mont-RoyalCarrefour Industrielle AlliancePlace Montréal TrustCentre Eaton MontréalPromenades CathédraleHudson Bay MontréalPlace Ville MariePlace BonaventureLe 1000 de La GauchetièrePlace du CanadaCentre BellGare WindsorGare CentraleTour Bell / Tour BNCPlace VictoriaWorld Trade Center MontréalCentre Commerce Mondial de MontréalPalais des Congrès de MontréalComplexe Guy FavreauComplexe DesjardinsPlace des ArtsStay connected for more new amazing features !
Osteak 1.3
O steak restaurant welcomes you with aluxurious environment, O steaks dinning room features a relaxeddecor creating an inviting atmosphere with world-class appeal. At Osteak we take pride in bringing quality food to the table of ourcustomers and our ambition is fueled with the satisfaction of ourdistinct clientele. Being the first establishment to bring halalsteak to the Montreal community, we have brought happiness and joyto many families.Download our app today ! see our famous menu and book a tabledirectly from the app !
H&B Perfume 1.2
H&B is a fully e-commerce mobilesolution,in which our customers are able to purchase a wide varietyofluxury perfumes. Our brands consist of Mauboussin, Rallet,Aubade,Montana and the voice. We mainly focus on B2Btransactions.
One Construction 1.0
One Construction is a construction company specializing in generalcontracting, construction management, design-build, andself-performing interior trades services. Throughout our 25 yearsof history under Chamas Construction, we have earned continuoussuccess by providing construction solutions to our clients anddelivering quality work. This app will let you see and read aboutour top quality services we provide which are as follow:-Construction site management -Architecture -Renovation-Construction -Asbestos removal -IT services It will also allow youto contact us directly and will even let you see us on the map!
Coiffure Studio 2000 1.1
Entrust your hair in the hands of an expert! Hairstyle Studio 2000is suitable for your style (curly, long hair or colored...), toyour specific needs (wedding hairstyle, evening outing...) wherethe masters can suggest you with expert advice. Modern and expert,hairdressing Studio2000 team uses imagination to satisfy yourdesires with the greatest sense of hospitality.
Bay Rock 1.0
Bay Rock ottawa restaurant prides itselfonbeing a family oriented restaurant, hosting many events suchasweddings, engagement parties, baptisms, graduations, birthdaysandmany more.This restaurant has become widely known for its excellentservice,charming ambiance and most importantly; the finestfood.Download for Free.
Coiffure Dolce 1.1
Come get the Dolce experience ! Founded in 2011, Coiffure Dolce isthe place where you can find all of Laval's best hairdressers. Comeget pampered by a team you can trust. They work with experience,excellence and the love of always create new trends. See you there!
2020 Block Puzzle 1.2
2020 Block Puzzle is a game like you’ve never seen before. youmight think it is easy “just take the shapes and make a square howhard can that be ?” well think again! This game will keep youthinking for hours and hours with more then 1000 levels. Never wasit this hard to make a square. Are you up for the challenge ?
Spawtless 1.0
Spawtless is a premiere Montreal pet grooming spa designed withallyour precious pets unique needs in mind. Our goal is todeliverexceptional service to you and your furry loved ones bycreating asafe, hygienic and fun environment allowing us to providethe bestpossible care. Our number one priority is to assure thatyour petsexperience is always a positive one. At spawtless, ourpassion andour love for animals drives us to achieve outstandingresultsbeyond compare. Rest assured your pets are always inprofessionalloving caring hands Download our app to receive ourlatest deals!
2020 Hexa Puzzle 1.0
This is a new 2020 Hexa Puzzle game created by Vortexapp,thecreator of 2020 block puzzle, & other games! “2020 HexaPuzzle”is a tetris style exciting block puzzle game. Easy to play,andpleasurable game for all ages. Move blocks to fill up thesquareand collect block pieces to level up! HOW TO PLAY • Drag theblocksto move them. • Try to fit them all in the frame FEATURES •2020HEXA PUZZLE - Smooth effect for block puzzle game! - Playeasilyand quickly. - TONS OF UNIQUE LEVELS • EASY AND FUN PLAY -Easy tolearn and fun to master gameplay • NO TIME LIMIT - Enjoygame forany time, anywhere and a short time. • STUNNING GRAPHICS -Lovelysounds and beautiful visual effects Enjoy!
Sparadise 1.2
Vortexapp inc.
Sparadise offers the salon and beauty services in the area ofLaval.List of services: -Salon -Bridal -Massage -Spa -Waxing-Make-upFurthermore, this app will keep you updated with the shopactivitieswith it's video and photo gallery. It will also give youaccess toall the world of Sparadise with the location, Socialmedia access,contact form if you need a special inquiry and muchmore!
Alyabroudy 1.0
Official Alyabroudy app
Team me up 1.0
INTERESTED IN SPORTS ? HOCKEY,SOCCER,FUTSALBASKETBALL,BALL/DEKHOCKEY , VOLLEYBALL etc? NEW IN TOWN? SEARCHINGFOR : -A TEAM TOPLAY ON? -a league to play in? -for a tournament toplay in ? -forplayers to complete your team? Missing a player (s)for your game?Need a last minute substitute ? Need a referee ? Needa physio?-Divisions to accommodate different caliber players -Thereis aplace for everyone to compete and have fun! Meet players likeyou,Join different teams and different sports. Chat about yourteam,your games , the goals scorers in the the cities nearest you.
Coiffure Nidal 1.1
With more than 28 years of experience, Nidal is proud to becomeyourpersonal barber. He specializes in various special haircutsfor menand kids and in haircuts by blade. Plus logo designs are onus. Youcan take an appointment or just walk in without anyreservation.Whenever you need to change your look or just do asmall cleaning,we are here to assist you! Download our app todayand stay up todate with us !
Danemma 1.1
In 1965, Peter Hairabedian began designing and craftingcustomcabinetry. He began with a simple belief of uncompromisingqualityand a close working relationship with the clients. Thisbelief isstill the foundation of Danemma with Sevag Hairabedian,Peter’sson, now at the helm. We are dedicated to providingexcellentservice through state of the art design and competitivebudgeting.As Danemma continues to grow in the future, one thingwill neverchange is our absolute dedication to meeting the needs ofourcustomers. Our mission is to offer a design that reflectsyourlifestyle, taste and budget.
Ideal clinics 1.0
Ideal Clinics, founded by Registered Dietitian GeorgetteAssalyBoulos, offers nutrition counseling and services by a teamofregistered dietitians. At Ideal Clinics, we have empoweredhundredsof patients to make positive choices by our well-balancedeatingplans. Instead of focusing on dieting, we help each patientcreatea healthy lifestyle by taking into account dietarypreferences,food likes and dislikes, allergies, and medicalconditions. Eachpatient will be educated on proper nutrition, andlearn theelements of a healthy lifestyle.
Chomedey Inn 1.0
At Chomedey Inn, we offer a great stay at affordable prices.Eitherfor business or leisure, we do our best to provide you withgreatquality and service. From rooms with 2 double beds, king sizebedseven exclusive suites with spa bath and a Penthouse. Free Wi-Fiandcontinental breakfast always included. Also at your disposal,inevery room, is a microwave, toaster and a conventional oven, withasmall fridge. Situated at the heart of Greater Montreal, closetomany attractions including shopping centers, amazingrestaurants,parks, 5 minutes away from down town Laval and 20minutes away fromdown town Montreal. Download our app today!
Wetlook 1.0
Wetlook Hand Wash is an Eco-friendly, hand car wash anddetailingservice based in Montreal. Our company was founded by ateam ofexperts with more then 10 years of professional carwashexperience. We operate three car washes through Montreal area.Ourgoal is to provide our customers with the friendliest,mostconvenient hand car wash experience possible. We use themostmodern and up-to-date water reclamation modules as a part ofourcar wash systems. Our products are all biodegradableandEco-friendly.
Auto Comete 1.0
We are a washing service company at home or at work. We offerthesame services as the conventional car wash but withoutmoving,without queuing and in the comfort of your home or duringwork. Wehave our water and electricity in most of our trucks so100%autonomous. We travel in the greater Montreal area anditssurroundings (South Shore, North Shore, Repentigny, Terrebonneandothers). We also offer winter service for residential orcommercialgarages. We also wash bikes, boat, plane, trailer, heavymachineryand others. See you soon!
PuroCredit 1.4
Manage your finances with ease. PuroCredit is the money managerandfinancial tracking app you’ve been waiting for. We bringtogetherand update the balances of your bank accounts, credit cardsandutilities bills in ONE PLACE so you can safely keep an eye onyourfinances. SEE YOUR BANKING IN ONE SAFE PLACE Not only do webringtogether your account balances and spending, we provide youwithupdated balances of your credit cards and utilities bills sothatyou don’t have to log on to multiple sites to keep track ofyourexpenses. HELP YOURSELF WITH A BUDGET Easily create budgets tohelpyou save and make wise decisions based on your spendingEQUIFAXWith Purocredit, get your free Equifax credit score and geton theroad to financial independence today STAY SECURE We areseriousabout security and use measures like multi factorauthentication,designed to help you protect access to your account.SYNCS WITHPUROCREDIT WEB APP Purocredit is also available as adesktopversion at purocredit.com. sync your bank accounts, creditcards,bills, budgeting, spending and everything else across yourdevices.you can even export spreadsheets from the web, and moreFROMPUROCREDIT INC. Purocredit can help you save money andsimplifyyour life...period. When you download and use purocredit,you agreeto purocredit terms of services.https://purocredit.com/termsMessage and data rates apply. Reminderssubject to interruptionsdue to various reasons including but notlimited to Internet/mobileservice outages. Account balances may notimmediately reflectedrecent transactions. Internet/mobile datarequired for financialdata refresh Purocredit Currently Connects toCanadian financialinstitutions only